Monday, August 31, 2009



Today is Malaysia independent day, so I would like to wish Malaysia Happy 52th birthday and thank you Malaysia!! This is simply because BIG APPLE DONAT & COFFEE shop had a discount of 52% due to Malaysia 52th independent day, I am so happy when I saw it in the newspaper and my uncle had made a promise to bring us to eat BIG APPLE DONAT this afternoon. Therefore, we went Dataran Pahlawan about 12.30pm; find the shop about half an hour. When we reached there, there was nobody queuing up, nothing!! And we happening to doubt about the discount stuff, but after we had queued up, many people on track to queue up too. Should I say we are the leader? Leader that brought all the customer in. *evil laugh* aunt help us to pick some cute and sweet Donat for our lunch, that was really good. Before we went back home, uncle stop somewhere near Yok Bin secondary school to have some chicken rice for my lovely cousins, they are so cute, love them so much. Whenever, my lovely cousin, Jun Jie wanted to require something new, he will look at his mom and make many reason to buy that thing. It seem like he scare his mom so much. So, he had made a funny reason to buy the cute balloon which sold at the roadside today, the reason was….
He doesn’t want a balloon which can fly around. This reason was rather funny right? However, he got his favorite balloon also.

*due to my ugliness, I had edited this photo*
With my lovely cousin, Jun Shen..
Agrh!!! AGAIN~~
I look so dark….
I think I need to have some whitening product to make my face look fairer. Good idea har.
See!! How cute is he...say hi to the camera some more...cute~~
He is so fair, made me looks so dark… *sob sob*
Uncle still playing the kakura game, so funny....

His present from my cousin, shin yee and shin hui...he love that so much!! He asked me to captured this photo, that was cute....*but where your face my dear*

Later on, we went back home and enjoy our lunch, yummy. And my ah yi(aunt) also join us for our lunch, she brought many foods too. It looks like we were having a lunch party at my house, this feel so good. I like the feeling so much, enjoy food with my lovely family, that great!! No kidding!! We were chit-chatting, make fun of my lovely cousin, ask him some funny question, laughing. Besides that, we also enjoy our meal. Great great great!!!

As usual, we finished all the food and they are rushing back to their home in KL, my bro too. Thus, they packed all the things and went back to their sweet home….

I hope they will come back again….
PS: Pity sis had went back to Klang, so she never join us...sis you miss a lot la..*laughing*

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Truth or dare?? =)

Rather pity How keong, this is simply because he is the only guy among us.

Just now, I went Mori cafe to have some tea with a bunch of good friends. It’s been so long for us to gather around. As usual, we were ordered some drinks and foods before our sampated chat and tease around. I really having fun with them since I have never seen them for about one month, I think. This is rather long for me.

After all of them had finished up their food, Shi ting came out with an idea, that is play “wu gui” (tortoise) with card, and who had lose the game need to play truth or dare. This is rather a good idea for us to “dig” out some secret from others especially those who had changed their status to in relationship. It’s so fun!

I am the third person to be a tortoise which means I NEED TO CHOOSE A CARD FOR THE TRUTH OR DARE. I was so unlucky that I had chosen DARE for my destiny! Ish....ish….I wanted to change but it is too late, so I just followed what they had requested. My part was, smack the table loudly while yelling I am “wu gui”, this is rather embarrassing; simply because there are lots of MMU student. *sob sob*
*copy from Jennifer*
Hope you don't mind ya.....

However, now I think I am the luckiest among my friend had chosen DARE, this is because my friend need to take photo with the guy singing on the stage, and she did it! Bravo. She is way to brave to do that, I salute to you!! *evil laugh*

This is my friend and the "singer". *laughing*

After paying the money, Shi Ting again had suggested a pretty fun game. That is clap hand and wend off directly after the “singer” had sang finish the song, and we did it! However, the guy which my friend had captured photo with had stopped us and he said that he is going to sing a song especially for us. But we just ignored him and went off. *laughing* I know that was impolite, but what to do? We were rushing home. Sorry ya! *evil laugh*

That was really fun, we had planned to have another gathering tomorrow, hope no postponement for it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jun Jie~~

Happy birthday to my lovely cousin, Jun Jie~

Last Saturday, we celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Puchong though today is his birthday. To celebrate his birthday, we went a restaurant which located at Puchong. The environment of the restaurant was good and the food serve was mouth-watering. Rather satisfied with the food. Before the food arrived, as usual, I were captured a lot of photo for my pinky blog. Besides that, my bro also brought his DSLR camera to capture every moment of us. As a result, flashy light all over our table and we were posing and posing. My cousin was so cute, whenever I took out my phone, he will stand by and posing in front of the camera. Super cute! Love him so much!! =)
Bei Jing Roasted duck, vegetable (I had forgotten the name of this dish), duck with Tao Ge and cabbage. Woo~ These dishes are soooooooo yummy.Tofu, vegetable, chicken and fish!!
Yummy yummy...
Hope to go there another time~
This reataurant serve many delicious food......
Bro was busying seeing photo with his DSLR camera, I like this camera so much. However, this is too big for me! *sigh* Capturing photo with my bro..
Hey bro, concentrate a bit la, don't play play...*evil laugh*
Don't shy shy, YiYi, take photo with me!! Next time must camwhore with me ok? promise ya! She and her family was the 3-anti camera family. While I am capturing photo, they were skip or run away, rather weird right?
Birthday boy and his brother. They look alike with the BLUR look, this is so cute..Love them so much!!
After finished our dinner, uncle went to the Berry bakery to buy a cake for my cousin. He was smart, when my uncle (his dad) asked him to choose a cake; he chooses a BIG cake for himself, cute right? We went back later on, and the birthday party started!! We were busy taking out the cake, light up the candle and blow balloon for the birthday boy. After lighting up those candles, we were ready to sing the birthday song, but who knows, Jun Jie had already blow up the fire, so funny. Thus we light up the candle again and continue sing our birthday song. Finished all the song, it is the time for Jun Jie to distribute the cake to us, pity boy. But thank you anyway =P.

This is the cake, yummy..I like the chocolate onto of the cream, that was really good..Happy birthday to Ho Choon Kiat!! Love Love~~

SEE~ He really like to pose in front of the camera right? He is sooooo cute!! This time he pose without smilling, why? I think he is too excited for his birthday cake.

One family cutting the cake, woo~ so sweet.....

Mommy is blowing the balloon for the birthday boy, he really like balloon a lot. Whenever we pass through some balloon stall, he will stare at the balloon, cute!With birthday boy and bro, look like one family right? *evil laugh*

With bro! Now he is serious...*evil laugh*

The birthday celebration end about 10.30pm, it is the time for us to go back Subang. Before going back to Subang, again! Jun Jie needs to say good bye and friend kiss to everybody including me. Therefore, I required for a big kiss from him, and he gave me, cute! For a return, I kiss him, but due to some misunderstanding, Jun Jie turns his head and kisses me. OMG! He kisses my lip! No kidding. His very first kiss had given to me and his mom was shock. I am totally so sorry to Jun Jie, maybe when you grown up, you will regret. *evil laugh*

PS: Happy valentine to all the couple....
*. .★/\︽﹨︽﹨︽☆︽\.☆
☆. /情 \︽﹨︽﹨︽★︽\°
 ☆ │人 ║﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌│.▲
★  │節快║ 田 ╭┬╮田│◢█◣
 @ │ 樂║   │││ ◢███◣
 ║╓╥╥╥☆● ● ╥★╥╥╥╥▊╖
╔╩╬╬╬╬ _/█\_/█\_╔╩╬╬╬╬╬╬
╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮ ╭╧╮╭╮☆
║祝│║七│║夕│║情│║人│ ║節│ ╰快╮
╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛ ╘∞╛ ☆╰樂

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FUN Hot Spring =)

I finally gone to Hot Spring today, this is so fun, fun, fun. Before going to Aunty Lucy’s house, I still doubted about the Hot Spring plan, indeed they are the one who had cancelled this plan yesterday. However, this plan had confirmed today, I am totally exciting since I have never been to Hot Spring before.

After reaching Aunty Lucy’s house, we were watching television and eating instead of changing our cloth. All of us seem like not ready for the Hot Spring, which was weird. About 7.15pm, we started to prepare ourselves and embark at 7.30pm. The Hot Spring was located at Bemban which means we need to travel all over to Bemban for the Hot Spring, rather tired. Nonetheless, our excitement had made us happy rather than tired. We reached the Hot Spring about 8.15pm, this really a long distance travelling, feel dizzy when reaches there.

While paying all the stuff, I was taking the chance to capture some of the Hot Spring photo, it is so beautiful. I love it so much. =) They were preparing to go in to the Hot Spring pool, don't be scare everyone~~
Just go in, my dears...*evil laugh*
When we went in the Hot Spring place, we find a place to settle our stuff and went into the Hot Spring pool. Before went into the Hot Spring pool, there are some instruction to follow such as wash feet before go into the pool and do not eat inside the pool, rather annoying right? But this is for hygienic purposes, so good for us too. When I first step into the Hot Spring pool, the very first feeling was HOT HOT HOT!!! Can you imagine if you are in a 42 Celsius Hot Spring pool? This is way too hot. However, as you balance the water with your body temperature, you will feel very relax and all the bacteria in your body will DIE!! Cool! All of the dead skin, white spot were disappear as you dip into the Hot Spring pool. Woo! I will be so healthy after dipping myself inside the Hot Spring pool, Yahoo~
Besides Hot Spring pool, there also have COLD pool for children to play with, the cold pool was totally COLD, but in my opinion it is better for you to go Hot Spring than Cold pool, because Hot Spring feel more relax. Seriously!

With Sandra in the Hot Spring Pool, cool~~
But due to my lousy handphone camera, all of the photo had became BLUR....*sigh*
What to do, no money to buy a new handphone. *sob!*

After relaxing in the Hot Spring pool, we prepared ourselves for dinner! Oh yeah, Sandra’s dad had brought us to a Mamat stall for our dinner, the special thing for this Mamat stall was the cook. She was a Pakistan woman. Their food was marvelous, though this shop is just a Mamat stall. =P

We went back home later on, today was a wonderful night for me. The very first time went to Hot Spring was a memorable day for me. Rather happy~~

PS: Due to my lousy handphone camera, my photo had became BLUR~ please don't mind ya.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A great party =]

I have a super great party today in Aunty Lucy’s house. It’s rather fun. At first, they were invited us to go for Hot Spring tonight, but unfortunately their plan was spoiled by a bunch of people who came late for the party. Which means the plan was CANCEL. No Hot Spring tonight. Rather sad to hear this news, but what to do, Sandra’s dad is the only one who knows the place. As a result, we were having party in her house. With the band and singers, the atmosphere were totally different from other formal party, one word to describe this party, COOL. However, there are many foreigner had been invited to this party, because they are the singer and also the band. It’s rather weird. I am scare of them, they look so weird. *shivering* but anyway, their voice was good and the way they are enjoying was different from us. Seriously…=P
The band and singer on the stage..they were singing, drinking, laughing, making fun and teasing around. rather fun har..But they were all drunk after drinking too much of alcohol. (children do not learn it, seriously...)
Mommy taking food from the BBQ station. Cool right?
Lydia: mom, don't forget to take some for me, thank ya. *evil laugh*
I am the BBQ master!! Call me Master Kang, thank you..*laughing* I will serve you delicious, tasty and mouth-watering BBQ Chicken ever.
Having some photo with the funniest Sandra. She is so hilarious. While we were capturing our photo, she keep doing funny stuff infront of the camera, funny~
Now is my turn to "sampat", trying to KISS Sandra while she was dancing. Opps! one centimeter to go, I will try another time..Don’t shy shy, Sandra. *evil laugh*
AGAIN~Sandra is posing some funny pose, she really way too funny...and I am eating watermelon for my dessert. Sweet~~
Both of us with Ghost expression, scary right? *evil laugh* Sandra, you had made a wrong expression la wei. Actually we are suppose to act ghost expression but she had made a shock expression. So funny la wei!!
PS: Tomorrow we will go Hot Spring "again".....I am totally happy since I never been to Hot Spring before. Hope that tomorrow won't be cancel again...

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fruit =P

I went Chia Shin’s house just now to get back my document from her. After I had got my document, we sat down and start to chit-chat or gossip (whatever you like to call it). While we are chit-chatting, Chia Shin’s mom suddenly came out and have a look at me, I was like hi~~aunty……this is rather scary, because it is very weird to see friend’s parents looking at me, or I should said I am not good in approaching others especially elderly. However, Chia Shin’s mom was a soft-spoken mom ever, she speak softly with us. Besides that, she is a very kind person, she had given me a packet of fruit (I don’t know what is the name of it, sorry). The fruit was so sweet, thank you

This is what Chia Shin's mom had given to me, thank you aunty~
It look so sweet right? RED in colour~ Sweet Sweet~~
(Those fruit are planted by her dad anyway)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The last paper..

Today is our last paper for midterm exam, hurray! Our last paper was microeconomics which is quite easy. Before exam, Chia Shin and I went “under the tree” (a place at MMU) to study, we were very tension and stressful (because we do not know which part of the chapter will come out), this subject really killing me man. Besides that, this is the first time I didn’t chit-chat with her while studying, rather tension har. We were very silence and nobody was talking around us too. Truly tension everyone.

But at last, the question was quite satisfied by us. None of the question was way too tough, thank lecturer.

While studying, as usual I would not miss any chances of capturing pretty photo of Chia Shin. (She will scold me if she know it) sowee, Chia Shin~~

Is she sleeping or memorizing??
Hey girl, don't sleep, wake up girl.....
Wake up!~ *no voice*
(She is memorizing~~)

PS: Tomorrow, I am going for girl gathering with friends...happy~~ left 10 hours, can't wait for it now! AND Happy 19th birthday to Wang...18

I'm Famous~

Hey, people!!
I’m famous now~
This is because this shop had uses my name as their shop name!!
See! How nice is my name…Mei Wei, Mei Wei….


Monday, August 17, 2009

An awful news~

I had just received an awful news from one of my friend, which was really shocking. My secondary English teacher which had taught me from form 1 until form 3 had passed away today. I was totally surprise when I heard this news, thought I knew that he had a nose cancer since last year. However, he was too late to know about it. When he knew it, it was in the last stage which was very late to cure anymore, and he was suffering about one year. No kidding, is one year, people! That was really sad for his family..

What a surprise news for me, a teacher had taught me for 3 years had passed away in a sudden. A life can be so easily gone like that, which was very awful. Nobody had thought that this teacher will pass away so quickly, although we knew that he had cancer. But life is like that, am I right? Nothing can be under control by us; it just will happen when it was happened. Therefore, don’t ever waste any moment of life for some stupid stuff, move forward and not backward….

Anyway, Mr. Tan, Rest In Peace……

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Tang Yuan"


“Tang Yuan”, my favorite Chinese dessert, I love “Tang Yuan” very much because it is very chewy and delicious. Therefore, aunt brought this dessert to me today, I am so happy, thank aunt, I love you! “Tang Yuan” can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. (As you guy know before) however, aunt had cooked a bowl of big and filled “Tang Yuan” for me today, hurray! It is so delicious….sincere talk! Those “Tang Yuan” was filled with red bean and the soup was sweet and spicy (because of the ginger), it is a great combination. *Thumb up*

By the way, this dessert is traditionally eaten during Yuan Xiao or the Lantern Festival (I Google up the name). However, today was not Yuan Xiao; it is rather weird to eat that dessert today right? *evil laugh* But who cares? I love it, I eat it! That the way to enjoy life right? *evil laugh*

PS: Today I saw many nice wallpaper from, you guys can visit it if you like it. SEE! How cute it is....

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey, people!


My mid-term exam had gone by the wind, I am totally sad!! Why I always forget what I had read before?? I really don’t get it. It is rather sad; I can’t answer some of the question because I had forgotten what I had read. It is rather weird right? Okay, I admit that my memorizing skill was bad, I can’t memorize things very fast, and it is a bad thing for me! *Sigh* besides that, it’s also due to my last minutes attitude, I will proper it, I promise...


But anyway, today is my friend, Shi Ting big day! She had turned 19 today, it’s today! Happy birthday to you! *sigh again* however, today is my busy and bad day, this is because I have failed to answer some of the question for my mid-term and today is the due date for our assignment, rather busy these days. As a result, Shi Ting birthday equal to my bad day *laughing*. Don’t angry ya, Shi Ting. *evil laugh*


PS: nothing special happened these two days, *sigh* I just went to school, came back from school and study….that’s all. Rather lame har...**evil laugh**


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I hate Robbery!!


My phone rang, a call from Shi Ting, my neighbor. Then I picked up the phone, she was very nervous and yelled at the phone that our neighbor house had been robbed by robbery. I was extremely sleepy at that time, once listen to what she had told me, immediately I jump down from my lovely bed and closed the entire door at my house. I locked the entire door with a scary look; my dog was looking at me curiously, I think he might think that I am kinda insane, but anyway it is for my safety, Nicky boy. By the way, this is not the first time the robbery went into our neighbor house, OMG!! Last week, some robberies had tried to go into her house but unfortunately, some of the neighbor had saw them and yelled at them, they was afraid of it , so had run away. However, this time they had successed….feel scare now!

Later on, I messaged Shi Ting to ask her what is situation after the incident. She was describing the moment her mom picked up a call from that neighbor, she saw two people had came out from the house and they had actually went to a car which is Gen2, the car was dark purple and it speed up very fast. Besides that, they was smart, they cover the car plate so that nobody had seen it! Pretty smart har. However, our neighbor uncle had heard some weird sound through the car, good job uncle!


Received a message from Shi Ting again, she had told me that the policeman still investigate at the particular neighbor house; they are going to find finger print in her house and they had found that some money and gold had been stolen. But luckily the laptop doesn’t steal by them. Hope the police catch all the robbery in our Taman…

There are many cases happened in our Taman, it is rather scary…

Hope no robbery come into our Taman anymore…
PS: H1N1 has getting worst and worst; the number of death has increases to 38 peoples. Overall people had got H1N1 is 2253….OMG I am scare!!!
Therefore, wear mask people!!


Okay, I know it is the time for me to get into my lovely bed and sleep rather than blogging at here. However, I have something to share with you guys, which is Taiwan fried dumpling. The stall was located at Ixora food court.6

This is the first time I ate fried dumpling for my entire life, especially with my friend. My friend, shin yi and I had ordered a plate of fried dumpling for our lunch today. This was really good; it is rather sour (because they had added some dark vinegar to flavor it). Those dumplings had slightly fried after they had been boiled. Quite complicated right? But the taste was madly nice. Its taste heavenly~~5

You guys can try it, if you are interested in.