Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Outing post ★★

More outing post is up next! You may call me outing queen or princess (I didn’t force) from now on. This is another outing with my friends’ right after Garden recipe (the following day). I’ve hang out rather less the past few months due to schooling, but now midterm break, so outing post is probably a good choice for this blog.

My friend and I went station one, the always-outing-destination, I’ve no idea why my friend love this place so much, it probably the worst place I went, coz smokers all around. =__=

For the last post, a friend of mine told me that parent play a very important role on teaching the child not to smoke, coz even now 4 years old little boy know how to smoke. I was like agree with him, but then after I think it deeply, I think we shouldn’t blame parent damn much coz they love you, they care about you, they taught you not to smoke, and they even feel sad when they get to know you are smoking! For example, parent taught a boy not to smoke when you grown up, and the little boy will listen and say no to smoking, but then after he grown up and mix with tons of people, he turn to be a smoker, so now who should we blame? I’m wondering…Parent?? Definitely nope!!
Ok, I think I’m out of topic right now! Sorry people…

Well, I came late as usual (I’m always the late comer), sat down and start our conversation as soon as possible.
Oh no…

We did order some drink before we start chatting
Viki's milky longan and Andrew's strawberry + apple + orange!
My always favourite drink, ice lemon tea. Jennifer too!
Shinyi (the special guest of the night)'s longan drink.

When she came to my house yesterday for assignment, Jennifer asked her to join us for night outing, so she said yes and went for it. *evil laugh* Thus, she is me and Jennifer's special guest for the night!
Our poor viki's dinner. Chicken chop with sweet corn, almost 9pm only got to nom her yum food. *pity*

We were damn happy to see each other since last time we saw each other was the day before Viki went for her intership, the last outing- Papa john pizza.

Chit-chat is a must!!

However, Shin yi went back after 9.30pm due to personal problem

 Bye shin yi!

And continue with some breaking news until 11.40pm and say good bye to the smoky place and friends! I feel like relief that night, coz long time didn't have this kind of outing already.

Last photo of the day...

PS: I'm going to KL tomorrow. kinda happy yet sad coz No INTERNET! T.T

Next time I should consider whether want to go Station One or not, coz the place was reallly not in good condition, bad environment. I need clean air to breath, coz I'm outing princess..........WAHAHAHA.......

Smoker please disappear in this world!

As my title had mentioned, SMOKER PLEASE DISAPPEAR IN THIS WORLD! I always hope that there is no smoker in the world.

Who created that stupid cigarette? I’m always asking this issue in my mind.

Does the smoker know the cigarette is bad for health, or they simply want to commit suicide in a longer period?

One stick of this stupid cigarette can harm our lungs for million time, and it harms not only the person who smoke, it even harms the second hand "user" (people who smell the second hand stinky smoke).

Does it looks cool when holding a cigarette?? It is absolutely not at all! They think they are damn cool while holding the stupid cigarette, or can attract many cute girls or guys in this world. OMG! This is damn childish or what??
Sometime I might think that people are way too selfish, they live for them own self rather than caring about others. Just like smokers, they don’t even think of the innocent people like us who always need to suffer from their stink smoke come out from their mouth or even the come out from the cigarette.

We are the second hand user, can't you think of us??

Well, the worst kind of smoker is pregnant woman!! Hey, come on! You are pregnant, and is going to give birth and yet you still smoking?  Do you know the consequences!?? The consequences of smoking during pregnancy are expose their babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, low birth weight of the baby, baby will have Respiratory Infections, and etc. Thus, I should say they're the irresponsible mother the world. Agree with me?

Even the environment are affected by those smokers!! STOP SMOKING!!!

Now, governement wanted to stop those smokers, so they put some scary photo of the effect of smoking.
*I made it bigger so that smokers can know the effect of smoking*
It looks damn horrible (even now I feel puke), but then nobody will scare of it! WTH is going on? It looks so scary, but smoker still buying it like buying a sweet!

What on Earth is going on??
It doesn't make any different before and after posting those photo  for those smokers.

I think they should think of others, don't be so selfish!! We need fresh air to breath!!!

PS: I just came back from a station One, at first the place was damn peacful, (without any cigarette) but then after some show girls look came in to the place, they sold cigarette to the customers, and that's the end of the peaceful place. We are living in the danger place! *angry*

The station One workers should stop them selling those stupid cigarette to the customers!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden Recipe ★

Today my friends and I went to Garden recipe or I should say our secret garden to have lunch together. One comment on this place!

Either secret garden or Garden recipe, this place isn’t a place for me to hunt for food, simply because their food was way too “healthy” for me, in other words it doesn't inspire me at all.

Garden recipe is a place where they provide healthy food, it’s really healthy. Their foods are organic, no toxic, no fertilize and no harm for us, but I just simply dislike food which are too healthy. *too bad*
However, I love the environment and their decoration; it is an English vintage look for the place. Every single place was “bloom” with flowers.
When I very first step into the place, I spot this little welcome sign in front of the shop. It is freaking English Vintage feel. Cute English vintage welcome sign, I love it...
There is a "blooming" flower bicycle right besides the front door. It is covered with flowers! Did you recognise it as a bicycle?
The "garden" with cute toys sitting around the flowers.

The atmosphere there was awesome, less people was there (coz it is 3pm in the evening, and most of people won’t so free to take high tea at there, am I right?) it is just like our secret garden.
There have few workers as well, I love it. We may talk as loud as we can, laugh as loud as we can and even take as much photo as we like! Great opportunity for me to update my blog by capturing many photos.

PS: I'm getting lesser and lesser post to update here, coz no outing was held these days. *sad*
Back to the secret garden of mine..
Another things I love about Garden Secret is that there have some small cute detail which can make the place have more English Vintage's feel.

The sign of their own shop. The Garden Recipe- organic ingredient.

There have some protrait or hand craft protrait hang around the wall of the shop.
Those portrait make the wall looks nice and cute.
It is a hand craft made by some material, so creative. The person who done it should be damn patient one loh!
Love this phrase!
"Let Friendship fill your heart and laughther fill your home"
Besides that, they even decorated the light with flowers, how sweet is that. Their small detail really damn creative. I love it....
The damn "healthy" salad. It tastes weird for me actually.
Shinyi's spaghetti set. It looks yummy..
Yun chee's mee hom soup. According to her, it tastes salty!
Enjoying my healthy food. =__=

Me with two of them ★

Three of us without Miki.
We are supposing to meet up together today, but due to some personal problem of her, she didn't gather with us. This is a disappointment for today, but nevermind we will meet up the next time. Miki, we'll wait for you the next time.
I love the place so much, except for the food. =__=
We are the "english" WAHAHA.....
The photo I love the most, which mean photo of the day! <3

Today was my happinest day ever, coz I just realize that I won a LG Cookies handphone after reading other bloggers blog post. (I didn't attend the LG Cookies party, so doesn't know what is going on) I scream as if I'm the only one in the house. I was worried and excited at the same time. *complicated feeling*

After I've confirmed that I will get my prize in Nuffnang office, I was damn freaking happy and called my mom and told her the good news, and she said she is going to ask my uncle to take it for me. *OMG! I can't wait for it*

But then, incident happened, they said it is fake! OMG Nuffnang won't lie to us one! I trust Nuffnang!! Now I need someone to help to take my new LG Cookies!! T.T

PS: I may have a new LG Cookies after I take from Nuffnang Office, Thank Nuffnang!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot day on Sunday

Well, it takes like super long for me to change my layout and do this and that, but at the end mission failed, coz my side bar just can’t be fix, even Jennifer also don’t know how to do it, as a result an old blogskin appeared again! *sweat*

I love the new blogspot layout is because it has a comment tab and follower tab!

Due to this kind of problem, I even had change my blog to a brand new place with the same blogskin, so people, please do follow me by adding my link instead of clicking on that “follower” button, coz my blog doesn’t have any follow button. For the comment, just leave in shoutbox! Sorry

I will try my best to change a nicer blogkin next time, I promise!

Ok, what should I blog about right now? It is 1.46am here!
Let’s talk about food!!! I know I’m damn cruel to upload food photo at this time, but what to do, the only reason for me to blog is FOOD!! WAHAHA….

Thus, Sunday was a day where my mom went to Air panas (hot spring) with her friends, and left daddy and us (sis, sis’s bf and me) at home. I’m the spy (for a nicer name for spot light) for the day too, spy for sis! I’m Russian spy… (Ok, I’m totally raving for SALT to be on the screen, Thursday!!)

Sis asked me to accompany her to have a look at the format cloth which she needs to wear on her graduation day. We went Soda to have a look.
She got to buy what she wanted to have it, glad to hear it. if not she will nag for the whole day…. *scary*

After buying her format clothes at Soda, we hang around at New Jusco; I was a little tired coz I didn’t sleep well the day before. I’ve some insomnia for some reason. (I don’t even know the reason =_=)

So now the food post arrived! Sorry for those who are hungry right now!!

We went Shi Ling to have our breakfast or I should say my lunch and their breakfast coz I've eaten bread before going to New Jusco. *evil laugh*
Our Sunday breakfast! 3 items satisfied us a alot!!!
The very first time to buy is Aunty Annie!! I love Aunty Annie since my friend had introduced to me, the bread was so soft and many varieties of flavors can be ordered!
This is the famous Shi Ling XXXL Taiwan Fried Chicken! Mama miya.....
It is even bigger than my sis's hand! Can you imagine how big is this chicken???
It can be shares by 3 of us, satisfied!
The next yum food that satisfied us is Tempura (Tian Bu La). I always raving for this since I've watch Taiwan food or travel show in Astro, they called this as "tian bu la", so I was so curious about the look of "tian bu la", I thought it is a kind of food which are sweet and not spicy (translate directly from chinese), but then after I came to Shi Ling stall, I just realize Tian Bu La is same as Tempura, it is just a translation! Sweat to the max!!

Before we went Shi Ling, Sis's bf bought this from cool blog. The name of the shop was so cute, but the drink was suck! He ordered chocolate ice blended which is the bext seller of the shop, but the taste was different from chocolate! It tastes like coffee for me. =_=

We added chili to the chicken and tempura, as a result we are "burning"!! The foods were so damn spicy, and my tongue was like "burning". However, it is damn yum until I can't resist not to eat it!
Therefore, the Vsoy will help me to "put off" the fire in my tongue! I love Vsoy!!
My helper of the day! I love you..........

After our breakfast, we decided to go for ICE House, but the plan was fail due to the shop was closed on Sunday! OMG! We are so unlucky today. T.T
The weather was damn hot and dry, I need Ice so damn much....*grumpy*

Lastly we went to have ICE-CREAM at MCD drive thru! Good idea!
Ice-cream is my best friend on today weather *Cooling*
Hello...I'm Ice-cream monster cookies!!
PS: I think I'm gonna stop here, coz I'm way too tired right now, it's time for bed!! Good night, people..........

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sibaraku for Ladies ! ♥

I’ve not been updating any entry this few days due to my midterm exam which had dragged me to the hell. Everything was going busy right now, assignment and event stuff is “waving their hand” with me, and waiting me to do it as soon as possible. However, the happiest thingy is that now my midterm break had started! *shout as loud as possible*

Well, after my exam yesterday, my family and I went sibaraku for lunch or high tea or dinner or whatsoever. Sibaraku is having a 30% off for ladies, so if you are ladies, you may have a 30% off, grab these chance baby ladies! I rushed back to home to have lunch or dinner or whatsoever with my family, seldom have this of chance coz my mom don’t like Japanese food and she hate it so much.

We meet up sis and wai mun at Sibaraku, went in together to enjoy our yum food!
The place was like heaven (ok, I’m exaggerate it *shy) everywhere is fill with food, every single angel, places, back and front were fill with food.

Don’t believe me?
Ok, after seeing this post, you will feel hungry for sure. (or may not) WAHAHA…

The pan was just right in front of us, so we can see what ingredient they actually use and cook it at home. (good idea right?)

Saucy section, you may get any sauces you like at there. Can you spot WASABI there? yea! that's the green sauce!

Right beside tha saucy section is the sushi section. They have many variety of sushi for you to choose, but for my advice, don't eat so much sushi at there coz later you will feel damn full before you start to eat the tepayaki yum food!
The non-japanese food section (Ok, I simply just name it). They were so nice to provide food for those who don't like sushi such as my mommy! Good choice to have lunch at there.

Behind us was the desserts section! OMG! I can't stop looking at them, they are so beautifully decorated!
I didn't try it, I hope it looks as good as its taste!
Sibaraku simply just mean "long time no see", to be frank, this is my second time in Sibaraku, but I only know what it means yesterday! *sweat*
As I mentioned, they have many variety of food for non-love-Japanese-food person and Japanese lover person.
They provide food from...
Tepanyaki prawn..
The chef was so nice, because we asked him to cook more prawn for us, end up he gave us this big portion of prawn! He is damn nice and service was good!

Dolly fish! It is so yum! The yum nom food for the day, but my mom and aunty dislike it.
Besides the tepanyaki yum food, they even provide oystel fried! OMG! The oystel fried was fabulous!
This is the chef best sell or best recommend! It is a crispy biscuit wth the chicken tepanyaki with had ordered! The biscuit was so crispy and the chicken was well-cooked, make me to heaven!

The fried yum food. I ain't like these yum food coz it is super duper hard to bite!
"o ah mee shua" - oystel mee shua! Taiwan yum food.
This bowl was yum food was actually better than the one we ate at New Jusco - Shi ling! The soup was tastier!
For those peple who care more about their health, Sibaraku also provided them soup- "du tang". The soup was so healthy, I love it!
Their finger snacks make my day, they were so cute, and can eat it in one bite! *blissful*
Ok lah, I still in love with the desserts there, they also damn cute! This is the cream puff, it is so creamy, and it is tiny little cute dessert!
I've try the chocolate truffle, it tastes heaven too coz I'm chocolate lover. (now I've like kind of sore throat! Sweat to the max*)

Longan soup! love...
My self-made ABC Ice Kacang. It is the Taiwan ice-kacang!! Love it to the max, and this is the first time I've made it successfully, coz mostly what I made was tasteless. =__=

Besides having yum food at there, you may also refresh your eyes by seeing this handsome chef cooking. WAHAHAHA....
According to my sis, she said he is handsome, but the problem is how can she look at the guy with a mask and said he is handsome? RIDICULOUS!! WAHAHA...

The one and only photo for us, not included my mom and aunty coz they don't like to take photo at all!! =__=

oklah! I've another photo with my sis! Yahoo....
I feel so damn full after having buffet at Sibaraku, super full...
I think the food was not fully digested for 10 hours!! O.O
PS; I'm going out later with my sis again!! WAHAHAHA..........