Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a tomo day!

 Hello world!

I'm so freaking tired after shopping for more than 10 hours searching for tomo birthday gift, especially mine. I admitted ok?

At first, they were like let's go lunch together today, and caryn our "new friend" from Sabah tag along. Lol! Then, their mission started after having lunch, search for my last year birthday present.

Oh gosh! Y still remember, and is really hard for me to tell what I want coz basically I don't need anything. Lol

This is our lunch by the way.

Having boost juice after walking for 3 hours in the mall. And Shin almost puke after drinking. Scary  plus I'm not ready if she really puke.

It doesn't taste the same like what they drank in Desa Park, KL.  KL style..LOL. not criticism ok?

 Camwhore around at Shihlin stall while waiting to meet Jennifer, the left out one!

At the end she doesn't join coz she needs to be home at 6.30pm. ==lll

She missed lots of fun today, and quite pity her coz she needs to work. Today is Malacca historical day, a public holiday for all of us except Jennifer the poor thing. Hahaha!

 This girl was so sad because we camwhore without her haha. Just saying...

 Three of us camwhoring while Ting went to buy top up ticket for Jennifer, so you know who you owe for that ticket Jennifer!!!

 And after so many round, we turned back to the first handbag they spotted, and bought it on the spot.

Thank you very much *sob+touch*

I got a new handbag after two years! The one the ladies (shinyi, datou and miki) gave to me on my 21st was fully utilise and I'm loving it. Don't be sad I changed my bag now haha!

 Ok! Jump to here again, camwhore for the second time before Ting back from buying ticket.

 Then I whatsapp to my sis to show her what I get today! Hahahaha... yaya papaya (show off)

Jennifer sent us this in whatsapp to show off her instex got from Bee, then we revenge by sending....


An instex camwhore without HER!! HAHA! She totally upset about it.

Don't be's okay, we will instex again next time haha!

Anyway, thank for the gift and I really love it. Alright! Now is my turn to think of what I should buy for someone again.

Ps: more fun if I didn't mention who I gave but what is the point when all of us already knew the sequence. Lol.

So funny today because we already knew the sequence and yet still act like we didn't know. Then got so fed up and reveal the truth until Jennifer said she is not my secret Santa ...all of us laughed at her coz she is still pretending and in facts we, the four already started to discuss what to buy for the respective person lol

Ps; still not yet buy present, what should I buy???

Ok! Time for bed coz tomorrow is chef day!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Is the Aprill babies birthday again

Hello word!

It's raining day! And today is our first April baby birthday...

Happy birthday to you Shin

 And she is happily having a cake that day!

 Second April baby which her birthday will be on next week!

 Third birthday baby- birthday on last week of April.

Is a must to we celebrate each other birthday every year, and got to update each other. Lol!

When I came back from KL last week, we (Ting and I) decided to ask them out for late night tea session, just in case they got booked.

However, I was totally late for this gathering because the highway was really jam and my sis and I were really trying hard to rush back that day. What an accident day, everywhere was an accident, and the scariest was the car got burn up after the accident and we were way to near the car omg! It was around 100m away from us! Just imagine if it explode..I can't imagine now. T.T

Anyway, I'm safe and celebrating birthday with the April babies and Ting.

 Flubby also wanna take a pic with the cakes!

 Ting bought the cake at Secret Recipe. White chocolate, chocolate cheese moose and my favourite Durian cake! Omg it's good! Freaking love durian so much.

When we open the box, omg the durian smell so good, and my sis previously told us that Ting had chosen the right cake for the right person because the cake taste very real. I mean real durian flesh is the best.

Then Ting tried, and she was like it didn't taste as what my sis said, and it was really sweet and totally not durian taste. Both of us were wondering why it didn't taste like durian, quite disappointed.

Then, we only realise that we actually tested the white chocolate instead of durian coz Shin keep reassures that the durian cake was the white chocolate because she tasted before. Lol. Shin you are totally wrong!

 Happy ending with failed selfie! Ting lost one eye.

 I lost mine in another selfie and Jennifer got no face here, only flubby got to show up!


Well, as I mentioned in previus blog post that I'm gonna post yesterday outing.

Yes here it is!

Both Ting (En ting and Ting), Jia Wei and I went Chilli yesterday for late dinner. I was totally late due to there was a real big jam all the way from my work place to my house. Arghhh! Y always JAM when there is something on? Sigh!

I reached Paradigm mall around 8.30pm. And quickly ordered some food because is too late.

 Ting's food which I really don't know the name of it.

 Freeflow chips with the sauce. Emmm... I don't really heart the sauce, but the chips is nice.
And my caju chicken burger. Is normal seriously. Nothing really wow about.

And tell you what, we forgot to selfie a group photo again. Seems like after having this phone, I don't really like to selfie anymore coz is really hard to handle.

I should apply the Groupon selfie lesson which Jia Wei mentioned yesterday HAHA!

Anyway, gonna stop here and have my bread as breakfast. I should sleep longer coz is raining you see. Haiz.

Ps:  had a bad news yesterday nicky boy is having lots of flea and my second uncle admitted is the hospital because both leg and hand numb.

Haiz. Bad news everywhere and good news is coming soon I guess!

Gathering with the ladies!

Hello world!

*Chillaxing while writing this blog post in the morning* I'm waiting for my senior anyway.

Last Saturday, the ladies and I went to De'vere cafe which located at Kampung Lapan, Melaka for some chat. And you know what, the place surprisingly petite. I mean seriously small, and it can only occupied two tables.

At first we were like "hey! Can we sit inside" and waitress was like no! You can't coz no place"

Then we thought the waitress doesn't want us to go in because we haven't order anything. Who knows!? They really lack of place! Sorry.

Anyway, here are the dessert we ordered. Oh gosh! It's dessert, ladies' heaven. *drooling*
The infamous strawberry love waffer, and they have a nice name for it which I really can't remember. I think is strawberry lover!

Another infamous dessert banana chocolate waffer. Awwww

My Apple Crumble which I don't really love it. Weird!

Ps: senior is here, and I should continue later lol

Alright! Continued after 12 hours. Wow! Had so much fun just now with the both Ting and Jia Wei. I'll try to post that part with the April babies birthday celebration.

Well, I should continue the part I missed out in the morning...

So, big head aka Yun Chee ordered this and all of us was like wow! We are gonna be dam freaking full by looking it. It doesn't look big portion but we are way to full after the first two waffer.

We finished all in the end, and selfie time with them!
The normal one while waiting Shinyi

The crazy one without Shinyi again... why miki always look so pretty one?

This girl really doesn't has big head and she insists to be named as Big Head. Weird right?

I told her since the day we met, and she still insists to be big head. Lol
And finally Shinyi the late comer join us, and all of us got to selfie inside the cafe! Yahoo...What a petite cafe they have.

Stole this pic from Shinyi's Facebook. The nine column combined pic  lol

The three of us from Miki's phone camera. Yes! She is the pretty bride I blogged last two weeks.

We had really great time together. Catch up and update each other for special day. I can't wait the day to come.  Awww..

Ok. End this and next!
I bought this last week and it only costs RM18. So cheap but I yet to read lol.

And my senior bought some souvenirs for us. The Thai instant noodle and some cracker for use to ease our stomach at anytime. Emmmm... good senior! Lol...

Alright! I think I'm gonna end this because my phone lack of battery right now, and I'm sleepy after so much catch up with both Ting and Jia Wei.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back to school!


2 days on leave was the best days ever as I got to attend my besties wedding and BACK TO SCHOOL! 

It's been one year I'd graduated, and I didn't back to MMU since then. It was kind ot memorable as it was full of my university memories such as the library thought I only fully utilised when I'm in my last semester, faculty where I used to settle some course registration thingy (frustrated moment), finance division, exam unit, friends that I met during my uni life and those who actually I knew since secondary, etc. 

Well, this is it! Back to school is kind of like back to home but I breach the rule of wearing shorts to school. Got so scared of people looking at me, the guard , the lecture as well as the new students! Don't learn my fellow juniors, bad example I knew!

Ps: My friends didn't tell me that they need to go to MMU to settle their things, in conclusion I break the rule. Lol

 The weather was quite good and sunny and HOT! By the way, that's was the ixora students used to stay.

I didn't stay at there because I'm momi girl lol. I stayed at home ok?
 We got so excited on this new hall built after we had graduated from here. Lol

What the point of exciting tho? We are not going to use it anyway. T.T

 Camwhore skill doesn't improving. Gonna take more photo after using the new phone.

Ps: I changed my basic phone to LG Nexus 5 finally! With pink case woohoo!

 Camwhore with the new hall in MMU!

 Protecting my "wife" from bullying lol. And I'm taller yeah! She used to be my "wife" in one of our foundation drama, and she should be glad that having a "rich" husband like me. Because I have a sport car (created by them) in the drama. LOL!

 Nah! Bluff you. I just tip toes and I'm taller.. thanks to camerawoman Jennifer!

After a day in MMU, I got so tired and decided not to go back KL that day. Hehe! Kind of excited to stay in my hometown Melaka, historical place for that day.

Drove back the next day morning, and back to work!

So sad and tired.

Emotional feeling. From KL to Melaka to attend wedding and gathering with friends for two days then back to KL for work another two days, then weekend already ahead!

So fast yet so excited and emotional feeling

Momi and papa is here at KL for cousin birthday celebration, imma not looking forward for next working week lol.

Ps: exam is next week, and I yet to study goshhhhh!��

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The best wedding I ever attended!

 because yesterday was my lovely sister wedding and I was one of the sister to treat those brother something good.

I didn't got to snap lots of photo with the bride and the process because I'm way too busy treating the brothers.

Our game mostly was quite normal except one of the brother puke after drank our special colourful fresh vegetables drink with some spices. Hahaha!

The morning session was quite fun and most of thr game was specially designed by us, the sisters and the bride.
Preparing for the dinner, and this is the first I make up for a wedding dinner. Full make up ok? Thank big head aka Yun Chee aka long time no see guest of my blog for make up for me. 

I'm seriously not good in make up, dressing is ok, but not for make up! 

And both of them look so pretty, by the way, the long hair girl is Shinyi aka another long time no see guest of my blog Lol!

 We are the sisters! All of them are so friendly and surprisingly I can click with them so much especially Ming Li (the one in shirt and pants).

She is seriously dam funny and I got her joke as well. So glad to know her and she is brata's coursemate as well. What a small world!

 The flower for us! So beautiful and is real omg! And it is in pink! My favourite colour..

 The bride's princess room. Omg! This is so princessy, I love it so much. 

Pink rose for us! Wow...seriously love it so much, and I still keep it for memory. 

Things that we prepared for morning session and all of us were so exciting. We went to Miki's house around 6am and got so excited to blow all the balloons ourselves.

Blew like 20++ balloons and some burst and some still survive in the end. And you know what I felt sp guilty when those balloons because one of her dog was so scare about it. Pity him, sorry Johnny!

 Went back Shinyi's house and started our karaoke session, goddam tired yet still wanna sing for awhile. Ironic right?

Slept for 30min then continue our wedding dinner preparation. I was so energetic yesterday and I'm super tired today lol!

Last! A must for every blog post
Camwhore for my sis to see my make up face= no difference hahahaha! 

Alright! Gonna ready for dinner later, momi, papa and me are going for satay celup later slurppp! 


Ps: not good in expressing the happiness after so long  not blogging... hope you all don't mind ok? 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super random that I don't think you even bother to read

Hi, I'm back here for awhile to update this freaking abandoned blog.

I wanted to upload some of the photo here, but it seems like is impossible for me to upload via my phone.  How come it stated fail to open the file? A little disappointed. Hence, here come a normal daily update..or monthly? LOL!

Two months of disappearing was due to variety of reason such as my laptop spoilt and I still in middle of considering to buy a new one or just repair that freaking 6 years old laptop of mine, working life start again, study life gonna start soon tho I still refuse to stuck my head into my study guide material #toolazyforeverything and bascially just too lazy to update here HAHA! I have too much to do and play with.

What had actually happening is that I'm having a great Chinese New Year, and I guess I'll have great year ahead. Too many good news around me and I'm feeling blessed. Alright! My words like running here and there, let me just arrange for a moment

So, as I mentioned I'm having a great Chinese New Year although just a short one in my hometown Melaka. I was really excited on the first day of Chinese New Year, woke up in the morning with dark circle and cookies around me, munched few pineapple tarts, chated with the family, changed new clothes, headed to our first uncle house, had lunch with the family, captured some photo with the cousins and officially start our gamble LOL. We don't even think of visiting that day, only the others visited us and gave us ang pau (red packet). Alright, I did visited momi's besties Aunty Lucy and all sort of food and sweets are being served there and you know what, my little cousins were so happy because they got to eat sweets and chocolate WITH permission! Only for a day.

First day was quite peaceful and I won some penny for next round onward HAHA!

PS: I really wish to share the photo of us, the cousins here, Y U ALWAYS LIKE THAT?

Sigh! I still unable to upload.....

Second day was quite a family day as we are having steamboat freast together and of coz gamble will be main priority! All of us including cousins and friends were really into it, especially one of my cousins, she really can gamble whenever or wherever she is. God of gamble lol

Third day was friends day where we meet each other at the I don't know the name cafe (I'm seriously forgetting the name sorry!), and start our greeting and gossip! But a little too noisy there which I can't hear what they all talking *run and cry*

However, CNY has come to an end on Friday which also the V day others are celebrating. Gonna start my engine and work hard until my study peave! God bless me! I really need the power of working and studying engine, not that working makes me can't work but just that I'm not having the mood!!! Book is here and I'm not reading it. Goshhhh...

I'll write more here. Bye and gonna have my breakfast. I'M SO HUNGRY!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Is holiday today, and I'm freaking dam relax because I worked like a dog yesterday and I have one day off just to compensate.

Will be a shopping day today for Chinese New Year clothes. I'm worried that I couldn't find anything I like. Trying to be reasonable with price. Just think about Chinese New Year is a big occasion and most of the price shoot up like rocket. Just couldn't spend so much this year.

Anyway, going to shop and post whatever I bought today, hope I bought something.

By the way, just bought some books recently (2 books) and it costs only RM8 (normal price:RM34) per book, is really very cheap I must say.

Ps: I couldn't upload the photo and I don't know why!

The storyline was really good for the first book which is Lucy in the sky

And this is another book I bought, and I don't really read yet.

Well, this is it...