Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family trip to Cameron Highland part 2

Hello world!

It's 1 a.m now, and I'm still awake. I shall blog about the family trip part which I have drag quite a long time since Dec. 

I have been busy with works lately, plus uploading pictures always take quite long time. Anyway, here is the part 2 of the trip.

 Day 2 sunrise from our apartment was gorgeous! I could just sit there and watch forever.

 We still wefie although we didn't look good in the morning, and it was really cold. Probably 15 celcius?

 We'd a morning walk before having breakfast, and everyone was really excited with the weather and scenery.

This was taken just right in front of the path along our apartment.

 You can imagine how cold the weather was. The little one already wrap himself like a ba Zhang (aka Chinese dumpling) and we couldn't stop laughing😍😍😍😍😍

 Breakfast of the day, fried eggs sandwich cooked by sis and others.

Then, prepared ourselves to start the journey! First stop was the Boh Tea Plantations, Sungai Palas.

 Wefie along the path to the top of the Boh Tea plantations. Before that, we need to drive all the way to Sungai Palas, and it was really damn scary, coz the road is freaking damn narrow and the only things I can see is the slope of the tea farm (like really damn sloppy one). It really freak me out, and I can't really look out of the window.

 The tea farm along the way to the top.

 And spot the cafe? That is where we need to climb to, 200 meter!!!! Everyone was really tired, but is good for exercising I must say!

PS: this is my phone wallpaper now!

 And surprisingly this boy addicted on documenting our trip in his notebook. He loves writing so much, and he can really write. So much like me lol!

 The famous tourist picture!

 Ordered some of the dessert here, strawberry cheesecake (little one favorite), chocolate cake, carrot cake with cream cheese, strawberry cake and apple pie!

I love their chocolate cake the most, I'm alright with anything goes with chocolate. So chocolateee!!!!

 We met yiyi here as well. They went out earlier that day.

 I love the decorations so much.

Bags for transporting their tea leaves from one place to another.
 Visited their factory for FREE! How the fresh tea leave being pack into the tea leave that we used to drink.

 We love this place sooooo much!

And sis made the love a bit emmm...

 Down the slope to the next destination.

 Pretending to be the tea lady there. Lol!

 The little one got his own fresh tea leave yo!

The next stop after tea farm was the bee farm. Basically we just visiting farm after another farm in Cameron!

 The family portrait in Bee farm, and papa got half face lol!

PS: little one has been asking my sis about the cap she is wearing that day. The little one was like Jie Jie you are dancer? Why you wear cap one? You know how to dance? Hahaha! Can't stop laughing. Not only dancer can wear cap one OK? He is so innocent and naive!

 Bee farm quite disappointed coz it is far different from what I imagine before lol

We bought some honey back home, and we have discount from the owner yo!

 Bro brought us here for water crest. Entrance fees RM1/person.

 And seriously nothing to see at all!!! Spent RM1 just for their toilet. Lol

 As what Jun Jie said must come down and see since already paid. Lol!!! This two little one really can't stop making us laugh!

A kind of vegetables farm.

We were quite tired on this, then had lunch at somewhere at Brinchang and the food was really not bad but pricey.

Alright! The journey goes after lunch but imma gonna stop here and continue to sleep now.


PS: will blog about part 3 in coming entry.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015 to all out there.

It's 11am now, and I'm spending my new year watching movie and video that I had missed last year. Planned to do my access card, but the management wasn't there today due to New Year holiday.

I didn't spent much time on countdown yesterday instead of having dinner with the KayElle kaki at Two Peso, and it makes us foresee on our Boracay trip this coming yo!

It's strange to type, coz I still couldn't believe how time flies so fast.

Anyway, Happy New Year and I'm gonna blog about baby Jameson!

I wanted to see Baby Jameson since the day he born, but we are too busy to meet up until faith come on 26 Dec 2014 (yes! Last year) and we finally see each other face-to-face!!!!!

Miki mami was like Ok, set! Let's meet up, and so coincidently the big head also came back to Melaka for celebration. Yooohoooo!!!

Prepared myself for the whole day just for him..awww!!!
 Baby Jameson!

Hi, I'm Jameson and I'm a handsome boy OK?

Waited for around 3 and a half months, and we finally meet each other awwww.. Y U SO CUTE???

 It was his napping time actually, but this good boy doesn't make noise until he fall asleep. Y u so guai (nice) one?

And and, he smile with my camera! How can somebody resists on this?

So me and the big head were waiting at the Garden Recipe, Aeon Bandaraya, and both of us got really excited on this for the entire day.

Ps: big head cut a perm a cute hair that day. Hahahahaha!

we got really bored and crazy after knowing baby went for injection that day. According to the pretty mom, baby Jameson doesn't cry after the injection. So nice one?

Then when pretty mom said she is coming, both of us got really excited man!

 All sort of selfie sent to our group chat, and Shinyi got really angry because she can't join us that day. Too bad!

Sorry girl.

And Baby Jameson arrived! Hug him like my own son. So cute awwww!!!

 More wefie with Miki mami and Baby Jameson. And surprisingly Baby Jameson really good in looking at the camera.

 I so miss you and Baby Jameson of coz!

 Wefie non-stop!!!!!
 This is when Baby Jameson started to play with us, and he is so handsome!

 And gonna sleep soon. But why he still so nice one? He doesn't really cry or make noise when he dose off, such a nice baby he is.

 Baby Jameson doing Yoga twist happily.

He is really calm, no noise and super cute baby!

 Oh ya! Totally unrelated picture, our favorite fruit tea in Garden Recipe. All-time-favourit, never miss once at all.

OK, continue!
Well, I think I posted twice for this picture but how can you don't post it twice? He is soooooo supppppeeerrr cute *screaming*

Look at me like Jie Jie, so hen shuai (sis, I'm so handsome!!!)

I give 9876432736382836383 LIKES!

Well well well, there is lots more picture of him, and I'll post someday! Too excites already.

I'm going out to celebrate New Year later with Ting again hahahahaha! Tomo rock as well.

OK end here bye!