Saturday, March 28, 2015

Travel: Manila, Philippines - Tourists day!


After the unpleasant first day, here come the second day of our journey, the Tourist day!

We went to lotsa tourist spot as you can see above. Some really authentic European style building.

Breakfast always come first before anything, so all of us has agrees that we would like to try their signature Jollibee, only in Philippines!

Google map told us that there is one Jollibee shop inside this famous Robinson shopping mall. Guess what, people actually queuing to enter. Are you kidding me?

Everyone got to show their belonging to the security guard, and this is how unsafe Philippines is.

So we also waited there for quite sometimes. Bought some snacks from mini market that is right opposite Robinson.

Wefie at Robinson before enter.

We named their security guard as counter strike coz they really look alike. With guns and super long guns....

The famous Jollibee in Philippines, and I asked the local cab driver regarding the preference of Filipino, and he actually said Jollibee is much better than McDonald and KFC at there. I'm totally agreed!

Their McDonald tasted weird as compared to Malaysia.

The tomo went to the National book store just to grab the Philippines map before heading to the destination.

And seriously why they don't have free map in their hotel?

Trying some fun caption with Bee and Ting.

So, we headed to the tourist spot as soon as we got our map.

And first stop
Some Hero Monument I guess.

It located right at here.


Took jeepney to our destination after got scare by their cab driver.

Local street food which I dare not to try. Their food is either too salty or too weird. It really not my taste at all, but still acceptable for some others.

Selfie in front of the great wall Intramuros.

After this wall, everything seems so beautiful, and we like going to the brand new place.

Their building is awesome, authentic European style.

Except for their electricity cable of coz! Too messy..

Even the 7-11 look so nice and grand.

Their door is so unique.

Their 7-11 at Intramuros.

Every door has different style and look. I like!

A street that we walked pass, and I realized it is so beautiful to capture.

Reached St. Agustin church after 10 to 20mins walk.

Ting photoboomed me with her very action look!

You can go pay a visit on their church and museum. Church before 1pm, and museum is after 1pm. We are late so we go to the museum instead, P100 per person.

Everything in France lol!

St. Agustin's church!

Tofie with Bee!

The door is huge and we are so small.

Went in the St. Agustin museum

The every women love scenery.

The garden inside St Agustin museum, so green!

I love the building and the decorations.

The complicated ceiling

The window.

The stairscare to the another museum that have clothes and statues from 18 and 19 century.

The outside view

Another famous church

We sat this horse carriage to tour the whole Intramuros.

I felt so bad on this coz we are too heavy for him to take us. I can feel his is suffering, sorry pretty boy!

Some pic of the church drew by some artist.

There is a real wedding ceremony held at there. Awwww!!!!

Ford Santiago.

And a golf club. Lol!

Selfie in the carriage

Say Hi to Pretty boy!

His name is Pretty Boy (seriously!)

With the horse carriage, we toured like ten places? Probably just 9 or 8 coz I don't feel anything. Skipped Lotsa of places coz I'm neither catholic nor Christian so church is not really a deal for me to pay visit actually. I don't understand the history but I kinda love the building and the clothes. So European!

PS: this is not criticism on religion OK?

It takes probably 30mins from intramorus to Chinatown, Philippines.
It is not really very Chinatown coz what I feel is that no one speaking mandarin is not consider Chinatown lol!

We are going to the famous Lucky Chinatown for our lunch.

It is a mall..

And they have national book store as well. Hahahaha!

Thai mix rice. It has a very nice name one but I can't remember, too long and special.

It tastes kinda soury but accepted for me only. The rest of them don't really like the tastes.

We bought some of the snack here at Lucky mall such as their famous dried mango, snack and some instant noodle.

Dried mango is a must to buy products!

Another typical Philippines dish. Not bad but I really not a fan of pork belly so is kinda troublesome to eat.

After some shop at lucky mall, we went for dinner at nearby. A Chinese authentic food

Xiao long pau.

Omg! This is the best throughout this two days trips in Manila.

Yam and mochi spring roll.

Halo halo ice cream!

They have variety of Chinese food, and Ting's sis praise on their pork belly as well.

Selfie after long day of tour and thinking phew! We are safe for today!!! Yeappppp..

Did we?

Alright, here come the story after so much fun touring the whole Manila tourist spot. After the dinner, everyone was very happy and kinda tired to get a cab to go back to our hotel. Walk and walk..and someone actually following them, a kids!

I heard them talking about the kid and I walked damn fast to follow up with Ting's sis. And we split!

Once split things happened.

The kid actually snatch the Bee's necklace in a second! Bee was stun and when I crossed the road and turn back, I saw everyone was shouting and running. Then Ting's sis got really worried and three of us cross back to meet them again.

We thought it was their bag being snatch and very worried coz passport is there. I felt lucky it wasn't the bag but necklace was very meaningful to Bee.

We quickly take a cab ang back to our hotel immediately.

Why Manila so dangerous one? I was really worried coz imma also wearing necklace (21st birthday present from momi). Something I just buay tahan ( can't stand) is that when things happened you know what people would like.

Anyway, we went back hotel and have a spa for our tired leg. Went Jollibee for supper and a sudden thought of reporting to the police.

Now talking about the police station! We went to the nearest police station for help, and you know what THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP!!!! WTH!?

When we go in the police station, it was blackout. Alright, so no electricity, and the police told us that they cannot make a report here due to blackout.

So when he knew that things happened in Chinatown, he turns and said then we should go Chinatown police station instead of here. Wth? Why central police station can't make a police report for the whole state??? Are you kidding me? So weird. They are being so lazy and irresponsible for all this matter!

We got no choice so we back to our hotel after that, and thinking of going Chinatown to make a report for that, and the hotel bell boy allocated a hotel cab driver to bring us there. Waited Ting's sis and her bf to accompany us there.

When we reached there, it was really dark and quiet (around 1am). I didn't know what is going on so the policeman brought three of them (Ting, Bee and Jane) to somewhere to see which one is the kid who steal the necklace.

According to them, there are one street full of all these homeless people sleeping at the street. It was really dark and scary.

They saw and when they told the policeman, the policeman drove off quickly. Being syndicate or what? According to the cab driver, they actually know who is that person one? All the homeless are sometimes help by the authority, so now you see what happened?

I saw some of the homeless kids happily talking with the security guard, policeman and etc. And when they came and take money from us, all of them just look! Wth?

Now I know why Manila being so dangerous coz even the policeman did not want to take a responsible to protect their citizen, then what can the citizen do?

Well, after they came back from the "tour" to the homeless, we went to the nearest police station to make a report. It tools us around 2 hours just for that particular police report, are you kidding me????

It all like a joke to us, come on lah. Police report also need two hours to prepare, what you people are doing?

Bee was really nervous all the time and I kinda pity her for being the victim. Can't the policeman see this?

I vow not to go Manila for trip anymore. NO MORE!


After all the incidents, we went back to the hotel around 3am, and some of them still visit their casino right opposite our hotel. Lol!

We embarked to Boracay the next day in the morning, and everyone really damn sleepy face. So funny!

PS: the only day we are earlier than Ting's sis hahaha!

Well, the boracay post will up next. Bye!