Monday, August 15, 2011

The 3 L - JLS & Great weekend


3 L stands for Lydia Love Life!

Last week was the busiest week I’ve throughout this semester coz 5 assignments due on Monday, and the distribution of work was given too late. Shin and I were rushing crazily this few days, and we were lacking of sleep for the whole week! That’s was awful.

Although it is a busy week for me, I still spent some times with JLS in Cha Time. I hope you still remember about JLS (do you?), if you don’t remember read this. And I realised that I named the muffin we ate as JLS production MUAHAHA...
 That's us, the only photo we have. Just kidding, Teehee!!

 We are in the tired mode, or I'm the only one who have a tired face! Too bad.

A better way to camwhore!

Well, JLS went out together at last, coz usually Shin wouldn’t want to leave her "castle" at least there is a special function like MY BIRTHDAY! I’m very important you know? *shameless*
I think she scare her “castle” will fly away or disappear or attacked by enemy, so she will not step out from her “castle” until her “castle” is safe. Coz she want to protect her “castle” anytime. *lame joke* so she wouldn’t goes out with us anytime. How sad is this!
Alright, end the freaking lame joke now. So,we supposed to hunt for something special that day, but end up chit chatting at Cha Time and Shi Ling for 2 hours! We almost forget the main reason we hang out together!!
We are too chatty, I guess.

So, let me introduce the drink we ordered in Cha Time.
This is mine. Their signature drink- Taiwan Milk Tea. The taste was not surprising. Basically it tastes like milk tea with pearl, nothing special. Oh yea, the reason we went there is because many bloggers has claimed that it is the best milk tea ever. =.=lll 

It is NOT exactly the best I must say

This is theirs, Grape fruit.....

There is joke behind this.
Jennifer was the joke! She ordered this because she want something purplely to match her, but after the drink was served, she asked why this grape fruit drink not purple one? Coz grape should be purple what! MUAHAHA... She thought that GRAPE FRUIT is same as GRAPE! This is so funny! I can't stop laughing at her when she was wondering why the drink was not in purple.

And shin is the most suey (unlucky) person among us, coz the guy ordered the wrong drink for her. 

And we realised every cup of Cha Time has different mark on it. Mad cute.

We went for shopping after Shi Ling, and we successfully done our mission. Mission accomplished, you may go to the next round. (this is what I usually heard while my mom is playing game)

JLS outing END!

Next, weekly outing with my sis!

We went Nadeje for mille crepe and their newly "born" cake! We actually planned to go for lunch at Wa Zen, but this shop was closed ONLY for THIS Saturday. Oh shoot! We were so suey (unlucky) that day, so sis decided to bring me to Nadeje!
I'm a dessert freak!

 This is their newly "born" coffee chocolate mousse cake. It's my favourite. I'm chocolate freak remember?

 This is my favourite as well, strawberry mousee cake. It basically not as sweet as the chocolate coffee mousse! It is light and full of flavour!

It's Love!
 Chocolate mille crepe - normal!

The sweet and funny couple ever! They said they gonna engaged soon =.=lll 

 My sis paid RM20 with one ringgit note, and she want the person to count it somemore. MUAHAHA...

After that, it's shopping time. I bought a shirt, and it was meaningful, because it stated spoil me not the earth!
I was freaking in love with that line!

Our saturday didn't end just like this because we planned to play Board Game!
The board game I found it in my house few weeks ago, and it was our childhood favourite memory- snakes and ladders

My sis and I used to play it when we were young, and that time we just used a pieces of board to play it. But now it was bigger and harder than last time! 

Before start to play, camwhore at our room. Please ignore the person behind, coz he said I've a pair of  freaking small eyes and hurt me after that. Just kidding! No, I mean he did said I've freking small eyes, but I didn't feel hurt. Teehee!!!

We'd done a video for Board Game, but it is still in progress! Stay Tuned...please...
 Sis the Pink Lady, I'm the orange freak and Lewis is that blue miang!

 Later sis had changed her icon to Green The lamest! MUAHAHA....

We end the game around 12.30am. It doesn't end actually, coz they keep changing the rule for like 3 times.
And any rule does not end the game nicely. So, we considered the rule we'd set PHAILED

Tomo and I had planned to play it next time, so they should be planning on the rule right now, I guess!

Alright I should end this right here, coz i've no idea what to continue anymore. Stay tuned to my video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!