Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 500th!


I finally hit to the 500th post entry, and I should make it a memorable and special one (kind of).
Well, this is my 3rd year of blogging, (oklah, not exactly blogging like those people lah, I just write about my outing and others, so I still not a good blogger). I’m still not consider myself as blogger, and I don’t promote my blog well as my language is bad, and I feel ashamed to promote to my others friend (but I share in my facebook and twitter, so consider promoting?? LOL)
So, I was reviewing my previous blog entry just now, and I found that I always blog about birthday stuff, and mostly is on either April or August.

Let’s start the journey of reviewing all the photos and entry!

My very first entry was on my Birthday 17-12-2008.

The reason was ... I don't remember what is the reason I started a blog, and I've wrote it in My blog 1st anniversary entry.
Through this post, I’ve try lots of thing first time in my life such as enter a blog contest and win a LG cookies phone from Nuffnang. To be frank, my luck wasn’t that good from last time, so this consider a very lucky gift for my entire life (emmm, maybe 2nd, coz I win an iron when I’m 8 or 9 for drawing contest).
Besides that, I’ve try to go JYM with Tomo on 2009, and I was shock that there is no muscular man!

My previous blog banner!

Oh yea! If you are constantly read on my blog, you'll notice that I've changed my blogskin like million times. This is because I've not satisfied with the previous blogskin. But now I'm satisfied with this, so I think I'll stick with this few months later. FEW MONTHS OK!!! MUAHAHA...

PS: I love things keep changing, and I don't like stick on one. Too bad!

As I mentioned I've wrote more on birthday stuff like celebration, hang out... or something, and that's true! I've been reading back all the celebration, and I found that WE GROWN UP!!

So let's reviewing all the birthday celebration. First and foremost, is my cousin (sweet 16) and sister (21st) birthday celebration. Oh well, i'll be 21st on December this year. This is what sis celebrate her birthday 2 years back, did we changed?

Viki's 18th birthday celebration at Dataran Pahlwan! I still remember we played this after we had our dinner at Sakura House (which we usually went last time, and I should say NONO for now), and this was 2009.

Yo! Jennifer 20th birthday celebration, and the melted and sweet cheese cake for her birthday. And yes, that link will be the video for her birthday!! Teehee...

PS: I bet Jennifer will be shock and angry after reading this part!!!
Wang 20th birthday celebration at Sibaraku and MISB! WOW, his 21st birthday had just passed few days ago. Happy belated birthday again! You looks better in formal, TEEHEE!!

and not to forget the Feb babies!!! Oh mine, this is way too much...

I wrote about my birthday celebration as well. (too many to be reveal, so if you are interested, you may click one by one. But I bet you guys wouldn't do it, too bad!). My first birthday celebration that I posted in this blog (2008)

PS: There is lots of birthday celebration blog post, but I simply just can't find back, sorry

PSS: Jennifer is the one who changed a lot. Teehee!!

I wrote many outing and gathering as well..

Do you still remember when i wrote a title of "funny ice breaking"?? Ok, I bet you don't so this is the link.

Honestly I almost forget about how funny we are in MMU corner. We'd played a stupid game where we need to name ourselves in any kind of FRUIT, and we need to measure our height as well, for example I'm 158cm and i'm a red apple, so if my friend height is around 160 then he or she need to find a type of fruit which is taller than me (the red apple). Basically it is funny, coz we need to introduce ourselves in PUBLIC!!!

The craziest game, and do you still remember tomo?

We, crazy people had never end our craziness. We went PICNIC in the morning.
 And end up having our brunch at MCD! Too bad.

Besides that, family gathering never end always!!

PM1516- 2009
We were hardly to see each other now, but "family reunion" never end, but it seems ended nowadays. Too bad.

I'd lost the photo, so replaced this! PM1516...

** we are Asian, so the V-sign is out!!


We still have some outing together the next year, and where the next!??

Travel is my passion, but I didn't travel much.
Oklah! This cannot consider as travel , coz basically I just went to my uncle place, and didn't do any tourist stuff, BUT! We have lots of nice food! This was at TGI Friday!

 I know you guys should be familiar with this, coz I always mentioned in the entry that I went Penang with Tomo! Yes! This is it...


 and again, you guys should familiar with this too, coz it happened on two months ago. Not too long from now!

Ok! this shouldn't be categories as travel as well, but we did lots of touristy thing, so I should consider it! TeeHee!!!! And this happened before the Simgapore Trip, my mistake to put it after the Sinagpore trip.. =)

So, if you are my loyalty reader, you should know I'm addicted to VIDEO nowadays. There are lots of video will be coming up next...or next next....or next next next ????

I've done a video (or I should say WE) which we imitate love life commercial! This is our video!

Another video I edited when we at BBQ- 2010

I gone crazy, and try to edit another video when I played board game with my sis and her boyfriend. I bet you all have watched it anyway.

If you want to watch more video of mine, you may go to my YoutTube channel, and subscribe!!!!!!!!!

How the 500th entry? Did I changed alot? NOPE! Definitely...

All my memory came back again with all this entry.. I love my life..



  1. hahaha!not only me, but WE changed alot!so memorable stuff...make me recall alots too..

  2. ya! it is sooo memorable!! I didnt change much ok?? life!