Friday, April 30, 2010

Bunny is enjoying her Rocky stick~

Is bunny here again!

Bunny is currently enjoying her Rocky stick with master!
She seems love Rocky stick so much which is a good thing.

Bunny: master is eating her rocky stick while she is waiting for a big “war” which is called registration time! *sigh* It is a struggle time for master. To realize this stress she gave me a BIG kiss. Love it so much.

Lydia is here.

Today is our “one-semester-once” registration day, I really stressed out when this day is coming, coz everyone will like rushing for it and people who are fast will get to register first. I’m freaking out sometime when I can’t log in and this will waste my time.

Speaking of people who are fast will get to register first; MMU had changed the rule whereby every student have 20 minutes to register instead of wasting time. This rule has its advantages and disadvantages, advantage is we, the slow fellow will get to register when the fast fellow had already register but the disadvantage is we have lack of time to register coz it is just 20 min!! BULLSHIT~

Well, I’m going to prepare for a big war now!

As you can see in this comment, everyone was so worried of today! It is our BIG war day as I mentioned just now!

Back to topic again, I really freaked out just now coz I’ve not add one elective sub for next semester and it us full. I hate the word FULL so much, I was so worried and stressed out, I really have no idea what to do for it. Chia Shin also faced this problem too, we both always the one who left out when come to this day, coz we were to slow to log in.

But then, I had finally get the course which I need to take this semester, I’m going to celebrate today. All of this needs to thank to Jennifer for the help when I’m panicking and Chia Shin, the one who panicking with me. Chia Shin called me and asked me to add this and that, then drop this and that for the sick to get that particular subject, and it’s works! BRAVO, Chia Shin!! You are the best!

Jennifer, the one who helped me to check the time and day, a big thank to her, without her I can’t add the subject! I’m sooo happy as you can see!

All stress has gone and now the stress came back again for FINAL EXAM! I’m going to study right now! I’m having Managerial Accounting on next Monday! *shivering *

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bunny have a new bed! *yahoo*

Little bunny has a new bed for tonight!

Master mimi had bought her and her sis a new bed! *yahoo*

Little bunny is singing happily now.
Bunny: I'm got a feeling, that's tonight gonna be a good good night. *smilling*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bunny love to play computer

Bunny love computer so much, as you can see, she stared at the computer for hours without doing anything, kind of funny actually.

Bunny: I'm reading blog from many bloggers! I love reading blogs so much.

Lydia: Me too. I love it too..

Owner had agreed with me! *happy*

Bunny in study mood! *smile*

Hi, I’m the bunny owned by Pinkaholic Lydia but I’m not in pink, people!
I’ve no name now, my owner is busy with her revision so she will give me the name later. (I guess)

Lydia: Sorry bunny, you have no name right now, any suggestion people?

Since my owner is busy with her revision, I will help her to blog for sometimes. I’m the good partner in her life coz whenever she studies I will be accompany her for sure.

Bunny: I've to study too, stay tuned, people!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beach Boys and Girls

I wanted to blog about PM1516 beach day but the photos haven’t resize and my laziness stop me to do that so now I will upload just one photo of it. Sorry people!

As I always said PM1516 gang is rock! We went beach for the celebration for one of our members, pretty fun actually.

Thus, this is the group photo of us at the beach! Yeepee!! I’ve cropped it to a pretty good size!

PS: I'm not going to post any entry for now on due to my final exam is around the corner, gonna stop to blog until 15 of May! Stay tuned!

CHIN CHAI Restaurant

I’ve to introduce this place for sure, Chin Chai restaurant which located at Semabok. The boss was my friend Kai Loon’s daddy, the boss (ok, I should call uncle) is a funny guy, and he love people call him as leng zai (handsome guy) more than uncle, so now I should state uncle as leng zai.

The foods here are so delicious; you people should have a try someday.
Before eating, I should have a shoot! Yeepee! I somehow love this photo, though it is kinda damage or blurry.

The most important is we didn’t need to wait for a long time to have our food, good service! *thumb up*
Chicken with sauce (I've no idea what sauce is it, sorry people!), this was the first dish that served to us and I love the most! It is kind of sweet and the chicken was so tender. FABULOUS~

Curry pork rib! Kai Loon recommended, yummy yummy~

Hot plate tofu. The tofu was really well cooked. It is so soft and it melted into my mouth as I eat it! *Magic*

We had ordered 3 dishes for 6 of us. However, 2 additional dishes appeared!
The chicken with sambal. This is rather spicy for me and the taste still good. It is the first additional dish ordered by Kai Loon. (This is what his dad said, so funny)

So, when the first additional dish had arrived, we thought that no more food will arrive and we ended up capturing the whole "family members" of our food. *funny*

While eating, another additional dish arrived, we were so shock and this time Leng Zai said it is ordered by aunty. *sweat*

Tofu with sweet sour sauce. I love the sweet sour sauce, it is rather sweet than sour, and it is some kind like Thailand salad, but it uses tofu! *LOVE*

After eating all of these dishes, you may feel very full and oily right?

A cup of chinese tea will help you feel good. That's the elderly use to said and it is true!

Speaking of chinese tea, do you know that if you want to add some water, you may do this:
To have your additional hot water. This is what my friends told me and I just knew it. Thus, I put it as the mean to have an additional hot water (I'm playing actually), but I've waited for so long, nobody was willing to add hot water for me, at last Leng Zai came and said if you want an additional hot water knock the tea pot loudly so that everyone hear it! As a result, if you want to have an additional hot water, please ask from the waiter or waitress, don't do this, it is so unnecessary. *Laughing*

Did you notice the car?? Photo caption from Andrew. He played with my camera for quite a long time and the end result was just one photo with a good shot! *sweat*

Can you imagine how delicious is the food now? We finished up the dishes with nothing left! Yummy yummy *Licking our fingers*

Last but not least....
Camwhore with Jennifer!!

PS: I've have great dinner time with the great kaki!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Body Shop facial product! Love~

Today is the day where I step in Body Shop for the first time. (I mean I don’t really shop in Body Shop coz their stuff was like super expensive in my opinion, not deny right?) So, now you may curious why I went Body Shop, am I right?

I went there because I’m craving to buy a new facial product, moisture white™ shiso, I saw this product in Google and it is good for pigmentation and freckles, so I’m going to get it coz I have freckles few months ago and started to realise about that. (How slow I am. ==lll)

First time shop in Body Shop was rather weird, coz I totally blank when went in, the feeling was so weird. I was so weird that, I straightaway went to the place where moisture white™ shiso placed at and stared for a few second without doing anything. A girl came to me and asked me what I want for, and I stared at her without doing anything. I’m such a blur queen today.

Thus, she looked at me weirdly and started to ask me some question. We like student and teacher coz she asks I answer. The funny part is:
The girl (promoter): what can I help you?
Mimi: she wants a product that can cure pigmentation.
The girl (promoter): *shock face* HUH??? How old are you?
Me: *staring her in my blur face*
Mimi: ERM……..
The girl (promoter): you are so old that have pigmentation.
Me: *smile in guilt* no, I want to cure my freckles *speech softly*
Mimi: oh yeah! She want a cure freckles product which moisture white™ shiso.

PS: the girl was super duper shock when mimi said I have pigmentation and then she explained that mine is freckles. *laughing*

However, I didn’t buy moisture white™ shiso coz the girl said it is too powerful for me and my face is not serious as others so seaweed is a good choice for me.

I bought this trial pack because it is cheaper than the big bottle and I wanted to try whether it is good for me or not. It cost me RM 76 for that pack! 4 stuff in one bag! Love it so much. I hope it works, I hardly find a product suit for me coz usually I just use my sis and mimi product for once or twice then I feel it is not suit for me!

This is my trial pack for seaweed facial product. It has 4 stuff in one bag as I said just now. (Deep cleansing facial wash, toner, night cream and also day cream) cost me RM76.
Well, did I mentioned I didn't but any moisture white™ shiso? Sorry for wrong information, I did buy 2 stuffs for that particular series. I bought sun block cream and shiso concentrated targer perfector for my freckles. This two product have cost more than the trial pack. *sweat*

This is for my freckles. The girl said my freckles had appeared is because I didn't use sun block when I stay outside. What a sad case!

Body Shop had redeemed RM20 for everyone who purchased more than RM200 and I get to redeem for sure! I just join their membership for that redemption, good choice for me. I’m so happy I’ve my first set of facial product. That’s why I’m so happy today!
Oh yeah! Not to forget, Earth day!
Body Shop is going green, they use recycled paper bag for every purchaser, which was a good deal. Love our earth!

PS: Love the Earth people!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My dream destination ♥

Talk about my dream destination, it would probably the most beautiful place I thought for, New Zealand. New Zealand as you know that it is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two main landmasses and numerous smaller island, most notably Steward Island and the Chatham Island. (Which I found it in Wikipedia coz I’ve no idea where it is located.)

The reason why I had chosen New Zealand as my dream destination is because I love the way they enjoy their life. I had watched a travel program (which I always do) that has advertises about New Zealand life style and their food. Their lifestyle was just so damn relax, they even have morning tea at 10.15am to 10.45am, how relax they were. For us, we would just rushing for work if we in Malaysia and have no chance to enjoy our morning tea for sure.

Besides that, my dream destination, New Zealand has a wonderful landscape as you can imagine, blue sky, greenish grass, crystal clear water and also it is a good place for the daily cattle to produce the most freshly milk in the world. The most important, I will have the chance to capture the view of New Zealand and blog it as well. I love New Zealand weather too, whereby there will cozy all day long. I mean it is not sunny as compared to our Malaysia. For this kind of weather, I may recline on the greenish grass and have a sun bathing without afraid of sun burn and all sort of skin problem, that’s was really good. I always craved for the people from other country especially those countries with cold weather have the chance to recline on the greenish grass and have some chat with their friend or colleagues. It would be great if I’ve the chance too, so New Zealand will be the best choice for me to lie myself in their greenish grassy “floor”.

I hope someday I would probably have the chance to pay a visit to New Zealand. When I have my own hard earn money, I would do so, travel to New Zealand as a bag pack traveler, that’s really feel good and relax rather than group tour.

I really envy those went for project alpha bloggers, coz they have the chance to travel all over the world. I hope to be one too. Last but not least, Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

JOJO STRUYS is the host for project alpha 2 again! Love ♥

Project alpha season 2 episode 4!

They went kuching! WOOHOO~

Project alpha season 2 episode 5

They are going to buy something~!

Project alpha season 2 episode 6

Enjoy ya~!

Project alpha season 2 episode 7

I'm waiting for so long. WOOHOO~~~

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pinkaholic Lydia ♥

This will be a short post coz I’m having exam for the following week so there will be no new post (I guess) for my blog.

Today, I went beach with my PM1516 gang (My foundation friends, this is for those who just started to read my blog.) the purpose of going beach is because we wanted to celebrate one of the PM1516 gang birthday, and he live besides the beach, as a result after the celebration we went beach for fun!

Talking about beach, beach is where my friend and I (besties) were having fun for the past few semesters, we BBQ, picnic and do all sort of funny things at there. However, this is the first time I went with PM1516 gang, quite fun actually. We drew many words at the beach.
One of friends had drawn JJ’s blog name at the beach, so I was like OMG! I’m going to do it too.

Thus, I drew my blog name too!


This name was created by my friend, Aiko and I love it so I would use it no matter how I change my blogskin! That’s my blog name! Pinkaholic Lydia!!

We were so crazy about our name, so I end up captured photo with my blog name and it is a good shoot! Thank Rebecca for the help!

I simply just love it.
Pinkaholic Lydia ♥

PS: I think I've type too many words in this post! I'm going to stop it! Bye♥

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is a good bargain for ME!!

Well, I should post this earlier, but I didn’t do so coz the TM person haven’t come my house to fix it, so I delay to post it. Early in the morning, they came and fix the telephone line for us. *sweat*, I need to wait for another 2 days for my wireless again! This is so called efficient!

So, this is a package for us, university student who are poor (no lah, this is what I added in), and student in first year and second year. This package also provides us a bargain price for the monthly payment and a frees NETBOOK for us too. It is a good deal for us.
They have many varieties of prices for the speed of the internet; you can choose it as you like it!
All you need to do is sign up this package at TM Net and waited for around one month (for me) and you will get a netbook plus wireless and a bargain monthly payment! This is why they said it is UNI COOL PACK!! This package really worth it coz you can have a net book as well as a wireless just in one bargain price.
Pretty cook right??

PS: My friend get their netbook in two weeks time! How about me??

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If I am IP Man master, I would

If I am IP Man master , I would........

Kill all the people in the world with my powerful martial art. *laughing*
I would like to do is....
Tie up the cloth of martial art!

Pose in a confident way!! ACHAAAAAAAAAAA.........

Use my side kick to fight with bad guy!
ME: Come on babe!! I'm strong.
Bad guy: Oh...Don't kill me.

Posing with pride! I'm so strong.....
The bad guy will be die and I'm the winner.....WAHAHA









You want be as strong as me??

Please log in to GSC-EON Bank contest minisite at

There is lots of prize to be win and you will be strong!!! YEAH!!

Prizes given:

- 1st Prize x 1: 1 Brand New Samsung Jet Mobile Phone + A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (27 April 2010)

- 2nd Prize x 1: 1 Brand New Samsung B2100 Mobile Phone + A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (27 April 2010)- Consolation Prize x 100: A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (28 April 2010)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm so disappointed!

I went second round sushi with my sis and friends yesterday, and ate quite a lot of sushi except me coz I need to save money for Penang Trip.

Note: My sis treat me half of it, thank sis! I love you.

After that, Jennifer had invited us to watch movie with her and her sis, so we decided to follow them. At first I was so reluctant to follow coz I need to save money for Penang trip and I’ve spent quite a lot this month, I’m broke in short, but they just ask and ask, so at last I just followed.

We had chosen the ice kacang puppy love”. I‘ve ton of comment for this movie, a Malaysian production movie! What can I say about this movie was SUCK! It has wasted my money, time and energy. All of us was like talking in the cinema and keep commenting the movie. It was meaningless; I’ve no idea what it wanted to tell us actually. The entire movie was dull and meaningless, it just has some funny which really funny and sampated for us to laugh, that’s all!!

It really disappoint us, I mean we though it will be nice but end up like rubbish! Ok, it is kind of rude, but it really wastes my money to watch that! I’m a poor student so I were feeling very angry if it is not worth at all to watch it!

The ending was so-so, coz the two main characters was not couple in the end! *sweat*

is not recommended by Lydia for sure!

PS: if you people want to watch it, just watch it. May have a try too. *evil laugh*

Aiko birthday celebration!

I suppose to post this yesterday but due to the internet server down, so I’ve to update today, sorry. Yun Chee is on the may 4, it is on the day after our first subject exam, so it is hardly for us to celebrate her birthday on that day coz we NEED to study for the rest of the subject, sorry Yun Chee aka Big head aka Aiko.

Thus, we celebrated her birthday two day ago, and it is quite surprise that Aiko has no surprise mood, kind of disappointed. However, according to her blog, she state that she was really surprise when we gave her a surprise birthday celebration, which was good for me!

Happy forwarded birthday, Aiko!

What was our surprise gift for her??

Kind of surprise, right?

Photo that we had collected. Our memories......

*Woo.. *Stabilo colour pen! Nice colour, I love it...

We were writing our memories in that book. This is so memorable.

The messy table with photo and colour pen.

How we did it?

First we collected the photo of our memories…
Then we pasted in a manila card
Next, made it as a book of our memories,

Lastly, decorated nicely with ribbon, I’m the one who decorated the front page. It looks nice?

Later that, we quickly rushed to Dreambox for the celebration, sorry for that Aiko and Zie Yeung. (Zie Yeung is the planner anyway)

Birthday cake and gift from us (Shinyi and Me)

We camwhore with the cake and gift, I love the front page which decorated by me as well. *blush*

We are the best friend. WAHAHAHA... Special gift from us, did you feel touch, aiko?

As usual, we love camwhore!

Our drink.

Fruit (I love the decoration of the fruit)

Fried egg with oysters and tuna bread which i love so much.

Teppanyaki chicken

Fried chicken with onion and chiliSushi (the taste quite weird) and green bean (Love)

Fruit tart (Our desserts)
Soup (nice)

Yeah!! I love food, the food was quite delicious! *Thumb up*


They were busying singing but I was just busy pressing the remote. *sweat* Well, I sing too..

Us finished up the food. Yum Yum..... I love the tart the most.

It's time to stop our singing "party", because photo session in on. That was the thing we always do to end our party! Camwhore Camwhore camwhore!! *evil laugh*

Group photo...

3 of us. L.O.V.E

Ok, fine! We are in the same height! *rolling eye*
Trying to bully Zie Yueng, and he act cute man!! *laughing madly*

We are the ghost! We suppose to act like a ghost but turn out like retarded! It is super dupe retarded. LOL

Our Mystery photo.

Ignore our stupidness. It is just so fun to play with!

Try to measure the board, but it seems like we were failed to the max!


(OMG!! Who had done this???)

Camwhore in Zie Yueng's car!

For second round, (FIY, this is the first time I went out with them for second round) we went Limbonang (The place that me and my friend usually went for Yam Cha).
Zie yueng show some trick for magic!! Magic~!
What I can say was magic always trick other, it done with the matter of how you do it! However, I still love magic… LOL

MAGIC~~ *opening my hand*

PS: Internet server is back to normal, now I can tweet and online for the whole day!! YEAH!

PSS: April is a baby born day, coz many of my friend born in this month, Great!! By the way, today was my bro birthday, Happy Birthday, bro!!