Monday, February 28, 2011


There isn't snow flake anyway!

I've heard about snow ice since last year, and I didn't even try it until I went to Subang to have it! So NOW....Let's compare with the taste

Comparing the snow ice with Kl and Melaka! *analysing*
The anwer was...
Subang snow ice with absolutely fake chocolate and chips!
Melaka jonker style with real taste of green tea and red bean one it!

So which will you choose it? No offence!

I definitely think that Jonker snow ice is the best!

PS: Well, this wasn't a proper post, as I was lack of intention to write a good entry. Thus, just a super fast comparing the snow ice of Subang and Melaka Jonker as an entry! I'm lazy....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy and Tiring Birthday celebration for Feb babies!

 It’s going to be a February baby’s birthday celebration post!

I‘d done many monthly baby’s birthday every year, and let’s start with our February baby’s birthday first! The birthday celebration will be done in T-bowl Restaurant, which is a toilet concept restaurant (newly open in Melaka Raya).

We’d our lunch or brunch (ok, it’s for me, I ate a slice of bread before headed to this celebration) before the celebration begin, and we aren’t telling them about the celebration (some sort like surprise birthday celebration).
I've order the so called VERY SPICY seafood tom yam mee. It's isn't that spicy actually, and my friend rated it's spiciness 8/10! WHAT!? I think is too exaggerated, and I just rated it 5/10. That's means I'm a great spicy eater. lol..

The mee was kinda chewy, the soup was not-quite-spicy and the seafood was fresh! *thumb up*
The soup was yummy! 

 The guy toilet bowl drink-honey lemon ice! Love it

I've started my tom yam mee half way on, then suddenly they said I didn't wait for Jennifer who ordered a KIDS MEAL (yea, it's kids meal, coz she didn't like spicy food =___=), so I stopped and took a photo of it to prove I WAIT for her after they had said it!

 Jennifer with her KIDS MEAL set! Spaghetti with freaking normal tomatoes sause! It's kind of cheating actually! And the sause can't mixed well with the pasta, how bad is that!

While we waiting for our desserts (sort of!), Jennifer sneaked to their kitchen, and asked for the birthday cake! Ha! It's surprise birthday as I said! However, it wasn't a surprise birthday in the end, coz their worker was freaking nerd (They absolutely freak me out), they brought the cake out without open it well and light up the candle. =_________=

 The cake arrived (we open the cake box and light up the candle in the end), and birthday celebration began! It was pretty funny thought it wasn't surprise anymore!

Both of them was like in love in this photo (as what I requested for). They were so damn cute and funny anyway.

The cake was normal, nothing to be describe as  I always eat it when comes to birthday celebration. It's just a snapshot to prove my shooting skill (no big deal).

Camwhore while waiting for the desserts (now we wait for the dessert-shitty ice-cream. yeah!)

The SHITTY ICE-CREAM in T-bowl Restaurant! I don't like it anyway, coz the taste was kind of strange, and the kiwi was so damn sour!

But I still love to take a photo with it! Cute ice-cream indeed!

And more photo with it!

After this, we headed to KTV (since when the last I went to KTV, I'm wondering!?) to continue the celebration!
 KTV with guys was the BIG No No.. coz they neither sing nor dance. They were just shouting and throwing the snack all over the space! Hey, you guys should be send to Afrika or somewhere else which is poor to suffer!

The 2 freak out people, but it's fun to look at them making funny stuff especially Wang- the joker!

They hug, they kick, they fight, they bully, they throw, they shout and also they "kiss" each other! O.M.Gosh! That's was ridiculous!

3rd station is Dynasty (yea, we went there again and again)
 I order a cup of Tong Shui (I'm trying to be heathier, as I wouldn't order any Tong Shui since the day I step in this shop)

It is kinda too sweet for me! I still love my mom creation.

The celebration end with laughter, and it's damn tiring. When I went back home, I straight away headed to my bed and have a nice sleep after that! *yawn many times in the middle of writing*

P.S: I yawned many times since the 1st line I type, so it's time for me to have a nice sleep.

Au revoir!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lovey sushi-making day

 I always wanted to make sushi with my friends for ages, and I didn’t even make for once. Thus, since we are out from final exam, it’s time for us to plan for our lovely sushi making day. Yea, we eventually did it on Monday! How happy is that!

To be frank, I love to cook with my friends, and we even plan to cook some Chinese dishes for so called polak! I love that anyway, and I love to cook with bunch of best friends with just a few dishes, that’s was fun I can say. You guys should try it as well; I bet you will love it if you have tried it.

 First and foremost (everyone likes to start like this), I would like to thank our rice and vinegar supplier, Edmund for supplying this two stuffs for us!

On Monday, before we headed to Jusco to have our ingredient, we cooked out rice, and it turn pretty good actually! We’re brilliant (whatsoever)!
After we'd bought all the ingredient, we started our job as a Sushi Sifu (sushi chef). We fried, steamed, cooked, boiled, made up rice and vinegar....and TADA!
Our ingrdient for the sushi! In fact, every things is fried foods! WAHAHA...We wouldn't find ebiko in Jusco as they actually going on a maintenance in the sushi stall. How bad is that!

 My very first hand roll! Yea, that was fun to actually made a hand roll. Ha! I'm genius in making sushi, just kidding!

 Well, not all the ingredient was being fried, we have fresh sujini and carrot as the side dish as well.

After rolling, putting....(all sort of things)
 Final product was pretty good right?

Our hand roll was kinda of pro actually ( What? Cannot praise myself is it? WAHAHA...)

 Anyway, we are happy with it, and those sushi in the plastic box was going to Edmund, coz since he has supplied us some ingredient, might why we send him some food, right?

 The little cute face sushi- credit by Jennifer. Brilliant idea!!!

 The very-cute-star-lovey-tuna-sushi- credit by Viki. I love the star so much!!

The "octopus" sushi -credit by Viki, Jennifer and me ( But the person who think of is Jennifer)

As this goes on, I think I ain't having a brilliant brain, coz there is no creative sushi credit by me T_______T
Creativity failed!

 There is absolutely big portion of sushi for us to eat! When can we finish it?

Jennifer and I were damn happy with our sushi thought it is not as yummy as what we ate in Sushi King.

We can't finish our sushi actually, so we actually asked Andrew and Edmund to come over to have some lunch! Yea, is lunch, and Wang complaint that we didn't invite him =__= (we should invite him, so that no complaint from him)

Last, we ended up playing Facebook on the floor with my mouse (a pink one) hanging there! WAHAHA...

That's the end of our lovey sushi-making day! I really hope there will be Chinese cuisine day for another day! I'm looking forward for Chinese cuisine day!

PS: It's 1.56am, so I'm going off right now to have some sleep before the busy day of mine come over! 

Au revoir!!

I'm not normal anymore!

Don’t be shock when you are reading the title!
Yea, I certainly abnormal, I’m different anymore… I couldn’t even recognise myself indeed, I have changed into a person who actually digs out some story book and READ IT!
Who ever know me, knew I don’t read that often, but this times I read more than one book! OMG! I have changed…. Eventually change to a good one! WAHAHA…
Well, I was damn boring this few days, I mean I have no other thing to do (other than outing with friends), so I dig some of my sis precious Cecilia Ahern story book to pass my time. OMG! What on earth I was doing when this book arrived in my house? Why did I ignore it? Why? I’m absolutely lost my opportunity to read on it (ok, well now I realise I didn’t waste my opportunity).
 Yeah, I'm in love with Cecilia Ahern story book! It's the best book I ever read!
 The book and I. After I read finish the book, I continue another book from Cecila Ahern as well, it is " the book of tomorrow". Well, the book name was always kinda of unique and interesting. The very first one was "where the rainbow end", then now is " the book of tomorrow"...

She has actually produce lots of story book, and her best selling book was " P.S I Love You" which I'm going to get it in MPH or Popular! And Jennifer had introduce " The Gift", and I'm going to grab it as well!!!!!

Alright, I'm going off, coz tomorrow gonna be a big day for my bro ( He is opening a kids art center, so anyone interested can mail me or leave comment or something, and the shop was at Taman Merdeka, Melaka), and I'm going to help him for registration. What a tiring would be!

Au revoir!

Friday, February 18, 2011

CNY Reunion Dinner

Well, yesterday was the last day of CNY or so called chap go mei, do you guys celebrate it? I definitely nope, coz most of my friends still having their exam, and I didn't really want CNY to end like this! I never enjoyed my CNY much due to my exam T__T damn it, I need to "thank" to MMu for giving us a "great" CNY ever! Yea right! *sigh*

However, I still enjoyed for the first 3 days or probably 2 days! whatever!

On the reunion day or CHU XI, I woke up in the morning, and went to pray my grandpa and grandma in the temple. After that, I went back home, and planed to study for the last time before reunion dinner, but it failed coz I need paint my house after that. T___T

Nevermind, coz I satisfied with my work after this! WAHAHA...

So...our reunion dinner were always at my uncle place! Teehee!
I love my aunty food as usual! There will many foodsssss photo, sorry for that!

My aunty infamous fried prawn, and my cousins used to name it as "long xia" means lobster!! WAHAHA...
Everyone love this "lobster" so much, even my little cousins love it too! It is a super successful dish in our house!
Ba gua- dried meat! Yea, my love!
Fried Ba geng- toufu skin with pork meat! And Jennifer always called it as lo ba! The name was different between Penang...and Malaccan, but it's same actually!

Steam fish! It is a must in CNY! Nian nian you yu, it means every year, there is something left (Whatsoever).
another aunty infamous pork stomach soup! I uber love it! Everyone love it as well~
There is more foods on the table! I'm full that night!
The cameraman of the day- my uncle!
And start for the dinner! We started around 7pm, great timing!
After this, everyone was chit-chatting, photo-ing, and eating some fruits...SO WHAT I WAS DOING? Well, I'm suffering, coz eating too much, and feel like wanted to vomit. Yea! I always have this kind of incident. The very last time was when we celebrated Jia Wei farewell! T___T

Then, it's fire cracker time! 8888!

I insist my sis to take photo with me, coz I complaint that there is lesser photo of us since she is in relationship! WAHAHA....
ok, my bro is going to hang up the long red fire cracker!
Before he going to "burn" the fire cracker, let's photo shooting awhile! *evil laugh*
And... 123....START!!!!
OPPS! I lost my red fire cracker burning photo! =__=lll
Nevermind, let's see who is the chicken of the day! WAHAHA...
My "brave" cousin. You know what? When my bro is going to hang up the red cracker, he is the one who said he will not scare of this thingy, but then after that he ran in the room, and closed himself in the room with his mom! WAHAHA...super cute!
My ang pau of the day! Yea! Not my ang pau, is a comibination of my sis and mine! I lie again!
RED WINE! It is NOT my favourite at all! I'm drunk!
This is what they said wu lai wu ki ( if you take something, you need to give back some), and everyone give us cookies!
And honey madarin as well!

Then force my sis to take photo with me again! SEE! What she did was sms-ing with somebody else! Concentrate! *complaint*
Around 12am, my mom prepare for praying!! I helped my mom to paste all the red sticker on it!

After this!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We count down at home with ....
Our lovely cards!! I won some money that night!


Ok, I feel tired to type anymore, I gonna stop here, I'll continue tomorrow or probably tonight! Au revoir~