Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! 

It's Christmas day! 

I uploaded the photo two days ago, and decided to hold on for more picture on Christmas day yo!!

So, Christmas Eve ain't #foreveralone, coz colleagues planned to have a nice Christmas Eve lunch that day. 

We went MorganField for Ribs and this blossom onion!! How they do it?

Asian spicy Ribs and one more garlie something ribs. Can't really remember what their name is. Lol!

My senior bought this bouquet of roses for his girlfriend at The Big, Publika. It's RM150!!!!!!!!!!


It was really a nice luncheon with them though we are no longer working together anymore.

Then, I had dinner with the kaki again at Nu Sentral, the newly open shopping mall at KL sentral!

The decoration was awesome, and I love the ball things, soooo niccceeeee!

Jane and I were waiting for En Ting to fetch us at Nu Sentral, and three of us had tea time while waiting Ting to arrive! She was late that day...

After few discussion (I basically do nothing and wait for their suggestions hahahahaha), we decided to go KLCC for dinner. Hungry man!

We went to a shop that has long name (don't bother to memorise coz we are too hungry, and is too long to memorise as well), and I ordered their chicken sandwich. The rest ordered something not-really-delicious.

Selfie with Ting with KLCC tower aka #twocorns. I insist on taking picture of the two corns before they finish their food. Lol! So excited to have selfie with the two corns!!

It's going to rain soon that day, and now I'm sick! T____T

The giant Christmas tree they had in Suria KLCC.

#nofilter #takenbynexus5 #goodcamera lol!!!

The three girls having fun with two corns!

Went Cosans after all this crazy pictures, and met up with Cody and his girlfriend.

I was so excited because his girlfriend has Sony alpha 5000 and is in white! Omg! That's was my dream camera, and the video is nice. #imgonnagetnomatterhow and momi was like nah! Please lah, don't know when you will buy it, always the same thing! 

Don't like that, I'll buy it someday. Coz I'm confuse with two dream can, gopro and Sony!

Oh ya! Missed out this and yup wefie with the tree.. Is so huge!!

The day gone damn fast, and we didn't go for countdown at all. Just chill in Cosans and have some chat with them, sound so old. Like what En Ting said we already feel old coz we don't go for countdown anymore. 

We like chill instead of crowded places. So old!!! O____O

I came back home sweet home on Christmas day, and I felt so happy coz even the FM has nice Christmas song.

Listen lots a Christmas song while driving back to Melaka, y so nice?

Something even more surprise was...

Our Christmas tree has lighting already, and is in blue! Omgggg!!!!

Can't believe momi actually bought the lighting beforehand. So nice awwww!!!

Chilling in the house with Christmas tree is the best, and my uncles and aunties decided to come back on Saturday night (which is today), and we had the funniest gift exchange of all!

By the way, Bee and I went for Hobbit the night on Christmas day!

The Hobbit is nice but one thing I don't understand is y the king will die and the dragon die too fast!!!! 


Anyway, wish you all have a Merry Christmas though I'm late here! 

I really had the most blissful Christmas ever this year with friends and families!!!!

PS: went to meet up with the girls and baby Jameson yesterday, and imma gonna blog about soon! I can't resist the cuteness of Mr. Jameson, y u so cute?

PS: gonna blog about the family Christmas dinner as well. Stay tuned hahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family trip to Cameron Highlands part 1

Hello everyone! 

Christmas is around the corner, and I'm sooooooooo EXCITED! ( Cap lock to express how excited I am right now)

Before Christmas is coming, I'm gonna blog about my family trip to Cameron Highland 2 weeks ago. It was really a nice family holidays with lots of family members around, probably 13 people? 

Planned this trip since November 2014, and got really excited on planning, booking apartment, plan the steamboat, places o visit and etc. So much to do yet so less to 
think, and I'm just flipping through blogs and ad to find something must do and eat in Cameron Highlands, and surprisingly there are quite a lot of places to visit. Lol!

So here we goooo.... Met aunt, momi and papa a day before the trip, and woke up at 7am to get ready. Embarked around 10am from Puchong, and get ready for the petrol and touch N go as well. 

Wefie with papa and momi while heading to Cameron Highlands.

Sis joined the fun alone with bread on her hand. Lol!

The tired wefie we had in Brinchang night market after long journey. Momi insisted on wearing her sunglass, cannot without one. Lol

PS: a failed max wefie we had! Hahaha!!!

3 for RM10.00

Choose anyone you like, and pay it! Highly recommend their fried mushroom. Yummm, it's so delicious! We bought it two days continuously without fail.

Bought some vegetable for our steamboat feast at night, and it was really worth it coz 8 for RM 10, and my sis got a free pack of vegetable after bargaining with the person, purchaser always had bargaining power yo!

The weather was quite sunny that day, but still cooling. I wore jacket throughout the trip. So scare of cold weather man! How am I going to travel aboard on winter time?

The sweet potatoes ball I love the most, also bought this every single day in Cameron Highlands.

So chewy and yummy, and yup! That's my dad holding the ball.

Bought all kind of vegetables and the upper left is what sis got from the person after bargain.

First come first is the scenery of our apartment. It is so beautiful out there, and everywhere is Christmas tree!

The sunshine makes the Christmas tree so awesome.

It's around 5pm and it's time for the party to start! Everyone arrived and the weather is getting colder.

Wefie with uncle, sis and the little cousins. Awww.. Little one had no teeth, and he is so shy to smile, gotcha!

Then yiyi joined the crowd, and uncle claimed that the one who is holding the cam got the biggest face!!! Ya right!

I cannot stop looking at his teethless face. He was very angry at us for laughing at him, chill lah bro!

Everyone was really enjoy the steamboat feast, and the crowd continue to feed themselves more food and more foods to come....

After the steamboat feast, bro and big cousin planned to bring us (yiyi and I) to get the mountain water!

Statement from them: in order to get the water from the mountain, we need to drive to the mountain besides the Boh Tea Plantations which located at Sungai Palas. Then, check on the elephant footprint at the elephant path, watched the banana trees and off the light so that we wouldn't scare the elephant.

So when we reached the so called elephant path, bro checked the bananas tree and the atmosphere was really scary coz they told us that they forgot to bring torchlight for the hike. Omg! I was really freaking out, and I was so stress coz yiyi was there and I'm gonna protect her if not I'm dead! I was thinking should we stay in the car or climb the mountain. Then, big cousin drove very fast to the destination of our mountain water.

Everyone ready for this hike, and shoes checked, thickness checked, torchlight oh no.. I'm panic and we saw a bunch of orang asli sitting there chit chatting.

We are ready to hike!

Bro! Here we go, where we should hike? Then, both of them like let's go HERE to get the mountain water!



I couldn't believe they actually created a story just to lie us!!!!!!!

I should snap the picture of it, but I couldn't coz the weather was really cold out there plus my mind was jam remember!? Too panic!!!!
To chill us, Big cousin brought us to the nicest hotel in Cameron Highlands, and I was like I want take pictures. Non-stop picturing.

PS: we had tea time at Brinchang before that.

 Then insisted to take picture at the door side, the decoration was really damn freaking nice wey!

And all the light off by the time we wanted to take second round picture the next day, Y U OFF THE LIGHT?

wefie with yiyi, big cousin and bro!

Before second uncle and yiyi went back to Subang the next day, we had the precious family picture of the year. 

Oklah not a complete one. I'll request more family picture the next trip yo!

Alright, it's time to end here, imma so sleepy and tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Awwww.... Can't wait to celebrate Christmas!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Road trip to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan with Tomo Part 3

Hello everyone!

So here come part 3 of the road trip, and we are still in Kuala Selangor. Kuala Selangor is more adventurous as compared to Sekinchan.

A snapshot of the paddy field in Sekinchan before having seafood dinner. Yeap! We went back our hotel to get ourselves some rest before night adventure. Yeepee!!!!

How can the field so green?

We went to Jeti Seafood Restaurant

Wefie before the food is served, we are starving!!!

Enjoying the sunset in Kuala Selangor, so nice and the day is going to end soon. Sound so short!

The food is served after the sunset, and the tomo were like wait! Feed our phone first! Lol.

Here we ordered...
Our favorite fried squid aka sotong goreng.
Loving the big fried squid, but this yet to be our favorite.

Oat fried with prawn. Emmm. Not really a good one.

Lala soup, spicy and refreshing and I still prefer Melaka lala soup lol!

Well, no doubt this is our favourite dish of all, CRAB WITH SALTED EGGS! 

We waited for so long, and Ting was really crazy on this for sure. She can really "clean up" the crab in seconds. How she does it? 

She already relaxing when I'm half way done. Gosh!!! Freaking efficient when come to crab huh. Hahahahaha....

Not really expensive but the foods was not really fancy and fresh as well coz we had tried something fresher than this x 100 times, which is when we traveled to Mabul Island. Woooooooo miss the freshy-freshy, cheaply-cheaply, biggy-biggy....seafood! Geddit?

I'd blog about that before which is on 2012, so if you are interested, search by yourselves. Lol!

PS: my phone couldn't copy and paste the URL, so search for yourselves or you can google Mabul Island then you will know!

Well, back to Kuala Selangor...

After dinner, we headed to Firefly Park Resort and as I mentioned in Part 2, don't ever go to somewhere unknown for firefly visit coz they will actually charge more on the ticket. Anything just Google for double confirm.

As we were quite insists, so we googled this for quite sometimes, and if you feel you are in the wrong track means you are right! Coz this resort was quite hidden and dark, so don't be scare if you feel is dark.

Goddamn happy that we are finally here!

 RM15.00 per ticket

Hopped into the boat and started our journey, and please be quiet when you visit this place. There are some Korean who really loud that day, and they are forgiven coz there is no Korean translation in their signboard as well.

PS: you may heard some of the noisy Korean speaking in the video I posted below.
Little firefly that the boat driver caught for us to shoot. He is so nice to lend us this little one for shooting, and he said I trusted you all, kerana orang Melaka sangat baik! (I trusted you all coz Malaccan are the best) #proudtobemalaccan

 It just like Christmas tree, so damn freaking nice...

Nope, this is neither star nor lighting, this is the firefly on the tree! It was really dark, and Bee and Ting manage to capture it. So freaking excited to see this omg!!!

It was moonlight night (boat driver suggested that we should visit when there is moonless night, but I'm still satisfying), there is still firefly all over the places.

Do you know that firefly can live up to 1 month? The boat driver brief us on that, but it was really pathetic that such nice creature only have 1 month life span.

Well, life goes on for them, and they will made more babies that night. What
I'd remembered is that the brighter one will be the male and so the opposite way. So I guess this is how they attracted to each other.

The whole trip took us around 30mins, and we greet the boat driver before go off the boat. How magical the trip was...

Lighting, Christmas trees or firefly?

We went to the Big Mic Family KTV after that, and this is unplanned one. Tomo was like freaking crazy singing in the car, and a sudden click on our mood for singing bring us here.

Then Jen googled for it, and it said you cannot miss Big Mic Family KTV when you visit Sekinchan. Lol! That's really make us do it.

 One middle room for five of us with compulsory purchase of drinks. I don't remembered the price actually so you just try and ask if you are interested.

 Oh ya! Bought this as our tomo's souvenir, a leaf of bookmark.

Surpringly Shin doesn't reject the KTV session, and SHE ACTUALLY SING 中国话 by S.H.E and all of us were like woooooooo!!!!

Wanted to selfie one but it was too dark and bluey inside.

We sang for like probably 2 hours and it was 12am already. We are deadly awake and I decided to sleep straightway after that. #alwaysdirtywhenimfreakingtired #excuses

Oh well, here is the video of the little one, and just ignore those Korean speaking, promise?
It almost gone dark, and we were so scare that it will die after our shooting, so we put some leave beside it and here the alive little one again.

So, please please please please (4times means I'm super serious) don't even go there and catch the little one coz they will die after that. No point catching them for your own, sharing is caring. :)

Alright, end here and good bye. Imma gonna have my breakfast now. #hungrydie