Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Family" Reunion

Today is a damn fantastic day for me.

Guess what?

I have finally met my lovely pm1516 friends and they have decided to go for lunch. So since we didn’t meet each other for so long, we decided to follow them. We went chicken rice shop for our lunch and obviously it is not the chicken rice shop which located at KL. However, I think the taste of the chicken rice was good. This is because the aroma of the chicken rice had lead us to heaven, and the chicken yum!! I hope I can eat it the next time! Guys and gals, I want to go again, bring me ok?Thanks!

Look at those chicken and chicken rice,
It's makes me hungry now..
The flesh of the chicken was way too good!!
Besides that, the rice...woo..yum yum!!
Guys and gals! I don't care, I want to go there again!! *evil laugh*

With one plate of chicken rice and chicken, it’s really look like we were having a family reunion at chicken rice shop. That was cool! However, some of the “family” members was not there, because they were having their class. Sorry ya, big head and Eugene.* evil laugh*
They were busy eating their food, but I am way too free!! So as usual, I will capture a lot of picture about their action, eating scene and some ugly picture *laughing*, so sorry...orz

But I know you guys would not angry right? *evil laugh*

LOOK at this!!

Ah jay keeps on grumbling the IMD (something likes that) which is under Chinese society. He was so angry because the IMD president said something stupid to him. If I am the one who the person talks with, I think I will speechless. That person was super brainless; I don’t know why the person can be the IMD president. Weird har!

Shin Yi, are you listening or dreaming?*laughing*

Okay!! I assumed you listening; you pay a lot of attention when ah jay is grumbling… hehe... good thing!!

P/s: Actually she is LISTENING…..

Our new found couple!!
Black+white=perfect match....
Don’t be shamed, just admit it…*evil laugh*


After finish up, we went back to school of course. There is much laughter in Shin Yi’s car. Ah jay was totally hilarious; he keeps on telling funny funny stuff to make us laugh….

That the end of my lunch time with my lovely pm1516 friends….

Oh ya!
I had gone for an interview session with my friend after taken our lunch, which was very nervous. Before my turn, I was so nervous and feel like want to run away from there. But after the interview session, I feel like a big stone had lifted out of my body, feel relief…and I think I had done a great job, because this is the first time I went for interview. Pretty good!

I hope I can in that event..
Hope so...
Going to find some information for my assigment..

P/s: thank to Ah Koo who had treated us a couple of drink!!


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