Saturday, September 19, 2009

Study in Tze Chi =]

Okay, I’ve abandoned my blog for a long time and now I going to refresh it by uploading some photo on it. Today, my friends and I have some revision at Tze Chi’s library which located at Batu Berendam. Before going to the Tze Chi, we went Peranakan café to fill up our stomach and this is to let them “quiet” for about 4 to 5 hours. Rather a good idea right? The Peranakan café is located at Batu Berendam too, and it is a good place to enjoy our breakfast. I highly recommended!! Trust me!!
This looks cute right?? I love the Nasi Lemak after edited...the egg looks like their cap right? (miss Jennifer had told me that...)
Miss Shi Ting and me ordered a plate Nasi Lemak Kukus.
Miss Jennifer ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng.
Mr.How Keong ordered a bowl of Laska. It looks madly delicious...Next time I will order it!! Laske, wait for me to eat "you". *evil laugh*
My "Teh Xi Peng", I love it at first, but as continue to drink it, I started to regret. Feel like wanted to vomit after drink it. It is simply because I am too full after eating a plate of Nasi Lemak.

Bear: Coffee, Tea Or ME???
Choose whatever you like....*laughing*
Three sampated peoples are competing on their photography skill using HP camera…(including ME) *laughing* We are trying to compete our skill by capturing a bowl of Laska which ordered by HK. Rather funny...We are very "sampated" right? *laughing* Who cares!!!

After filling up our stomach, we headed to my old house where I’ve been stay for about 10 years; I really miss there a lot. This is simply because there have many memorable memories for me and my parents too. Later than, we finally had reached The Tze Chi’s library and it is our first plan after all. We’ve been late for 1 hour, and started study plan as soon as we reach there. The place was totally silence, no sound, no voice and also walking sound. Everyone was like tip-toeing in that library, rather nervous. However, the workers was totally blemished the day, they are so annoying, keep walking and talking around!! *speechless*
There is a rule for the library which is readers are need to order some drink before you start your study….
Okay, since we are the rule taker, so we just follow it…

I’ve ordered a cup of Hot Chocó, this is dam bloody delicious…love it so much!!
Miss Jennifer had ordered a cup of Cappuccino, it is so beautiful!! We keep taking photo of it…Funny right?
Miss Shi Ting ordered a cup black coffee and it cost RM5 for it, it is damn costly!!
Mr. How Keong had ordered a pot of Chinese tea (I’ve forgotten the name, sorry! Something related to lavender) the pot was nice, but the taste….i have no idea on it. I should ask How Keong about the taste. *laughing*

This is the drink we've ordered..looks nice after edited right??
Improving my skill for editing...

After all this stuff, this is our time to start our bloody note, hate to study after all. However, final is coming soon, therefore we’ve to struggle for it. Study, study and study make the time pass damn fast!! We didn’t even realize about the time, it is super fast I can tell you!!!

I am so boring until captured this kind of stupid photo...
I've gathered the entire highlight pen that we have, looks colourful har...*thumb up*
The study place, the light was totally irritating and make us feel sleepy....=[

About 3pm, we’ve no strength to study anymore; therefore we went to the rest place to have some refreshment. The place was madly beautiful!! I love it so much…how well if I have this kind of garden in my house. *stop dreaming la, wake up Lydia!!*
Since the view was so beautiful, I surely wouldn’t miss any chances to capture with it. It so damn funny!!
Hello, Miss shi ting, what are you doing there?? Sleeping or dreaming??
Wake up!! wake up!!! Don't sleep anymore....*laughing*
Hey, Mr. HK why your face looks so fierce?? Smile please.....*evil laugh*
Miss shi ting is trying to attack me by using her chinese Kung FU, however, I am attacking her by using my "lion roar" *laughing*

Today is my study day with fun stuff....Happry =]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

愛一直存在 =]

梁文音 - 爱一直存在

作词 : 马嵩惟 陈孟奇 作曲: 陈孟奇

那天我扬起帆 想看看未知的海
天空一样蔚蓝 却换了多少云彩
那时的你让我幸福百分百 是否为我等待

我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
你知道我依赖多不想say goodbye
我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
回头看爱 都在

站在你的门外 我决心不再徘徊
时间过的好快 想念却不曾更改
现在的你是否幸福百分百 我应该怎麽猜

我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
你知道我依赖多不想say goodbye
我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
回头看爱 都在

我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
你知道我依赖多不想say goodbye
我知道 我的爱 一直都会存在
回头看爱 都在
爱一直 存在



Monday, September 14, 2009


Is it necessary to express the feeling of stress?

I am wondering…

My sis keeps asking me the same questions which make me dizzy.

“Why I am so free, why I have no stress, but “somebody” feel stress?”

When I am busying and feel stress, do you know it?

I didn’t express it, doesn’t mean I have no stress,

It is simply because I don’t feel to express it

Although I had tried to convey out, but it seem like doesn’t help at all…*sincere talk*

So I choose to shut my mouth and do whatever I can to solve it….


some people do express,

However, I think it is just a burden for people who close to you…

Agree with me?


I am too pessimistic, I guess....






I admit……=[

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The IB golden night =)

Okay, I just came back from the International Business golden night. This event was organized by the IB club, I guess and it is rather fun.

We went there about 9.30pm and it is FOC (Free Of Charge), happy! This is simply because the person who in charge in the counter doesn’t notice us. We are so lucky today, I think we need to buy TOTO tomorrow, sure get the prize one!! *evil laugh*

When we went in, there is a red carpet to welcome us, we look like a Model!! Pretty good har. After the red carpet, it is the show!! We missed lots of performances but luckily the runway show still on and we very enjoy looking at the model walking around the stage, they are so pro.
After the runway show, it is the Indonesia performances; this is rather enjoyable because they are so “semangat” and the performance was good. I like it.

Next is the Indian dance, OMG!! This is so boring. I don’t like it!!

After the Indian, here come a Malay performance, rather good, no comment about it!!

This is the malay dance~~ rather nice...

Last but not least, the band!!! The band was rather good, but sadly nobody is enjoying and they are leaving the hall after the band had an encore. The band was totally pity man! Nobody listening excluded me!!
The pity band!!!
This is what the most I can edit, rather lousy..sorry!!
This is all the performance they have done, the most attractive performance goes to……
The fashion show!!! I love the fashion show thought some of the model doesn’t walk properly and smile, but overall was good!! Bravo!!! (no photo provided)

We would not miss any chances to capture the photo of us too. Therefore, I had captured a few couple photo with Jennifer and Sheng Yi since it is hard to meet Sheng Yi for a day.

3 of us!! Yahoo!!!
Love this photo so much!!

PS: The "shao bao" and the egg tars that I had bought just now was madly delicious...*thumb up*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009-09-09 ♥


Today is a special day for everyone in the earth, I guess? It is simply because of 09-09-2009 and I bet that everyone had received a long message from friends, am I right? When I received that message, I was surprise because I just realize that today is 2009-09-09, and the message was sent at 9.09am. Woohoo!! I love that message so much, but sadly I have no credit to sent out, sorry ya!!

Since today is a special day, I decided to have dim sum as my breakfast with friends. However, 2009-09-09 is not the main purpose for us to gather and enjoy our dim sum!! It is simply because we have a DISCOUNT due to the CLS (Chinese Language Society) card, and that was our main purpose. Discount 10% for everybody!!

Yeah!! I love discount…♥

I am a discount lover! I admit it…*laughing* By the way, who don’t like discount, none right??

We enjoyed many delicious dim sum at there, but sadly I never capture the photo of it. *sob sob*
But never mind, I will go there again!! *evil laugh*

Later than, we have our microeconomics tutorial class, this is rather sleepy because I woke up too early for today. I yawned many times in the class, I know it is rather no manner, but what to do? I am so so so so so tired after the early wake up.

After my class, I settled my MUET Exam time and went to the International Business event to have some snack for me…

I bought eggs tar and “shao bao” for my mom, dad and of course ME!!! I haven’t tried it and don’t know the taste yet. Sorry!!

The original look...

Look delicious right?
Going to eat these soon...

After edited look...I edited food again, it is more delicious when you edit it with emotion look, am I right?
I think I had addicted to edit food photo! =P
This time I have improve my skill, am I?

I need to stop here, because I have a night class later on, so need to prepare for it, chow!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cute Donat ♥

People, do you guys feel hungry now??

I have something to share with you guys…
The cute donat!!

I had edited this through photoscape, this is so cute right??

Thank to Aiko who had taught me how to edit it… ^^
I love it so much~♥

Okay, that all...
Good night~!
Sweet dream!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Problem solve =]

Problem solve…
I am so happy now….
A sun had shine on me again….

Something happened to me just now, it is pretty serious.
I am so worry…
I am so moody…
I need help, but sadly there is nobody can help…
All I can do is to cry loudly as possible…
I think twice to apologize, the feeling of being refuse was the worst ever….
I hate it….
Waiting for the replied….
Again…being refuse!!!

Few minutes later, a message had been sent to my phone,
And I open it…..

“I am joke with you, cincau!! I’m okay…nothing….I didn’t get angry”
OMG!! When I saw this line, it is totally a brand new world for me!!!
I am so happy that Miss Miki didn’t angry with me….
She just jokes with me!!! Hurray…
All my problem had been heal by one line!!
Just one line….
I am going to have a sweet dream tonight...

PS: Miss Miki, please do not play this game with me anymore, I am so scare!! =[

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun "party"

To “special” girl today, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! WISH YOUR DREAM COME TRUE….Do you love the “party” and the special gift? *laughing*

Today is Friday people!! Yahoo!! We celebrated the “special” girl birthday today. What is so special about her? Erm…firstly, she is the birthday girl; secondly, she is the only one who wore GREEN in colour, special right? *laughing*

To give her a surprise “party”, the rest of us wore the PM1516 limited addition T-shirt without telling Shin Yi the birthday girl. It is rather excited, because we need to wear this T-shirt without the notice of her. *evil laugh*

This T-shirt was created by JJ Ho, pretty nice right
I love it so much...
ROCK pm 1516!!! On my way..............

We meet each other about 12pm, went to KFC before she arrived and set up all the things. When she arrived, it is our time to light up the candle…..Opps!! HAS ANYONE BRING LIGHTER IN? All of us was finding for lighter, asked many people who came and even the waitress. It is damn embarrassing, because Shin Yi need to blow the candle without any light…*laughing*

The chocolate cake without lighting up the candle...(because of some problem, we didn't light up the candle)

After the birthday girl listen to our “wonderful” voice, time to let her to cut her chocolate cake. *it is not that kind of chocolate cake* and pick up the candle using her mouth!! It is so funny….
Since there is no space to put another photo, I had decided to skip the part that birthday girl pick up the candle by using her mouth.....

Shin yi and I taking photo with the chocolate cake and the surprise present!!! yapee!!
Do you love my present?? *laughing*

Later than, we went to the counter and ordered some food since our stomach keep grumbling. I ordered the snack pack with ORIGINAL chicken!! I have made a BIG mistake as I had ordered the wrong flavor. It is rather dry and tasteless...ish!!!
The tasteless chicken...I don't like it!!! Hate it!! Ish.....ish.....ish.....

We had done regular stuff as usual such as talk as loud as we can, laugh as big as we can, tease each other, play, eat, take photo and Shin yi have a talk for us...*evil laugh* I had forced her to do so....… we even plan to play truth or dare, but since there is no bottle or card for the game, we decided to go Jusco play ground to have fun.
Group photo...
Opps...why there is one special person who wore green in colour??
*laughing* That was The "special" girl a.k.a birthday girl today!!!

Jusco play ground reminds me a bunch of memory with Miss Miki…the first time play with Miki in the Jusco play ground, it is rather fun. We had captured lots of photo with her, I will upload if I get the photo ok?

Ok! Back to topic, we went Jusco play ground to have fun. I had played racing car with Yun chee, Eugene and Shin Yi. It is so fun. Besides that, we even battle basket ball with JJ ho. That was so fun. Eugene and I had got 148 point for the game, pretty good har. However, Yun Chee and I just got 50 point!! Fail man @. @
Token token!!! Let go and play using these tokens.....

We went for shopping later on, play again!! *laughing* we went home about 3.30pm...That was the end of Shin Yi birthday “party”. Shin Yi, are you happy for your birthday “party”?

Today was full of laughter…I am so happy..yapee!!

This is the special present from me!!!!
Guess what is it??
Answer given......
It is my BIG kiss....*chu*
Shin yi, do you like it??
I am so creative right? *evil laugh*

PS: I am tired to wait for the video to upload, as a conclusion NO video for my post!!! I am sick of waiting !!!! *sigh*

Thursday, September 3, 2009

友谊 =)














Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Terrible interview ever..

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend and I will interview TM Company for our management assignment today. Therefore, today I woke up early in the morning, have my daily routine as usual, and packed material for the interview. About 9am, I reached school and waited Shin Yi to fetch me to the destination. While waiting for her, I met Wan Khim who will follow us to interview. At first, I was surprise when I saw her walking toward to me, because she is not the one who in charge for the interview. However, one of my friend who in charge for this interview had fall a sick, hope she will recover soon.

Okay, back to the subject….

While going to the company, our leader was totally weird. She doesn’t even know where the place is and keep worrying. Fortunately, our ‘big’ sister Wan Khim help us out. Thank you! When we reached there, there was nobody and we were shock.


Leader asked the information center for help.
They asked us to go human resource which location at 9th floor.
Give us pass for that.

Normal mode again....

When we went into the human resource office, they look at us strangely and that was weird! So, we asked our leader whether she had made any appointment or not. Her answer was NO. OMG OMG OMG!!! She didn’t plan for it and expect the officer to answer the question. We were going crazy that time. The officer was so angry of us, and keeps asking us whether this kind of question is for their unit or not and our leader still looking at him and say nothing!! “Hey girl, please say something, don’t just look at him” Lydia thinking. At last, we are the one who need to interview the officer not her. Indeed she is the one who promise to interview the officer and now what happened? However, the officer did answer some of the question for it and he had apologized to us for his hot temper. We are so sorry too…

After interviewed the company, sent our leader back and we have our breakfast at Old Village which located at Batu Berendam. Their food was rather ordinary but I like their drink. It is so refreshing, good for me, cause I going to “explode” because of the terrible leader. She is so terrible, horrible and “vegetable” (a line from “I am not stupid”) *laughing*

I had ordered a bowl of Nyonya Laska and a cup of Fresh Lemon for my breakfast. It is kind of ordinary. But I love the drink.... Ah~~~refreshing *bling bling*Carrot milk, Milo Ice and my refreshing Fresh Lemon ice. Love it....

3 of us after finished our interview, without the leader...happy *laughing*
But this time, I am the one who hold the camera..pretty good har...*evil laugh*

Oh yeah!
While we were having our lunch, our leader had sent us a message and apologize to us. *Thumb up*

PS: today was the terrible interview ever...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plan mess up =8

My plan had been ruined by some stupid stuff AGAIN!!
I am going crazy soon….watch out people!!
I just don’t get it,
Whenever I had planned for the day, there will be something disrupts it…
Kinda crazy for that…

My plan for tomorrow was…
9am-going to school to pass up my insurance policy to STAD.
10am- go back to my sweet home and sleep for a while.
11am-wake up and have my breakfast.
11.30am- do my things until 6pm and take a nap for my night class.


I am going to interview TM.NET Company instead of passing up my insurance policy to STAD and this means all my plan will be gone by the wind. Kind of sad about it…
This is simply because the interview session had a clash with my time and I need to arranged the time with my mom again, kinda annoying.

However, this is my fault too; I had forgotten the interview stuff for tomorrow, kinda blur for today.

*sigh again*
I need to prepare for tomorrow now…argh!!
People, Chow!!
Have a nice day =)