Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday celebration at MISB and Sibaraku.

We had a surprise birthday for one of our friend, Mr. Wang at MISB; we didn’t tell him that we’ll be celebrating his birthday at there and his gift as well.

We reached there around 11.50am, and waited them for like 30 min, (they should be punctual the next time for sure =__=) before they reached, Wee Kee like so excited and put the bowling ball somewhere else, and wanted to treat our birthday boy or guy as if like there is a new ball which has abandon by his owner. When Mr. Wang came, everyone was like normal, and suddenly WK told Mr. Wang that there is a ball which had been abandoning by a Malay guy and no one want it. (if it happened, I think Malaysia will has snow for sure *silly joke*)

Thus, Mr. Wang was like damn interested on it, and decides to STEAL it. They like theft, hanging around the place, GET SET, and GO STEAL THE BALL. We were laughing at the back, and he was nervous for sure. When he put in his car and covers it safely, Edmund wish him, and he stunk and blur for awhile. Lastly, we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for him, and told him that the ball was his birthday present. He was like WHAT!? WHAT!? @#$%&*&^$# (bad word), THAT’S MEAN I’M STEALING MY OWN BALL LAH! @#$^&*#$$$......
(The story told us that, nothing is free in this world, WAHAHAHA…..)

Well, done with the long story, now with the celebration, there is neither cake nor celebration; it is just a bowling game since Wang was craving for it so much.

Before that, we were in the bowling shop for the estimation of wang's finger, and do a hole for the ball.

There is many variety of bowling ball for you to buy it, and it cost from the lowest RM 180 to RM 400 or more... That's was really expensive!

I'm preparing for the game!! The shoes was weird!
and END!!
Well, no photo was snapped in the game coz everyone was trying their best to get HIGH HIGH HIGH  mark. (Kia Su-scare of losing, especially those guys!)

The two special ball in the track! WAHAHA....

Birthday boy was so happy to get his own bowling ball! Hope you love it..(I know you do)
And of coz camwhore with Jennifer, the tomodachi of mine!

The group photo of the day...
I should say it is the only group photo of the day. =__=

Andrew is playing around with my camera!! *sigh*

You think that this is the end of Mr. Wang birthday celebration? You're totally wrong....

We went SIBARAKU to celebrate his birthday, or to be exact we went there for lunch or brunch!
The environment is still the same, but it is cheaper compare to last time we went. RM 18.60 per person, great...coz at least I didn't need to spend so much for it. =) Do you remember, I'm kiam gu (stingy person) WAHAHA........
Their tau fu! Nice and smooth..Love it...

While I was snapping the food or even the dessert, my friends asked me to snap his and her food as well. *surprise me!!*
Andrew's plate! Surprise me that he love to snap food photo as well...

Mine of coz... I love thousand eggs!

Jennifer's plate (I'm not surprise because she is my food snapping kaki)

I'd finally drink this soup, it tastes great! I love it ...

Normal food..

with the chili sauce!
I'm so happy that I get to eat the Japanese steam egg, coz the very last time I went was out of stock, I guess.

The very frist time tried this, and I simply just love it. It is a taiwan cusine, "wan gao".

Fried thingy!

Tepanyaki! I love the prawn, and they gave me more prawn because of laziness! WAHAHA...

More sushi...


The next thing we went for is DESSERTS for sure....
Their desserts are so cute..
It is a biscuit with peanut butter... I love it so much...
Chocolate cookies is my always-favourite-dessert.
And this is so cute as well...STAR!!
We went to tried almost all the dessert except for cake! =__=
Last, we tried on the own made ABC!
Kai Loon and Jennifer was so crazy on doing this stuff, Kai Loon was like HEY, WE GONNA DO THE ICE PERFECTLY, then they start to add on more ice on it and create a beautiful shape, and at the end we can't finish the whole thing and waste it! WAHAHA...

However, it is so fun to make it!
We went back home around 5.15pm, and crapped in the car until got home!

Took photo with the birthday boy or guy!!
Happy 20th Birthday Mr. Wang! May your dream come true....

PS: I'm sick right now...=(

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