Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funny Ice Breaking!!

"HI, I am RED APPLE, nice to meet you guys, 8.8cm tall !!!"

My friends and I had some tea at MMU CORNER
They had something NEW for today
That is funny ice breaking!!
Each person need to introduce themselves in any funny name!!
Oh none!!
I am RED Apple!!!
After having this name we need measure the height too
funny right?
The funniest Ice Breaking ever!!!
I love this ice breaking so much
After we had went back, we wrote the name at our personal message
It is so fun!!
Love it so much!!
We are the most crazy group ever!!!
Even thought we are crazy but we don't care of others
We just do what we like!!

And I think we will be the black listed in MMU CORNER
Because we are too noisy when plying this game!!!
Sorry to the customer in MMU CORNER!! Orz

P/S: sorry to be late guys!!!

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