Sunday, November 23, 2014

2D1N Road Trip to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor with Tomo Part 2

Hello again!

Blogging while listen to the K-POP countdown in the TV. Not quite a fans of KPOP except Running Man and CN Blue. The rest just not my types, noisy coz I don't understand and they keep jumping here and there.

OK la, back to the topic, part 2 for the trip yo!

After the part 1 Bukit Malawati, we had our lunch to the famous drive thru cendol at Kuala Selangor, Google if you are interested lol!

 "Petrol price increase RM0.20, we decrease RM0.20 per bowl" 

We were like WHAT!?

 BBQ honey chicken RM 10 per sets (RM2/chicken wings) geddit?

Normal chicken wings, can try if you are interested.
 The main point of the day, drive thru cendol, you may buy from the counter as well. We were so stupid that we thought there is only drive thru available, then we drove our car to the counter and we found out that there is seat all over the place. Lol!

Gonna repark our car and stop again for the cendol. Tragedy!!!

 They have variety of cendol as you can see in the picture above.

I love durian cendol the most, so do Ting and Shin. But  Bee loves the tapai puluh cendol, and Jen loves the ABC special.

So different people have different preferences, choose the one you love the most :)

After the delightful dessert, we headed to the eagle feeding place, and the best in road trip is that there is no plan means you got to see something unexpectedly.

 Saw this temple in the middle of finding eagle feeding stall.

 No people was there.

Picture, some of them pray then ciao to our next station.
 While following the Waze, we spotted my seafood shop! Lol...

There goes the treatment.

We went the eagle feeding stall, bought some snacks and grab tickets for the eagle feeding entrance at 3pm. Gosh! It was 2pm at this point, so we went for luncheon!

 At Kuala Selangor cafe.

Tell you what! Kuala Selangor is free parking, no parking coupon is needed. Y so nice one?

 I love this coz it is so goddamn cute...

 Geddit? The signboard?

Super love!

 Childhood game for tomo

 You can also rent a bicycle to ride the whole town, but we didn't coz the weather was freaking damn HOT! Omg!!!

 Strawberry plus orange is my love. Sour and refreshing.

 Childhood game no longer childhood on our hand. So evil!

 It's 3pm and we headed to the eagle feeding place, and beware the owner might "chop" you (cheat you).

1) They were like you want us to keep the tickets for you?  I don't know you, and you want to keep the ticket for us? Weird!

2) They sell firefly sight seeing for RM18 Omg! If you want to visit the firefly, go to the firefly resort which I'll blog about next round coz it only RM15 per person. Besides that, the firefly resort look more professional and the service is much nicer as compared to the eagle feeding sight seeing.

So you know what to do already right? Buy firefly ticket at firefly Resort ya! Trust Google sometimes is the best, coz Google told us is RM15 per person, so we just follow and tada! It's right!!!!

PS: I got cheated in Bangkok by the local so I'm quite sensitive on this matter now.

 Big head and we are ready for the eagle feeding.

 Waiting for the boat to arrive. We were really excited on this as this is our first time. Lol!

 Love this selfie so much. With Bee by the way.

 Saw it? Saw it?

 Second type of eagle. White!

 Omg! Soon all the eagles came and fly here and there just for food.

By the way, this is what I only got to see =___= the higher you expect the higher you got disappointed.

Alright! At least I got to see eagle flying here and there. I'm fine!

PS: we thought we got to feed the eagle by ourselves, but after we knew we only got to see the feeding session, picture non-stop. Don't waste ma, the ticket cost us RM25/person. Quite costly actually.

PSS: we only knew that Pulau Langkawi is the one we can feed ourselves. Double =___=

 The bird at the stand which separate the free zone sea between Singapore and Kuala Selangor mangrove. Don't blame me if I'm wrong, coz this is what the boat driver said. I only copy and paste what he said. *innocent face*

We cannot pass through the stand as it is free zone which we wouldn't know what would happened there. Quite dangerous I must say.

 Fishing boat around the shore.

Last picture, and totally unrelated to eagle feeding. Lol! Is just us with the tram at Bukit Malawati hahahahaha!!!

Y Bee's picture always turn out so nicely one? Flawless!!!!

OK, should end here now.

Ps: waiting Rebecca to meet up with Jen and I. Where are you, Rebecca? Lol!!!

Anyway, ciao!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2D1N Road Trip to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor part 1


I'm back to proper blogging after so long, so yeap, I'm gonna blog about the road trip with tomo few weeks before. 

Everything goes right when there is no plan. As I mentioned before we can't really plan a trip, but a spontaneous plan will always go right with us. 

I was talking about my cousin went Sekinchan the other day, and so sudden that Ting planned the whole trip after that week. Wow! And we really like pop! OK done, hotel booked, and everything is on track. 

On Halloween, Shin and Bee took a bus to KL (Jen said is KayElle LOL, very pattern one) to meet with three of us. Then, we headed to Kuala Selangor the next morning. Freaking damn sleepy coz all of us didn't sleep well the day before.

I "attended" the WWF program at Tesco, Kepong Hahaha!  We were waiting for Ting for something else at there.

Beat spot!

Random picture with random signboard.

Breakfast at Kepong before heading to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor.

Don't really fancy the three color noodles.

10am heading to Bukit Malawati now! All of us really damn excited as this is our first road trip ever.

Spent around 1 hours to reach there.

Five tram tickets for five of us. RM5 per person. And they didn't want me to follow bad!!

They were like where your friend ah?  Why you keep following us? LOL!!! Speechless..

We are at the back seat.. BACK SEAT! geddit? The Korean song... Lol!

Wefie at the counter just to show I'm one of the tomo HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I'm one of them OK?

Wefie in the tram. The tram can take us to whole Bukit Malawati.

Spot the famous silver leaf monkey there, and their baby is yellow in colour omg! So cute!!!

Random big tress I snapped because it looks so big haha.

Love this rocky stair there, and we miss our tram by the time we finish playing at the field. The tram lefts without us T___T

Love this picture, and Ting was a bit frustrated on this haha!

Coz I keep photoboomed their picture.

Supposed to jump using the timer but whenever we jump, it only fit Shin. Wth??? Then I realized how beautiful is the sun there.

Random canon from long long time ago. The purpose of this picture is the rocky road, soooo nice!

This is the place we spent the most at. Lol! We always spent more time on random green field rather than their specialities. Lol!
We got scared by those monkey. All of them just run out of nowhere, and scare us to the max. Is just like the King of monkey bringing his fellow monkey to the monkey mountain. Scary!!!

But those baby are cute man!!! Dilemma.

The tower we saw at the front door.

Selfie from top because we love the rock so much.

Lying on the rock and wefie.

Selfie with bee, and y your phone can make us so blur and nice one. #nofilterbutstilllooknice!

The famous tower in Bukit Malawati

Any history please Google yourselves OK? We really don't read any history hewithoz we were too busy with that random piece of green field.

The rock that they use for cutting foods, and I think is also used for criminal punishment. And all of us didn't pay more attention for that as well hahaha!


Alright, end here and story next round for the food we had consumer throughout the trip.

End and bye!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Super angry post!!!


Good day to you but not to me. I'm so.mad right now and cannot stop typing.

I just back from home, and received a whatsapp message from one of the senior asking me whether I'm able to attend the meeting held tomorrow. So I asked my current senior whether I'm able to attend or not. I replied to the senior and said I think I won't go for the meeting tomorrow even before my current senior reply.

So, here the situation. I'm in difficult situation. One, I need to finish my work before going for the training on Friday. Two, I need to attend the meeting.

Alright, so I asked the senior is it compulsory for me to attend the meeting, and she replied yea, supposed so. You need to alert the issues being discussed during the meeting. I think since she already said so then I should go, and I replied ok, I'll go tomorrow. 

Ok! Am I being rude here? This freaking crazy senior replied me Audit is not a game! Why you so drama? I really cannot stand anymore!! I mean I nicely replied you, and this is what you told me? Am I fooling around with my work?

Who the hell are you to judge me like that?

Just can't stop thinking how mean she is. Did the message offended her? I mean come on lah, I don't even type something nasty. I'm just thinking whether to go or not to go only. If I go, my work here can't complete, if i don't go, this is what I being treated. Shit!!!!!

Life so imbalance.

But I still don't understand why she said that? I didn't work with her before, probably one or two days. I didn't fool around also. Damn!!

Already feel stress now. How am I going to work with drama queen????

Damn freaking emo man.

Alright finish complaint. I feel better now!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Barbeque + Aug baby birthday + meet up with girls!


This is a super delayed entry that I wanted to blog for so long, and I only realised this after I accidentally scroll through my photo album. How could I forgot about this? That's was Ting the August baby birthday celebration with tomo. 

Okok, I know we were totally late for her birthday which is on August, but at least we celebrate right? She is totally okay with it, or she is not emmm???

 We have lotsa instax picture, and all thanks to Bee who brought the instax camera. How wish I could buy one...

By the way, the quality of these instax picture are quite good although is already expired. HAHAHA!!!

 Nah! This is the birthday girl,and I bet most of you know who is she. Ting the queen, this is what she called herself. Lol

 Wishing to have a better life.

 And yeap, picture before the BBQ started. The cake is from the Yeast Bakery Shop, Melaka.

 Food for Five. Is really exaggerated, and we have literally cut down the portion to one person per dish, but why still so many food? =_____=

Oh ya, we were having this so called party at Shin's house. She "invited" us to have it at her house, coz she lazy to move from her house to others. Sweat to the max!! Anyway, is still good to have a venue for this party.

Ok, back to the portion part. So, after we placed our food on the table as shown in the picture, Shin's dad was like so..where the rest of them? They are not coming yet? 

We got really confused, and claimed that no one is coming except the tomo. I can see how surprise the dad was. Hahahah!!!

We didn't invite anyone for this as this is the tomo gathering and update sessions, so no outsider allowed.

 Gift from Taiwan. Bee bought some souvenir from Taiwan.

The Tomo wefie!

 All caoda (burned) food we have that night. Not all of them are caoda, some eatable one, not that bad ok?

 My specialty Shin Ramen for that night. Shin Ramen + sausages + taufu + fishball + egg + CHEESE!!!!!

Cheese is a must for Shin Ramen coz it will smoothed the spiciness of the ramen. I don't know how to describe but it somehow make the ramen not that spicy anymore.

 Another caoda (burned) one.

 Wefie non-stop when the tomo meet up.

 Too much to do.

 See, not all foods are caoda one, all this are taken by Jen.

 Our phone family potrait.

All of us using different phone, different brand, different style and we decided to take a picture of them together. But we can't ask the phone to selfie right, doesn't make sense at all. So, we used Shin's dad phone to actually capture this.

Ok, *cicak* Shin already snap this picture, and the first thing she does was to send us the picture to us. *sending to our group whatsapp*

We don't bother at this point lah coz we were too busy spamming each other Whatsapp thoroughly, like non-stop sending each other picture of the day, gossiping, making fun.....

We waited the phone picture for like 30 minutes, and it still doesn't go through. Weird! How can the internet connection that bad that day, Shin started blamming the internet connection and checked back her dad phone.

"Shit!" She shouted. All of us got shocked and looked at her in disbelieve. Then she burst into laughter. You know what? She actually send the picture to her DAD'S FRIEND. 


That is why we didn't receive any photo from her, and she blamed the internet connection some more. HAHAHA! Y U SO FUNNY ONE?

We ended this party around 12.30am, and the worst case is Jen's car tyre burst and flat on her way back home. And all of us accompanied her back to Shin's house then subsequently Bee sent her back home.


Before meeting up with tomo, I met up with thr girls again. We supposed to meet up baby Jameson that day, but Miki mommy was too busy with her family so we end up having lunch at our always-must-go-place, the Secret Garden at Jusco. 

Our last gathering was when Baby Jameson at his mommy tummy. It's been so long....

Selfie with the girls and this big head really too skinny.

Then I photoboomed their selfie HAHAHAHA!

I wished to meet up with Baby Jameson one day because he is too cute by looking at the picture Miki Mommy send us today.

I wished we can meet up again girls!

Ok end here. Gonna sleep and fight tomorrow.