Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday by OTHERS!

Oh well, I bet you guys had heard before Friday by Rebecca Black, and some of you might had criticized on the how bad the song is. To be honest, I do criticize on the song, but her new album is great, I must say.

Ok, the point is even you’d criticized on her, she is popular than every one of us. Thus, some of them had actually done their version of Friday.

I found a hokkien version when I was reading on a blogger- jfook blog, and I found it so interesting, and decided to share it as well. According to Jfook, the person comes from Sarawak, and he really good in hokkien! The song is Bai Goh which means Friday in hokkien.

This was really funny..

And if you think that over, you're totally WRONG! I found another YouTuber who has done a CHINESE version of Friday. To be frank, it is much nice than the Hokkien version.

And surprisingly, the translate version done by these people has many nice comment than the original one. How sad Rebecca Black should be now.
Both of them has become very popular!

I was impressed by those guys who done this job! Though it is not so complete or I should say nice, but it is funny!!!!
I likey!
Hope you'd enjoy the video! MUAHAHA...

PS: The reason I found these video is because I'M WAY TOO BORING!!

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