Monday, March 30, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow......

Tomorrow probably will be a busy day for me
We had some of like selling product in the school for 3 weeks
But of course not like professional one
I don’t know why we need to do that actually
It's probably wants us to enhance our selling skill
It is truly troublesome you know?
We need to order this and that for our product and yet exam is still on (I left one subject to go)


But honestly I had wasted all my holiday to watch drama and hanging around in house
I had regretted (I know you all sure laugh one…stop laughing!!)
I shouldn’t spent all my holidays to just stick my face onto the computer
I should prepare all the stuff for tomorrow

But then again I had finished up all the stuff for tomorrow …haha….
Waiting for tomorrow
I hope our group can sell all the stuff that we had prepared
And they will like it

hope so :)

good night!! :p

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour ROCK!!!

Ladies and gentleman, you may switch on your power now…
Obviously not all Malaysian switches off their power. Right?
So what is the feeling when all Malaysian switch off their power immediately?
The whole Malaysia will immediately turns black in color…
No sound, no light, no wind, have nothing!!
One thing remains…
The sky, the moon and the stars
If TNB do switch off the main power, all of us will just look at the sky
And start to see the twinkle of the star and the brightness of the moon
Since many people had ignore that for many years
But TNB didn’t do that
They didn’t switch off the main power
So honestly I didn’t turn off the light too…hehe

Don’t blame me…
I went Aunty Lucy’s house (My mom’s friend) with my mom,
so I am not at home at that particular time
And and and
I do want to turn off the light but due to some problem I didn’t turn it off
Many reason har...
Time passes no reason anymore…..Lydia!!

Many areas did turn off the power
Such as twin tower, time square and 8tv too….
They love the Earth so much
But for me,
The answer will be as usual…..MAYBE!!
Honestly not all the time I love the Earth
Sometimes I may obey but not every time la
I must see what the situation is
For this Earth hour I truly wanted to try to switch off all the light
But of course I didn’t off la because I at my mom friend’s house what

And I just MSN my cousin,
I am so surprise that she had switched off all the light for one hour
Wow… really love the Earth and you are good girl la…hehe…
I did surprise that you will switch off the light
I truly thought that many people will just ignore
But my thought was wrong; many people did obey the advertisement
And they had done what the advertisement told us to do..
wow...if the Earth had feeling, it sure will cry on the spot, right?

Last line for this post

How to ride a motorbike when you brought two big tyres?

This is how he done it!!

On the way to some places, my friend and I saw this in the middle of high way...
A guy was riding a motorcycle with his tyres
This can be describing in one word….
That is AWESOME!!!

P/S: Please switch off the light at 8.30 today!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleep The Whole Day

My schedule for today is to sleep for the whole day
I didn't sleep actually
But it’s seem like I've sleep for the whole day
So tiring
Don’t know why I am so tired
I didn’t do anything for today
It's just discussing moral presentation with friends and hanging around in the house
At night, accompany my mom to hypermarket to buy some stuff for tomorrow breakfast
That all for today
I truly tiring
My eyes going to close as I continue to type this post

Guys!! I am going to stop writing ya!!
Good night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth hour

Earth Hour: power down for 60 hours on march 28, 8.30pm...
For Earth Hour, all the citizens of the Earth need to turn off their power for one hour
This is to rise the awarenes of climate change in the Earth
So people please do it!!!

Please allow our Earth to rest for ONE hour by switching off the light

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I really enjoy these two days with my friends
Yesterday my friends had invited me to play badminton at MSN
I accepted without any thinking
It is because I had rejected them since the last three weeks
Feel so sorry to them….hehe…
We had a great game at there…
I had won a match with the best team!!!
I know they let me win one
Thank ya!!! Haha…

The second day!!
Mean today la!!
We went swimming at the public swimming pool
There are quite a lot of people went there for swimming
Truly have fun at there
We swim; we talk and we play around too
We play more actually!!! Hehe!! *shy*

After we had finished swimming, we went for shower at the bath room
The bath room was quite small and dirty… *of course la!! Public bath room what!!*
But it has a big resting room where you can rest, chit-chat and sleep there (if you feel sleepy la)
A while later, we went back home with a tired faces!!!

I truly exhausted after doing so many exercise in two days
Amazing right?
I also feel so…hehe…

Tomorrow they had invited me to go GYM,
but due to some financial problem I had rejected them
And I also surrender now!!!
I had muscle pain now~!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had spent much money today…*crying*
I had some financial problem these days
And yet my sister’s friend invited us to watch movie at Carefour
We had chosen “THE INTERNATIONAL” instead of the movie that acted by THE Rock
There is no ticket for us actually….*sad*

When I started to watch that movie, I was like huh?? What the hell they are talking about(because we came in late)
As movie goes on, I was like oh!! I know what is going right now…*quite slow har*
The movie was quite excited….
Especially a scene where they have shooting at a shopping mall
Wow…I like that part the most!!!!
But the ending was quite weird
I would like to say there is NO ENDING for this movie!!!

Photo time!!!
For a remembrance we will captured photo wherever we go....
This is where we captured at....
In the CAR!!!!
Lucky there is nobody looking at us....

You know why sis had changed her sit place???
This is all about her big face
She wanted to look smaller so she changed her place from front to back…
This is a technique to look smaller
You can learn from her where you will have a smaller face in the photo

Making shocking face is the important part of our photo session
It is most difficult part too…
You have to make shocking face in front of the camera for 10 seconds without laughing
OMG!!! It is very difficult for me to do that without laughing!!!

And my sis’s friend had been force to do that with us..*laughing*

This is what I had done for today

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Updated !!! :)

Since my sister said I didn't update my blog for so long
So I am going to update my Grumpy Toast right now!!!
Let me think of what to write….*thinking…*

Ah~~I know what I am going to write today...Hehe!!!

Yesterday I finally had finished my two midterm test
It's really killing me when I try to solve some of the question
But at last I had done it on time!!!
Hurray!! Lucky I had finished on time….if not.....
I can't really of it actually..

After my exam, we went out with cousins again....
But yesterday was special, because he brought his girlfriend along
His girlfriend was a nice girl and she purposely came to Melaka to see her boyfriend (my cousin)
Wow….extremely sweet!!! :)
We had a chat for two hours at Bukit Beruang (the Bear Mountain….*swt)*
That was extremely fun fun fun fun!!!

Oh no!!
I really influenced by my friend who likes to say the word “EXTREMELY” la!!
Stop saying extremely, Lydia!!!

P/S: I know it is very boring to read a blog without any photo, I am very sorry because we never capture any photo at that particular place….. :(



I am extremely tired.....good night!! *Extremely again!!!! SWT!!*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Why I always will be the unlucky one??
Why everybody think that I am the one who bully someone??
I don’t get it!!!
I am not a big bully!!!
I am NOT!!!
I am not purposely done that to her…I am not!!!
Why you guys said so???
In fact she is the one who came near me when I want to move that chair
I am so innocent
I’m just accidently knock her and her expression was totally over done it!!!
After that, others were misunderstanding me
And blame me for knocking her….
I really HATE that a lot!!!!
Why always will be ME???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

如果没有 - 梁静茹

如果没有 - 梁静茹
作词 : 严爵 / 作曲 : 严爵

如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

而是我就站在你面前 你却不知道我爱你

如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

如果 如果 如果 如果 如果
最后变成如果 我也不能接受
错过 错过 错过 错过 错过
我比你更难过 不会一错再错
嗯 这次不要再轻易错过



如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么


如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过

如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

I totally in love with this song...
It is so touching and meaningful...
Especially this line....
而是我就站在你面前 你却不知道我爱你
Touching right???

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BUSY + HAPPY life!!!

haha...miki drew for me...funny right??

I am so busy these days
Our drama is on Friday, but we haven’t prepare any thing
At that moment we really scare you know?
So we quickly prepared our script and drama stuff as soon as possible
And this is why I haven’t blogging for five days…
These five days I had done many things….
Drawing background, rehearsal for our drama, prepared our costume and so on…
My busy life began again!!!
On last Friday, we had drama in the big class
Who knows? That stupid lecture came late and we had to changed to a small room
Oh!! Totally mad of her!!
She didn’t feel apologetic and say sorry to us…argh!!
As she went in, she asked us to start our drama...Oh!!! So angry with her
When we start our drama, I said to Irene (my friend Eugene) that she need to be careful because I will scold her as loud as possible….
Our drama was quite good and funny!!!
And and and!!!
I scolded Irene as loud as I can, because that stupid lecture made me angry….
Thank to that lecture anyway, if not I will laugh when I scold Irene
I am happy to have this play with my group members
We are the best!!! my sport car!!7039!! right??
bus of pm15
the living room!!! haven't colour it....
with the enormous radio and my sport car picture!!! hehe...
my group members....we are the best ya!!!! ROCK!!
all of us with happy faces!!!

me and Irene (eugene)
m3 and ying kun!!!
3 leng lui and one ah ma!!! haha.... peter and rose (m3 and xiao ting)

three HANDSOME guy!!! jack, peter, jim!!!!
m3 and the maid (shin yee)
m3 and ah pok with my cap!!
m3 and jac

ah pok , jac, m3!!! ah Pok why you close your eyes??

JJ the old hu hu....

they are acting the devil...haha...funny!!! with sandra the devil or grandma?? devil grandma???
draw by Ah Sheng!! beautiful right??
wow...really owesome!!
m3 and chia hui (the supporter of mamat!!) haha...
her face like edited!!!
m3 and MIKI (the cool man)
miki you really very cool la...haha...
me and big head with sampat post..haha...
me and shin yi...
shin yi you damn cute....
and seemo you are in my photo...hehe...
with chia hong the old lady...(she plays as old lady in the devil)
she will scold me if she know i wrote her as old lady....

p/s: i will edit more photo when i get it from my friends

And now!!
I am going to tell a ghost story
This really not related to what I had written just now okay??
My friend had told me that she and her group had their drama at one of the oldest building in our school…
They had some soft like funeral in their play so they brought many sliver paper, candle and joystick to that building
She had told one of her friend that not to light up that joystick but her friend refuse to listen
So her friend lighted up the joystick
When they finish their play, her friend had seen “something” in their photo…
And it is beside her (the camera owner)
Oh!! Scary man!!

As a conclusion, please not to light up any joystick in any place ya!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009








看美女吗?? 不愧是父子,很爱脸...hehe....