Monday, May 30, 2011

Melaka town trip with my sis!


There is some issue on my YouTube video I posted previously, I felt sorry because there is nothing I can fix on with that video. I’m really frustrated because I'd deleted those video. I can't do it again! *shouting*

Thus, I should blog it with picture.

Last Sunday, my sis and I were way too boring, and she asked me to go for cendol. Cendol is a Melaka famous cuisine which the peranakan or the baba & nyonya used to serve to their guest (a simply explanation for those who do not know about it). We went Donald and Lily to have our dessert, yum yum yum! But frankly, their cendol has failed to appetite me = (

Their taste has become less favorable when I’d try Jonker famous Cendol and Amy nyonya cuisine shop.

I love Cendol with thick coconut milk, but this is not thick at all. It is so watery. =(
After our dessert, we went for another dessert, San Shu Gong pan cake with pandan flavor. It is a fish-like pan cake with pandan filling. Oh well, this had disappointed me so much!

 “Hey, how the taste?”
“It’s taste so bad”
*Nod my head thoroughly*
“emm… Its taste just like flour with pandan” *MUAHAHA…* (that’s was a creative description)

It's cute isn't? But say NO NO for the next time. I'm sorry, you're not my cup of tea. Too bad!

The reason we went there is because there is free lunch tester (?) Nope! We are not hungry ghost! We went there for Pan cakes, remember!? But something my sis crave for is their coffee, and she didn’t want to buy it because no one is willing to share with her (I don’t drink coffee for nothing). Thus, what she does was just to get a cup of Free Tester icy white coffee at the shop! A slurp of coffee makes her day!
The best selling in San Shu Gong!

Lastly, Sis and her bf bought some gift for their friends and family, and what about me? NONE! I didn’t buy anything because I need to save money, and I can go there whenever I like! Oh yes, I bought the flour plus pandan flavor pan cake for my lunch =__=

End of my trip in Melaka Town, (as if I'm not Malaccan) it was really fun, and I finally get to eat those food I always wanted to eat yet have not chance! *disappointed*

Opps! There is something I missed out…

Before we headed to San Shu Gong, we went Casa De Rio (the newly open hotel in town) for photo! Yes, this is what we usually do, snap lots of beautiful photo.
 This was the front view, it's freaking big and elegant! I love it.

Sitting besides the pool

 view from inside!

 Melaka river!

Pretend to be couple. Yes! This is just a demo for them.
I mean them!

"emm... what is that?"
" what things?"
(curiousity killing the cat) MUAHAHA...

We went Jusco after this, and we jam at there. *grumpy* We'd wasted 30 minutes to find a parking place. Well, we actually went Jusco to have a hair cut and bye some stuff.
 I was playing camwhore instead of cutting hair. The person who got cut (hair) is sis's bf!

I was wondering in the salon, playing camwhore, looking at the barber curl hair (it's pretty indeed)......all sort of nonsense being done there. I was boring as you can see!!! However, it's worth to look at the barber curl the hair, I'm going to go there to curl my hair someday!

Melaka town trip end with my mom delicious dinner. It's tiring!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I'm going Singapore 3 days later. *excited*

I know I’m quite emotional in the previous post, so I decided to post a new video for my Melaka trip with my sis! We are still the best sisters thought sometimes get fed up and emotional because of her. But we are sister, remember! Fighting will not more than 5 minute!

Well, let’s enjoy my new video.

PS: I got addicted in editing video! I will try my best to improve my skill. Stay tuned for more.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things that I hate the most

When I always think of the word that I hate the most, COMPARING will directly go into my mind. This is because I always been comparing with others.

"hey, why you are so poor, can't you just learn from XXX"
"You are so stupid, you should learn more from others"
"Ha! Your english is so poor, don't you feel embarrassing when others are reading?"
"I don't even know what you are writing"
"Your accounting course is much easier than mine"

My sis is the very first person to compare with me, and I can't get of from her whenever she compare herself with me. We've been comparing since year 6, can't she just stop comparing with me, I just way too different with her.

When I was in year 6, UPSR result will be the first reason for them to compare my sis and I, and I did not get an A for my english (and she did). Everyone was laughing at me, and I still remember the scene right now, especially my sis. She was the smart one in the house, so everyone would treat her well. The stress is still mild for me as a 12 years old little girl who is noob for everything.

3 years later, another public exam- PMR result is being compare again. I mean again! The stress of being compare has been increase, and yes I did not get an A for my english again. This time my sis is so proud of herself for being the smartest in the house. She would compare everything with me, if there is something can be compare. Being a 15 years old girl who is always being compare without a reason, I'm really stressful. I would cry inside the room without others knowing, that's my way of realise my stress. My sis would insult without knowing I hurt so much. Well, this is not end of my stressful comparing day.

2 years after that, SPM is coming, and this is the most stressful days of my life. I would cry for almost everyday without others knowing. I would cry if no one at home or cry in the night without others knowing. Stress has been increase everyday, and my sis still hurt me very much. She would do everything just to insult me and claimed that it is good for me. It's hurt me and I did not felt good at all. Half year after, SPM result is out, and I get a slightly lower result than her, and she claim our paper was pretty easy because I would get such result without studying is miracle! WTH? Did she know I'm studying so hard just to get this result? Did she know I would cry because I did know how to do add math in the night? Did she know I'm so stressful because I need to compare every single thing with her? Did she know it? She doesn't even know how others would think of me when she just insult me in front of others! Did she know it?

Things she would said and claim it is good for me
"Hey! Why you are so stupid?"
" I don't feel like talking with a stupid person like you"
" You are way too stupid!"
" Stupid stupid stupid!!"

"oh yes! This is good for you, just think of what if your friend comment on your english skill just like me"

Note: I rather listen to my friend than you, because of your way of talking make me wanted to cry everytime!

I was so stressful being her younger sister! As I always said, I rather being a elder sister than a younger one. In my house, the eldest always get more treatment than youngest, but in outsider way I'm the one who being pampered! Now can you see how stressful I am? Being compare is the most stressful thing is my life. I've been learning so much to improve my english, and yet she still insult me badly.
And this stressful life simply just wouldn't end! Others still comparing both of us without any reaso, even my sis herself like to compare the course she took and mine. What is the point of comparing when we were taking the different course? What on earth make you feel like to compare with me? I just simply don't like being compare.

When we were having our dinner just now, my sis told me she has actually read my blog when she is free! And she is laughing at my poor english. I don't mind at first, but because of her way of talking make me feel uneasy, I simply just want to cry out. I want to cry but I didn't. She claimed that everyone like to compare me and her, and she did not like it. OMG! Do you think I like it?

Comparing just make me feel uneasy, especially the way of comparing insult me! Please leave me alone, I need some freedom. I admit my english is poor, but from the first day of my blogging life, I did not claim that my english is good or what! But now I need to claim something just to make others happy!


You are happy now? I'm not good, I admit! But I will try my best to do everything in a good way which everyone may accept. My sis is good in everything, she is the best and smartest in the house, so compare with her make me feel I'm a loser! Please stop comparing.

Well, this entry is quite emotional, but I really can't stand this kind of stress anymore. I need to realise all this stress! Has been suffer for 10 years without others knowing my stress, I felt so relief when I had finally write out.

But first thing is...

I need to be brave to enter the public post... I think I'm ready to do so.......

Hot Spring at Jasin, Melaka.

Aloha! It's hot spring day!

Yesterday was the hot spring day, my friends and I went Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Jasin to relax and enjoy ourself to the fullest. We supposed to go Gadek, Alor Gajah, but due to the time being, we changed our plan to Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Jasin.

Viki was the driver, and we are the followers.
It takes about 30 minutes to reach there, and we were so happy to be there so early.

Take a group photo before start our visit.
The direction
It is about 100 years old from now
The prohibited hot spring 60 celcius
River besides the prohibited hot spring.

Oh yes! We finally get into the hot spring pool. 42 celcius
It is not that hot actually, and I don't think it has 42 celcius .
We at the super hot 44 celcius pool. This was really hot, but I felt good in it.
Viki is the person who don't feel it is hot. =________= She love Gadek Hot Spring than this.
Jennifer is going to drink the water (na~~ She requested to snap this photo)
IT IS SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are the red lover, except.....
One of us-hui kim!

"This is hot!"
"super hot"
" I'M HOT"

After those hot hot spring, we decided to go a sightly cold hot spring pool. This was just like a normal swimming pool.
The slide we love the most.

We were crazy on playing, shouting, laughing, photo-ing... and "sleeping" at the slide. However, this is quite embarassing, coz some of the children there were looking at us with their weird expression. *shy*

I'm in the water!
Their turn to show up!!!! AND SUCCESS!!!

This is the small pool for kids, and we went there just to relax! The place was so nice to take photo, and I love the large pedal there.

Around 5.30pm, it's time to get ready for our next trip!
We get ready at around 6pm, took a photo before headed to the exit!

I felt so sad to leave this place, coz it is super fun and relax.

Camwhore in the car with Jennifer!

And of coz hui kim and Viki

Viki purposely stopped the car just to let Jennifer snap the hot spring sign board besides the roadside.

This is the sign board

While viki were driving back to Melaka Town, Hui Kim served us with a hot chinese tea to warm ourself. It is so damn hot until it hurts my throat badly =(

Friend should be like this instead of just say hi and bye to each other whenever they meet each other. I felt happy to have this bunch of good friends!

I've made another video for this trip! Enjoy and comment on it, thank you

How is it? Acceptable?

PS: I feel down today! =(

Friday, May 27, 2011

The making of Bee Hive Sponge Cake

Yes, it is the making of Bee Hive cake! As I said I wanted to bake a Bee Hive, so my mom try again.
First, all you need to do is just follow the instruction. *cough cough*

Secret recipe from my mom best friend *ehem*
1 bowl of sugar
1 1/2 bowl of plain flour
4 oz of magerin/ butter
3 tbsp of condense milk
3/4 tbsp of soda bicarbonate
1/2 bowl of water

2 oz of sugar
4 eggs

1 tbsp of vanilla extract


1. Melt the sugar in A until it turn brown.

like this.
2. add water to the boil sugar ( This must be careful, if not you get hurt. Tips: Let it cold for awhile, then only pour the water in)
3. melt the butter together with the mixture of sugar and water

4. Add condense milk to the mixture.

5. in mixture B, beat the eggs with the sugar together until fluffly.
6. combine both mixture A and B together.
7. Add flour and soda bicarbonate to the mixture and stir it equally.

Note: This is camera effect, stir it slowly and equally.

8. Pour the mixture into the pre-heated container, bake it.
You should have all this bubble after pouring to the container. This the Bee Hive effect when it has fully baked.

Bake it in the oven slowly and steadly, and remember DO NOT RUSH! Just do it slowly.......

The experience of doing Bee Hive sponge cake was really good, I've experience the boiling sugar spill on my feet, and it's hurt. My feet got red after that, I need something to cool it down. However, overall experience was quite good because I never ever do this kind of cake before. That's was an awesome cake! I love it.

PS: Ha! I'm just a helper actually =P

After around 45 minutes, a bee hive sponge cake is ready to be serve!
I've pack some for my aunty and my mom best friend.

Well, aunty commented that the Bee Hive effect is lesser this time (too bad), but it taste nicer than the previous one! *clap hand* I'm glad that my very-sensitive-in-eating aunty like it! =)

You may folow the recipe if you like to bake one too!

Enjoy my short video! I'm trying hard to learn a new skill in editing video. =)

Hope you all love it!

Comment and tell me the result. *evil laugh*

Au revoir!