Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tourisms Malacca

Aloha! Happy Wesak day for all buddhist all over the world, and Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary for my mom and dad!

My night outing has actually been cancelled due to raining, I finally have some time to post up my trip in Malacca. Yes, I'm a Malaccan who always complaint that Malacca is not a good place for visit..bla bla..yet still spent some time to visit the historical place. Ha! I know I'M WEIRD!!!

We have our one-day-trip in Malacca before study week when Ting came back from Sabah. It's kind of long from now, but I still remember how fun was it.
 Our dress code: tourist look.

We absolutely a failure, coz we don't have any sun glass and hat (my point of view as a tourist in Malacca). Visit the most historical places in Malaysia, the A'famosa and st. paul hill. The last time I climbed this freaking high hill was last year with my university friends here and here.

This is how I post with the stone wall. They asked me to post as if I'm a model, but somehow I can't do it, coz I'm NOT a model! =__=

It's been so long three of us gather at this historical place again! Like long long ago....ayam bertelur....we are here again .....

While we walked to the main entrance of Jonker, we saw those fake branded sun glasses on the table. Fake burberry, levis....many more. I like their design actually.

But the main purpose to shop at jonker was JOM MAKAN (eat)!!!! We are super hungry

Food for three of us. We are big eaten as you can see!
 Before that, we spotted two ang mo were snapping this designed tree, and we were like eh! Why we didn't see it one, ang mo really great in spotting something real good! It is make of beer bottle, I love it.

Alright, back to my desserts-cempedak cendol. I must say this is yummilicious!

The Hokiado cake- this is what the seller said. I don't think it is special enough >.<

The moment we finish our food, gossip story begin! Our culture, gossip for hours in a particular place.
After this, we shop for sometimes, and spotted that there is many food we would like to eat if we still able to stuff in some food. We felt so regret when we had eaten the food previously, coz we should eat foods with small portion, so that our stomach might have some space to stuff in more yummilicious food, get what I mean? *sigh*

Lessons learned: don’t eat too much when you haven’t explored the place.MUAHAHAHA…

But we still bought this fried carrot cake for our supper. Big eaten as I said! =P

We love the secret place so much, as we had done something "awesome" there! MUAHAHA..

At last, we found an awesome place for us to gossip and enjoy the night. It is Limau- limau café where we wanted to go there for age. The place was awesome; I mean it is super awesome!!

I love the way they decorated their shop with tons of artistic stuff, and their lighting was awesome.
The awesomeness never ends with their old school black board menu. I love the fact that they wrote their menu in the black board, it is unique and lovely.
They also serve awesome drink! Pure juice without sugar and water. We had tested the thickness of the juice by using the straw. The straw wouldn't drop when we put at the center of the cup. AWESOME! Prove that it is pure juice only!

PS: Oh My G! There is some server problem, so my fruit juice photo cannot be uploaded. I can't show you guys how thick it is, but trust me it is super worth it with RM 8.50!!! The best fruit juice ever! By the way, my fruit juice was grapefruit plus orange juice. =)

The environment was the BEST of all cafe I been to. But my face has ruined the photo! I don't like my black eye bag soooo much!! I should sleep early from now on!

We can be the tour guide next time from now on, coz Malacca is way to small to pay a visit! MUAHAHAHA...But it still worth for it actually.

Welcome to Malacca people from everywhere!