Friday, October 29, 2010


OMG! I just knew that MMU is going to change the name to University Telecom!?
How this happened? It's super duper weird for all MMU student indeed, am I right?

I've been a MMU student for the 3rd year (plus foundation of coz), and now they said our school name will be change to University Telecom Sdn. Bhd. valid on 1st of Novemeber. =_____________=


I don't one that name, I want MMU coz it kinda pro, and a nice name ( at least better than University Telecom right?) T__________T

As what Jennifer had said what we have tell the company about our school name, I bet they will be damn confuse with it. This is so troublesome and confuse for us!

I hate it so much, but I think I need to face it, and so what the ex-MMUians is going to tell their company about their school name?

Many question need to be answer! =___________=

CONFUSE and I hate new corporate name! I want my Multimedia university! T________________T

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul the octopus

Paul the octopus has passed away today, RIP Mr. Paul.

He is so damn famous after the final match when German V.S Spain in world cup 2010, and now the annoucement of his death had made some of his fans sad! *Sad case for the fans!*

He is only 2 1/2 years old, but according to professional, it is a normal to die at this age! (this is what Jennifer told me)

If he is dead, then who will be the next predictor for world cup champion, I'm wondering.

Rest In Peace, Paul the octopus!!

One whole week 18-10-2010 --- 24-10-2010

Well, it’s a one whole week post again!


Monday will mostly be classified as blue Monday by others, but not for me, I’ll classified as a Happy Monday or Pink Monday (why pink? don’t ask me, I just simply love pink)

My pink + purple nail DIY!
Then, my sis said it looks like indian, so I change to other colour.. =__=

Last Monday was the first day of our school reopen, but again not for me, coz I’ve no class on Monday, baby! Thus, I went out with lovely Viki to buy her school bag or bag pack, and then we had tried a long-time-no-see twin twist ice-cream from MCD! I’m loving it!!

 We craved that for years!


Tuesday is my first day of school, enter the class with no stress coz I still same class with Chia Shin, and surprisingly we get a good lecturer again. How lucky we are, coz most of our course mate was taught by other lecturer which was not as good as this lecturer, we are damn lucky. FYI, due to some problem we’d changed our group while we were registered for this subject on exam week. *evil laugh* now I feel so lucky!

Oh yeah! The very first day of my school reopen, I spent RM120 for 2 books! T__________T


I’ve a 8am class on Wednesday, it ruined my day, coz I need to wake up so damn early, and with a pack time table. T_____T

However, I still prefer my time table right now. chia shin, Jennifer and I went night market after our national dance class, we bought pop corn for our dinner snack!

FYI, I love my national dance lecturer because she is a sporty, modern and stylish lecturer ever!

A cute bow rubber band (made by me)

Thursday was a public holiday for all Malaccan, great! I’ve a holiday again, but I’m way to boring to stay at home, so what I’ve done is I made a bow rubber band to fill up my time. Great experience, and I’ve post up how it been done.

After that, I went Aunty Lucy house, and cycle with Sandra around her house! I’m feeling good!


I meet my French lecturer on Friday; she is a friendly, modern and pretty French woman. I’m foreseeing the learning outcome of me. WAHAHA……

Nothing special happened on Friday actually.

Oh well, I manicure my finger nail in bright pink and do some polka dot on it. I named it as Minnie mouse nail DIY!


It’s Saturday, my cousins were coming on this day.

Both of my little cousins were so cute, they introduce me some cute bears. What they have named it??

Let’s see!

The big bear is mommy, the dark brown bear is a baby (coz it is newly bought by his father) and the milky bear is their friend! How cute was that, I so in love the the dark brown bear, so I begged asked them to give me, and the little boy was nearly fight with me. I'm just kidding baby!

 Playing around in the room with all sort of bear. I love bear so much! can I have one?? WAHAHA..

Free umbrella for those who buy sim card and top up for RM10! WAHAHA.....


My working day, work for DIGI again T_______T

I didn’t have breakfast with my family, a sad case for me, and while promoting the pack or sim card to the foreign workers, they wanted to get numbers from me and yunchee, and we got shock. >____<

What a scary people in the world! He keeps follow us until we went into the Digi center. I’m scare, you know? Why keep follow us? Weirdo! Yun chee was so damn scare until run off from him!

I’m scare as well….

However, that day was great, coz we only work for 4 hours, what a great thingy!

End my one whole week with scareness and happiness! Stay tuned for this week post! *wee*
PS: I finally updated my blog...feel sad I didn't get to enter the finalist for iphone 4 contest! T__________T

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunset snapshot

Before sunset

 Almost sunset

The sunset is going to appear!!

 I love sunset so much.

Play around with the sun! *fun*

PS: I used compact camera to capture this snapshot, comment please! orz

NANG for it, thank you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bow rubber band DIY

Well, nowadays Jennifer and I were crazy on DIY stuff, what we’re done few days ago was DIY hair band which I’ve learn at a TV show, it’s kinda easy to make up! Steps refer to Jennifer’s blog (coz I forgot to snap all the step, sorry)
After this, I spot a blogger, violet make a simple bow by using threat and needle. I kinda attracted, and take it as a challenge!
A bow rubber band! (useful for hair bun decoration)

The process as shown below!!! 
At first, cut out a ribbon (the length depend on how long you want), then fold in bow shape (like the pic above). Next, sew between the fold part.

Tighten up the part that have been sew. (make it look as a bow)
 Then cut a piece of ribbon, fold it up.

Then sew it with the bow which have prepare just now. (be patient while doing this)

Before the bow is ready, you should adjust the bow in it shape, so that it looks like a bow shape!
 TADA! Out come of the bow!

Next, use a rubber band (can buy it in any accessories shop), glue it with UHU glue or elephant glue.
 Then, secure it with hand, so that it is attach properly with the bow.
Lastly, the bow rubber band is ready to use!

You may tight a hair bun, then use this bow rubber band to decorate! *smile*

The material is all available is any accessories shop, and it costs cheaper than the one you buy in the shop! *serious*

We did some survey in New Jusco, so it is good to DIY rather than buy from other stall! *advising*

NANG for it, thank you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haze drive me crazy

It is so blurry, even the mosque is covered with haze! T_______T

Around 12.30pm yesterday, Jennifer and I went to New Jusco for nail polish, so I decided to fetch her before headed to New Jusco.
The very first step I step out from my house, haze was like enemy attacking me, oh my god, it’s was gross, I hate smoking, as a result, any cigarettes smoke or haze or whatsoever related to smoke, I would avoid them. However, haze just can’t be avoided! *sweat*

My lung is going to be half black soon. T_________________T
I really don’t understand why open burning is still available in the world, I really so damn hate it!

The haze still go on today, I’m not going out today due to the thick haze around my house. T_____T

NANG for it, thank you

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Teh one day trip!

Two days ago, Teh came back to visit us, and he’d planned a lot activities for himself (What a good food planner he is), everything he planned was FOOD activities, I think he is starving since the day he went Cyber. WAHAHA……

Well, first stop we went sushi king for sushi (that day was sushi day).

 We are hunger for sushi except Koo man ( I don't understand why he dislike sushi so much, and yet agreed to go for sushi =__________=) .
 Shin yi was lucky, she get 3 pieces of fresh salmon per plate! Why I'm not that lucky?? WHY???

Photo session as usual...
 Take 1 - Pass, but why koo and teh have no expression (fail)

 take 2- they finally post, but then the photo blur and shinyi has a half face. T___________T

 Take 3- Where is koo face? Half face he has T_______T

Take 4- finally we are all in good position and expression! Love it...
 (But Teh has a cool face)

As I mentioned, Koo man dislike sushi so much, and he just ate one plate to entertain us! *sweat*
If he don't like sushi, we can switch to other food one, so cute loh him!
 I brought mr. doggy here! WAHAHA.... (No lah, he is in my bag always)
 The best blur and cool award to KOO MAN!! He is damn blur and cool at the same time....I mean he keeps telling us those lame joke. =______=  I'm not a good laughter ok??

Then second stop, we went for movie.
 Another 2 friends joined us for movie. *great*
 When the movie haven't start, we camwhore...
 and even in the toilet!!!

The funniest thingy is that, 4 of us were confused about the character in the movie, we keep figure out why some of the characters were not in the movie, and below is our conversation...

Shinyi: Hey, who is the XXX??
Lydia: I also don't know who is he, what character he acts as, koo?
Koo: *thinking* Ya hor, what he acts as already?
Lydia and shinyi: I also don't know, then how about another XXX (girl), is it the main character or something?? The main character we know who is she, then where is the another girl?
Koo: weird!? Hey Teh, do you see the XXX (boy) in that movie?
Teh: *confuse* what you 3 were talking about? That's was another movie characters lah, not the one we watched just now.
Koo, shinyi and me: =__=lll

We three really damn blur, coz previously we were wanted to watch that movie, and keep discussing the characters in the movie, but then after that some of them were like don't one to watch that, and we had changed to other movie. We forgot what we watch anymore. T______T

After this, we went for Pizza!
 The new pizza- extreme cheese pizza, it has 6 cheeses in this pizza. I'm cheese lover, but then it tastes not satisfied me, coz it is too salty!
 Me and shinyi were eating our pizza. (sorry for the poor photo quality, coz my friend uses her handphone to capture this)
Group photo without koo man! (photo quality poor again, sorry)

I've a wonderful food and movie trip with them, and teh had went back tomorrow, hope to see him another day! Besides that, hope yunchee can join us the next time, promise ya!?

PS: I love gathering so much, but I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my bloggy, feel so sorry! Going to out later with Jennifer again, we're going to buy nail polish! I love it~

Bow hairband DIY

My third DIY stuff- bow hairband!

Love it..

PS: I'm going to wear it tomorrow...

NANG for it, thank you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sushi day


It’s sushi day again!

As sushi lovers, we wouldn’t miss out any cheap sushi day. We, the girls decided to have sushi on the very first day of sushi day, and the brothers followed as well, what a great time, coz mostly just few of us, but that day 10 persons were attending! I love this kind of gathering.
The brothers were not sitting with but opposite us, coz no place is available except opposite.

It's been so long, I didn't go sushi king, probably half a year!
 I didn't capture my everytime-favourite-salmon sushi, coz I'm way too hungry that time, and eat it before I realise I didn't even take one of photo. T_____________T

 We're the girls.

And the brothers or I should said the shy brothers especially the white Tshirt guy, he hate camera damn much!

All of us were waiting for the baby octopus to be serve, but it took so long for the worker to serve the baby octopus *grumpy*. However, it is serves right after we were grumpying, yeah yeah!
The workers was putting the baby octopus sushi on the plate, and we just grab it without asking (This is what the guy does, we girls, got ask the worker one). This is the advantage for sitting in front of the workers!

 The sisters, Jennifer and her sis Agnes!

This is the very first time, Shin follows us to Sushi King! There is be 2nd and 3rd from now on....

 Me and Shin yi, the sushi lover as well especially the salmon sushi!

Other angle of the girls! WAHAHAHAHA....

Play around when Jennifer is capturing her plates! *evil laugh*

 Shinyi, how much you've eaten? She keeps counting, and me and shin were watching the workers placing the sushi on top of the plate. (what a boring activites we were looking at)

Jennifer: hey Lydia and Shin, bring your plates here!
Lydia: Huh?? For what??
Jennifer: I want combine and make it high high! 
Lydia, Shin and shinyi : ok, no problem... 

And we combined our plates together......

It is damn high, as a result each of us eat alot har! ( No la, Shin just ate 4 plates only)

I've a great time with them, this is the first experience of eating sushi with the guys, should have the second time!

PS: I'm going to eat it later! *happy*

NANG for it, thank you!