Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Day 3

It's annoying Mr. 4 and Miss Apple chit-chatting day again!! *celebrating*
Mr. 4 annoyed Miss Apple again. (I know this is kinda boring right now, but what to do he is annoying Mr.4, remember?), and Miss Apple doesn't answered again!

This time Miss Apple feel annoyed and grumpy at the same time! She was thinking of why Mr.4 keep on asking about iPhone 4, she was curious and annoyed!

However, this kind of annoying thingy I love it the most! WAHAHAHA...

As what Mr. 4 said, Digi has a new iPhone 4 plan right now!
Is that real!?
I'm damn curious about it! What plan is that!?? *curious*

*Ding Dong*
(someone came!)

Who is that!?

He said it is a real news! Yahoo....

But what is the plan?

This is the iPhone 4 plan! *great*

I love about this plan is....

It's cheaper than previously plan! OMG! so great for me as a postpaid mobile phone user!

I love about this plan is because it is so damn cheap and it help me a lot!!
This is because whenever it comes to the end of the month, I would start to receive tons of bills for me to pay it.. *headache*

sometimes might surprise me as what I had spent on mobile phone! *shocked*

coz sometime my bills will be.....
as long as a toilet roll or toilet paper!!

As thick as my note!!

until I can't read and check all of them in one day! 

 When I count it with my always-used calculator.... *sweating*

I totally fade up~ *shocked*
It is too much for me to pay it.....How am I going to pay all of that!??? *going to save money from now on*

 With DIGI iPhone 4 Plan, my problem is solved, and it provided free internet access as well. This really a good plan for me! As a "kiam gu" (stingy person), I need it so much... T.T

With that...
 I can talk as long as I can without any worries!!

I can call to every single friend of mine by using DIGI iPhone 4 plan, coz no worries!!!
(even just a simple hello and hey)
I can SMS as much as I can!!
(even send with hello...WAHAHAHA......)

With this plan, I can twitter and facebook everyday!! Yeah!! I can have free access internet~

Coz of DIGI iPhone 4 plan, Mr. 4 and Miss Apple called each other althought they were just besides each other! *cute*


It's so cheap right!?

Mr. 4 and Miss Apple : YEAH~

DIGI iPhone plan rock~

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Day 2

Annoying Mr.4 hey-ing Miss Apple again! *annoying*
Miss Apple doesn't answer him again, coz it is super duper annoying....
Miss Apple really out of mine this time! *blush in red*
So, Mr. 4 turn at me and asked me whether I know about those application or not..
As a updated human being, I surely answered YES! I know it so much.....
And he asked me which application is my favourite, I was like shock coz I love of of them, but he insist me to give the most 3 application I love! How bad he is... T.T

*thinking hardly to give 3 application which is my favourite*
Lydia: Too many application, how to choose!?? *grumpy*

(I still choosed 3 application that I love and my favourite application)

My very first favourite iphone application is iBook! As a hardworking student (ok, not hardworking at all), iBook is sooo convenient to me!
Everyone is loving this iBook application!
With iBook application....
I hate going to the library, coz there will be lots of heavy book for me to carry while finding the new book to do research or whatsoever!
DAMN HEAVY!! I'm going to have muscle after that!! *argh*

Besides that, it is hard to choose a good book in library (too many book in library already), and this might waste my time!! *arghhhhhh*
For clumsy me, sometimes this might happen to me! BOOK FALL TO ME!!

As a result, iBook application may help me overcome this kind of problem easily with my finger! *hurray*
I don't need to suffer from pain and tiredness....^^v

2nd application that is my favourite is......

Guess what!?

I'm a "like to show off" person (am I?? ), so a social networking app. is good for me to show off to my friends...

When I saw something funny or lucky, I would like to share to my friends.....such as.....
 When Micky & Minnie appear in my house!!

I may take a photo with them, and.......

 Post up to either facebook and twitter to show how lucky I am!! *hurray*

Lydia: My dream come true!!

Everyone: oiii!! WAKE UP LA WEY!! STop dreaming!!!
 When I post in Facebook and Twitter, my friends can give response and feedback to me! I can reply their comment as easily as ABC!! *damn happy if I've iPhone 4*

3rd application is......

APP FOR MUSIC for coz!!!
 Life without music is kinda suck! Agree with me???

I need music, you need music, everyone need music to process our life!!!


A music comes from an.......................
 iPhone 4!!!


I don't need to use a radio or MP 3 or MP4 (I don't have one too), an iPhone app for music is enough for me!! Yahoo....


I even can dance with it!!



I'm soooo in good mood right now!!! Ra... Ra.......

LYDIA: You're right! Mr. 4!!! I love iPhone soooo is sooooo...............convenient for all of us!!!

iPhone 4 hold different! It's really hold differently from other mobile phone! *cool*

I want own one iPhone 4 as well!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Once upon a time, there is an annoying Mr. 4 and Miss Apple, they are friends or I should say they are related! They are my FRIEND!

One day, Mr 4 speck to Miss apple!!

Appearently, Miss Apple does not bother him, and he keeps Hey-ing to Apple....

and finally apple answered with a grumpy face!
Mr. 4 is asking whether Miss Apple know that she know about Apple iPhone 4, and who had lauched it! WAHAHAHA...APPLE HAD LAUCHED A IPHONE AND YET SHE DOESN'T KNOW AT ALL!!... *outdated apple*

After awhile, I came and curious about their conversation, and I asked what they are talking about! Mr. 4 explained to me, and finally Miss Apple realised that there is an iPhone 4 in the world! *outdated x 2*
They asked me whether I love iPhone 4 or not, I definitely LOVE iPHONE 4, answered without hesitated!! I LOVE iPHONE 4!! And they continue ask me WHY I LOVE AND WANT IPHONE 4!!

I want an iPhone 4 because....

When I saw beautiful scenery, my mind will ask me to take out my camera and capture it, then will back home and blog about the beautiful thingy I had saw previously...

Such as I bring my camera case without camera??
There will be OMG!! for my blog post!! *grumpy*

If I've an iPhone 4...I may use it as camera...
and instead of using my camera, I can use iPhone 4 to capture beautiful photo of mine!!
iPhone have 5 mega pixcel camera! That's was awesome!!


I want an iPhone 4 because....
I wanted to access to internet to share news with others...

Bringing a laptop is too bulky for me (for others as well) It's super duper troublesome!!
if bring laptop, there will be bringing laptop's bag as well....double troublesome!! trouble x2

Plus my hand bag!! OH nooooo......triple trouble!! Trouble x 3.
I think is trouble x 100! It is too troublesome..
and when I wanted to open the cover of my laptop, I've "no hand" to open it.. (too many things for me to handle at once, *troublesome*)

How good if I've an iPhone 4!!
I do not need to bring that stupid bulky laptop around, and it much more lighter than laptop!! *super great*

I can even access internet in my cozy bed!! *I can't stand anymore, I wan an iPhone 4*
Even with my bunny, I can easily access to internet!! (OMG!! This is super duper awesome!! I want!!!!!!!!)
*I'm going to crazy on iPhone 4 right now*

*back to reality*
If I've a iPhone, no table are needed for putting iPhone 4!! How great is that, if I can't find a table, I may access to internet using my hand! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!


I wore spec since I'm 6 years old, so a small screen always trouble me!!

I can't see clearly with small screen! I hate to guess what is this and that word!! Trouble x3

So small how to see clearly?? *angry plus grumpy all the time*
I can see clearly with the BIG BIG BIG BIG Screen! I don't need to guess any words anymore!! YAHOOO~~~~~~~~~~

I can use facetime with Jennifer easily! I always webcam with Jennifer while we're in front of our laptop, so if I've an iPhone 4, I can facetime with her wherever I go, show her what I've seen, and share the great moment of us via iPhone 4!!


I want iPhone 4 sooooo much!!!!!
Miss Apple is sooo syok sendiri, I'm not getting from you actually....


I'm going to combine both of you to become APPLE iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!
*beware of me*

(plan plan plan...cut? paste?? )
But then my plan was not success, coz someone STOP me!!


So...not planning to combine them anymore!!
I want An iPHONE BADLY!!!

iPhone 4 is mine, nobody can grab from me!! WAHAHAHAHA......

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PS: I hope I can win it!! wish me luck.....orz