Thursday, February 9, 2017


Life isn't that miserable..
Life isn't that tough..
Life isn't that difficult...

Communication isn't that hard..
Communication makes life easier..
Communication is a tool to bond each other...


Communication can be tool to destroy a friendship... 

And makes life miserable..

Human being create communication tool… And yet we are the one who misuse it. Verbal communication seems like a simple task everyday but it somehow ruined others life with complicated way.

Isn’t that simple life is good for us?

Human being complicate the whole process, and the process somehow makes others unhappy.

1 + 1 = 2, simple person will agree, but complicated one will tend to confuse others by giving something else and they do not know what they are trying to tell the other party.

I do not understand why there is always communication breakdown among the human being. Misunderstanding can lead to big problem and people hurt.

And most importantly, the way of communication can either hurt or comfort others. There are reasons why people tend to have lesser friends, and I guess all goes to communication.

Girls and guys have different perspective when come to communication, and when someone offended another party, that’s it. Your life is ruined by some jerk who doesn’t know what is going on here.

This is not about your whole life, but at the particular time, that person has ruined your life (partial) by hurting or insulting you. It is true that forgiven is important but too much forgiven make the person think that you are alright with this kind of attitude.

So now, what we should do when this kind of person kept come and made you stress all day?

Honestly, I do not have a solution yet. I had encounter this problem right now, and I am trying to be harsh with that person (just to tell him/her that I do not like this way of communication) but it doesn’t seem to work at ALL.

Thick face? No! I think different people have different perspective of communication. I choose to be friendly, and that person could be the opposite side.

That person (let named as a) talked to me regarding these many times, and I kinda pity “a” because he couldn’t get friends in the department. I gave some suggestions/advices regarding all these, but somehow I couldn’t link to “a” thinking. For example, a told me that my friend went overseas job with a senior, and she went out celebrating New Year with her boyfriend without the senior. I couldn’t understand this at ALL. “a” had rebuked my friend for not bringing the senior out for New Year celebration. SERIOUSLY? And “a” said this is the reason why that senior is going to resign soon. I am like WHAT? Are you serious?

First, I don’t think is because of that causing the senior to resign (some other reason everyone know except “a”)

Secondly, why would I even want to join a couple date?

Thirdly, I wouldn’t even join some gathering with tons of unfamiliar faces! I mean can, but I don’t want my friend to entertain me and at the same entertaining her own friend. Correct?

Being over friendly makes others hold back, and because of this question, we almost fight in the office. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? Some stupid things!

However, this is fine for me as it is not my problem.


This pissed me off these few days in the office, and I couldn’t control myself from being a rude person.

I was really stress out with my laptop in the ICU (IT department) plus not able to retrieve all my data out. I felt sad and was figuring ways to save my lappie.

And you know what? This fella really pissed me off by wording! “a” said GOOGLE CAN FIND ONE AH, SAID DON’T HAVE! YOU LIKE DON’T CARE ABOUT IT LIKE THAT!


Am I look like I don’t care? Don’t judge people when you are not in their position can or not?

I really damn pissed off with this kind of people and I don’t know why I am still able to talk to him. Anyway, my laptop was fine in the end, and nobody hurt so I just forgive. I believe KARMA!

People who don’t treat others well will not treat well by others as well, and this is proven! Nobody like “a” except people like us who don’t care and forgive!

Life is so difficult with this kind of people around you.

And I should stop being like that…

This is what I wanted to conclude life isn’t that bad when you have communicate in a better way!

Good luck!