Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip to MMU Cyberjaya


Good morning everyone. It's time for the OL got to work!

As you can see is Monday blue again, and I got a terrible Monday today. *sigh* just forget about it.

But anyway, I should spent this morning meaningfully by writing an entry for my visit to MMU Cyberjaya. I been there last year which I'd blogged here, but I didn't manage to visit the entire campus.

Yes, basically it is much larger than Melaka campus, and their facilities is better than us as well. NOT FAIR! Why they got better facilities, better library, larger space and even taller building, and Melaka campus didn't get anything which is better than them.

If you think my description is not enought, watch the video below.

I'm not going to update anything until next week, coz I've two midterm exam this week, and yet to study for it. I'm dead right now!

 Probably half dead!!

Hope you enjoy my video.

Before that, upload some photo.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dream of me?


I’d just receive a wall post from one of my friend while I was editing my video. She stated that she has dreamt of me today, should I happy?
Yes! Definitely!!!

Ok, I sound like lesbian or what, but I was happy to let other dreamt off, you know?
Somebody dreamt of me, this means I’m being important to her (I guess) for some reason, or never at all.

This is not the point anyway.

The point is what I’ve told her in the dream. As what she has told in that wall post was hey I dreamt of you last night, and you said “ wah, long time no see” MUAHAHAHA…

What kind of dream she has, freaking funny.
Well, this is not the only thing I happy with today, I was happy today because my relative came back to my house, and we have some sort like “baking class” at my aunty place. The baking process was quite success, but the only bad thing is I didn’t manage to snap any photo for that because I didn’t bring my camera along, and my hand phone has no battery from yesterday until now.

The process was quite enjoyable and fun. I’ve given my cousin an assignment to learn and bake the cake for us when she comes back again the next time. Sound good right?

Anyway, I’ve done another video! So, let’s enjoy it.

(I got a terrible sore throat, so my voice was weird that day)

Thank you!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Simply exotic taste

Good afternoon everyone!
It’s Friday, baby! Everyone should relax and cheer for a moment, so to cheer all of you, I would like to introduce you guys a best place for all of you to cheer and have fun!
Note: if you are a gossipy, this is a great place for you and your BBF gossip!

It is The Big Mouth Café, simply exotic taste.

 It is located at Melaka Raya!!!

 We planned to go there at 5pm, but Jennifer is one hour late. Thus, 6pm will be our dinner in BMC. We are the BMW- Big mouth women! MUAHAHAHA...

Ting's chocolate cream milk shake. When the waitress served this, everyone including me was impressed with the cream. *slurp*

My seafood Aglio olio.  Price: RM 12.90

Thank God I still remember the name, but the spelling wasn't quite right actually. To be able to write the name out, I keep repearting the name many times while we were doing a video.

PS: You may watch the video after this.

 I was doing some stupid stuff while Jennifer was shooting.
By the way, this is her all-time-favourite ice-lemon tea.

 Jennifer's deep fried filling chicken with ham and vege.

This is not the exact name, don't blame me please, blame Jennifer for not remember the name, because I'm not the "owner" of this dish.

Ting's Grilled chicken cheeseeeeeyyyyy

There is some inner fun joke behind it. You may watch it in the video as well (if you got what we mean).

I can be a food host for Ho Chiak already. 

Come and hire me as a Ho Chiak host for the next season. MUAHAHAHAHA.....

After our dinner, it's time for us to do our "daily routine". G.O.S.S.I.P
We are damn serious on this "daily routine" so that our area will wider and broader after this.

We treated it very seriously, and we will have conversation seriously like this pic above. MUAHAHA..

Tip to gossip: Receive everything and digest it properly (which I don't often do)

We were doing something childish yet super fun "house renovation" game after we'd stopped gossiping for awhile.

And this is what the waitress had done, a bigger house for us! She inspired us the idea of doing a video for our dream house. One thing I love about this cafe is that their service was great! The waitress treated us well in that cafe, play game, fun joke and even take photo for us.

I'll definitely go there again!
 Group photo take by the waitress.

Around 9pm, the cake finally arrived at the shop (everything is fresh there).
 Chocolate cake. Promo price : RM 4

This is the best among what we order. The chocolate is thick enough (ok, I'm dead, because my sore throat got even worse after that), and there is a thin layer of sugar-like thingy. Sweet!

Blueberry mille crepe. Promo price: RM 4

I prefer Nadeje mille crepe, coz it has thicker flavour than this. 

Butter, bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream.

The combination of hot butte bread pudding and cold vanilla ice-cream was really delicious. I was shocked to eat it at the first time, but after a few spoons of bread pudding, I felt like I'm gonna stop eating this. In economic studies, it is known as diminishing return!

 Camwhore in the shop while nobody know about it. MUAHAHA...

After I posted up in my Facebook, Jennifer started to ask me when I camwhore in that shop. *evil laugh* This is a SECRET!

We have all sort of photo.
 # 1 super normal smiley face =)

# 2 started to be insane!

# 3 yes! We are the happy ghost!!!!!!!

# 4 Ting is trying to show how delicious the chocolate cake is. =P

Kiss icon *chui*

 Cry icon T__T

OMG! This is exactly the icon had shown!

Now I know how they create an icon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Please don't do that to me, I'm not lesbian! *screaming*

The "lovely" couple in the cafe!

And the not so "lovely" couple in the cafe!

We spent almost 5 hours in that cafe, and yet we feel not enough of time to gossip. Time is running so damn fast!!!!

This is our accountant who count every single money for us. We are poor student, so we always pay by ourself, and my calculator is great equipment for us to divide our money! *wee*

We spent almost RM 64 per day. It's worth it actually.

The price basically not so high and the environment there was quiet, so it suitable for a bunch of good friends to go there for high tea or dinner.

Price             : ★★★
Environment : ★★★★
Service         : ★★★★
Food            : ★★★

Tomo should have pillow talk next time, so that more time for us to utilise!

Before you close this page, watch the video below!!!

Our dream House!

Hi there!

Do you have any dream house?

I bet everyone has their dream house, but do you create one for yourself?

Tomo has created their own dream house!!!!!
Watch the new video we have done!


Behind the scene

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Precious whole week 11-07-2011 -------- 17-07-2011

This is another busy yet fun week of mine.
Before this, do you notice any changes on my font and its colour? If you do, yes, I changed the font and colour for the purpose of using the Italy word nice, like this!?
I’m so OMGLY love to capture everything happening on me every day, my breakfast, lunch or even dinner. That’s how life goes!
Monday 11-07-2011
Midterm exam for Company Law in the afternoon and before that Jennifer made a call to say that SHE NEEDS HELP, because she has dropped her car key in the longkang (drain) and she needs somebody to help her!!
So I went down (I was at the venue of examination) to the car park, and get a guard to help her out. The guard was so kind to help us, but he left us doing the picking stuff =___=
However, in the end he helps us to pick up, so I can say he is KIND!
Tuesday 12-07-2011

Mommy brought back a pack of Scotch Finger from my aunty in Australia. And the moment she brought back, she kept in the container. =__=
So I got to taste it on day after this.
 Wednesday 13-07-2011
Another midterm held on this day. I was so nervous at that moment, so the only thing I eat before headed to school was corn flake with HL milk. It’s yummy anyway
This paper was suck, I must say! I don’t even understand what the lecturer wants us to write on. *sigh*
 Thursday 14-07-2011

I supposed to watch Harry Potter with Shin on Thursday, but due to my laziness and “car-less”, our plan postpone to next week. *wee*

So, not to waste my time, I cleaned up my room. And surprisingly found many small little things that make my day. If you interested on my precious small little things click here to read it. (but if you have read it, please do read again... )

Friday 15-07-2011
It's friday already! I'm happy with Friday because the day after Friday was Saturday!!

Mamee has accompany me while I was surfing for information. It's been a long time I've eat this Mamee, and the taste still the same! I love it.

Saturday 16-07-2011

Saturday always be my happy day. 
I went out with my sis, and since Sushi King has a great promotion, so three of us went there for our lunch.

 But the food was quite disappointed, because the food was sooo COLD! Especially this tempura sushi, instead of HOT and CRISPY, it taste just like a overnight tempura prawn!

Mad yuck!
 We went KTV, and I got a terrible sore throat after that. T___T

 Dinner was my long-time-no-see KFC family set, and mom got what she always wanted to get, a free recycle bag from KFC!!

Sunday 17-07-2011

Oh mine! Sunday is coming back so soon, I hate it because we need to face monday blue again the next day.

I woke up around 7.45am today, and on my computer as soon as I sneak into my sis room (they were still sleeping). The moment I on my computer, I spot this book!

Yes, this book which I shown long time ago in my blog!!!

I finally read finish all the book I bought last few month. And this was an awesome book, and the lesson taugh was amazing. The lesson taugh was...


I absolutely agreed on what Cecilia Aherm is trying to say. 

Oh well, tomorrow is Monday blue, and I hate it so much! Good night!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

たくさんの感謝 / Merci beaucoup

감사합니다 !!!!

I’m trying to act as if I learned lots of language, blow off! I’m NOT! I was just wondering what title I should named it, and this POP UP!!

My room was freaking dusty, so I decided to clean it up as I really hate dust a lot. There are small little things I found it super precious for me yet I didn't even realise at the past. Here goes some of my little
I found many small little things that brought up my memories. While cleaning up the drawer, I took photo of these things to blog, and it tooks one hour for me to clean up the drawer as memories keep pop up whenever I cleaning up all those things.  It was the memories from the past to the present.

Ok anyway, that is it. I want to show you guys a little of my precious memory.

Let's start from the latest

 Stone drawing which I blogged it at here and Yun Chee Singapore key chair- 2009

2009 - Gift from Thailand.

 Sabah & Sarawak souvenir
I was lucky to get different type of Sabah & Sarawak souvenir, no duplicate!

Souvenir from the beach side! I purposely open up the plastic that wrap after the book to take this picture, and I just found that it has a kind flower smell.

Tons of watch from primary until secondary, yet I'm not a watch lover. =___=

Souvenir from HK- gift from my uncle

"star paper"

I bought this when I'm in form 2 or 3, because everyone is doing the star thingy, so to be in trend, I bought all these.

And now it has been abandoned.

This was quite famous when I bought it, and I've exchanged some of them with Viki. We both buy a lot of this just to exchange. How silly is it, but we think it is fun! But then, this is what I've done at the end.

Well, this is so obvious!! Souvenir from Korea!
 Souvenir from vietnam by my uncle.

Birthday gift from my bro.

Christmas type was my primary birthday gift
Graduate scary look thiny was my 17 birthday gift as my bro said I'm going to graduate from high school.
THe saving box was my 18 birthday gift, a cute one!
A precious box. I love it, but it is useless actually!

 Birthday gift from Viki- A couple cup!

It was my form 2 birthday gift, and it is super cute. I kept it until now, and yet to use it. Both of them have a name CIAO AND UFFA!

Mad cute.

Well-known bear accessories. 

Yes! I'm sure everyone has this bear accessories at their home. This was quite famous when I'm at age of 14 or 15, and everyone love to buy it for birthday gift.

Left was my birthday gift by my neighbour, and right is from my aunty (if not mistaken) .

 A dirty yet very new birthday card.

This was given by my aunty when I'm in the primary. It was like this before she gave to us, so don't blame me making it dirty, please!

I love it, and don't use it often coz it is way too precious for me that time (propbably standard 4 or 5).

Birthday gift from Tomo!

Tomo gave me this when it was my sweet 16, and Ting brought it to my house when I'm still sleeping (opps). The day before they gave me this MEGA MUG, all of us has planned to go for a trip to Melaka (yes! I'm a Malaccan who never visit Melaka Red House before), and it was 2006.

We were so energetic to climb up the St. Paul Hill, and that was my first time to climb up there. It was really memorable.

 Two old-school coin storage.

It was my primary 3 birthday gift, and yet to use it as well. If I use it, I need to break it to take out the money which is quite wasted! So, I kept until now.

 Camp Fire souvenir

I was a PBSM (Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah) members in my secondary school life, and I used to go to camp fire with bunch of PBSM members. And this is what some of them gave to us, I love it, coz it is unique.

As I said, I'm a PBSM members in my secondary, but I was just like a PBSM who like to join scout event. To be frank, I joined (not so often until form 4) scout event more than PBSM activity because the only activity PBSM done was on duty at sport day, marothon day...bla bla bla...

But scout is super different, I love the activity where we need to bake bread with charcoal. That's was really memorable. At the end of the activity, we didn't manage to bake a good bread, so we asked one of our friend to buy hot dog for us to BBQ, and took coconuts from the tree and drink it. seriously!!!!

Our secondary story wouldn't end always!

 Photo frame- Left from one of my bestie in Primary school, and right from my aunty again! *wee*

A hello kitty lamp, and a glass cup from somebody (sorry, I don't remember from who)

Sunny doll from one of my sister secret admire! MUAHAHAHA....

Not exactly because her secret admire was a girl who stay right opposite us! It was a dedication gift from her as she was in charge of the gift.

Batch for Malaysia National day, and it was 2006 or 2007 batch

 My precious memory book.

This was my primary memory book, and my friend (you know who you are, MUAHAHAHA...) lost my secondary one. It was so sad that he lost because they wrote lots of memories in my secondary one! T____T

A leather pencil case from my sixth aunty.

It was given to me before she went to be a nun a month later.  All of us was quite shock actually, but according to her, she willing to do it. This is her wish, so let her do it.

 Letter from my primary bestie

Thought now we didn't contact each other anymore (besides Facebook), I still keep all these letters nicely in my drawer. It was memorable when you check your post box and found some letter that is for you.

I love the moment I open up the letter.

" I'm person who sit behind you"

Yes! It was Ting.

She wrote something funny on this Chinese New Year card on the year of 2007.

WAH! It was really really long from now on...  4 years back!!

Tons of CNY card from friends at primary and secondary!

Thank for giving me such a memorable CNY card wishes!

A min fans we bought.

All of us was buying this because the weather is freaking HOT, and I didn't use after that! =___=

 Birthday card from Tomo and Primary bestie!

I still kept all the birthday card that given by them, and read it whenever is free. It was fun to read them especially Tomo's birthday card. Ting will write all sort of nonsense to cheer us up!!

Penang bus ticket

The one I circle is my lucky bus ticket (as one of our friend told us). She said when we collected a bus ticket, if the sum of the no. given is 21, we can make a wish on it, and the wish will success!

That's what my friend told us.

A TM note book with economic graph. 2008


A freaking scary picture will be shown (beware) or just close this site if you don't feel prepare to see it.




 I can't believe it. This was my library card, and the picture was freaking ugly. I didn't mention I'm pretty now (I'm still ugly now), but I was shock to see it actually.. MUAHAHAHA....

Ok! Done to scare you guys.

Merci beaucoup

Thank you for the people who is in my life!!