Thursday, October 25, 2012

I planned this, I'm still ask for it

Another planned holiday and momi still asked me to cook today!

Today is another lay back day with my books and laptop. Woke up around 7.30am, and went walking with momi in the morning as we are going for breakfast together. Momi was craving for Mee hom kueh for much until she insists to go there with me. We went wet market after that, we bought many kind of raw material for  dinner. I'm kind of excited to try something new today.

Forced Nicky boy to photo with me, and I think he is quite professional in somewhere. He is 7 years old now, and you may guess it by it fur. He is still damn cute for me!

My mom came in the middle of the day, and I was told that our long-time-no-see sofa is coming back to us today.
I miss you so much, why you left us without my acknowledgment? I miss you! And finally we have enough sofa to sit today!

Alright! I heard a great news for Jennifer just now, and I hope it is reliable enough.

Stalking plus catching fire makes my day. I still left 1/4 way to finish the catching fire. I should finish up before sis come back from KL tonight!

PS: She is going to bring her friend to Melaka tonight, and perhaps tomorrow will be a tourist day for me!
Stalked my prrince! Our always-very-cute prince was so serious in taking care of our safety. I captured this moment without his "approval". Madly cute right?

As I mentioned, I'd asked to prepared dinner tonight, and guess what I've cooked?

Momi taught me to cooked this steam pork with mushroom. And momi praise me again! She said I'm good in cooking vegetable, not salty at all! Called me genius please. MUAHAHA..

End this post while watching drama and chit-chatting with Jennifer. Efficient right?

PS: waiting sis to come back! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I did not plan this, I'm ask for it

Happy 555th post day!

Today is a planned holiday, and the only unplanned is cooking for dinner. I have been so interested to cook some dish for momi this few days, so momi bought some raw material, and I'm ask for it!

A lay back morning today, I woke up at 11.09am (I remembered because I saw Jennifer missed call and message me in the morning), and started my day with a bowl of rice with dishes (bought by momi) and television. Was so relaxing and casual today, reading "Catching Fire" in the middle of no where. I was going to finish this soon. I meant it!

While relaxing and searching for something, a phone call from momi. And I was ask to prepare dinner for tonight which is a tough one. Toufu!! I was like What? Are you sure you are going to eat my toufu dish, momi? Are you sure? How am I going to start this? And momi was patiently taught me the way of cooking it. Hope she will like it.

*Steaming rice sound begin* I think my steam rice is alright soon. It's 4.46pm now, and I'm done cooking 2 dishes for momi. How quickly can I be? Hope my taste bug doesn't lie to me, as I tasted my food while cooking. 

Not so sure what should I continue for this post, and I've been told that tomorrow going to be a cookies tasting day as Viki bake some cookies for us. Sweet and blissful! We are going for swimming tomorrow.

As I mentioned it was a planned holiday as we are planned to swimming today, but I back out in the middle of night as I knew I wouldn't been able to wake up so damn early in the morning. Sorry for me being so sleepy head today. I was really shock when I woke up it was 11.09 in the morning, and it meant I slept for 10 hours a day! 

Frankly speaking, I woke up at 7 in the morning, and momi was asking me to accompany her to hospital to settle some uncle medical insurance letter, but in the end she said it is not unnecessary to go there anymore as  our neighbour will help us out. Thus, the only thing I can do is reading Catching Fire for awhile, and head to my cozy bed again. Fall asleep within 2 minutes!! That's what Jennifer told me when I was in Port Dickson sleeping with JLS. I really sleep well every night without failure, and this is the best part of me coz my sis was the one who always insomnia.

Trying to be funny with the book, end up pretty well done! This book is the best, and I wouldn't just reading without stop it, but somehow I stop reading when I need to do something else. I need to finish before Lewis (sis's bf) need it back. I stop for quite sometimes due to my laziness on reading book, but I felt I don't want to leave my room yesterday after I'm reading this, because it is the part where they are going to the Hunger Game again! How can I miss this?

Momi praise me, and she is satisfied with my toufu chicken with oyster sauce.

PS: Due to lady-always-sickness, I can't go swimming with Viki and Jennifer tomorrow T____T

I'm going to plan for tomorrow holiday again! 

Surprise birthday celebration for October baby Viki

Yo! Today was Viki's birthday, and we gave her a surprise birthday celebration yesterday. It turns out to be QUITE surprise, because she don't see very surprise on our arrival. 

My bad of not bringing camera to her house, so no photo of the cake. It was ruined by Jennifer, because she dropped it when she took out from refrigerator. However, it is not her fault as it is super heavy for her. Then, after the birthday celebration, we went the Good World Restaurant to have our dinner or supper? 

This is what we ordered. 6 big dishes for 9 of us. Crazy! This normally for like 13 persons in my family. Note the Curry Bread, it was really yummy, but sadly I just got to taste some due to allergy to yeast. I love the white pau too, I hate you yeast! 

All of the dishes was quite yum, especially the curry bread and the fried pak choi, awesome. This cost us around RM150 which is cheaper than the one we had in Port Dickson. 

The seafood tomyam only RM 20 I think. Cheap not?

Present for Viki, cosmetic.

We spent like 2 hours to choose these. Thank to the sale girl there who introduce of the items. And this was I mentioned in the last 2 post of going Jusco. Very important right?

I'm going to use this after eating the delicious yeast bread. Why on earth I have allergy on yeast at this age? So weird. I found it during my practical training. Too bad!!

PS: Group photo was with them, so I wouldn't update if I got it from them.

Happy Birthday Viki! May your dream come true (I know I'm not creative enough in wishing, but this is the most sincere one isn't? Teehee)

Group photo of the day, and it looks like Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Photo boomed by the guys! Teehee!

Noted: Shin is the only one who wear yellow shirt. She is not the main character of the day, yet she looks like she is. Jennifer and I wearing purple shirt as we didn't know that dress code is red! 


I seriously need a car for any outing.. begging people ain't feeling that good!!!!!!!!

I supposed to drive to town by myself to celebrate Viki's birthday, and Jennifer just reject and insist to sit their car. Oh right! I sat their car again. Why on earth I bother to sit their car? I'm not that kind of soft girl I must say, so don't expect I would beg you from sitting your car. I mean BEGGING ain't a fun thing! You thought being teasing a great feeling? You are wrong man! That's not a good feeling on it.

 I don't think all of you are brother enough since no secret sharing among you guys. Some of you are gentleman (this is what I can't deny, probably 3 of you), but I really felt so dam bad being tease (ok, even not teasing me, but Shin are so pity, what you guys trying to do? They are not enjoying either! Maybe they are?)

Today supposed to be a happy ending (oklah, quite a happy ending), but I seriously don't want to sit anyone of their car anymore. I WANT DRIVE PLEASE! Just let me drive!!!!!! I rather driving to the place than being tease by them. HATE THE FEELING OF BEING TEASE! STUPID!!!

Let’s say they tease you once, and that’s still tolerable, but not for the whole year ok? I still remember when I change my course to Bachelor of Accounting, and I was being tease for like 2 years! OMG! 2 YEARS was not very short, and I was suffer that time. I didn't speak not because of I'm happy with it, this is just because I don't want to ruin our friendship. But I just can't bear anymore. I really feel sad when you guys tease on my changing course thingy, and I swear I wouldn't reveal any of my secret to you guys, even a small deal. I kept quiet, and I don't share anything with others just because I do not want any tease just like you guys always did to your brother. 

I bet some of them don't really feel revealing to each other either. 

And I'm noisy, I admit! But please don't make me shout at someone just because you guys saying I'm machine gun! What is the bad thing become a machine gun? Please don't be so childish. This isn't funny! I don't feel funny at all. Being noisy is my matter, please don't bother! I don't want to be dam obvious I'm super annoy by the name, but I pretend to be normal. Being normal doesn't mean I don't care, I care but I don't show it ok? 

After came back from practical training, I felt lots of different happening around me, place, people and even feeling. I don't feel energetic to face the world anymore, I felt so tired of their joke, and felt annoyed by their tease. I just feel why should I need being like that? Is it okay being tease just like a fool? I always think of that? Is it worth it? I just don't understand how to solve it ......

I need some advice!!

PS: I don't mean 3 of you, so don't misunderstand.. You guys are quite gentleman! Good to be like that *thumb up for you guys*

PSS: I really feel damn moody right now!

Monday, October 22, 2012

This is how I spent the non-planned holiday

I supposed all of you know that I’m having holiday today, so guess what I’ve done for the whole day. I didn’t even waste every moment today.

I woke up in the morning, and waited mom to get back from her everyday-exercise-session. I went to Jusco with Jennifer after that, we spent around 3 hours searching something important.  I will reveal on the next post.  Probably!

Well, we went to Shiling as Jennifer stomach grumbled after all that searching. I felt exhausted because it is hard for me to stay alert in the afternoon. I’m not as healthy as those day (sound like an old lady eh?). HAHAHAHA!

I cooked after I came back from Jusco. I told mom yesterday that I’ll cook today, because I’ve discovers a brand new eggs “secret” recipe, so she was like Are you sure you are able to cook it? Of coz I DO!

All of them are cooked by me except the sweet sour pork. OK! Don't judge my skill of cooking, this is my first attempt okay? STOP JUDGING! I did a good job on vegetable, and mom praised me. So happy.

I watched the last episode of Material Queen while eating my lunch. And the ending was quite nice. I mean QUITE, coz it is expected. Nothing special for all those drama. Done with my lunch, I began to clean up my table as I'm going to use the table since school reopen. 

Guess what I found in the middle of cleaning up?

 A bunch of my bus tickets (6 months ok?)

I kept most of the bus tickets in my bag, and some of them was with my parents and En Ting (The KL guy! HAHAHA!). I usually came back Melaka with my sis or alone due to the clash of time with En Ting. Too bad! We are no lucky enough to come back together! Teehee!!

 4 more file appear throughout the six months! As I mentioned in other post, I took examination twice in six months. It was so tiring, and I finally got to rest for a moment. Thank GOD!

Put it neatly in the cabinet. See! How thick is the syllabus, and spot the Financial Reporting Handbook and 2012 Budget Commendary and....something. Both of them are useful in the exam, and I spent RM216 for that particular yellow book! EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! Lucky I pass the exam. Thank GOD!
Spent one hour to clean up all the mess I've done in six months. 

I'm ready to meet up all my coursemates tomorrow, and faced all the assignment and exam in MMU! I'm glad to go back MMU again. Hate working life in KL, more stress!

PS: Tomorrow going to be a long day for me. 8am class make me feel excited and sleepy at the same time. End at 6pm even worst for me. 10 hours in the school, what should I do? Emmm.....

PSS: Dam angry coz the guy is a super liar, and he bluff the girl so badly. Why good guy always bully by bad one?? AHHH! Just leave him lah. WOW! The story gonna be so dam long right now!!!! (FYI, I'm watching drama right now!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Was surprise that tomorrow is still a holiday!

Still another day of holiday for tomorrow.

I'd never planned to stay at home tomorrow, but I guess tomorrow gonna be a relax day for me. However, I’m going to be dam stress for this term since lecturers are giving me more tutorials as attendance rule. “Great”. I couldn't be lazy even when I don’t feel being hardworking.

I felt so stress after looking at the note, because all the notes are useless! 2 pages for a chapter? I think it is better to read text book T__T

I hope I’m going to good in this term, if not DIE would be the word to describe me!

Alright, since tomorrow is a holiday, so I planned to write something in case I've no time for the rest of the day being at school, especially Tuesday because I've class for the whole day! WHOLE DAY!! NO KIDDING. 

So, today was a good rest day as the weather is freaking so good. How can we don't relax in such a good weather, sleep for the whole day will the best choice, but I choose to be with my cousins. We went to the Jonker Walk to shop for magnet, chair and food. I miss those foods so much, and I finally have them all. I love you Melaka best food!!!!

Then, went back to home sweet home to enjoy the infamous Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) in town. That was awesome! I feel so blissful with Melaka food after 6 months training in KL. Love you!

I spent my last day holiday (the is what I thought today, but it seems like I'm having another day of holiday, planning to spent it wisely) wisely today, and sis was not being here with us today, how sad is that. She is coming this week again, and one of her friend gonna visit Melaka next week, foresee for next week!

Alright, I crap a lot here, so should end here! Bye!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Recall my holiday!

Dear Bloggy,

School reopen is around the corner, and I haven't done any preparation, for example, buy sparkling juice for school reopen, and open up all the wine to celebrate! Just kidding. I'm finding time to spent my holiday wisely, but just sometimes you wouldn't get what you want, so end up spending most of the time at home with television! Great~

3 more days to go, and I'm still so boring at home. Wish to end my holiday happily, but something just can't be right. I think I've some problem with myself. Gosh!!! 

Love to be alone right now! Hate noise? I'm the one who is the nosiest, but i end up hating noise? Weird of me! 

Just then, be happy always Lydia!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eat, Walk, Love

One week to school reopens, and the only thing I done was watching old movie over and over again. I watched Wild Child just now, and it was freaky nice. I always love this movie because I love the actress and handsome actor of coz. I love to be RICH Princess!

Anyway this is not the point. The point is I simply to bore to enjoy my life right here, and I knew this is not the way of enjoying my last week holiday. So right here, I present you guys my not-so-interesting-post (for you guys and NOT me!), and it all about FOOD which is my LOVE!

I went out (one in a million times, just kidding!) with my friends, Jennifer, Viki and Shin last week and the only thing we done is to enjoy Melaka food as much as possible, non-stop eating, I must say. Right! We are big eater, so what?

We wished to go Baboon for months (or years?), and we finally step in to this awesome-crazy-artistic-mind-restaurant in Melaka. Sadly, no photo is allowed in this crazy mind place. Artists should be self-fish to share their artwork for those copy-cats, and this is which I always agreed on! Called me Miss Self-fish who don’t share anything to others, MUAHAHA. No point of sharing to them anyway.

I think I always out of topic for some reason. Should learn to be more focus! FOCUS!! Alright! Focus on their food then!
Mango smoothies!

I always ordered something different with them, and this has proved me right! This Mango Smoothies is the best. It is so smooth and not-so-sweet. Original flavor!

Their signature (this is what I guess…) dish was their marvelous-special- artistic- burgers. I ordered their Egg and Baconcheese burger. Frankly speaking, this is as normal as daily routine! Sorry artistic people in the restaurant, your burger  don’t impress me; however, their pork burger was awesome, serious speaking. Am I ordered the wrong food? I AM!!! My bad!
I really enjoy their food a lot, and not to forget their cute little kitty on the chair. They have one Golden Retriever, and it sooo CUTE! This is the cutest Golden Retriever I ever see in my life, and the fur is so healthy! Too bad no photo for him, because I’m too busy to snap my own shoes!
Artistic not? This is part of their place, as I mentioned, not photo is allowed! Too bad!

This is how I step in this crazy mind place. Everything is so ART! I missed the chance to snap a photo with the Golden Retriever due to this, my pretty red slipper.

After the awesome-artistic lunch with them, and end up in Dataran Pahlawan enjoying the infamous Jonker One-bite Durian Cream Puff. We shop for awhile in the shopping mall, and play some stupid girly testing stuff in the shop. Girls always enjoy testing without buying especially sunglasses, spectacle, and pins...all sorts of accessories.
On our way to Dataran Pahlawan, we spot this mirror, and I find it interesting, so without hesitation, we used it as a reflection. Teehee! JLS is so crazy on the mirror!!!!

Pepero stick from Korea (NAH!!! This is from Ampang’s Korea shop, the Korea Pepero stick is for my sis teehee!). I will update for some Korea haut in the next entry!
The cute pepero box has a place to write something to someone you miss. And this is what we do, miss you Agnes (Jennifer's youngest sister) and Vivian (Viki's younger sister obviously). There is a story behind, and I'll blog it on the Korea Haut post. Stay tuned for that!!!

Yes! I'm the infamous Jonker Durian Cream Puff! Let's have a try one me.

This is the durian cream puff I always eat in Melaka, and this is a MUST to have one every visit in Jonker. I ate one yesterday with my mom's friend. It is heaven!!!! I love durian very much, but not for Jennifer. Too bad. She was like hey! The smell still in my throat for whole day (we were skype that day), and I can't get rid of it!!!! I can't stop laughing at her!! I just can't imagine people who don't eat durian for their life, I can't do it!!

Well another great thing with them is we get to share everything, and yes! Shaving ice tea is another destination.  We went tea garden to have some try on the shave ice. Is just like Snow Flake, and it taste awful (according to Viki, it usually taste different as what we have try. The worker probably just hates us or she have bad mood that day T___T).
Their taro was not as good as Snowflake! I don't like it. Sorry!

We hang out at there until dinner time, so we went dinner at Congee Rice Noodles restaurant. The main purpose of going there is because we gonna try something that Viki introduce since Port Dickson trip.

Seaweed soup that requested by Shin who missed her mom corn soup that day, but this is our main purpose of going there for sure. Normal seaweed soup.

My favourite salad fried taufu. It taste just like meat ball!!! It surprise me a lot. Really damn cool food. It still not our main purpose.

The main purpose of coming this restaurant because of their mamai chicken. Yes!
 The super salty mamai chicken. It taste so salty, but overall it is nice with rice. The chicken is sooooo crispy, and tasty. It is better than Port Dickson for sure. Completely different.

PS: I should post the mamai chicken from Port Dickson sometimes.
Forced Shin to photo with me.

The only group photo in this journey. So sad that my skill of camwhore failed! I should camwhore more and more. Practice make perfect right?? MUAHAHAHA..

We end up our journey around 9pm, and Shin came out a brilliant idea which is WE SHOULD TRAVEL TO OVERSEA SOMEDAY! Yes! Brilliant. We should have done some travelling before we get to work next year. Thus, we planned to go to Taiwan next year, but Jennifer and Viki refuse to follow us. Too bad. I should find one more person to join for Taiwan trip.

Why Mom just don't let just Shin and I go to Taiwan?

PS: This planned should be ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSS: I wish...

Alright, I'm not that boring anymore.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm super happy

Captured while waiting for my mom!

Looking on my title, you already know that I'm super happy today. Yes! SUPER HAPPY.

Something has make my day, and I'm gonna appreciate it until the end. I was so worried 2 weeks ago for my FIN result, and not to show out when I was with my family and friends. I kept the stress and sadness all by myself, but today pay off due to I PASS MY FIN EXAM!

How happy is that, I really felt that I'll fail for this time, but God just help me to pass! Thank Amitofo for helping me. I was praying for the last 2 weeks, and now I'm super grateful that it works!!!! I pass my exam, and it was the tough one. MUAHAHAHAHA..

I can't stop sharing my happiness to all my family and friends. My uncle was asking me to treat him a meal since I pass my exam. I really need to thank my uncle for sending here and there just for my class at Sunway College. Besides that, my mom who always give me stress, stress make perfect for me. My aunty for taking care of me so much while I was training in KL. I was half training half studying that time, so it is kind of like trouble them all the time. Thank you!

The first person I told the great news was my mom, and she was like you have give a shock!! She was happy for me, and congratulate me for sometimes. I feel the bliss! Then I messaged some of my best friends just to tell them how happy am I now! I'm so happy that Jennifer congratulated me on the spot! Thank you so much, but Shin hasn't reply me (I think her phone was not besides her, too bad). MUAHAHA... I feel the bliss from all of them. I'm blissful!

I'm gonna have good good night today.

I would like to congratulate my friend, yee cil coz he passed his exam too! How good is that! However, I heard one of our friend failed her exam, hope she is right now! Wish her all the best in her supplementary exam.

PS: I'm waiting for my sis to come celebrate with me.

PSS: My mom bought me curler today! Double happiness!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awesome Port Dickson

Went Port Dickson one day after trip to Korea. This is our way to Port Dickson, and we used the the long old road in order to avoid the toll. This trip was organised by Jennifer and Andrew as Andrew was the one who suggest to relax in the bungalow for 3 days.

While they were driving to Port Dickson, I was just a sleeping head, slept for 1 hour in the bumpy car sliently. They were so alert on the road yet I'm sleeping sliently. I'm so dam tired as I was just got back from Korea the last night, and slept for one hour in order not to be late for Port Dickson, at least don't be the last one to arrive (my theory).
After one hour drive, we finally reached to the hidden bungalow at Port Dickson, and the weather was freaking HOT that day.

Jumping in front of our hidden bungalow, and spot our bungalow behind? It was our sleeping place for 3 days. Frankly speaking, I don't feel easy when I enter to the bungalow. It was kind of weird and dark inside, so no photo for my bed room. =)
Our brunch dessert was Andrew's mom steam dark chocolate cake, and it was yummilicious! Recipe please? We finished it in a second, no chance for the guys!
Without hestistate we played UNO block after that, it was Viki's little UNO block. I posted this photo because Shin looks pretty here, and ignore Andrew's face thank! MUAHAHA... Sadly, some of them just don't want to join us, as they were scare of losing!! (Alright! this is what I Guess!!)
This was the crabby Viki's snap the other day, and I felt so cruel coz the crabby died after shooting. How sad is that! I saw the dead body of the crabby at night, and the whole body was so freaking hard!!! Bad case.
The view from our "dinner" place. The reason I used "dinner" is because we ended up eating at other restaurant, and the restaurant cheated us by their menu. The photo looks so yum, but it end up with few seafood WITHOUT crabby! Gosh!!! How dare to cheat us! Anyway, the food there was quite alright!
Back from dinner, we are getting heart attack quickly! Playing heart attack really make us pain so much, my finger nail peel off after that, and some of our hand was injured. Red...Blue Black... All sort of colour contain! ALL OF US WAS CHEATING ANYWAY!!! You may spot our face, and look at our happy face! We were so damn happy, and sadly some of them still don't want to join us. They can't enjoy our laughter!

PS: Jennifer and Viki was there before, and they gave up due to being hit so much!

 The c.o.c.o.n.u.t tree at Port Dickson. Steal photo from Viki's Facebook!

We were so tired for the first day, and the JLS has some girls talk in the room until midnight. It was so memorable as we have less chance to have girls talk together ever since Penang trip with the Tomo! Sharing secret to each other without others disturbing. I'm so informative right now. Teehee!

JLS woke up around 5am just to enjoy the morning breeze at the seaside. To be exact, Jennifer was planned to look at the sun rise!

JLS took the slipper, and ran to the seaside and enjoy the morning breeze! Spot the center slipper? That was mine, and it only cost me RM2, and it still alright! My slipper was broken before we went to Port Dickson, so all of them went to RM2 shop to get a slipper for me, and ended up they bought for themselve as well.

PS: Viki and her sister were still sleeping.
 Spot my blue toe? It was my favourite colour for the month!

We went back to our bungalow, and prepared our breakfast before the sun rise. I planned to do scrambled eggs for our breakfast, and ended up this was too hard! Lailed!

Around 7am, sun rise? Big mistake, we couldn't see any sun rise, if we were at the seaside! Too bad.
Mission incomplete. Should planned next time!

PS: It was a great morning except some bad feeling in the that day.

We went morning swimming after woke up! It was sunny day, and I was so damn sick that day!
 Lunch for the day: Bah Kut Teh and herb steamboat. Spot the crab stick? We have like 5 package of that, coz we like crab stick so damn much. We BBQ, Steamboat and cooked instant noodles with crab stick. It was an important food for us, the gang!

PD Steambost 2012 in the hidden bungalow!

This was the only group photo I have captured for the whole trip. Sadly, we didn't managed to snap any photo together due to our forgetful mind. Sorry!

Dinner: BBQ is a must!
I was so sick that day, so I ended up sleeping for the whole day. I've no mood to enjoy for the BBQ, and my head was driving me crazy. I did some BBQ for hotdog and mushroom, then sleep after that. Scold me for not enjoy for the BBQ session. Too bad!

However, sleeping is the benefit of not hearing any weird sound that night! All of them heard some weird sound that night except me! I was lucky, I didn't feel any feeling on the sound which is good!

We decorated our bungalow garden with l