Monday, June 27, 2011

Ma first attempt on Milo filling bun

Since my mom had abandoned the bread flour she bought few months ago (yes! It’s going to expire soon), as a daughter, I should fully utilize the bread flour as soon as possible.

So on Friday, I was in the middle of finding some information for my assignment, something had stop me from doing my assignment (bad case!), and yes, it is bread ingredient. I was looking at someone blog (many indeed), and some of the bread recipes attract me!

This is basically the inspiration for me to start my bread baking day!

I bake a Milo filling bun yesterday. I know it is weird when I said MILO FILLING, you can't buy any milo bun in any bakery shop except Lydia's homemade Milo filling bun.

 This is the milo filling bun I bake yesterday. I was suppose to bake a hotdog bun, but there is no hotdog, so I substitute hotdog with the only filling I have in my house milo.

 The recipe I get from website can bake 8 milo filling bun.

The texture was just like bread, but it simply not the same as what I always buy in the bakery shop. How sad! However, the milo filling turn out to be a good combination with the bread. It has some taste of milk and chocolate. I love it.

My mom, dad and brother said it is nice, but my aunty simply just don't like it coz it is too hard for her. She like those soft soft bun in the bakery shop.

PS: I'm gonna try it again the next time. I bake today, but the texture still the same. =.=lll

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Singapore Trip day 2- Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird park and Night Safari!!


No update for me for last two weeks, sorry for that. I suppose to update this last week, but I got fed up while I was uploading the photo, and the computer just shut down by itself. The entire photo that still in process gone, and I’m gonna upload again. Oh shit! I hate this kind of problem, so I close up my blogger page, and not to update any entry that day!
To be honest, now I still in an uploading-photo-process and I type it in Microsoft, so that I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to blog about.

My second day of Singapore trip was basically visiting the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and also Singapore Night Safari (the world’s first Night Safari)

This is what Wikipedia said!

The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

The concept of a nocturnal park in Singapore was mooted in the 1980s by the former executive chairman of the Singapore Zoo, Dr Ong Swee Law. Constructed at a cost of S$63 million, the Night Safari was officially opened on 26 May 1994 and occupies 40 hectares (0.4 km²) of secondary rainforest adjacent to the Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir.

The Night Safari currently houses a total of 1,040 animals of 120 species, of which 29% are threatened species. The zoo is managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and about 1.1 million visitors visit the safari per year.[2] The Night Safari received its 11 millionth visitor on 29 May 2007.

Let's start a "good" day by visitng the Jurong Bird Park. Well, the purpose of using "" is because the day had been ruined by rain! Yes, it rain in the early morning which is around 7am.

Travel tip no.1: before going a destination, check the weather, and avoid raining season. (which I didn't do it at first.. BAD!)
The raining swam lake WTH!?
All I can pay a visit was a in door penguin house! WTH?
But then all this penguins are so cute, and they had slightly lighten my mood.
The poser!
I didn't get to visit outside which is quite disappointed.

Travel tip no. 2: if you didn't check the weather news, please do bring your umbrella in case there is a raining day! (which I didn't do it either! >.<)

Travel tip no. 3 : if you didn't check the weather as well as bring any umbrella like me, you may sit this monorail! (ok, this is not a travel tip, just a guidance to those who want to pay a visit to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore)
The queue was quite long that day (because of the rain), and we met some cute korean. They were distributing chewy gum (prohibited in singapore..shhh..) to us.
The monorail is purple!
Spot some bird (I've no idea the their name)
Camwhore with them as the monorail was stopping in the middle of the way.

The monorail was quite fast, so some of my bird photo were blurry (feel ashamed to share), especially the flamigo.
After the monorail trip, we went the bird show.
Everyone was so excited to see the bird to sing rasa sayang. Mad cute!
a cute talking and singing parrot with many FANS snapping at him.
A picking card parrot fly over the person in black shirt (circle part). I was way too far from them, but I enjoy the show so much. However, it is about 15 minutes show due to raining, if not the show will be around 45 min. DAMN!
Then we visit the night hunter- OWL!!

This Great Gray Owl is so action!
SEE! He don't like us take the photo.. T___T
Outside the night hunter house! Flower is blooming all over the place, I likey!
One thing I found out in Singapore (either in Singapore Zoo or Jurong Bird Park) that many visitors are come from Japan and Korea. This is why you may see Japanese or Korea language in everywhere! OK! Chinese also.
cute colourful parrot in the rain!
In the penguin house!

They have a place to teach us origami. I love the Japanese cute boy there!
My origami flower taught by a nice teacher there.
After we done our origami, we are required to put it in their flower "park". Spot mine? Mine was the arrow pointed one.
My origami teacher who taught me how to do the flower .
Fish origami with shy shy face! I drawn it.
My special shy fish origami

After our lunch, we proceed to Singapore Zoo, and I was happy because the rain had stopped! My aunty was looking at me, and console that the rain will stop soon, and yes! Its stop when we reach the Zoo.
A group photo

Another group photo with mom and mama Lucy ( a very fasionable mama). She will wear her sun glasses wherever she goes, even in the night! =.=lll

Travel Tip no. 4 : Before you go into the Zoo or Night Safari, Singapore, take a map for your guidance. This is a MUST, so that you wouldn't missed out any show or place that is shiok enough.

We get a free chocolate ice, and it tastes heaven. It is thick enough!
 We went there around 2.30pm, it is a time for rabbit petting. One thing that is good to have a map is when you want to blog, it easier for you to record the name of the show! WTH?

 With some donation, I got to draw some picture on a piece of rock! They were so creative to raise fund!

I'm madly happy to draw my tree on a piece of rock (it has some step to draw actually)

 I'm concentrate on my drawing!
My drawing!!!

 A hut for the visitor to rest
Wild boar is enjoying their carrot! CARROT?

 White tiger in the Zoo

Super large fish in the tank!

Characteristics of hippopotamus! So cute.. they don't sweat!

Hippo is eating their lunch!

 Their upper and lower jaw!

Another wild boar is relaxing

 I'm so close to the Emu! I can even touch it, but I didn't coz it might attack me!

Definition of Kangaroo, so if I don't understand, I may say "kangaroo" to the person!

They were relaxing after the rain fall!

Their direction board! I snap it because it is so cute. WTH!

 This is same with travel tip no. 3, sit a tram to pay a visit. You may walk, but I think its kind of wasting time.

In the tram
 I love zebra!
 The tallest animal in the land (I guess)

After second station, we stop by and visit the elephant show!
 Worth it indeed.

their balancing was quite good! No.. is excellent!

 Helping the owner to wear the cap!

 Carry the wood by their trunk!

End of show! I love them so much.

Then before the next show start, we went Primate Kingdom where there is lots of monkey!

The Zoo environment was great, clean and no stinky smell.

 The monkey just like human? human just like money??

 In the next show with my aunty! My mom was hanging around with mama Lucy, so she didn't join us.

Next show, splash safari!
 A show of sea lion!
 Their balance was as good as the elephant! I love them!!

They have a splash area where the elephant and sea lion will splash water to them! They were so cute in term of their act!

Peacock at open area!

We were there until 6pm, then proceed to the Night Safari which is just besides Singapore Zoo.

 our next station- Night Safari. I was quite excited to go to Night Safari as it has a good reputation on their show and tram visit.

FIY, my camera battery had gong (finished) when came to Night Safari, so this is what I search from Google! The inside of night safari!

This is what I snap by using my phone camera! An artistic wood!

 I'm right in the middle of Night Safari with 3 artistic wood behind!

Having our dinner here! I must say it is super expensive for me!

Table no. with cute lamp!

Waiting for the food to be serve! HUNGRYYYY!!!

A welcoming performance by the Night Safari stuff! I love it..

 Many people was queueing including me of coz!

And again, please get your map before you enter!

After entering, the very first things is to watch their show (first come first serve basic)- creature of the night show!
While I was waiting for the show to start!
The stage and NO FLASH LIGHT IS AVAILABLE! I don't know why some of them still using the flash to hurt the animals eyes! SiGH!

This is what I'd Googled, coz no camera flash is available = the photo will be blurry!

Travel Tips no. 5: Enjoy everything you had see, eventhough there is no camera allow! (this is what a father told his son)

We went for an adventure night safari tour after this! The animal was quite similar to Singapore Zoo actually. Not big different. *smile*

What I'd missed out was the THUMBUAKAR PERFORMANCE which is the performance of fire-eating stunts!

I watch this performance while I was queueing for the night safari tram! Too bad! Time is gold!!!!

This trip was awesome, and I'd met many awesome people!!

Oh yea! Last Travel tip.

Travel Tip no. 6: Whenever you went for a trip, make sure people who going with you was sporting enough!!! This is the most important!! WAHAHA....

I met many awesome people though they are probably in the retiring age, but they were so lovely and caring of us. As I said, they always prepare food, and telling some lame joke to us! Great people great trip!

PS: WOW! I finally updated this entry. It takes me 3 hours to complete the whole entry (in the middle of time, I was asked to help to bake Orange Chiffon cake for my aunty =.=lll). Ok! Time to bed.

Au revoir!