Monday, August 22, 2011

3 L - Celebration week

 This week is a celebration week, because I’d done lots of celebration for August babies. I love celebration where I can have many cake to eat, yes, it is my favourite part.

I’ve no regret on my life, I love my life always! Lydia super Love Life!!!

Well, the first celebration was Wang’s birthday where we gave him a surprise birthday on Wednesday. We supposed to celebrate it on Friday, but due to some minor problem, we changed our date, and some of our friend can’t join us, too bad.

His birthday cake from Yee's! The cake was yum, but I ate half of it coz..... (scroll down and you'll know it)

 A group photo of us with the Ham *cough* birthday boy.

PS: Ham = Handsome.
 Yes, this is what I mean just now, I ate half of it because half was destroyed! Too bad!

However, The celebration gone really well and the most crucial thing is HE GOT SURPRISE!

I’ll update more on next entry.

Next birthday celebration was on Freaky Friday, and the birthday baby was my sister, yes she is Baby Leo.

The plan goes very well. Her boyfriend and I had planned it (ok! He is the main planner, and I’m the helper) where I need to get the cake from Nadeje before she came back to Melaka.

I was rushing here and there to get this freaky yummilicious 12-different-flavour cake. We were so nervous in the house, and SURPRISE! She is so surprise (and pretends not to be so surprise)!
 Happy birthday sister! Her birthday is on tomorrow, which means after 2 hours, she is officially 23! You're so old right now, sis. Stay pretty!

How many layer do we have? Probably 12? 25?
Note: Remember the video I uploaded last month? If you don't temember watch this!!

Celebration on Saturday night was Wang’s birthday party!!!

In the morning, we’d our breakfast together at the Hong Kong Dim Sum, Bukit Beruang, and after having our breakfast, we, tomo headed to MMU to do Wang’s birthday card. And we’d used “something” to glue on. Watch the video below, and you will get what I mean! *disgusting*

Teehee! Just kidding.

 As you can watch on that video, we were addicted to this song 念你 by 刘子千! The song is so cute, and I likey!

 The card we'd done for Wang! Is a Hello Kitty yellow card, and we purposely do it like that! Sorry Wang! Hope you still keep it in your cabinet. And we wrote our wishes in Chinese which he is gonna be mad on us. Teehee!!

In the night, we'd a PARTY! That's our life..
Group photo with the girls!

The party basically was quite fun as many of our friends attended, and the singers there were super funny because they have messed up a song which we'd requested (the one I mentioned just now).

This week was a gift week as well! Gift from Sister's boyfriend mom!
An Australia Fruit marbles, and Sis's boyfriend claimed that it is an Australia's sticky. MUAHAHA...Thank aunty!
And Australia cadbury chocolate with variety of flavour! Lydia love it so much. Thank you aunty!

I'm exhausted yet fun with those celebration! Lydia love Party damn much, let's party...
More party will be on..

PS: Stay tuned for the video, coz it failed to upload in youtube.Too bad!

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