Monday, September 5, 2011

August is for Leo baby


I’m back to blogging again.

I’d just come back from KL, and really enjoy my days at there. So miss my fellow uncles, aunties and cousins there. Oh my, it’s time to back to reality.

Alright, as I mentioned that I’m uploading a video of my friend birthday, but I’m in middle of giving up, so a blog post is enough to summarise it. And Yes! He is the August and Leo baby. We’d a small birthday celebration for him on the day before his birthday.

The planned goes well, as we play him off by saying we will having a badminton game at somewhere else. And he believed!

Before we headed to his house, we went night market to HUNT for food, and the outcome of letting boys to get the food was...

 This much! We were so regret, and this is just part of it. 12 packs of fried mee for 8 or 9 persons. Oh my smurfs!! *addicted to the smurfs*

We are BIG eater har, but in the end there is leftover, so it has became Wang's breakfast and lunch for the following day.

 We spot something in his house, salon moon. To be frank, I didn't even watch this cartoon when I'm young, and I don't really know what this cartoon all about. My childhood was full of boyish stuff such as ultraman, ninja turtle.... so no barney, salon moon or sesame street in my childhood time for sure.

The begining of the celebration (when the cake is still good).

The celebration ended quite smoothly, and he has taken revenge on those persons who push his head down in his cake yesterday.

Two days after his simple celebration, he invited us to his BIG and SHIOK birthday party at Boston, Melaka Raya.
 Our group photo before we get our food. Everyone is so excited to see his look on that day, and he looks smart in this outfit. *thumb up x10000*

The food of the day was great especially...
 This french fried! it's thick and crispy, and I love the mayo sauce too!

Starter or dessert.

 Main course!! Malaysian food. I likey.

Bon appétit
 They are gonna start their meal happily, and...

we, the hungry ghost  gonna start our meal as well! >.<

 And we drink as well

Ting told me that when somebody hit your tip of bottle, that means you need to drink all of it. Is this real?

So I started to drink, drank.....drunk!!

 And OVER!!

Just kidding...

I didn't drink at all, and those are drank by the other friends, we just act! I'm good girl, you know!?

Oh yes! Our camerawoman of the day, Jennifer. She really good in acting I must say! Hiak Hiak Hiak.

 The cute little niece of Wang, and please ignore both act cute guys there. MUAHAHAHA....
Mad cute, how good if I've a niece too. I can buy her things and make her as pretty as she can!!!

We at the boston, Melaka Raya, and trying the hat that we gave to him. Mad cool! I likey

 Happy 21st birthday, and we are the girls gang! All girl with him, so blissful eh?

We are having our food, and his brother came over and have a photo of us eating. I didn't open my mouth and smile because the food is in my mouth, and is hardly for me to open it. *hungry ghost of the day*

I think his brother took this photo because he wanted to know whether Ting is Wang girlfriend not, coz while his brother took a photo of them before we were having our food (photo above), both of them was smile blissflly, and playing around like eh lao po, come and take photo with me... lao gong,~~~ and his brother was misunderstood. MUAHAHAA... *funny*

Anyway, they are good if they are couple. that's all . au revoir.

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