Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Adventurous of Lydia: Cable car never be in my list always!

So, I'm back on blogging after abandoned for probably a month. Just got back from long holiday (10 days) and feeling so tired and holiday mood still, gosh please help me.

Anyway, here are the first half day of my adventure, Taiwan! Booked hotel at last minutes isn't great at all, so just don't learn this as we are really lack of hotel planning this time, kinda late.

We travelled to Taipei, Taichung and Nan tau, and please don't learn as well. You may choose to include Hua Lian and Yilan in your itenery. For people like those who love adventurous like us, you also can include more places as you like.

For 10 days in those three places is way too much I would say. We got stuck in Taipei for like 1 or 2 days without doing anything, just walking around in Taipei city, repeating what we have done previously and etc.

For your information, me and my friends aren't those people who love to shop so ya that's probably the reasons. So, for those who really love shopping, you may choose our route.

First day, we reached TaoYuan International Airport around 11pm and waited for their bus (so called 客运) to arrive at 6.30am the next day. Basically we just hanging around in airport for that period.

At 6.30am, we had our bus 国光客运 no. 1860 (Kuo Kuang) to Taichung and meet Ting and her sis for our tour guide.

Bus ticket 1860 NTD 240 per person.

It took two hours to reach Taichung, and it also provide movie to ease boredness. I watched one movie for the entire journey to Taichung lol.

Well, after two hours we reached the Taichung Station (台中车站), and met Ting and her sis there. Yeap! Our tour guide waited just right in front of the station. You are right!

Tour guide is a young guy named xiao yu which speaked like 古阿莫 (the famous story teller in YouTube). Ok that's not the point.

So our tour guide brought us to the famous breakfast shop, ABao in Taichung.

And I ordered the fried prawn burger which is so delicious.

Their signature is their pork burger which Ting said very delicious also. Good start for the whole journey.

Before we headed to 九族, we went to a castle-like tourist place, I couldn't remember the name but is kinda a nice place for picture.

The tour guide, xiao yu was like eh! Go their toilet to have a picture, and all of us were like elah! We are not like those girls like to selfie in the toilet one.

But when I get in, this is what I have those girls. Lol! It's so pretty, how could I just leave this place without taking any picture right?

Is so vintage, and I'm loving it like seriously!

Also pink carriage make me so happy. Everything here are so princess one.

Huge chess game in the middle of the place, and you know what my tour guide said? He said this is the chess game from Harry Potter, how lame is that! Mmmm..

A carriage, train and chess!

Wefie with the castle behind, and seven dwarfs is in the castle.

A piano located right beside a stall, and it's pink!

The famous bread xiao yu, the tour guide recommend. It is quite yum lah.

Pink bear!

This is how beautiful the scenery is! Blue sky, green grass and look mountain.

Selfie in the castle and even their ceiling is filled with historical people that I don't know ha-ha!

No interest in history 😪😪😪😪, opps!

Headed to 九族 (jiu zu) after the castle visiting.

The weather is kinda hot, around 28 Celsius 😨😨😨😨😨😨

Again the tour guide make a bet on this game before and he ain't going up even his dad wanted to give him NTD3000, NTD 3000 in those days is kinda high.

What good about our tour guide is he is kinda same age with us, so same frequency in that sense.

Nah! The croissant's shop that we had.

Reached and we had like 2 hours for the whole thing, are you kidding me? This is the reason why I always say no to tour guide 😵😵😵

Before the rushing part, let us take a wefie!

Then see the direction sign and chong (run) ah!!!!!

This UFO caught our attention for like 2 mins and we were like wow! I'm gonna sit it later for sure!!!

Our thought at the first sight.

Rushed to sit this cable car, 九族缆车, probably took us 10 mins to reach 九族.

For people like me having height phobia, you guys probably need to think twice before you sit this.

Is so high, oh man!

The only thing I can do on this cable is to sit still and...

Have a wefie with Ting and Shin. Ok, I didn't move after that as you can see my face already so scare.

Can only selfie with Shin because she was sitting right beside me.

Reached 九族文化村 (culture village) but not now coz we need to rush to another cable car to see 日月潭 (sun moon lake).

Heading left to sun moon lake cable car, omg! Another fear need to conquer man!

Entrance and I started to have cold sweat. 😨😨😨😨

Boom!!! Is even higher than the 九族 one!!! Wth? I'm so scare, I couldn't stay too long at somewhere very high, and this took us even longer to reach the destination. 😥

Why you wanna treàt me like that?

Everyone entered with happy faces only me and Ting's weren't in that mood. Too scary!

However, things got better after I see this!!! The sun moon lake from top, is so beautiful! Blue sky, green tree and cystal clear lake.

Which is Sun, Moon and Lake? Nobody can tell, imagination tell everything.

Sorry for blocking the nice scenery behind. Oppss!!

Is finally going down, and everything end so nicely...thank God I survive!

Stalls in the cable car side.

Hurray! We are surviving!!!

Just kidding, planned to crop Bee and Jen here but still in progress I would say..

Walking for 800m for another culture village.

And of coz wefie loh..

This is how clear the lake is. Crystal clear.

There are many buttlefly farm everywhere in Taiwan, but we didn't go since Malaysia also having great buttlefly farm lol!

Cultural village at the other side.

Their costume.

The sun is too bright and the weather is getting even hotter when the time hit 2pm. Gosh! All of us got serious sunburn after this trip.

And in my next adventurous will a tour in 九族文化村 ( Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village) to have a look their houses, kitchen and etc. Some might freak you out lol.

Alright, gonna end here and bye!