Thursday, June 6, 2019



Life can be really short sometimes and we should cherish every moment of our life without regret.

A friend/schoolmate of mine passed away today and he only 29-year-old with a great future ahead. I wasn't sure what had happened to him but is kinda weird that someone near me just passed like this. We were friend and all of my other friends called him Dai lou from the start, he wasn't really close to me and we barely talk but he is someone that near to me. We will meet up during CNY chit chat and etc. And I thought I will meet him again this coming Oct on a wedding dinner, but life is short for him. RIP...

I still can't believe this is something true and it happened today! I always thought that thing will never happen so quickly and badly but life goes on... things changed quickly, from a healthy guy to.... I have no clue what happened to him but sincerely think that why thing happened? He is a nice guy and I'm pretty sure he is good and kind to everyone. Why?

Health is a major point of life.

With the equation below, health is major part of our life:-
1. Abundance of money without health = 0
2. Abundance of life without health = 0
3. Trying to earn as much money as possible with a healthy body = 0
4. Having higher position in a company without health = 0

So, everything in the end lead to health issues... health could be much more important that any other things.

Life = Healthy

Don't forget to treat yourself better with a healthy body.


Monday, May 27, 2019

Dear BLOG | Competition

I am quite a reading person these days.

Reading quite a lot of self-help books and here come the thought from one of the book I read "Courage to be dislike" from Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. This is the book that I had mentioned it in my previously entry. 

Competing is very terrifying, people will never be happy when they are competing with others. In this book, it mentioned "Even if you are not a loser, even if you are someone who keeps on winning, if you are someone who has placed himself/herself in competition, you will never have a moment's peace" "I can't celebrate others happiness with all my heart" and etc. I am totally agree with it and I was in that position before I admit and I guess everyone in that situation before as well. 

Trying to be the best of all was a big deal back then, and I used to be this low self-esteem people in everywhere (although I am still low self-esteem now) that invisible is the perfect state of mind for me. I don't social much and I get really nervous whenever I talked to someone. Yeah! Some of you might say are you serious about this? (Different people has different perspective) You know what? My mom used to go to the school for some teacher-parents day, and teachers used to say that I am very quiet, don't speak much and etc. And my mom of course doubted all the time because I am noisiest among the sibling and I talked super a lot at home. In my own context (self-dictionary), low self-esteem people used to talk a lot in their familiar environment, people, friends and etc, and they always feel inferiority than others. (You may find a real dictionary explanation if you want, oxford is always there. Teehee.) I don't used to talk a lot if I am very unfamiliar with the places, people and people used to think why am I so weird. 

Oh please! You will never understand what low self-esteem people think of [aha! This is what the so called inferiority complex taught about (you will get it when you read the book)]. I used to think people don't understand what I want and in fact I guess I am the one who don't know what I should tell them. The thing is I will always talk to someone that will know me better. Is that a bad or good thing? I went to this training (influential training), the trainer said I am a person who can influence people but I choose who to talk with. BINGO! I choose who to talk to, what to talk to, when should I talk. Sound scary huh!? 

So speaking of competition, people who feel inferiority than others will tend to compete with others and try to be the others. As I said I was in the position before, and I used to compete with everyone and I realised one thing that are bad about this is that I used to be very satisfied when I am better than others. Just think about it, who's care about it? If you are better than others, so what?

I am this childish that being better than others was more than what my feeling of superiority get into me. Feeling inferiority was not as bad as inferiority complex which will cause feeling superiority (ok! too philosophy!). In my own context, I feel when you are in super low self-esteem, you tend to compete with others, and when you are better than others (i.e. win others), you will feel superior than others and starts to feel you are higher/classy than others or even others tend to try to follow you all the way. 

Nah! This is impossible. NO ONE CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD AND WHAT YOU DO AT ALL! All this possibility of people care about you, follow you are what you imagine and not the real thing that could happen. So now, I started to be myself, boost up my self-esteem, try to be as confident as possible. I try to treat myself better, live a work-life balance life, go to yoga center and fit up myself (although I probably went like 5 times after signing up), read self-help book and etc. Trying to be the life that is good for my own and not because under others' expectation or whoever wants me to get into it. No! We can't live the life of others' expectation but a life you are worth living in. 

Life goes on as what I always say. We don't stop live if we meet some problem in our life. 

And on the side note, you need to truly happy on what you do and what you had. People with big smiley face doesn't mean that they are happy such as Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. There is no symptoms of depression for everyone, and the people close to them did not realise what had happened to them at all, hence what I want to say is being fakingly positive is a big NO and you need to be truly 100% happy for everything in life. If not SPEAK OUT to someone you are trusted or someone you want to talk to or WRITE IT DOWN to release your anger or do whatever to release all the depression. By doing so, things will be different, different perspective and ways in solving problem instead of ending your life. 

Competition could be terrifying by misusing it, but a friendly one is all good. 

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


This was written without proofing and grammar mistakes are all over the place, please forgive me :)

Monday, May 6, 2019

DEAR Blog| Mom will always be Mom

I am back again talking about my thoughts.
Mom will always be mom no matter how old your child be. I was having lunch with my colleagues at the pantry and one of my colleague aka neighbour brought her own food today and she claimed that is from her mom.

The thought of mom came to my mind. She is a a mom of two and a sweet lady who always roll eyes on me when seeing me doing some stupid things. She judge and laughed non stop on my silliness but one thing I'm glad that she was my neighbour (She is just sitting right behind me and we always joke around like nobody). I used to do some stupid thing such as saying I love you to my plant so that the power of laws of attraction work, talking stupid thing to her and she will judge and roll her eyes thoroughly. HAHAHA! 

I guess this is how Daphne has influenced me to be so stupid and at the same time feel so fun for it. Thanks Daph if you happened to read my blog. 

Anyway, back to the topic of mom always be mom. So, we were having lunch and my neighbour was proudly announced that her meal was prepared and packed nicely by her mom. Another manager of mine also had mom's home cooked (nicely packed as well). Just think about it, your mom will always treat you as a kid whenever wherever you are, and you will always take for granted. 

Life as a mom was very difficult, especially when kid like me who always had grumpy face. I am sorry coz resting bitch face was my signature but I always try to compensate my wrong by saying something nice again. That's me, regret after doing anything bad HAHA!

That's it for my short thought.

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


Sunday, April 28, 2019

Dear BLOG| What social media meant for us?


I have this sudden thought of writing something regarding the social media. I have been watching a YouTube channel from the So-Ju Twins, and one of the content was what social media meant for you?

What social media actually meant for us? To connect with people around us? To find someone from the past and link again? To get in touch with long lost friends?

Social media used to be a tool to reconnect with friends or I should say playing around publicly without the concern of being stalk or nothing is hidden back then. Remember we used to have Friendster (some of the millennium babies might not know about this but this is just a platform like Facebook.) to reconnect with friends and used to write testimonial (okay TBH I can't remember about this testimonial things but my friend always talks about it so yeap! testimonial) to each other and write note as well. I wasn't into that Friendster back then because house no internet and the only thing I do was watching TV all day long (the Java era was not my thing, too bad!). What I remember about Friendster was I used to be artist picture as my profile picture and always look into the "who view your profile" button and always got this thought of wow who is all these people? I have no idea why we don't always put our picture back then mmm... And then the Facebook era whereby we used to write post to each other publicly (I got really heart attack whenever I view my FB memories everyday, what the hell are we doing back then? We will just write a note to each other like raining again!! or why no connection every day?) and no shame of sharing all sort of photo (which are very memorable, some of it lah) to public and tag whole bunch of people on it. What had it gone to now? I am no longer sharing photo in Facebook (less lah) and writing a post to friend was a zero action from my side anymore. Even tagging someone in a post was not my thing anymore (I did occasionally). Action changed with time..

So now! What is social media meant to me? Facebook not only the platform anymore in this era...there are many for example, Instagram, YouTube and even blogging is a kind social media activities to begin with. Social media could be a platform to influence people and generation nowadays used it as a platform to get famous or attention. I would not a bad tjing but for me social media is not a place for me to get famous rather to connect with people and getting the hottest news before hand. I am too addicted to social media I would say..

TBH, the first thing I did when I woke up early morning was to, of course look at the clock and start my journey of Facebook-ing and instragramming. I wasn't stalking (although I did sometimes), but somehow the "news" were all around the social media. This is like a daily task or so called the HOMEWORK for me to complete. Am I addicted? Yes! Then again, what would I do if those social media were not in function (e.g The 3 platform, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook got huge disconnection few months ago) forever? Am I still able to be myself without it again? The answer probably a yes or a no.

Sometimes we are too rely on thing that are on the platform, such as news, stalking, gossip topic and etc, and forget that we have tons of other things that need to be complete such as talking to your parents sincerely (I did some bad example sometimes when I was talking to my mom so now I always promise myself not to touch phone when there is a huge family gathering), have heart-to-heart talking to people, having fun with your sibling and etc. Trust me you can have lots of fun without your goddamn social media platform and sleeping will be your biggest appreciation ever! I always sacrifice my sleeping time for social media and just think about it how many hours we had in life for spending so much time on one particular thing, stalking. I shall reduce my usage on social media from now on...probably starting tomorrow.p

I did try to deactivate my Facebook and Instagram before and the result was not good at all because too relying on social media makes my life blank without it. I totally don't know what to do when I'm on my way to go home in a public transport. Damn it! I'm 101% addicted! What social media meant for me now? Totally my medicine of the day, a bad thing I know but I will try 100% to reduce the usage for the next few months. Let's see what is the result of it ☺

Anyway, I shall end here with the challenge I make for myself. As usual, end with an open ended closing *hehe*.

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


PS: As usual no reading proofing at all.


Monday, March 25, 2019

Dear BLOG| Endless restless weeks

Dear Blog,

It's time to back on track after every hustle and hoo-haa here and there. So, last three weeks were my sis's wedding ceremony, and yes! It's like a whole month celebration month and finally we got to take a rest and back on to our daily life again!

No, I am not going to blog about her wedding yet as all those pictures were under process (so called the cameraman works), then your question will be what you gonna blog about then? JUST A RANDOM ONE FIRST!

Although this was my sister's wedding day, everyone of us were really excited about it. All of us including my close family members were getting all kind of clothing, prepare for their make up appointment, their dresses and I am also trying to be pretty once in my life time for my sis's wedding.


Nonetheless, I was really tired of all these celebration, excited is one thing, but getting all these done was pretty a big project I would say. We are just like a manufacturing process, one down, wastage created! It is pretty crucial for every part of the process, from getting guest list to guest seating place to registration and etc. I am really giving up (FYI, I was just being her bridesmaid and registration person) on all these, tiring and challenging. We also jokingly said we shall embrace the challenge together, but no joke, this is pretty challenging my GOD!

Calming the guest is one thing but getting more complaint from others was a big deal, BUT Sis and BIL had done a great job (although there are pretty much hoo-haa when serving the guest, but we are all good!). Everyone was really happy with the dance floor and etc. but I would say getting married is really a big thing and GETTING A WEDDING DINNER MAKES A LOT OF DIFFERENCE! I will just say no by getting a wedding dinner (But we wouldn't know the future hmmmm).

Besides, by asking for help, you will know who are the one that always support you no matter what had happened. The one that care will always care for you, vice versa, the one that "care" don't always care you when you are in a situation for help. Life goes on.. Hard times will always reveal true friend and only those who care will hear you when you're quiet. This is what I get the thought of after getting involved in my sis's wedding and I kinda grateful that they aren't my friend and when they are I will make sure they know what they had done.

Anyway, they have embrace the challenge and everything goes well and end well. That's a great gathering with ma families and friends and my NANNY! I will talk more about her in my next post (I bet I talked about her last time and she is a great person and love us very much as a kid and now.)

I love you and thank you.

PS: Will blog about Sis's wedding when I get all the pictures. Teehee!

Some of the selfie we took.

 New friend found - Jia Yi a bit cool type!


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dear BLOG| International Woman Day!

Dear Blog,

I'm back!

Trying to blog as frequent as possible to all these alive. Blog this while waiting for my porridge to cook was the best thing ever *sniff sniff* smell good I must say. 

Anyway, tomorrow is International Woman Day and office was so Ganho, all the woman gets purple scarf!

 Like this!

First time had this kind of celebration (I mean celebration that I involve with full heart, no complains and everyone was happy about it) with all the colleagues laughing around with all the hair style in!

Me and my neighbour were wondering why there were noises at the other side of the office, then is our side that making all kind of noises.

I can see all the girls were so excited about it and the guys were like Oh please!!!! *rolling eyes* HAHAHAHAHA! They can't even relate to all these *shy*.

Then, one of colleague came over and helped us to style with our scarf!

Tadaaaa! Ok, just laugh as much as possible and I know I totally weird here with this purple scarf! It's not my style at ALL!!

So fun to had this photo session and I'm waiting for the pictures that we took together *teehee*.

Okay! Go off now for my porridge. HANGRY!!!


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

DEAR BLOG| Lucky day

Today is my lucky day!