Saturday, March 31, 2012

A damn freaking meaningless blog ever in my life

This is the second post in this year, YESSS! It’s true, I was like open my blog, figure out what to update, then OFF it straight away without any update. That’s what I’ve been done for last few months. I was trying very hard to update at least one post, but my intention gone after thinking too much things. I’m stress for the last few months, and I kind of relax and still try hard to be an office lady (as if I’m so damn busy, in fact I’m consider lucky to have a great senior, and do not worried about my dinner and breakfast)

I’m so grateful that I live with my uncle right here in KL, instead of renting a freaking small ROOM, and worried about my dinner and breakfast EVERYDAY! I’ve no worries on that every single day from the day I came here all “alone”.

The things that I hate about KL

Crowd with people

Why people always walking around, even driving is a BIG mistake in KL. I rather stay at home every day in KL, then shopping around in their super BIG shopping mall. I don’t mean I’m sad here, but just that I’m freaking hate the crowd over here, it’s so scary. Everyone was like rushing here and there..Relax KL people!!

The air was freaking dirty

I’ve tons of pimples on my face after I came here (oklah, to be fair enough I’ve pimple every special month), it is so annoying and my cousin claimed that it is chicken pop, and he laughed at me so badly. It is so embarrassing when a little kid laugh at your pimples.


Well, JAM is the main reason many people do not like to work in KL. In KL, time is just like gold, if you miss a min to step out from your house, you’ll be waiting in the car for hours. Last week, we almost waited for one and a half hours to go back home, I was so damn exhausted, thus, I rather sit LRT than driving in KL. (I didn’t drive, my aunty take me home)


This is the major reason I HATE KL. I miss MELAKA so much, so I HATE KL without a reason!!! Got it? I kind of biases, but what to do, I’m Malaccan who proud to be Malaccan at all time!

The things I like about KL


It is so convenient for me to go work with LRT, and it is a good transportation to avoid JAM! The J.A.M always make people stress, so with L.R.T, your life will be easier. However, LRT is only available in some places, so I still need others to fetch to client place. Y NO LRT IN OTHER PLACE??? WTH???
I’ve cute cousin in KL

Well, the only after-work-do –thing is playing with my cute cousin before bed time. This is the moment where stress all GONE, and the moment where this two little kid can avoid study. Besides that, I also teach them some of their homework. I’m a good teacher I must say *shy*

Lots of fruit waiting for me to eat everyday
Well, not said I didn’t eat any food back home in Melaka, but the problem is I need to do it myself in Melaka. In my aunty place, there are many varieties of fruit for you to eat, and you can choose whatever fruit you like. So good until I felt so shy when they offer me good fruit like berry!

Overall, I'm still happy here, and I still not in a stress mode for work yet. (but for STUDY yes! I'm stress!! I'll have classes on the day after tomorrow. Y class on Sunday?? T______T

Hopefully everything will goes smoothly as what I've expected.

PS: I pray that I can go the Korea trip, and the trip will be fine!

I'm grateful because I still in happy mode today!

PSS: Blogspot have change their system, and this had made me so confuse!