Sunday, February 28, 2010

I miss you so much

Baby is back.
I miss you so much *kiss*

Are you happy when I’m not around??
I miss you so much….

I waited you for 1 and half month and you finally back home.

In case you have not no about my baby, it's my pinky camera.

My baby Pinky camera is back...LOVE~!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Four rounds for one gathering, worth it!!

Before end of school holidays (Chinese New Year’s holiday), my friend and I went Wing for before holiday gathering. It’s been really hard to meet them now, coz they are so busy and some of them were staying too far.

Before we embark to the destination, we discussed a lot in my house. Melaka is such a small town for us to hang out; it is so boring for me. Thus, we need some time to discuss and make decision.

Lastly, we decided to go Wing’s café again. *sweat*

This is the place where we always gather and make fun with. Thus, 5 cars will be used! (You might think that a lot of people are going right?)You are wrong!! Totally wrong! It is because just me....
and 8 of them were attended!! (I'm not in the photo, coz i'm the photographer! Yeah!)

For some reason, one of my friends didn’t managed attend this gathering. I think she might be regret! WAHAHA… There is a reason behind why this photo is blury, it is because we were playing the smile function which is a function of song camera. (Sony Camera usually came out with fun function, I love it!) It is simply funny; coz when we smile and smile, the photo still haven’t been captured. (Not detected) however, when we move and laugh like insane, the photo captured but the photo came out blury… *sweatx2*

It really too slow for me to smile…
The candle on the table, it is so beautiful...
Couple of the day.... WAHAHAHA
They both are sweet...
Hope they don't kill me after seeing this.

Normal photo of me with my lovely friends....Me, Jennifer and Shi Ting (without Lee Chin). Love this photo to the max.
Now Lee Chin join us, but why Shi Ting's eyes closed??
It really looks like we are forcing her to take photo with us. WAHAHA

Abnormal photo....
The ugliest photo ever.
However, Lee Chin cheated us, coz she didn't follow what we had done. *sigh*

We went 2nd round gathering after some chat at Wing’s café.

2nd round of the gathering is FUN FAIR!! I love fun fair, this is the 2nd time I went fun fair in my entire life. The first time was with my parents and cousins, (When I’m in primary school) and this time was with my friends!!
YEAH!! It is really fun.

We played the “boom boom car” and spinning plate (it looks like a plate, but I don’t know name)

NAH!! This is the spining plate (Name created by Lydia)
It is really fun when this plate rotated so damn fast!!
I felt so dizzy when I had played the 2nd times! It's really made me feel vomiting. (But I didn't do that!)
The playing process (Thank to Long yao who captured these photos)

The hair looks so messay here...

When we end the 2nd gathering, it is almost 2am. For us 2am is not enought for us to end our gathering so we went supper!!

4th round is at Bee yoke's house. We were decided to go MCD actually, but due to the laziness of us, we ended up chit-chatting at Bee Yoke's house until 3.30am and went home at 3.45am.

This is the first time I hanged out with friend until so late. I'm so happy with them!!

PS: I've been so lazy to update blog recently, so less post will be upload! Sorry readers~!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Nowadays I feel like no mood to start anything such as doing assignment, studying for my midterm and even blogging.

Blogging seem like part of my life for the past few weeks, but now no update is going to do it. When I start to blog, my mind start blank and nothing is going to be done without the passion. I hate this kind of feeling indeed!

Sometimes I might think that, am I bored of blogging, or the laziness of mine stops my motivation?

I’m just craping rubbish here…..

Please don’t mind my lovely readers……

I should smile as many as possible… WAHAHAHAHA….

PS: I finally do finish my critique essay! Freaking happy of it~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love CNY to the max~

Seventh day of Chinese New Year is called “ren ri”, it means birthday of everyone. Okay, for more detail, seventh day of CNY is “Man Days”, also known as also known as "Man wins Festival". Therefore, we gonna treat ourselves good in that day.

On that day, we went uncle’s house for steamboat gathering. This time no steamboat photo is provided coz it is quite boring if I upload it.

To celebrate “Man wins festival”, we have “lao sheng” which is our traditional celebration for “Man wins festival”. Don’t you??

Do you see the fresh salmon onto of it, I'm going to grab it!!!

Everyone was ready for the "lao Sheng" and starts!!!
From the eyes of Jun Sheng, I knew that he is so craving for this "lao sheng", but too bad he is way too short and young....
After done with "lao sheng", the table was so messy, aunty gonna clean it. Sorry *shy* and I had grabbed lots of fresh salmon!!

After the “lao sheng”, let’s start our steamboat!
We were eating and eating and eating, fully “utilize” our stomach. I’m so damn full after the eating process…..

Before the second round, let’s exercise so that we still have space for the food to stuff in.
Let's play LION DANCE!!!

Guess who is it?? (feel bored to guess??)
Okay fine! I will give the answer after this....
NAH!!! Is me!! *blek*
I know it is a stupid guess, but be active please!! WAHAHA...........

Me with my lovely cousin! Love him Max!!
Now is the time for children to play.
Drummer- Jun Jie ( my lovely cousin)
Lion Dance- Xiao Xuan (cousin too)

They are so funny and cute...
Jun Jie will asked us to do something that are very difficult, coz he thought we are the professional. *sweat*
He is so damn cute. Love him max
This is what Xiao Xuan do and Jun Jie was happy of it.

Later that, we went uncle's friend house and back at 12pm.
We were so tired after that!!

The following day was "Bai Tian Gong" day!!
As you people knew that, "bai tian gong" is a tradition of Hokkien. In fact, Hokkien Chinese New Year is on yesterday!!

We went aunty's house for "bai tian gong"
As usual, "lao sheng" is in the must list of this day!
Jun Jie was so craving for that "lao sheng"!!!
I don't like this dish actually, it is too sweet for us...
Me, Blurlynn, Jun Jie and Jun Shen. Where Jun Shen looks at??
Cousins!! It is so hard to capture photo with my cousins, I means girls!! They really anti camera so much, I need to beg and please them somemore. *sigh*
I just don't get it....
I'm ready this time!!!
Yes!! I'm ready to eat!! WAHAHA....

I'm going to show you people the nail colour I love so much!!

TADA!! I love it to the max~!!
Everyone love it too...
PS: Sorry for the late update!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year passed so damn fast =[

Well, I have neglected my blog for about a week (probably), coz I’m too busy for my Chinese New Year Celebration and yes I have many gathering during this Chinese New Year.

For me, Chinese New Year is just like a family and friends gathering, coz this is the time where all of us get together and chit-chat. I love Chinese New Year indeed, as usual new clothes, new decoration and new ang pao!! *laughing*

I’ve a Happy Chinese New Year this year, however, happy days always passed so damn fast. It is end of holiday and starts my busy life again. Today is school reopened; I’m so tired of schooling day…..

I’m so tired now………..
I will update my blog soon…. Stay tuned!!

PS: I’ve captured a lot of photo for CNY, will upload some days….

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine day....

..... to you people!
Wish a happy valentine day for couple in the world. ( I have delay the wishes, sorry people)

I’ve not update my blog quite a long time, coz I’m so busy visiting my relative and getting ang pau from them. (I’m so “money face” again)
Hence, I’m going to blog about my first and second day of visiting. (There will be less word but more photos)

1st dayHave some fun at my grandma house... (opps! I mean uncle house)
we went there for our breakfast and lunch, aunty's food is so delicious as usual.First day outfit. It is kind of weird in this photo....

Hugging and kissing my little cousin- Jun Shen!! Love him so much...See!! Jun Shen is so damn cute here... *smile*
I love his BIG eyes, I hope that I will have one day, but it is impossible at all...JUN SHEN: Nah!! Give you some, sis!

Answer: SWEET!!! (This is given by my aunty actually)
Everyone was so happy to get it, coz it is so beautiful and colourful. (I don't like this kind of sweet actually, just took it so fun *evil laugh*) However, thank you to my aunty..
Everyone was so happy to get to eat the sweet.
Even my 3rd aunty was happy with the sweet. WAHAHAHAHA!
Photo session with my family.
With mimi... My hair so messy here. *sob*
With Blurlynn. Both of our hair is so messy. I love my high heel for this year, coz it is so cool.
RED mommy and son. (Jun Shen and Aunty)
Camwhore with Blurlynn.
Thus, end my first day of visiting. We were so tired after the visiting, but due to Chinese New Year, we have some gamble after the visiting. I lose! In fact, this year is not my year!!
2nd day!!!
Camwhore of the day
2nd day outfit. Quite satisfied with it. Love!
Me and Hui Hui (cousin)
Blurlynn, Hui Hui and me... Camwhore together.
Photo session for day 2
Me and mimi...
Mimi's pant so flowery...*evil laugh*

With Qi Qi (cousin too)
Do we alike? Many people said so, but I totally disagree!!
After capturing some photo, we went for visiting again, get ang pau!!
At night, we went out with cousins to visit my aunty. Before that, I have some photo with them.
Second day end just like that, quite boring actually...
End of day 2!!!
PS: I'm so lazy to update blog nowadays, so sorry for the late update. =]