Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sunday with Thomas Cup


Update this before heading to the bathroom and start up so called a day. 

Today is going to be quite relax day for me and I'm seriously going back early today. Hope so by the way.

Anyway, yesterday was Thomas Cup day and I know some of might said Malaysian team lost! No public holiday for us!! Or just me? I know I'm bad but I seriously need a public holiday in order to relax more before heading to another crazy peak. Mmmm...

Like sis's crazy face. Lol.

We were making fun at the mirror in one of the shopping mall. Huge mirror means more selfie hahaha

The one and only normal and edited picture we had. Lol!

The following will be crazy selfie of us ..

Window shopping really make me sleepy and felt so pointless. Sigh!

Went back uncle's place and enjoy the everyone-woo-about Thomas Cup. Team Malaysian vs. Japan although Malaysia team lost the game in the end. 

I didn't watch til the end as I already knew what will happen to the game.. my guessing always right. Quite disappointed on the second game. Lol.. they are great anyway, at least we are second too!


Well, went back home with sis and continue my everytime-favourite book.
Is going to end soon... mmm..

What's next? Introduce some nice book to me please. *begging fiercely* lol.

Alright! End and start work.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother's day celebration at home


I'm gonna fulfill my promise in last entry, blog about the BBQ party on last Sunday.

We'd a BBQ party is because we are replacing the exact Mother's day celebration a week before. Momi was quite busy on the exact date for wesak day, it was coincidence that they both fall on the same week and Ting, the tomo claimed that we were too late celebrating Mother's day which is a week after mother's day. Innocent wey! LOL..

Alright! The fun part of the party, preparing food for the rest. By the way, the two little boys joining us as well.

*dancing in the rainbow* lol too exaggerated I know!

As I mentioned on my last entry (or you didn't read at all nah~), we had Korean style BBQ, but the food we had prepared is very Malaysian, so let's call it a mix Korean and Malaysian. Emmmm..is mixture baby  yo!

From pork to chicken to vegetables to sauce to sweet potatoes to salad to otak-otak (fish and squid paste with chilli) from Muar to fish to fresh prawn to countless food.

I mean we didn't finish up the foods at the end, it was too much until everyone surrender. *waving the white flag*

Around 6pm, uncle and aunties came and the two little boys arrived too! Omg. Sound like we didn't meet each other for so long, and both of them getting so helpful these days.

Yeap! The little cousin Jun Shen (JS) was helping his dad to fire up the charcoal. *faning non-stop until he is very tired* lol!

Selfie with sis and aunty. Well, I guess sis is gonna kill me and insist to pull out this picture from here. For the time being, I would just upload. Hahaha!

Or nothing will happen coz she doesn't read my blog at all. Ok! Safe!

Selfie with this little helper, and after this he was like wait! I need to get something before another picture! Wait ah wait! Sound so adult.

Then he cames back with this sun shade and said 我要和这个拍照 (I want picture with this one ) *wearing his sunglasses while asking me*

He is so dam cute and keeps act cool while wearing that sun shade lol!

Brother love yo! Jun Shen loves his sun shade so much. I was wondering what's the point of wearing this when the day is getting dark soon lol! Madly cute lah this little boy, can't stop making us laugh everytime we met him.

Ps: he was sis's precious you know. Sis loves him so much as compared to Jun Jie (CK). So bad loh. I'm everytime fair and square. Isn't?

Yes! Selfie with CK is like selfie with something keep moving here and there, cannot stand still one him. Besides, he will makes all kind of funny stuff behind me.

Ps: his teeth grow so fast after dropping for months. Especially the rabbit tooth dropped last year, and it is now all grow so nicely already.

BBQ party started after all the preparation is ready, and aunty brought some fried noodle for that two. The rest of us will be all BBQ food.

The pork being cut into pieces with scissors. Is just like those Korean house where they will cut their pork or chicken into pieces before serving.

I was the master chef that day and everyone so in love with my pork. Should trade something with them while serving them like barter system..emmm..

Then momi brought in another special of the day, dried squid. Thinking of BBQ it as if the one we usually bought in Jonker. BBQ dried squid is a failure, ended up it was too hard and fall into pieces.

Cannot stop laughing at what bro doing, he smashed the dried squid after BBQ, and becames fried squid flour. Lol

The prove of failure with dried squid, can smile some more bro! You'd smashed the BBQ dried squid and now we'd nothing for snack lol.

This is the otak-otak I was mentioning previously. Bought this from Muar on Mother's day week and planned for this BBQ.

It was uncle and aunty idea to wrap vege with it because the previous two was too dry without vegetables, and this is perfectly cooked.

This is what I meant. Selfie doesn't stop him posing funnily. Kinda girl stuff I would say, CK please pose manly lol.

What I expect for kids at 8 years old. Haha!

Another pork for instagram hahahaha!

Well, as what sis'd promised the two. Yogult fruit! It was really refreshing especially the mango really om! the whole things, but not the orange please.

Oranges didn't match well with the yogult at all.

The whole bowl of this disappeared in seconds. Everyone was like grabbing non-stop. I think this is faster than "whole sale" our BBQ chicken and pork.

Hotdog was another best sales of the year because those kids got to BBQ themselves for the first time! They were like keep grabbing the uncook hotdog to the stove and "burn" it lol. The only thing I heard from them was 姐,好了吗?(sis, is that okay?) 我要多多 honey (I want more honey!!)

So funny but I think is not bad thing after all, at least they got to try something new and willing to do it all by themselves. Feel free coz we didn't need to entertain them as they already self-entertained. Haha!

Selfie in the house with CK again. See the funny face? He is super photoboomed one.

In order to snap the two ladies behind lol! They seriously very lady-like one,don't eat anything or BBQ one. So funny!

Sparkingly juice to end the day. Bought this long time ago, and we finally have something to spark it.

Ps: Lewis wasn't a great sparkingly juice opener, and this is a training for him to be my bro-in-law hahaha! All of us laughed when he finally open the thing and the thing still in his hand lol. ( sorry, doesn't know the name of the cover)

The little one laughed the loudest.

A full picture of food before the party started! Is jumping here and there again I know lol.

Anyway, we ended quite early that day, around 9 or 10pm and all of us cleaned up the place quickly with the help of JS. Chit-chat for another hours just to catch up and praising Lucky girl the timid one.

She is really so clever that day, keep shaking hand with me hahaha! I think she is scared of so many people in my house. Nicky boy was the pity one as he needs to be lock up behind without light on, coz lots of insect that day.  He was so scared of dark I should say, never ever off the light for him throughout 8 years you know.

Alright! Kinda hungry, and should grab something to eat now teehee


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random post: Just a sum up


Well, it is basically a total sum of my days in a week. Trying to update as frequent as possible, but somehow it doesn't work as what I thought.

So, should start with today's steamboat dinner with sis and friends. 

 It is nice steamboat and I like the fact that we can BBQ while steamboat-ing. The BBQ merchandise was not in the picture, but you may just imagine something like that as per below picture.

Just like this! By the way, this was taken last week for Mother's day celebration at home.

 Sis made this last Wednesday in order to keep fit. Lol! Nothing to do with keep fit actually, is just we didn't want to waste the yogult we bought few days ago.

 Saw this fellow the day after the BBQ party. Sorry for jumping here and there. This was on last Sunday and this mean Saturday was the party.

You are bad in calculation if you still don't get it. Hahahaha! Don't get offended.

 Continue today story.

Here another picture of more food from today's steamboat session. Kinda full after having lotsa food in two hours, and we failed to build a "food mountain" today.

 Alright! Jump back to last Saturday again.

We prepared lotsa food for our Korean style BBQ party, spot the vege? And you will know what to do next. Wrap chicken/pork with yellow onion and salad is heaven! So nice and we actually added some Korean sauce to spice it. Omg! I can tell this BBQ is a success one and everyone love it soooo muchhh especially bro.

Ps: will blog more on that in my next entry

Currently reading the smart one and the pretty one by Claire Brown, and is really very interesting.

Continue my storybook right now. Toodle!

Sound so pointless for the entire entry, and I think most of you would be confusing, but anyway just take it easy lol.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Appreciation dinner @ Alof Hotel


I'm here again. 

I went department appreciation dinner yesterday, and it was a buffet style dinner. Kinda happy coz got to see my fellow batchmate after so long. Some of them still the same funny people.

All of us went the hotel after work, and I left early because I need to rush back hometown for BBQ party today. Yeah! 

 My first round was the best. Salmon, more salmon for appetizers! I'm seriously love salmon and my friend Joanne too!

 Second round.

Typical Malaysian food lol!
 My not-so-lucky number.

I didn't get any prizes and you know what! The first prize is a flight ticket to Krabi. OMGggg! it is so nice, end up one of the senior got it.


 Introduce my fellow batchmate! Funny girls!!!

Me and Joanne, and Shanice busy Whatsapp her friend. She very busy, keep whatsapp while Joanne and I were talking.

Anyway this is just a short update, imma gonna prepare for BBQ party later!

OMG! Can't wait for the food...is Korean plus Malaysia style BBQ ok! lol..

ps: feeling happy right now

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wesak day!


Alright! I know is kind of late to post this, but I still wanted to blog about it.

I went Wesak procession with momi on Monday, and I'm on leave that day in case anyone of you bother to know about it Lol!

So, the procession was quite a success one I would say. Thousand of people join this event every year.

This is the 12th year I'm joining the crowd! 

Kinda excited when momi told me so. She was like hey! Do you know this will be our 12th year walking for Wesak? My very first time was when I'm 12 years old, momi drag me to follow the crowd, and unfortunately it was a 10 years once long procession. I still remember my sis cried because she is too tired, wow! Feeling old remembering all these, it was 12 years back. 

So memorable, and still we are walking for it, but sis wasn't here this year coz she can't get any leave. Too bad! She kinda regret actually. 

 Anyway, this is The famous one in SKE. Everyone came just to see this! Lord Buddha with stainless steel car.

 Exchange flower with Xandra because this one looks nicer and she loves mine. Win-win situation. Lol!

Waiting for the opening ceremony! And the weather was so nice, a little bit of wind. Yeap! Happy Wesak Day.

Ps: I went back work the day after Wesak day, and guess what! I'm coming home again tonight. Omg! Kinda excited.

Gonna celebrate Mother's day this week since last week was quite hectic for Wesak day, chanting all that.

Excited and can't wait!

Alright! Gonna continue my work


Monday, May 12, 2014

1-day trip to Muar, JB


I'm back blogging after so long is because I'm busy with exam and work recently. On leave today for the wesak procession later, so excited!

As what the title said, I had my one day trip to Muar with friends from the Uni. So miss them, and have not seen them for months. 

 Woke up super early yesterday to meet these girls except Jennifer lol.

Not seeing Rebecca for 2 months and she is still the same funny girl ever, love to tease and fight with me wherever we go.

 And this girl always the best for teasing and caring.

Ps: Jennifer said I look mature here, is that good thing? Getting older I think haha.

 Posing really not for me. I'm not good with that obviously. Lol

 You see! The only pose I gave was standing there and 1,2,3 cheeseeee!

 Two of them really great poser I would say.

Couldn't find the picture that included Jennifer haha! Just skip her coz she is not important now hahahaha! Bet she will be angry and not wanting to talk to me anymore lol. Just kidding...

Alright! Now start the food adventure.

The fried raddish was not that bad as last time I'd tried before.

The laksa that Rebecca introduce also quite delicious but Jennifer doesn't fancy about emmm..

The fried kweo tiao is the best among all. I seriously love this and with the otak makes perfect match.

Then our next stop is to an awesome place where they served cakes and juice. The food basically quite normal, but the environment is really awesome!

The letter made of nail! Cool right?

Wifi is provided, so if you want upload picture in instagram, facebook or whatsapp, just do it. Lol

They sell zakka as well.

Selfie with the very greenish background. Spot the gate? It seriously dam western style.

Nah! Jennifer is here lol.
Couldn't believe this is at Muar. So niceeee! Wish to go back this place again.

Spot us?

Failed posing with the natural sunlight. However, it is now my Facebook profile picture anyway! Captured by Jennifer the high requirement camerawoman.

The desserts I love the most. Caremel and cappuccino cake with passion fruit tea.

Dance. Love. Sing. Live.

This is so true! Happiness is not having the best of everything.

After the awesome cafe, we headed for our lunch at a restaurant that name after birdnest. It sound birdnest actually.

Pineapple juice that everyone ordered in that restaurant. I bet this is a must for this.

It taste soury, not that bad actually.

Thai style taufu which Jennifer requested

The asam fish. Omg! This is the best and it tasted just like home. Momi usually cook this when I'm home. Awww...

Second round otak dish. Is famous in Muar ok? How can you don't eat otak when you in Muar?

Shinyi and Rebecca's favourite, petai sambal prawn and squid. Omg! Imma really not petai fans, say no to it all the time. Tried yesterday and still dislike it so much. Sorry petai!

Selfie in the car before Rebecca headed back to her house T__T

Then Jennifer joined the selfie group

Then Shinyi the last one to join! Yo...

Muar has the tallest antenna compared to Melaka. 

Is really dam tall! So nice.

The whole trip was quite a success eventhough it just few hours in Muar. I love Muar food as well as the cafe. 

Gonna plan another trip again next time, and is very near to Melaka. Awww.. 

Alright! Gonna take nap before heading for the wesak procession