Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3 without mom

Day 3- mom off for vacation

As I mentioned yesterday, my uncle and cousins had came back to Melaka.

After the breakfast, we drove back to our home, and I started to do my Business plan stuff, that business plan had driving me crazy for so long. Hate it so much lor.

While I am drawing my plan, uncle invited me to have a Melaka one hour trip with them. I had accepted the invitation without any hesitates.

Now start with the trip,

A nice tricycle had started the trip, and it is the main purpose of having this trip.

This is damn freaking expensive, RM 20 for just 2 round?? WTH?? The tricycle really charged us more than we expected and it is a normal ride.

RM20 per ride. WTH?

Aunt, The cutiest Jun Jie and ME!! *wee*

A break for us to have some photo with those histories stuff, we have fun capturing photo.

The first airplane in Malaysia- 1994
The oldest train

The old type “BOMBA”

After that, we continue our ride to visit the whole history places such as red house (Is the real name in English?), Afamosa and also the clock tower.

The person stops us at the souvenir market and left. Uncle bought lots of clothes for his mother –in-law and cousins and he wanted to buy me one too, but I refused to accept it.

Pretty funny if I wear it, right? Malaccan wears a Melaka cloth?

We went the big ship later that.
This is really huge. I think it is the biggest ship I ever seen in my life though there are many ships in the world.
Enter ticket cost me RM1.
This is so CHEAP

Shoes are not allowed. SAD!
Souvenir for tourist.
The model of the ship. It is huge!
The telescope.3 big cannon beside me, I'm scare!
The treasure. This is so damn heavy. Jun Shen are trying to open it. *laughing*
The oldest money in Malaysia. There are many type of shape, how they going to differentiate?
Gun and cannon ball.
The captain room
People who care about the treasure, I guess.
The Prisoner. They lock all the prisoner. It is so damn cruel.

I'm the captain. WAHAHAHA...

Before going back home, uncle had bought us an ice-cream from drive thru. Finally I got to ordered something in drive thru. HAPPY

YUM! *licking finger*

PS: mom had got back from her vacation and she bought me T-shirt. I will post it in next post.

Good night! BYE! *kiss*

Day 2 without mom =]

Day 2- mom off for vacation

Surprisingly today I woke up on time, coz usually I would wake up late rather than on time. I know it is kind of lazy, but somehow the lovely bed has waving his hand to me and asked me to go to sleep again. *faint* after I got up, done some dairy routine and start to have some entertainment as usual. (Watching television)

After a couple hours, the bed waved their hand to me again; I am rather tired after the early wake up. So, I waved back to them and had a nap until my brunch. Brunch again?? Yeah!! Simply because the late wake up after the nap. =P

As what my sis said.

My second mommy-aunt had cooked us a plate of spaghetti for our brunch. For your information, this is the second time my aunt cooked it. She really is a good cooker.

Today’s brunch was an England style I guess.
The spaghetti is so Q and soft. As what I watched people in the food recommendation show said that, to cook a plate of delicious spaghetti, the ketchup and the spaghetti must be stick together and not separate. And Aunt does so. Thus, her spaghetti is well-cooked. 10 out of 10!! Thumb up.
A plate of Spaghetti and a cup coffee. It is rather a good combination.

Our dinner also settled by my second mommy-aunt. She cooked lots of dishes for us including my cousins and uncle who came back from KL. They had come back again, I am so happy as usual. The dishes were well-cooked and it is nice! Super duper nice, especially the egg soup, though it is the simple dish ever yet it is hard to estimate it tastes. Am I right?

(No photo available again)

After the dinner, it’s time to gather as usual. Chit-chatting seems like a rule for us, not that serious one la.
What does these hand phones do with this post?
It is a birthday gift from my uncle to his wife.

When I heard this, my mind was full of OMG words. This is so OMGly sweet, how good if I have this kind of husband. Many present will be given, OMG!! It is so great! *day-dreaming*

While playing the phone, I told uncle that my birthday is coming soon, so do I have this hand phone? Absolutely NO!
He gave me ang pau for my birthday gift, thank anyway!
MONEY helps a lot. Hahaha…I am kinda "money face", I admit. =P

PS: mom will be back tomorrow, will she buy me something?? I am waiting and feel excited right now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

DAY 1 without mom!! =P

Day 1- mom off for vacation

How we settle our FOOD??
FOOD! I need you.
Sis had bought Mc Donald for the whole day.
Pretty smart huh! However, I just ate half of it, simply because I went out with my aunt for dinner and brunch.
About 6pm, I went to play badminton with my friends; it is so tiring yet fun. It’s been so long since my last game with them, love the moment when we hit each other hardly, pretty fun with them.

After the game, I went back my aunt’s house to have a shower then continue our shopping mood. We went night market at MALIM (quite far for me actually). When we reached there, rain started to drizzle. We are so unlucky; many stalls were busy packing up. So, we end up for our dinner. (Sad) however, when we finished the food, rain STOP! Argh!! What to do? We are so unlucky.

Have Taiwan Chicken at there, the chicken was so nice but it is salty at the end.
(No photo provided)

After our dinner and night market, we went Giant to have some vegetable for tomorrow (?). Erm, I mean today. =P

PS: I am having some muscle pain now. This is really aching!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yin Kun's birthday celebration. =]


It’s today guys!!

Our miss yin Kun’s birthday is on today.

To give her a surprise celebration, our friend in cyber had come back to Melaka. Yeah!! That is our Ms. Shin Yee, Ms. Jac and Mr. Teh, I am so happy with that, because we haven’t seen each other for half a year. HALF A YEAR guys! It is too long to meet them. At first, I was so scared that we have some topic gap from them, but surprisingly, we have no gap at all. It is so nice to meet them again; they are still so cute la. I miss Jac and Shin yee so much, love them either.

We had planned to have a surprise celebration as I mentioned just now. All of us was planned to meet at WING which located at Melaka Raya, and have some random photo capture and fun story. After a few minutes, our birthday girl, Yin Kun had arrived! Yeah! She was shock when she saw the cyber gang had got back and tear started to drop. Pity her la yet surprising actually. The cake arrived, do you feel touching Yin Kun?? Everyone start your voice.

Let's sing together. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you......Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu.................Thank you, thank you =P

Make a wish, make a wish...
What you had wished??Birthday girl is having a good day today. Happy with it??

We had done our job and food will do the rest. (Simply quote it) yes!

Food arrived.

My pepper fried chicken set had arrived. Yum yum!! However, the chicken had disappointed me. Because the saucy is so damn thick. I so dislike the sauce, but never mind the mushroom soup was nice enough.
And my Heineken!! *laughing* It is green tea with “Moli” flower actually. Kinda not my favourite at all. =[

Eating moment was so silence except for ME of course. I won’t be silence for once. While eating, ah jay was so funny, he likes to tell funny story, and I mean “funny” story guys. Do not misunderstand me! It is so lame and yet he is so proud of himself. Ah jay, your funny stories are so lame sometimes, I am sorry. No offense ok?
We had captured tons of photos after the break (I mean after our dinner). We have kind of like couple photo and group photo but not included sampated photo, because my friend’s roommate was there, I am so shy to do it. Sorry la!
Shin Yee: How is the food today? Mr. Koo
Mr. Koo: Erm...I think the food need to be improved. Thank you.
(I love this photo the most- Photo of the day)
The couple.
(we curi-curi captured one.. shhhh...)
With the lovely Jac. Miss you so much..*kiss*
Me and Shin Yee- the lovely and sweet one.
With Aiko and Shin Yee.

I have a great day today, I am happy to see my lovely cyber gang again. Hope you guys will be back the next time.

I had forgotten our "funniest" ah jay. He is busying drawing some cute stuff. Guess what is it??

Two boy and girl picture. J and Q!! I am waiting for the rest of it. Be fast ya!

P/S: I am going to sleep alone in mom's room.

Mom off for vacation! =]

My mom went vacation for 3 days; she had embarked around 9.00pm today.
I am FREE right now.
FREE from nagging
FREE from scolding
FREE from breakfast T.T
FREE from lunch = [
FREE from dinner T^T
FREE from everything.

I’m FREEDOM right now!!
Freedom makes me happy yet gets sad sometimes, because I need to settle my breakfast, lunch and dinner by MYSELF!!
I hate to cook or buy food from stalls, simply troublesome sometimes.

However, as what my sis said my mom does not let us to cook for ourselves, because she scared us forget to off the gas. Worried? Yeah! Mom always feels worried whenever she is off from home. Don’t worry la, mom, we will take care of ourselves one, we are not babies. =]

3 days of freedom, what am I going to do for these 3 days??
Started to plan for my weekends now, pretty excited, my uncle and cousins will be back to Melaka the day after tomorrow, so happy for that. I can’t wait for it anymore. *happy*

I’m freedom right now!! yeepee!

PS: mom, enjoy your trips and buy sweet sweet things for me. *blek*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Everything is going downward and many disaster will happened. 2012 is a great movie ever.

I’m dead right now!
The Quantitative Analysis tutorial had cracked my head hardly; I am so headache right now and had given up of doing it. I think I will do it tomorrow morning.
Okay, enough for my tutorial and now I am going to post about my movie today. Guess what guys? I watched 2012 today with my friends, I finally got to watch it, I am so damn happy.

Supposed we have class at 10am, but due to some problem, lecturer had cancelled it, darn! I need to go home again?? OMG!! This is driving me crazy. I hate to drive there and then without any reason; it is freaking HOT la wey. Sometimes, I might think that our lecturer is insane, because she had posted the news in our school website early in the morning. MORNING!!! WTH? Our class starts at 10am, and she expects us to on our computer and checks the news? WTH!! Insane? I just don’t get it. I think this is the disadvantages of school website. Hate our school website so much as I mentioned before.

There is no class between 10am and 4pm, so we are free. Hurray!

Thus, we decided to have a movie today, and we chosen 2012 as I mentioned just now. This movie is damn nice and shocking. Every part of the movie was so real and scary. After watching this movie, I think human selfishness sometimes might hurt anyone in life and determine the life and death. Am I right? So, please do not practice selfness in the real life, because you might need help sometimes. =]

However, I have a question after watching the movie too. that is………………..


Does 2012 will happen in real life?
I am wondering and scare of it
This is freaking scary if it happened as what movie shown, right?
People, who watched it, will know what it is…

PS: people! Do not hesitate to express LOVE when the day happens.
My place...K8!! Lucky number for me today. However, this photo is quite blur due to my lousy hp's camera.
K7,8,9!! 2012 ROCK!! LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*Good morning*

Good morning everyone, a brand new day is arrived!! Today is a frosty day again; I guess most of them are still sleeping in their comfortable bed and enjoying their sleep right now. Am I right? So, why I am so early today? (I am not so early person actually)Why I am so early? Why? Because I slept about 11 hours from last night, pretty long right? I just way too tired yesterday and slept like 10pm sharp!! And I had a relaxed sleep last night!!

I love the weather now; it is so nice and cooling. Hope Malaysia will have this kind of weather for the whole year.

There is a term for good morning which I found in Google,
Guess what?

G-get up
O-open your eyes
O-out of your bed
D-day has risen

M-Merry life
O-old dream come true
R-rise shine
N-new fun
I-idea of life
N-nice future
G-Good day for you!!!

So, get up everyone and have good day!
Okay, I want to end my post by saying good morning everyone!!!

I have nothing to post actually,
My life is full of boredom and drama less.

Bye! *kiss*

PS: one month to Christmas!! I am so happy, because I love Christmas so much. *kiss*

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ring ring ring~
About 7.30pm, my house phone rang, and I picked up.

LYDIA: Hello…
Xiao Xuan: Hello, is this Jie Jie Lydia?
LYDIA: Yes, I am… anything?
XIAO XUAN: Jie Jie Lydia, today….is my birthday, come my house at 9pm, I have celebration my my grandma’s house.
I had said YES without hesitate, simply because I love to have fun with they all.

Around 8, we had prepared ourselves to attend the birthday “party”. In fact it is just a small gathering, but it is fun.
They bought a lot food for the celebration, rather fun with them.
The birthday girl was so pity, because she needs to serve us which she is told to do so.
After filling up our stomach, we finally start the celebration.
First of all, take out the cake of course,
Secondly, photo capturing

The birthday girl of the day. I love the cake so much, it has a Mickey Mouse picture.
Love it~

Happy 9th birthday to my sweet cousin, Xiao Xuan.
One more candle is appeared onto of the cake, you are getting older and older later than...

The decoration of cake???We both posing with the cake.
OMG!! She is so cute and I am so shitty. *sad* =[
With her bro, Jun Jun!!!
Smile =]
You are not smiling at all la..

The celebration end happily.

I found something interesting again.
Something that will make us laughs
Something that will give happiness
Something that everyone will love it
Something that is cute
Something that is madly cute
Something that C.U.T.E
Something that……..made you life happy…
Okay, stop crap around..
Let show you guys….
A cute cow NECK PILLOW!!!

A cow neck pillow from my cousin.
This is so damn cute...
I love it so much...

Cute right??

I am so comfortable with this neck pillow.
It is so nice to have it.
Lydia: Give you a kiss, cute cow...
He love it...*evil laugh*

PS: I am going to class at 6pm today, I am so tired right now.. Good bye!!! And happy belater brithday to my little cousin!!!