Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission FAIL to the max!

I finally got to blog about the gathering my friend and I had last week. It takes freaking long time for me to have those photos, coz my friend is going to back to school, so late posting photo for sure.

Ok, we got go to eat this very-long-time sate we craved for. Well, we supposed to eat it on the day before we embarked to Penang, but due o my purse lost my friend and I decided to eat it next time which is on this gathering. Once again, I like to thank them for helping me so much, I’m totally blur that time.
ice lemon. FYI, their ice lemon taste good, I love the combination of sourness and sweetness, it taste not to sweet. *thumb up*
SATE we craved for so long (ok, is I craved for so long) their sate was so delicious, but sadly they put too much fat in it. *gross*

The sate sauce and ketupat. I love it so much, it taste super good.

Yeah I got to eat what I craved for so long. FYI, I just woke up that time and rushed to the gathering so you may see a sleeping face of mine in this photo. I'm no in mood that time, sorry.

Two white "angel" WAHAHAHA...They got cheat by us (ST, Su Ann and Me)

Here comes the story of them.
ST and I were planned to celebrate April baby (Shin, Jennifer and Bee Yoke) birthday when we at Penang, but when we were in Penang, this plan have failed due to transportation, so we changed our plan and it was this gathering.

Honestly I totally forget about this plan, and was shocked when ST told me to follow Bee Yoke’s car after finished our Sate. I thought they are going to have their secret chat in the car, but after I observed something strange about their conversation, I finally know what it going on. *rolling eyes*

So, now I have a big mission to be done, I was so nervous (not that actually) I just don’t know what I was doing that time. I was just too scared for them to know about this mission, I just scare.
Ok, we reached Uncle John, and I still SMS-ing with ST to confirm some stuff, I was way too stupid to lie. (I admit)

Have some photo to calm me down. *smile*

I simply just love this photo so much. Jennifer is the camera woman. *love*

Ice-cream toast (if not mistaken)
It taste yummy yet normal *evil laugh*

french fried which not come from french, get it? (Ok, it is just a joke. WAHAHAH....*lame*)

Continue my story…

I was so nervous and keep SMS-ing with a strange face, (how stupid I am) I knew Jennifer found something fishy about it so I SMS to ST to let her know about it. Fail to the MAX! I just can’t stop being normal that time. *sigh*

I was like super funny, coz I want to record their face when the cake arrived but it seems like fail, coz I was way too stupid.
Our conversation,

ME: I want to record those late comers face and let them feel guilty. (what a stupid line I am saying)

Bee Yoke: Oh…Ok…

After few minutes,

Jennifer: where is the toilet har? I want go to the toilet.

I was so nervous like hell, coz the “late comers” were just to arrive. Gosh! I was so stupid until I said something stupid! *sweat*

ME: Eh, you don’t go first, let see how the late comers face look like *stupid* you don’t go…
(I was stopping Jennifer to go to the toilet. *sigh*)

Jennifer: I want to go la... later you record then let me see ok?

I quickly SMS to ST and said that Jennifer is going to the toilet. I’m really not good in lying! They like turning again, then finally Jennifer came back and I said something stupid again.

ME: EH, you came back first! *sigh*

Then they arrived just after some minutes….

Happy Birthday to the April baby (Bee Mou = "nose hair") and do you notice, there is no happy birthday in this cake? WAHAHA, coz the workers was too busy writing the words and forget to put it on. *sigh*
The white "angel" and birthday girl

PS: Shin didn't join us coz she have a stomachache. Take care, shin.

Ok, did I said we have lie to Bee Yoke and Jennifer? Yes, I DID!! *laughing* Ok, We also lie to En Ting and Lee Chin. How bad we are!

The black Couple!! WAHAHA...(don't angry!)

The traffic light!

The white "angel"
After the celebration, they was like wei, how you lie to people one, fail la...*laughing* Yes! I'm so fail. *sigh*
We really have great time together that night. *smile*
We have a group photo before end our gathering and it was midnight. As ST said we really getting old right now coz that night we were so tired and it was just 12am. *sigh*
Done some stupid stuff! WAHAHA...I'm the spoiler! YEAH!! ♥
PS: I'm going to have a gathering with Jennifer and Viki tonight, feel happy! ♥

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bunny first travel to Penang!

Bunny: Phew..I reached Penang and Back to Melaka safely, but owner Lydia is not so lucky as me coz she twisted her leg while came down from the bus. She suffered for 3 days, poor owner.

Lydia: I'm fine right now! Yeepee...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel great after badminton game~

Well, this will be a short post coz there is no photo in this post, sorry guys and gals.

I just went to play badminton with sis and her friends, feel great after the game coz it’s been so long I didn’t touch the badminton racket due to exam and schooling. This was the weirdest game ever, coz I not know anyone of them, (oklah, just one can?) and yet I still playing with them. (Feel weird)

I won a lot today, freaking happy and tired.

After the badminton game, we went chicken rice shop which located at Batu Berendam (the cheapest chicken rice shop ever). They ordered 80 chicken rice ball and one chicken (if not mistaken), that was really a lot, OMG! I never ever see that much for my entire life, coz mostly we will order like 40 chicken rice ball and half chicken, and if my friend feel hungry they will order later, that was how we do it, but they do it differently. *weird*

I really feel full and tired right now. I’m gonna end now. Bye!

PS: Nah, this is really a super short post . WAHAHAHA...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you guys!

Today was a class gathering; we were making too much noise at MCD and keep coming out some funny stuff to play with, quite enjoy today. Well, nothing much to say about today gathering, coz it is just normal gathering with laughter.

Ok, now come to the important and shocking part!
When we were going back home, Andrew and Wang sent us down to Jennifer’s car, and they were so weird. After some secret talk, they gave Jennifer a pink plastic bag and state that it is for US. They said it is so a return for the T-shirt we gave to them days ago, WHAT??? OMG!! This is so paiseh (shy) and really thanks them a lot. The T-shirt has a nice cartoon which state “sweet dream, dream girl” Love it so much, and it is gold in colour. We are going to wear it tomorrow for sure. *erm...Doubting* This is the T-shirt they gave to us. Love and cute max!
Thank to Wang, Andrew, Kai Loon, Wee Kee and Edmund for the T-shirt. I love it so much!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melaka should have this kind of Steamboat restaurant!

I’ve not update my Penang Trip because I haven’t get the photo yet so please be patient, readers.

Penang has given me a lot of good impression, their people are nice and not to forget their food are awesome and CHEAP max! What I want to introduce to you people when you go Penang is Penang Steamboat House which located at Newland or Jalan Baru. (If not mistaken)

This steamboat house provides many variety of food for us to eat, and it is cheap, RM18.90 per person and we may eat until we get full. That was really worth it I can say!

They have like from appetizer to main course to dessert, all kind of food for us to eat! Yum Yum..

Salad, fruit and black sauce pork (if not mistaken)

Bread, tomatoes, lemon.....all kind of appetizer! Love it

The steamboat stuff that we usually will have it in a normal steamboat shop!

Fried Dim Sum.

My lovely Dim Sum!
This really give a shock coz normally they won't provide Dim Sum in Steamboat restaurant, but this restaurant provide it! Pretty good indeed coz I love Dim Sum crazily...

Penang Lok- Lok.
Honestly I don't really like Penang Lok-Lok, I still prefer Melaka satay celup. Sorry penang..

Marinated pork and chicken.
Did I mention this is a pan fry plus steamboat restaurant. We can fry and steamboat at the same time! Good choice~

Seafood! I love seafood so much, Melaka steamboat restaurants don't provide this kind of food for customer. *sad*

Normal vegetable, mee and mee hoon.

Ice Kacang!
This place was special, they never ask what kind soup we would like to cook as, and they will just give two kind of soup! I love this kind of service indeed, coz I can try both soup instead of one.
The chicken and asam soup. I prefer the pure one coz asam was way too spicy for me.

We were so hungry so took many kind of food....
TADA!! I love their food so much especially their crab and Dim Sum. Yum Yum~

Our appetizer- tomatoes, mix vege, salad and cucumber.

Our Dim Sum. I love Dim Sum so much! ♥

The normal steamboat thingy- hot dog, mushroom, ham, crab stick and my love sandwich.

Our Marinated chicken!
I've no idea why this is so less. WAHAHA...

My love craby. I love seafood so much. ♥
Seafood- la la (clam) and fish


Shark fin soup.
(Ok lah, I don't think they will provide the real shark fin, but they just provide is just good enough for us. )

Sizzling and waiting....

My cooked craby! It is so sweet and fresh. I simply love it so much..

and my love clam too.

egg tart! They just provide food s that I love so much. This restaurant know me well. *laughing*

Ice-cream cone.
My ice-cream. Love max ♥
Everyone was busy
Same as normal steamboat restaurant, they will charge anyone who waste the food, 100g for RM5.00.
PS: Please don't waste if you can't finish it.
Playing with the craby friend. (another kind of crab)
Opps, I don't mean to waste it, I cooked it at last, don't misunderstood ok? I just want to show how skinny the craby is. It is so skinny yet tasty!! Yum yum...
Why Melaka don’t have this kind of steamboat house which provide crab and satay??
PS: I shouldn't post food post now, coz I'm so hungry!! T.T Waiting for sis to buy food for me. Hungry MAX!

Video of the day....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Oh my goodness! Toy story 3 is going on cinema soon, and this is one of the Disney famous movies which will film on cinema! I’m waiting for it…..

What new toys I wish to see in Toy Story 3?

Got curious about it? (I know you does! WAHAHA….)

I would love to see….


I love this bear, simply because it is so cute! Love lots-o'-huggin' bear, and it is purple in colour. (Jennifer and peacehue will love it so much)

It has a zip on it, freaking cute! Like a purse has 3 peas! Mad cute.

OMG! This is so creative! I love the idea they made a phone as one character, and it is an old man! Cute LAH...

A little doll girl! Cute!


Everyone love him so much... because he is sooooooooo cute!

Enjoy the trailer first....

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