Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm so clean!


Since I've been wasting my time last few days, so I decided to clean up my desk today. What a motivation day! I was having backache, headache and sleepless night yesterday, and I wasn't that feeling well early in morning either due to the pain. However, this couldn't stop me from cleaning up my desk!

Somehow I'm motivated today.

I didn't clean up since the day I finished my last final exam, the desk was madly messy and dusty I must say. Don't believe!? Let's see how!?

My desk before I clean up!!! It was super messy and dusty. All messy stuff are on my table, plastic bag from don't know where, purse, pen and pencil, paper and etc.

The cabinet I usually put all the photocopy text books in. I've lots of text book, and this small place ain't enough for all my text books, so I need to think out something to keep it.

I was really motivated today, and I don't know why. I just have this idea of cleaning up my desk, and you know what, I actually clean up my bag cabinet as well. How can I so motivated today? 

So I collected all my notes on the table, and packed it in those big boxes, so that it is organised! Momi was like Lydia, why don't you throw or sell all your notes? It'll looks more tidy you see! I didn't want to throw all those notes, as it is quite memorable. I've some sort of like collecting those notes for 5 years, and it is a waste to throw it away plus my sweet and bitter memory in all those note.

You may thought that I'm crazy, but those notes remind me of my exam time, how struggle I was, how tired I  was, how happy after getting my result, how I finally graduated and how I was in school with friend. All this memory make me happy whenever I clean my notes.

Tedious cleaning stuff of all is to put back all the text book together. I didn't really like reading text book, as you know text book has tons of words, and mostly I can't even read finish when the exam come, and I'll just pull off those chapter I need, clip, and read it. 

Thus, in the end of the semester, my cleaning job is to put them back in their position. Oh gosh! It hurts me sometimes, what a tedious job! 

Besides, I'll take out the clipper, and arranged all over again, put it nicely in the box. And good bye the old book, and hi to another new one! 

Organisation is crucial! I put all the notes and text book inside boxes. And guess what!? I labelled it in case somebody wanted to borrow my notes or I need it as a reference.

Boxes for notes from foundation to year 4.

I labelled them with a heart! I love how labeling make life easier. I didn't label it until today because I'm too lazy to do it, so since I've graduated,  why not label for making life easier.

I'm so free these days as I mentioned million time a day.

Boxes for photocopy text book and note for year 2 with heart as well! I always wanted to label my stuff like a reality show of Kate plus 8, how Kate Gosselin organised her stuff effectively, how her routine stuff and etc.

Alright! After a couple of hours, I finally swept all the old stuff out of the desk, and a brand new desk of my own!
It is not as messy as what the first picture shown, and all my notes have been place nicely in those boxes, and my text book was finely arranged.

Nonetheless, I lost one of CD which I bought years ago, and I've no idea where it has been. So weird! I still can't get it. *heart break* It has a signature of the artist! How sad! I think when the time comes, it will all out by itself. Little CD, don't hide please! 

I was really happy to see my clean desk again after two months. And all of the notes are nicely place under my desk. I need more space for them!

End of cleaning day.

Random Update:
I finishing reading the Shiver from Maggie Stiefvater, and now I'm continue reading the second book (Linger) of the story. It is nice story and I wanted to share with you all. The story of wolf and human!

Started to read this yesterday, and I can't stop reading already. I can stick to this book for the whole day!
Linger from Maggie Stiefvater 

Highly recommended by me!

When I finish this, I'll continue the third book. Can't wait for the ending. Is it happy ending or sad one? I'm wondering. Anyway, it's time for me hunt for food. I'm madly hungry now!!!!!!!!


PS: In case some of you might wonder why I still unemployed and yet didn't intend to find a job, for you information, I've a job already, and I'll start my working life in June! So don't ever say I'm freaking lazy bump who doesn't want to apply for a job, and complaining about boredness. If you are worried about my job, I've a JOB!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

First experience to visit the car dealer!

Another day of mine wasted. Shit!

Woke up early in the morning today, and followed momi to check out for the new car in the outlet. It was my very first time visit the outlet, and it was quite surprisingly as it doesn't turned out like what I expected. You know, like all rich guys or girls tend to buy a car, such as sitting in the new car, try to drive it all by yourself, checking the engine, agent praising the car so that it can be sold as soon as possible and etc.

It is totally different. momi and I went to the manager or dealer (whatsoever!) office, and he does most of the job, we hardly talk. He only explained the price of the car and calculate the interest and etc, the rest READ all by yourself (brochure in case you are wondering).

Lesson learned, the result wasn't what I think of sometimes, and I shouldn't expect too much on anything. Anyway, no big deal, but worst part, I don't understand what the brochure all about, it was too technical for me to just look at it. I'm neither car experts nor lover, I don't love car thought sometimes I really need it to hang out with friends and family, but I seriously no sense of car.

What is ABS??

I stun by reading all this, and I gave up totally!

The only thing that I knew was choosing the right colour for the new car. Ha! That's was also freaking me out, coz too many option! I'm fickle minded, so I tend to change my mind frequently. Shit!!

Well, all and all, that's not problem, because I'm not the one who want to buy car, momi does! I'm the one who giving opinion so no big deal.

Anything look nice and pretty mean it is good (in my case). HAHAHAHA!

PS: I spent half of day with momi, and worth it, because I finally got to step out of my house and not my room. Teehee~

Went breakfast with momi and her friend this morning, and after we visited the car dealer, momi and I went to settle our wireless connection. For your information, I might not be able to online for 2 freaking days, but this is not fixed yet. Still in progress.

Internet connection is going off few more days, and I'll be more boring! How life?

I can't wait tomo to gather and hang out together, I miss them as well as I miss outing a lot.

I received a replied from En Ting today, and he seems like enjoying his work, and one thing make me a little bit envious is that at least work can solve boredness. I totally freaked out at home. He asked what I'm planning for my two freaky months holiday, and my answer was "growing mushroom on my hair"!!!

What a bad answer I'd given. Seriously, I planned to have a vacation with Shin and the rest, but since she went vacation with her family in London, the plan ruined. And no vacation for me anymore. How sad!

I miss the Sabah trip with tomo right now, and I'm finishing to blog about that. If I finish blog about that, what should I do next?

No idea!

I should plan more, but where should I plan from?

PS: Hope someone can accompany to somewhere else.... I'm freaked out. Ignore me!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random update + I'll make you hungry XD


Another random update to make me awake.

I'm so tired, and I realise that I'll be very tired whenever there is nothing better I can do. I don't even think of TV nowadays, because it makes more tired. Sigh..

I tend to fell asleep when I watched TV ( I look like an old lady, I know and don't mention please), so these day I only stay in my room with my laptop and air-conditional in the afternoon. Today was quite a lucky day since rain visited the land of Melaka, I was so busy taking in the clothes momi hang in the morning, and relax with the movie I wanted to watch for so long. Basically the story-line was the history of China. This is the only drama I watch today, quite interesting.

I don't usually take nap in the afternoon, but I tend to do it nowadays since I've nothing better to do. Sigh..

Oh no! Sun arrived again. HOT!

Since I'm aimless, so I'm going to make you people hungry!! Aim to make people hungry is a sins I know, but what to do, is my hobby! MUAHAHA..

Let's start with Kota Kinabalu fabulous street and hawker food.
Dry noodle with minced pork 

The day after we landed Kota Kinabalu safety, we went to this hawker stall to have our breakfast. According to Ting, this is their favourite food. We didn't get to try their specialty as it was too early for the boss to prepare their specialty.

Wantan with soup noodle.

Their soup is different from other stall as they are dark in colour, and the taste was really delicious compare to others. 

 Ice-cream from Desa Daily Farm 

I love their ice-cream so much, and I really miss this now! Hope to fly back there just for this! It nice to have ice-cream in hot day, I guess!

 Chicken chop at Upperstar restaurant.

Nasi Lemak at UpperStar Restaurant

 It doesn't reach my expectation because the taste chili ain't the one I expected. By the way, according to Ting, the one at Damai taste different from this, so if some of you just wanted to try this, go Damai!

Carbonara spaghetti  

Mini croissant at Yoyo cafe, Kota Kinabalu.

This is the best croissant I tasted before, because I think they sugar coated the mini croissant, and it is crispy outside, and goddamn soft inside. Another reason I wish to go back Kota Kinabalu again.

Roti Bakar (bake bread) at Damai hawker stall

They have both bakar (bake) or non-bake bread, and I prefer the bake one because the butter melted, and it taste better than the one non-baked. 

The thickness of non-bake bread! I'm scared. Frankly speaking, I'm not a butter lover, not in my youth as well because I felt uncomfortable in my mouth after I eat it. Thus, melted one is the best for me.

PS: For people who dislike butter may choose the bake one! I suggested.

 BBQ Chicken Wing at Damai

And this is the best chicken wing of my life, because it is still juicy when they had been served. So delicious and tender! My love.

 Burger bakar at Damai

Under expectation, because it is super normal.

 Nasi Lemak at Damai

Very delicious Nasi Lemak, and I felt so happy because last night we'd the worst nasi lemak, then the day after we'd the best nasi lemak in Sabah! Just like we are replacing something good the day.

Pizza bread at Handmade story, Damai point.

Well, I totally forgot about the name of this dish, so I simply name it. It simply just like pizza! So just imagine it by yourself. Teehee~

 Omelette with cheese and bacon at Handmade story cafe, Damai Point

I love this as I'm cheese lover, and I love the fact that the omelette wasn't that hard and the cheese just right inside. This place served lots of nice food, and they have like the greatest environment.

Desa farm milk for breakfast

It was our breakfast for the last day in Kota kinabalu, and I love this milk a lot because it is not so sweet. It is so fresh.

Pork rib soup with dry noodle.

This is the specialty I mentioned at first. I drove all the way to the same place, and get it as out breakfast of our last day. So happy that we've the chance to taste it, and it really goddamn delicious. The pork rib is super tender I must say!

Now move on to Mabul island, fresh catch from the sea!

 Porridge and claypot chicken rice at Sheng ji hawker stall, Mabul town

This old man cooked really good food, and he has the best reputation. Some of their customer had actually helped him to advertise this at weibo (something like Facebook).

Fried dumpling at Sheng Ji hawker stall, Mabul town

 Steam big prawn with rice wine, Mabul Island.

It is so delicious, and tender!

 Crab with fried egg at Mabul Island.

Both of them are super cheap, and it cost around RM84 for this two dishes. They are so fresh, and it really so goddamn cheap. I'll blog about that in next post!

 Mango sago at Indo Cafe, Mabul Town

Refreshing in the hot weather, and the mango is so sour which will make you drool more.

 Fried banana with cheese

WOW! This is the boom. Y here don't have? How creative is this, added cheese on fried banana, and surprisingly it taste super delicious, but calories emmmm...

Chicken soup noodle

I've never try this before, but it satisfied me a lot. Over my expectation .

Chicken soup noodle with fish ball

Frankly speaking, it taste the same with the chicken soup noodle. Nahhhh..

 Fried noodle with egg. 

Bee favourite, but it totally different from Melaka one, because it tasted rather sweet than spicy. Weird but acceptable!

 The best noodle of all (sorry! I totally forgot about the name)

This is the best among the 3 dishes on top. It has a familiar taste, but all of us just can't get what it is until today. So weird! We seriously know what is it, but our mind just can't interpret it. Whatsoever! It is the best!

We'd lots of good food in Sabah, and most of the adventure time, we'd our cookies chip more for our lunch, so end up we were having more food in dinner time. So funny but worth it for adventure right? Teehee~

And thank Karen who snap nice Instax of tomo
I love this photo a lot as Ting put our Instax besides the Eiffel Towel. It sounds like our "Paris" trip end happily HAHAHAHA!

PS: Oh gosh! My room's light suddenly off it all by itself, and I got shocked for a moment.
PSS: I should clear up my table tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friends + Random update


It's midnight, and I still awake right here. I don't know why I'm here again, but is kind of like wanted to update something before sleep.

What is meant to be friend?

This term suddenly popped up in my mind. Friend is someone who care you, and will understand if something really happened. Am I right? Frankly speaking, I'm not a good friend, because I couldn't help or console my friend when they are in trouble. I'll keep quiet and do nothing, and sometimes don't even ask for more detail.

I don't ask, and it weird to ask more detail when they don't know how to resolve the problem. But in fact, people might love to be console, and I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry! Sincerely!

Is quite insulting when people make fun of your friend like somehow I need to be there whenever best friend is in trouble, if I don't do it on the spot to console them, I'm in trouble. People really can't understand the meaning of friend, I guess. It doesn't matter where you are, best friend always be your side, either physically or mentally.

It worth to have best friend because you can express as many emotional feeling as possible even thought I wouldn't give any comment on that particular statement. HAHA! I think I've problem because I couldn't give comment, if one of them have problem. So pathetic!

What is my problem??

Another statement of friend.

In my opinion, the friendship of guy are quite different from us, because they tend to make fun among them. And every word mean something else. According to some of my guy friends, this will make the gathering meaningful. Is this true? I always wonder whether there is secret session among them such as talking about their feeling, problem and etc. What I always see is that guy usually playing around, not-so-serious type.

Maybe I'm wrong.

We girl always share information among ourselves. And best friend don't always meet up, but we somehow have something in common.

Well, tomo went out twice or thrice a year because Ting was in Sabah, and she is the big sister in our group because she will smooth out everything among us. Jennifer was the one who also a big sister to me, she will deal everything from beginning until the end. Bee was the speaker i think, speak out whatever she dislike which is good for some reason. Shin, the silence stalker, she is the one who listen and absorb everything and kept it as a secret forever and ever. She wouldn't speak much or giving much comment toward some particular issue. And I was the joker or laughter I guess? Am I?

Personally, I think I'm their little sister, because I wouldn't know what has actually happened around us. I mean I'll know it eventually whenever everyone already knew.

Kind of slow I know! Anyway, having best friend around me is the best, because I could at least share something with them thought not-so-often we can meet each other in a year. Worst come to worst, we would give comment on our group, that's how we communicated. HAHA!

Ok! End this crap!

Random update: 

If there is a chance again, I would choose to go to school to have classes (but no exam please). I'm so goddamn boring whenever I stay at home alone. I thought I might be able to travel throughout this two freaking months, but it seems like my dream wouldn't come true anymore. No travel, no happiness, and there is only boredness in the house! I'm freaking out right now!

The weather is getting so hot right now, I need some cold fresh air instead of lying down on the bed, Facebook, reading books.... at least give me some fresh air! So damn hot.

Y u no rain??

I hate this weather a lot, I mean I hope I can live in four-season country where I may enjoy the snow in winter, blooming flower in spring, seaside in summer and maple leaf in autumn. How good is that? Share some experience with me if you are in other country right now!

I always wanted to enjoy the cold weather of other country, but the only cold country I went was Korea, but it doesn't cold enough for me to enjoy.


Should have travel more before step in to the working life.. who can accompany me to other country??

PS: The "Shiver" from Maggi Stiefvater is a great book for reading! Teehee~


Random update for 2 hours:

Guess what I'd been doing for two hours?

I'm seriously reading the story book which I bought one week ago, and had my lunch with the TV. Staying at home with the air-conditional on is ain't good at all. Two hours passed, and yet I still do nothing. I tried to find something interested to blog about, but motivation stop after I watched cartoon movie down stair.

Can I have something interested to do today?

I really need some nap now, and think about something I should do for the rest of the days. Sigh...

PS: I should blog more and more before I'm dying in this kind of weather! HOT!

Monday, March 25, 2013

3-days @ uncle place


Just got back from my 3-days visiting at uncle place yesterday night, and it was a fun trip as we did birthday celebration for our uncle (planned by my aunt) after we'd dinner at somewhere else. And the planned wasn't goes well actually because the birthday cake holder came out suddenly without notice.

This wasn't my plan to buy cake, and I was helping my aunt to kept it as a secret. I'm pretty well at keeping secret, and I'm the secret agent. LOL.. However, that was the first part of the plan, so after dinner, we, the second part planner planned the whole birthday surprise with who is the one who should hold the birthday cake, who will open the door, what reason should be, what we gonna do after the adult came in, how we need to burst the surprise... this and that. It was really well planned, and we heard cars stop, and all of us including my two little cousins gone the light, turn on the light, rehearsal for Earth Hour.. lots of things happening at once.. And we wait.

We wait and wait, nobody knock the door, I mean no one! We blew off the candle, re-planned the whole thing again and again, and suddenly a phone call from uncle asking where were we, and he was really panic as his two little sons were here with us. HAHAHA! By the way, they were waiting us at the car park for 10 minutes. So funny!

We lighted up the candle again, and hide! Then I opened the door, and they asked

Why so dark here?

Emm... It's Earth Hour, so we need to off the light you see! (White lie always turn out good)

But it isn't a good idea because they (the cake holder and the rest) came out so quickly without my notice, and I yet to finish my line! What you girl doing? 
Then singing Happy Birthday song to my uncle. And guess what, this is what we'd lighted up and blew off for the freaking 10 minutes, all candles melted, so we ended up eating candle (just kidding). His daughter also known as cousin was holding the cake, and she was complaining that it was dam hot to hold it, but I insist since she is the daughter of the birthday uncle. Then I said

Just hold it since you are his daughter!

Since we waited for 10 minutes, so this is what we done before they came in. Failed birthday surprise from us. NAH!!! The little boys were so cooperative, and they love surprise so much. They even told me that it is a secret, and do not tell anyone except me, his mom and dad. MUAHAHA! Both of them so goddam cute!

Everyone was freaking damn happy after the celebration as we got to play our favourite monopoly cards together. Poor little boys only got to see us playing cards! 

The next day, uncle brought us to The curve, and all of us went to the Borders (because I need to spend all my book voucher there) to get hard disk! They were patiently waiting for me to grab a hard disk, and I'd successfully spent my book voucher at there.

How I spent RM250 book voucher?

I bought 4 story books from Popular with Shin that day before she went to London for vacation. I'd finished reading "The Wedding Girl", and I love the story so much that I intend to introduce to some of my friends and family. The next book I started to read was the "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater, and I'm half way to finish it, and I bet it is a nice series book. I bought those 3 book on the left for RM72, and The Wedding Girl for 34.90. 

The book holder I made when I came back from Korea, and I gave them to the Tomo after that. All of them got their own different maple leaf.

I spent another RM150 book voucher for this hard disk, and it cost RM199, so I added some money to purchase it. And so happened that I need to purchase another readable book just to get this hard disk, so I went to the book area to get a story book for little cousin, and insist him to tell the story after reading HAHA! I think I got to listen to the story next week!

The voucher I got from The Borders after spending RM150 book voucher there. I think I got to visit there again and again until I used those discount vouchers from the Borders! Anyway, it good to read book right?

My new white 500 GB hard disk for saving my laptop memory! This had helped to keep my laptop space, and I heart it so much.

After I'd spent my book voucher, we headed to Ikea, and we got stuck in this place for an hour because there is so many things for the little boy to play on. Nevertheless, one of them went to Kidzania with the school, and left the little one who wanted to follow his brother. Thus, we need to let him to forget about his brother, and go on with us. It's tough for everyone of us. 

Sis joined us after the boy came back from Kidzania, and we'd our lunch at somewhere else, and end our trip to the The Curve. Then we followed sis to the bus station, and got back home around 8.30pm. Momi was busy washing the clothes, and I done my bag quickly before headed to my room and get laptop on!

That's basically how I spent 3-days in uncle place, and it was fun that they are coming next week as well as the week after for some family stuff. 

PS: it weird for me to type so much in one post, but I did it anyway. LOL!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kundasang, Sabah: Desa Daily Farm


I’m here again to continue writing wmy trip to Kundasang, Sabah. After some excitement on the Rafflesia Garden which I’d blog here, we get down to Desa Daily farm to have some fun with the milky cow.

I bet some of you already know how beautiful the place is after watching my video, so here is some additional photo we took while we were there. 

I was almost freezing there (No! This is not a joke, I mean it), but enjoyment still on while I was eating my ice-cream there. 

Well, some of the photo is not in sequence, so you might be confusing, sorry for that coz I'm too lazy to adjust, and home wireless is freaking me out right now, not in a good condition. 

caption from the top of their building.

The building which I meant, and this was their factory to process the milk from the cow milk or milk cow? Whatever it is!

Camwhore with the milk cow, and they praise me for my great skill. HAHAHA!

The cloudy mountain has shown that it was freaking cold outside, and I rather stay inside for a long time.  Couldn't stand the cold air from outside anymore. *shivering*

Jennifer and I had commented on their place, and it was awesome!

The stall which sell some snacks, and we'd bought some mayo plus butter corn, signature milk from the cow and ice-cream to fill up our hungry stomach (We didn't eat our lunch because we are lacking of time)

Their signature fresh milk, and it was freshly process from the farm. I heart it so much, as it doesn't taste so sweet like others.

The milky ice-cream from the stall, and it was really delicious I must say. I was thinking whether to buy it or not coz it is quite expensive for an ice-cream like this, but after Jennifer has convinced me, I decided to spend the money, and no regret I must say! It was really milky and delicious.

After buying some food, we headed to their farm, and as I mentioned, it was really cold out there.

The green grass, and mountain make a beautiful scenery. I’m imagining that I’m vacation in another country.

my ice-cream started to melt when I went out, and it is a big mistake to eat outside I should say, coz the ice-cream melt immediately, and I'm stuck with my cloth and hair. *clumsy look*

then i quickly headed inside the factory to enjoy until it is not so high anymore.

 Take a picture with my ice-cream and beautiful scenery out there.

We were so enjoying with the atmosphere, and nice grass and weather make me wanted to stay there forever. The cow were so happily eating their grass with fresh air, and we were so bliss to have this kind of vacation.

Alright! This is the stone we in love with. We spent almost half a day just to snap a good picture with it, and Karen and Ting were so crazily climb up to the top just for one picture. Nice one Ting, lying on the stone!

 It stated welcome to Desa Daily Farm, and it is kind of like their signboard.

Jennifer helped me to snap this picture of me with the beautiful scenery, and it is hard not to mess up with your hair. The bloody fresh air always messed up my hair while I was about to take a nice picture, but anyway it is quite fine with me actually. Teehee!

Oh! This poor little girl was too cold to stay outside, and her face was freaking red after sometimes. She stay inside the car and stare us while we were discussing something else. And that's was Ting, the poor little girl who freeze outside. MUAHAHA! All of us laughing at her expression, it looks so pity and helpless. 

We headed down around 6 in the evening, and our journey to Kundasang end with happiness. It was a great experience to Kundasang as we are able to enjoy the fresh air up there as well as visiting the Rafflesia flower bloom, it was one in a million chance we are able to see two Rafflesia flower bloom, so I'm quite bliss now.

I was really happy to see the sunset in the middle of our way down to Kota Kinabalu. By the way, after we'd down the hill, we lost our way, and got some hint from the local. What an adventure trip we had that day with happiness! 

I'll pay visit again one day, I promise! And I'll write about Mabul Island next round.