Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's spring baby!

Well, I'm neither going nor visit any country for spring before, but I'd experience spring today! *serious*

However, before proceed to SPRING, let's me show you the cake Jennifer had baked yesterday. Sponge cake indeed! <3  Jennifer was so excited to bake a cake, and she successed! Congratz Jennifer!
 A little cute sponge cake for me and Viki. Thank alot!

I was enjoying my cake at Jusco counter! WAHAHA...It was yummilicious, and my mom suggested me to bake a new one for Jennifer to try. House recipe shhh....

OK! Now it's  SPRING baby!
 All the flower bloom and drop on the floor! I love it, it looks absolutely like cheery blossom drop from the tree!

*igonre the car please* 
 I love flower bloom and drop at the same time! It's lovely <3

There is another tree just right opposite my mom office. It was white in colour, it's just like snowing whenever the flower fall from the tree!

The bright sunset make my day!

I was in the car waiting for my mom, and I was so damn excited to take many photo for the flowers!

IT"S SPRING BABY! I'm gonna capture more again with my baby pink!

PS: The photo quality was not so good, because I was using my hp camera to capture. Sorry for the blurness!

Happy spring season baby!

We actually celebrating four season in Malaysia, do we? Coz whenever there is spring season, flower bloom as beautiful as it can, then when come to summer, our weather here will be freaking HOT! It will like having sauna everyday. When fall come, our weather getting colder, and so do in winter! I simply just love the way we share the four season with other country which actually enjoying. We are lucky that we have mild four season. Do you think so?

PSS: Thank again to Jennifer, and I promised I'll bake one for you too! =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I have been done

I haven't do any proper entry this few weeks, time flies like million times faster right now! It's Earth Hour again! I remembered that I've an Earth Hour celebration with friends last year, and that's was an awesome celebration with tons of outing on that day. ( you may refer to the link to read back what it is, thank you)

Ok, now go on to proper entry! Please bare in mind that I'm summarizing all the post together (By the way, not all post is summarise in because some of my photo is in my lappie, and you know what? MY LAPPIE IS GONG!)

Yesterday, my family and I went to Jurutong to pray for my ancestor. I'd done many climbing in the freaking hot weather yesterday, I'm tired! My bad mood came when I knew that something bad had actually happened! Well, it's woman life!

However, one thing that brighthen my mood was my lovely aunty yummilicious  fried "nian gao" (literally known as Chinese New Year's cake or New Year's cake. It is actually make of glutinous rice) with sweet potatoes!
You see how yummilicious is that! The crispiness and chewiness make perfect combination! Love it million times! And it still crispy when it is cold, awesome.

Another thing brighthen my mood was my two littles cousin again! They just simply make me laugh non-stop everytime they came back here!
Especially this little boy! He is so smart and has brilliant idea in many things! My mom always said nowadays children are becoming cleverer because they consume lots of DHA! WAHAHA... Funny!

PS: They love drawing so much.

And I've notice that my dad, 1st and 2nd uncle were reading news paper in the same time. =.=lll They are so cute, flipping news paper together! WAHAHA

Few weeks ago, Viki was so excited to show us something, and she brought it to my house on the result release day. I was excited as well!

Guess what?
She made Oreo Cheese Cake for us (me and Jennifer)! WAH! And this is really thumb up, I must say. We was wondering why she was so in love in doing this, ummm.... what should it be? *wondering*
Then we went Uncle Aunty to celebrate our passing result. To be honest, I'm not satisfied with my result, but still happy to celebrate with them.

PS: I love their honey milk!
And of coz we'd play cards to celebrate Jennifer happiness! WAHAHA...

I think I actually done 2 days post in one entry. Ok! I will try my best to done all of them another entry ok?

PS: I'm going to continue my next book, and I've done reading P.S I Love You few weeks ago. The story line was not as interested as Where Rainbow End, but I still love it anyway!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lappie gong!

I wanted to update my blog, but my lappie gong (spoil) already, WHAT SHOULD I DO?
I just went to PC World, and ask for the price of repairing, OMG! It's cost RM500 to repair it. I felt so sad after knowing it.


I want my Lappie back!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A good start!

Well! Well! Well!

You may call me a lazy bump or whatsoever you like, but anyway I’m kind of busy nowadays ( I mean I’m not going to be busy after today) with my event and working, and not to forget about my school thingy! Yeah! I ain’t a hardworking person in studies, but many things need to be settling before the end of registration day. (Ok, I don’t want to explain about that, and I’ll explain next post) Lots of things going to settle still!

I’m going to well-develop a nice post in the next entry. I’m going off for bed right now.
PS: I’m going to busy with my bro art center tomorrow morning!

Au revoir!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, it's time to show a lovely doggie model (yea, it is my doggie-Nicky) snapshots!
He is 5 years old now, pretty active, and it's hard to capture a nice photo of him without SNACK! =___=

The very last time I capture his photo was like 2 years back! WOW! I'm not a good owner I know! (Don't judge on me please, and enjoy the photos I captured)
This is not as perfect as the rest, but I simply love the effect that created a mystery feeling. Do you think so?

Ok, as what I said, I need to give him a piece of snack for reward! He is kind of greedy anyway!


Smilling at me??


He is so adorable, I kinda love him so much. However, one thing I hate about him is because he is toooooo active in some way! He love somebody tickle him, and he would let you do it. Soooo cute of him!!

I love him more than anything else! WAHAHA...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I wanted to do a snapshots post for months, but my passion on doing it was gone after planning it. In fact I'm lazy to do anything in my holidays! I'm rather nerd in my room this few days, and reading all sort of story book. Nerdy me!

However, I’d planned to snapshot on my souvenirs by my friend and sis.
The first sourvenir was from me (Well, this is rather strange to give self souvenir, but I likey)!
Sticky candy from Pavillion. I'm not that nerd anyway ( it is kind of vexed I know, but I need to explain why I have this candy right?), I went to KL, and have a one day trip with Viki and Jennifer!

P.S: I'll write an entry about that soon.

Take 1
Take 2
Take 3 (with flower)

Which shoot do you love it?

I got bored to shoot with the candy I bought, then I changed my target to my story books!
A gift?

Take 2

The gifts inside the box! 3 cute storybook indeed!

Take 3

Then I used my baby pink camera to compare with the bulky Nikon DSLR. It has the different between DSLR and Baby pink! Opps...

And I'd discover a pretty cool function on Baby pink, it can be like this!!! I never thought of using this function since the very first I bought baby pink, but I used it today!

Souvenir from my sis - Chocolate with alcohol!
She bought in Singapore! I felt so excited to try it.
 And a souvenir from Shinyi
She bought it for us when she travel to China on CNY! Thank you!
I haven't try it anyway..

and some CNY decoration!

Lime and ice lemon tea packet drink!

How my job of shooting?
In fact I need more practice. Practice makes perfect! I'll make another snapshot entry with my dog-Nicky!

PS: I was craving for Panasonic Lumix GF2. The function was damn cool, and I hope I get one! ( Ok, I know I'm dreaming, but no harm to dreaming right? *evil laugh*)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drink, Drank, Drunk


I was in love with Louis Blue 2007 since the day I went to KL, and have some drink with my cousin. I wasn’t interested in wine when we had our drink on CNY, the Louis Blue 2008 wasn’t that yum or I should it is kind of bitter sour. I dislike it, and I drank it with some force by my cousin! However, I was in love with Louis Blue “big brother” 2007!
Louis Blue 2007! My favourite
And we gonna open and drink it as soon as possible!

I'm ready for the drink!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm not ready actually, but my sis was fully ready to attempt it! Bravo!
Ok, my turn to attempt for Louis Blue 2007, and I love it surprisingly! The taste was kinda sweet and sour, and it is not so bitter. I love it more than Louis Blue 2008 seriously!
However, just 3 of us were drinking ain't fun at all, so we decided to "invite" uncle to join our fun "game".
Then it turn out to be a soya wine instead of red wine! *sweat* The problem why uncle don't drink red wine is because he has high blood pressure, so no one willing to join our "game". *sad case*
I was enjoying with the red wine, and my face blush after drinking the 2nd glass ( not much actually). I was really poor in drinking wine, bare in mind!
My sis was brave, she drank like 3 glasses of red wine non-stop, but then she blushed like an apple! WAHAHA...

My cousin blush too!
We are damn happy with it.. camwhore will be choice as remembrance! *evil laugh*
And my sis wanted to join us, so the trio red wine drinker!

 A good experience with Louis Blue

I love it so much, and I'm gonna try it the next time with my cousin and sis again!!!

P.S: Well, I'd wrote this entry since last week, and it takes me like hours to think of it. OMG! So, I decided to post it now..WAHAHA... Sorry for my lameness!

Au revoir!