Monday, April 30, 2012

Just not to let my blog look boring

It sound like I'm going to write something interesting in this small space, so let me think of anything can brighten your day. Emmm...

I've nothing to share with you guys coz my life was way too boring at here, I mean my daily routine was so boring, which mean the moment i woke up from my bed, my life is so boring, waking up early in the morning, having some lovely breakfast from my aunt and popo (my cousin's lovely grandma), studying for exam, watching tv with gong gong (cousin's grandpa), waiting for my cousin to come back from school, having lovely lunch time with them, watching cartoon (*kind of*), studying again, playing, watching tv.... basically it is just watching television and playing with my cousin (without study). I'm such a failure, I must say.

Popo, aunt, cousin and I  went to their nearest market in the morning every weekend without failure, and this is the fun thing to do every weekend coz we will meet all sort of people, and they are very friendly. However, one thing that make me sad is that some sellers were thought I'm their maid or servant or babysitter. One day when we were walking to a stall to buy some bread, and the bread seller was like hey! lei qian zuo ya go yan ah? (In cantonese) literally mean you hired a maid? The moment I heard it, I felt so hurt. Am I that old or am I look like a maid? WTH! However, my aunt had  explained to the bread seller later that. 

Another case happened when I bring my cousin to school, a Chinese mother bring along her daughter who has a name of Yong Qi (The name was just like one of the name from a drama- huan zhu ge ge), and she was so friendly. After she end the conversation with my aunt, she hurt me by asking how many child do I have. I was so shock that I'm almost cry out (alright, just make story exaggerated so that it is interesting ok?), but I know she is not purposely do that coz people mostly went there just to bring their child to school, so she though I was sending my "kid" to school everyday. How sad is that? Am I look that old to be a mother? Am I really look that bad? I was wondering. I should dress up properly the next time, but who has the mood to dress so properly in the morning? emmm... there might be someone..

Stop here, and switch to the new topic (my mind change very quickly when come to blogging)
Do you realise that I didn't put more photo in these few posts? Yes or no?
This is due to my laziness, and I did have some photo to show you guys.....*wait for a moment* Alright! I should find at least one interesting photo to make this post interesting.. wait for minute please.

*finding a photo in Facebook right now*


Is this interesting? 
This was the moment when I'm hanging out with Jennifer, Shin and Viki, and we'd came out this idea out of boredom to draw on our hand.

There are many few photo which are quite funny, but I'm so lazy to save it in this computer (uncle's computer to be exact). I'll share it after my exam done. I promised *pinky promise*

PS: I'm going to organic farm next month, and it is organised by cousin's school. The schedule was quite fun, and I got to make a DIY teddy bear house in DIY teddy bear shop ..(something like that) I'm freaking excited to go right now, and my cousins were so happy that they mentioned every single day just to remind us not to forget it. 

PSS: My trail exam result out, thank god I passed! 

PSSS: I'm so tired right now, tomorrow gonna be a tiring day. 

Sweet dream

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pissed off with an old lady who love to show off

This is a story I told everyone when I met them in somewhere else. A story that made me mad whenever I told anyone.

There is a teacher (my cousin's kindergarden principal to be exact.) I met the other day (Friday if I'm not mistaken) when I bring my cousin to school who make my mood gone bad. The story start with a "warm" greeting by asking who am I, and my aunty was way too good to introduce me to this principal.  This person (I should address her as Mrs. showing off), Mrs. showing off asked me where did I study, and this is the worst reply I ever done in my life, i shouldn't reply and ignore her as much as possible, but the thing is I DID REPLY. I replied MMU, and this freaky Mrs. showing off has shown me the WTH YOU HAVE CHOOSE MMU face, and that moment i felt like I'm going to shout at her WTH YOU CARE, and straightway go out of her kindergarden. However, I didn't do that because this is no a proper way to do an old lady (yes, she is a super showin off elderly i ever met in my life).

I felt regret I didn't walk out of the school, coz the moment she finished her reply, my aunt was curious on the "face", and asked whether this is wrong choice. This is the moment my mood gone bad because she was like WHY DON'T YOU CHOOSE TAR COLLEGE? THAT WAS THE BEST UNI FOR ACCOUNTING.... BLA...BLA... AND YOU ARE TAKING ACCOUNTING OR ACCOUNTANCY?? YOU SHOULD GO TAR COLLEGE!!! TAR COLLEGE............... You  know why I said so? Because i was a PROFESSIONAL FINANCE AND ACCOUNTANCY in the PAST!!
I think TAR College has been paying her to advertise for them. This Mrs. showing off (Do you realise I don't even bother to put capital letter for showing off) has drive me crazy throughout the conversation. This is the worst conversation I ever had in my life.

After she has "advertise" that University, she turned to face the student, and i was like "if she is so great, why she opens this kindergarden? I was wondering..emmm... " I was talking to my aunty, and she heard it. Well, I felt so regret seriously!! I mustn't talk too much (but i was fired up that moment, so it is normal for me to shout)

She turned to us, and start her journey of showing off her own career to us. " I was retired, so I open this kindergarden in order to get rid of boredness, and I was professional finance and acountancy, so it is easier for me to get my diploma in education in University Malaya. They will look at your profession before let you to study in UM" She answered my question as if I'd asked her any question. She sighed again " why you take accounting in MMU, you should take accountancy in Tar College" I was really fired up, and this is non of her business, why she care?  " After that I went to take Cambridge english, and get my certificate in one year. It is quite fast, because I'm professional in the past" this old lady wouldn't stop at all and she continued " so now every student study cambridge english, and many of the student asked me to teach them in the afternoon, and I can't affort because i'm so busy........" She said proudly.

After few minutes of struggle, I finally escape from her. And I was fired up without telling my aunty. I told the whole story to my friend when we were heading back to Melaka that day (it was Friday).

" Hey uncle, how you think about Jun Jie's principal?" I asked him softly, and he was like I don't know since I don't talk to her at all, is she annoying? The moment of expressing my mood started, I told him all those showing off incident to him. " I don't think her english is good since there is so many grammer and spelling mistake in Jun Jie's book, and I don't think she is neither good teacher nor good principal. She is so proud that I don't feel to talk to her so much, and she should check her grammer mistake, there is no I go to school in a car sentence, not even in my time." I said firmly. I felt so relief after express my bad mood to my uncle, and I felt better I must say.

I didn't see her anymore when I went to the school again, and whenever I saw her I don't bother to greet or look at her anymore. I'll just ignore every words from her, and don't even bother to listen at all. Her voice was so loud until all the resident in the Taman can heard it, and it was so annoying.

I told all this to tomo, and they all laughed at the sentence that "create" by their school. It was really funny!!!!!


PS: I'm done nothing today OMG!!!  I shouldn't be so lazy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm home!!

Dear all,


I'm so happy that after one month of training in KL, I'm having a "great" 3 weeks off from work, and this might not be a relax (kind of) 3 three weeks for me, because I need to STUDY everyday for exam.

However, I still happy that I can go back my home, and having my own bed!

You guys might be confuse about what I've done last month, but no big deal, I'm just having my vacation traning in one firm located in KL, and have met some good people out there.

I've met two lovely girls at there, but we were freaking no fate to meet each other after the firm training, I'm kind of miss that week we were joking and talking around in the training room. They are in the same group with me when we were having an orientation training. It was fun that we need to create a name that represented ourselves, and without any further thinking, i named myself as tranformer! We are the movie kaki! (You might not know what I'm talking about, but it is really a great week for me)

Alright, regarding the work i've done this few weeks was not quite bad as what my cousin and friends told me before I enter it. I'm quite grateful that I'm having a great senior that lead me to work everyday. I do not work late everyday, and my senior was quite good that he will continue his job, and ask me to go home earlier.. So good right?
So i'm so lucky!!

I'll have 3 weeks from now on, and i should use it wisely without fail. I should study now, but no mood for me to continue my study since this is the first day i came back Melaka. I miss my home and family, so should get one day off without book, and enjoy the day with my family, correct?

Well, I'll continue tomorrow. BYE!

your lovely Lydia *shy*