Friday, December 31, 2010

Exchange and redeem

 I shall blog this before end of 2010, if not there will be no time for me to blog anymore. *reason*
So, what you people have celebrated your Christmas? I'd celebrated my Christmas on 23 of December, because I'm headed to Selangor on the 24th of December. Thank to them because they made this earlier for me and Bee. *evil laugh*

So we went portuguese settlement to have some walk, and I'm kinda disappointed coz the decoration was still the same, not much different from previous years. =___=

Dress code of the day - dress!

3 in dress code!

And 1 girl break the rule- Jennifer WAHAHAHA....
Group photo with the tree, but then the people there just only took the photo of us. T______T

After this, we went Wing's cafe for EXCHANGE PRESENT!
 Our well-prepared present.. As you can see in the previous post my present was at the bottom. WAHAHA..

 Ting and Jennifer were preparing the number to be choose, and bee was busying replying Wang message in Facebook (they just right besides each other, o.0).

The paper we use to drop down the numbers.

Before choosing the number, let's snap photo!!!! I'm so excited to exchange present, my first time with friend! Cool!!

Ok! After taking photo, it's time for choosing number!! *nervous*
 Well, Wang uses his Iphone 4 compass to choose a number! So cool lah, and everyone of us laugh non-stop!!

My lucky no. of the day!!


My exchanged present from Wang!

 Everyone was so excited to open up their present included me, but Wang never get his present due to Bee don't have the time to bought something for him. However, the present was redeemable! WAHAHA.

We girls get our present, thank you!!

After unwrapped our gift,

I GET A BOX OF CHOCOLATE!! omg!  I love it so much, coz I'm chocolate lover!!

My present goes to Jennifer! Hope she love my present.

I get wang's present, thank you!

Ting get Jennifer's present - a pen!
You can use for signing! WAHAHA......

 Bee get Ting's present- Ambi Pure (good for bee, coz she can put in her car)

And the redeemable  present - no. 5!!

Our present of the day! I love exchange present, should make next year, and we'll ask many people next year! *wee*

After exchange present, we found something interested to play with, that's  SNAP PHOTO WITH DIFFERENT POST!
 Ting the monster, Mine-sampated pose, bee- normal + cute pose, and Jennifer the ghost! WAHAHA...Can't stop laughing when I looking at Ting post!!

I love my present so much!! I haven't eat it actually..*smile*

Group photo no. 1 -normal with Wang

Group photo no. 2- pose with 3

Group photo no.3 - with no.5 pose! WAHAHA...
Do you notice, Wang always pose the different no. with us?
(Or you don't bother at all =__=)

 As I mentioned last time, everyone was addicted to Iphone 4! We will damn addicted with the game, it is soooo interesting, I love it so much!! When can I get it ? *sigh*

And they love my present too- the "we ♥ it" hat!

Some "artist" is arriving after our exchange present!! OMG! I can't believe, and I get the signature as well!!!



WAHAHAHA........"Mrs. Chou" is arriving after exchange present, and I get her signature!! Well, I'm just joking! Everyone was playing with the hat! So funny....

PS: I'm going to have a second exchange present session later, so excited! Who will buy for me now? I'm wondering!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town


Today is Christmas eve, I'll be going to Selangor to celebrate Christmas with my family. *happy*

I've nothing to do today, so I on my laptop, and checked for something new to watch, and I found He's beautiful. Since everyone was so in love this drama, so I watched for not-to-be-outdated among my friend, but then I addicted! I really in love with this drama, every guy in this drama are sooo handsome!! OMG! Why Malaysia guy are not so handsome one??? (no offence please)

 He's beautiful 原来是美男啊- the nicest korea drama (as what Ting said)

The first guy -tae king, He is so damn cool and steady one! But sometimes funny...

The 2nd guy which is the guy I like the most -shin woo! OMG! He is soooo charming...why he is not the main character?? WHY? TELL ME WHY?? I'm soooooo in love him!! Korea guy is sooo charming.

 3rd guy Jeremy- the funniest guy among them. He is also the slowest among them.. WAHAHA...Cute guy indeed!

Well anyway, I just started to watch this drama, ( I'd watch 4 episodes) I'll watch until the end of it!! *evil laugh*

Ok, I'll update my Christmas celebration with tomo and Wang or probably just a brief only....
 The present we prepared for exchange!


Ya, I already told what, I will briefly write only! WAHAHAHA.......
Stay tuned, babe!

PS: I'm going to KL in 2 hours time, gonna update soon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Well, yesterday was Winter Solstice Festival again, my second favourite day coz I got to eat this so called Glutinous rice ball (Tang Yuan) every year. I love it damn much, I may eat like 2 big bowl for it. (is real)

This year was special, coz sis helped mommy to do the Tang Yuan (mostly just me and mommy), and the size of the tang yuan are so damn tiny, =________= I love something bigger....

Ok, Anyway, wish you guy a post Happy Winter Solstice Festival!

PS: Tonight my friends and I are going to exchange Christmas present, I'm looking forward on their present. *emmm* I'm so excited right now, gonna wrap my present later!

Oh yeah, I've been busying on my assignment this few days, it's freaking annoying that when I'm doing assignment, there is some people who like to interupt, hate it damn much! However, some of the assignment has been done, hurray...Imma is looking forward for tonight! ^^v

Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday celebration part 1 ♥

 I woke up early in the morning (around 6.45am), and went Dim Sum with my sis and Lewis while we fetched my mom to bus stop (my mom is going to Kuala Selangor).

Thus, treat them Dim Sum for the gift that they gave me (as a return), WAHAHA…
Yummilicious Dim Sum we ate in the morning.

Around 1pm, headed to Jusco with tomodachi for something (will blog it in the next post)

I’m freaking tired now, but I somehow need to update this post now.

 My bro was expectedly celebrated my birthday in Nadeje ( coz he broke the secret by himself), but something unexpected is Yun Chee is coming! *happy*

My birthday cake. The birthday cake was like damn sweety and cute, but those words spoilt the cake "success to keep fit" *speechless* Ok, I'll make it success!

I'm officially 20 right now. WOW! I got shocked that I'm 20 right now, how old I am! After 10 years will be 30 year old...OMG! I'm freaking old right now, gonna be more mature more, and tomodachi have done something mature on me, I'll will update in the next post!

My delayed birthday celebration! Thank to sweet you are! *cold*

This girl attended my birthday celebration, I'M  DAMN SURPRISE!

 Wishing something good happen this year or maybe next year since this year is going end soon. Time really flied damn fast, 2010 is going end like 2 weeks later! O.M.G

My bro was like hey, Lydia SMILE AS BIG AS YOU CAN! So funny right? He thought he is using a DSLR lol.

 Blowing the candler...

Cutting the cake!

 and I'm going to conquer the piece of cake! Opps. I'll bare in mind that I'll keep fit! Ok!!

The piece of Japanese pizza. I don't really like it actually coz it is quite weird.

After the celebration, we went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan.
 And the four super camwhore persons went crazy on camwhore! WAHAHA..

I shall say 2 camwhore freak!

We were damn happy with the lighting at the fitting room out there.

Scary mode ON please!
The decoration nowadays in Melaka was kinda fail, coz there is no Christmas feel at all around Melaka, but then I have feel right now, coz something will be on that day...will updaye the post when it happen. I Promise!

My bro decided to introduce the "Disco Teh" to Lewis and Yun Chee, then we headed to there!
The funniest thing is that Lewis though "disco teh" was a kind of tea from Disco places. WAHAHA...*laugh non-stop*

Disco teh = three layer tea!

PS: I was damn happy today, coz tomodachi have given me a big surprise for the birthday celebration. A REAL BIG SURPRISE! I'll definitely post up what they have gave to me! OMG! I love tomodachi damn much. ♥