Monday, September 2, 2013

An emotional Monday morning!

I am having a terrible situation here. Am I doing the wrong thing? I always wanted to know that whether I had done something wrong. Last week in the office ain't a happy thing for me, and I do not know why I am acting so weird these days.
Checking mail everyday just want a good news, scare to see any good colleague here because I do not want to answer any question from them as well as those upper level people. I am so stressful, and my sis said that I am weird because I don't feel happy leaving for a better life.
I am weird, right! I am seriously weird. I want a better life but I don't wish to waste anytime on waiting. I am weird!!!
I have a nightmare yesterday where everyone was laughing at me because I am jobless. T___T It was really scary, and all the aunties was talking bad about me..... I don't wish it become reality. I don't want being laugh by them... I am Ego I know! And I don't admit everytime.. sorry people who always talk to me because I don't listen to others, and I do not like to face the reality. Sigh... I am really sorry.
I am here to declare I'M JOBLESS soon....
PS: please let me work!!!!!!