Saturday, August 6, 2011

Webcam freak !!


Apparently I’m free now, and I just so unlucky that I fell down in my room and hurt my leg. *aww* that’s was hurt. Anyway, its weekends now, and it means REST TIME for me!

I’ve been rushing for my assignment throughout this week, and I’m half done. *clap for myself* Right now, I’m uploading another video which made by Jennifer and me via webcam.
We came out this idea beause we are the webcam freak, and we done it in the middle of the night which is quite creepy for this month (7th month in Chinese calender = hungry ghost festival).
The video is still in the process, and I'm excited to see the outcome. Stay tuned!

Well, look at Jennifer's tooth paste promo now. MUAHAHA..


That's all for today
I've no idea what should I write nowadays. *sigh*

Stay tuned for the video!
PS: Mom gonna bake cream puff tomorrow, and I'm happy right now!


Oh gosh, the light bulb in my room was flashing for a few minutes, and it just gone off after that, and I’m the middle of nowhere *just kidding* I’m staying in the dark room with the laptop flash. It is now the only light supply in my room. *sigh* I should be eco friendly by open up the windows in my room and enjoy the sunlight outside.

WOW! It’s sunny outside, and I’m HOT!

All thank to my light bulb which gone off few second ago.

Oh looks!
Bunny is enjoying and happy with the sun shine!
Bunny: I love the sun shine, and I love to be tan! Lalalala~ ~ ~

Lydia: You better come down before I hit you badly! *punch punch*

The video is still uploading... Stay tuned! Bai XOXO

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