Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden Recipe ★

Today my friends and I went to Garden recipe or I should say our secret garden to have lunch together. One comment on this place!

Either secret garden or Garden recipe, this place isn’t a place for me to hunt for food, simply because their food was way too “healthy” for me, in other words it doesn't inspire me at all.

Garden recipe is a place where they provide healthy food, it’s really healthy. Their foods are organic, no toxic, no fertilize and no harm for us, but I just simply dislike food which are too healthy. *too bad*
However, I love the environment and their decoration; it is an English vintage look for the place. Every single place was “bloom” with flowers.
When I very first step into the place, I spot this little welcome sign in front of the shop. It is freaking English Vintage feel. Cute English vintage welcome sign, I love it...
There is a "blooming" flower bicycle right besides the front door. It is covered with flowers! Did you recognise it as a bicycle?
The "garden" with cute toys sitting around the flowers.

The atmosphere there was awesome, less people was there (coz it is 3pm in the evening, and most of people won’t so free to take high tea at there, am I right?) it is just like our secret garden.
There have few workers as well, I love it. We may talk as loud as we can, laugh as loud as we can and even take as much photo as we like! Great opportunity for me to update my blog by capturing many photos.

PS: I'm getting lesser and lesser post to update here, coz no outing was held these days. *sad*
Back to the secret garden of mine..
Another things I love about Garden Secret is that there have some small cute detail which can make the place have more English Vintage's feel.

The sign of their own shop. The Garden Recipe- organic ingredient.

There have some protrait or hand craft protrait hang around the wall of the shop.
Those portrait make the wall looks nice and cute.
It is a hand craft made by some material, so creative. The person who done it should be damn patient one loh!
Love this phrase!
"Let Friendship fill your heart and laughther fill your home"
Besides that, they even decorated the light with flowers, how sweet is that. Their small detail really damn creative. I love it....
The damn "healthy" salad. It tastes weird for me actually.
Shinyi's spaghetti set. It looks yummy..
Yun chee's mee hom soup. According to her, it tastes salty!
Enjoying my healthy food. =__=

Me with two of them ★

Three of us without Miki.
We are supposing to meet up together today, but due to some personal problem of her, she didn't gather with us. This is a disappointment for today, but nevermind we will meet up the next time. Miki, we'll wait for you the next time.
I love the place so much, except for the food. =__=
We are the "english" WAHAHA.....
The photo I love the most, which mean photo of the day! <3

Today was my happinest day ever, coz I just realize that I won a LG Cookies handphone after reading other bloggers blog post. (I didn't attend the LG Cookies party, so doesn't know what is going on) I scream as if I'm the only one in the house. I was worried and excited at the same time. *complicated feeling*

After I've confirmed that I will get my prize in Nuffnang office, I was damn freaking happy and called my mom and told her the good news, and she said she is going to ask my uncle to take it for me. *OMG! I can't wait for it*

But then, incident happened, they said it is fake! OMG Nuffnang won't lie to us one! I trust Nuffnang!! Now I need someone to help to take my new LG Cookies!! T.T

PS: I may have a new LG Cookies after I take from Nuffnang Office, Thank Nuffnang!!

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