Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Yi Yi and Lynn

Yesterday was my sis and cousin birthday party. We went Bei Zhan to celebrate their birthday and that was really fun. My mom had invited our relative and friends. Unfortunately, mom’s friend was unable to attend, rather sad! This is because there will be fun if they are there. However, many relative had attended, woo~ fun!! Mom had ordered a lot of food for the celebration, but we seem like having gathering more than birthday party. Everyone was busy chit-chatting and playing, have a great time with them.
This is the set menu. We had ordered set B for our dinner. This is rather delicious. However, some of the dishes were so-so. My aunt said this set was suck. *laughing* What to do? My mom is not really good in ordering food, but my uncle does. Unfortunately, he was late!! =[

This is my favourite dish. This is the "peng chai" (all in one dish) which I had eaten before. It is sea food soup (something like that). There have many good foods such as sea cucumber, scallop, and dry oyster and so on. It was really yummy. All the sea food was tender and the soup was really delicious, the soup was full of sea food taste. Yum yum!!

The fish was fresh and delicious; however my aunt said this fish was unacceptable. She is very weird because everyone like that fish so much but she just dislike it. I really feel weird about her.
Vegetable + crab meat. Yummy~

Crab meat with “rou song”. Delicious..
Prawn with kari taste. Acceptable
Auricularia auricula-judae (I don't know the name of "hei mu er", so I google up and this is the answer.) The name was rather weird.
The last dish, Duck meat!! This is rather salty. Unsatisfied with it~
Before having our great dinner, we were having our photo session. We captured a lot of photo with each other, we have many pose such as hilarious, serious and group photo. That was truly funny. (Taken by Uncle Kiat)
Sis, me and bro. Force by birthday girl, sis!! *laughing*
Captured with my sis who birthday on next week. This is the early celebration for her. Rather weird!

One…two…..three …peace!
Two birthday girls, Lynn and Yi Yi, celebrated together. Yi Yi was my cousin who birthday on today!! On Singapore national day, that was way too lucky. However, she is not Singaporean, so nothing to do with her. *laughing

Happy 16th Birthday to Yi Yi. Wish all your dream come true!!
Nice cake anyway....
Yi Yi and her family. She is pretty tall. When she stands beside me, I seem like small kid because she is pretty tall. Look at her! She is taller than her parents now. OMG!!
Happy 21th birthday to my sis, Blurlynn.
Her cake was a key look. My bro have this cake when he is 21th too. Therefore, I want that cake when I am 21th too. I want~ I want~ *evil laugh*
Okay, fine…I am the only one who looks at the camera. Mom, dad and sis, why you guys didn’t look at the camera? I am so embarrassing~~ *sob sob!*
My uncle and lovely cousin, jun jie. As I told you guys before, this little boy really very cute, he love to make some worm move, which was hilarious. Love him very much!
His bro, Jun Shen which is a naughty but cute little boy, he touches everything that is in front of him; spoil everything that own by my aunt. That was cute. He even bit my lovely dog with his hand, he really daring. This is because my dog quite naughty anyway

One family..
Oh gosh! Where is bro? Why always disappear in the photo of us?
*evil laugh*

Okay now, have a camwhore competition....

1st- the cutest xiao xuan
2nd- birthday girl, Lynn
3rd-shity lydia

Who will win in this competition??
The camwhore award go to...
The cutest xiao xuan!! Bravo!!
She very good in camwhore although she is just a little girl, she even taught us the skill to camwhore. Pretty good right?
*evil laugh*

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