Monday, August 1, 2011

Begining of August


It's begining of August!

Today is a holiday for Malaccan, yahoo! I'm gonna rest at home for a moment, coz I've no enough of rest this few days. I've been failed to upload video to Youtube for the past few days. *scolding streamyx because of line*

I've mad of my house streamyx for giving such a freaking slow connection!

Alright, I should cool down, and post up the video right now

How was it? A great Birthday celebration right?

All thank to our planner of the day Viki who planned all this alone. *thumb up*
Oh well, this is the birthday girl's birthday cake, Yeast Chocolate cake. I love it madly. I'm chocoholic!
Our beautiful birthday girl.

Last, a group photo of us at Chat point cafe, Taman Merdeka.

Basically, the food there was quite yummy (according to Jennifer and Viki). However, I dislike their sandwich because it's super ordinary homemade sandwich. I eat that because i suffered from sore throat for more than 2 weeks. T____T

I should order something special next time.

Ok! That's all. It's 2.40am right now, imma gonna sleep! Ciao!

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