Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Is holiday today, and I'm freaking dam relax because I worked like a dog yesterday and I have one day off just to compensate.

Will be a shopping day today for Chinese New Year clothes. I'm worried that I couldn't find anything I like. Trying to be reasonable with price. Just think about Chinese New Year is a big occasion and most of the price shoot up like rocket. Just couldn't spend so much this year.

Anyway, going to shop and post whatever I bought today, hope I bought something.

By the way, just bought some books recently (2 books) and it costs only RM8 (normal price:RM34) per book, is really very cheap I must say.

Ps: I couldn't upload the photo and I don't know why!

The storyline was really good for the first book which is Lucy in the sky

And this is another book I bought, and I don't really read yet.

Well, this is it...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Something that happened and I'm happy


Felt so sorry for not updating this in such a long time. Had been really busy on my work as well as personal life. Lol! I'm kinda worried these days because CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING SOON! And sad case I don't have the time to shop for clothes. Oh no! Crazily busy these days... Hope can end soon..probably two weeks after? 

Anyway, I was quite happy today coz I finally got my new phone back here. Will do a review on this in next post. 

Had the same phone case and phone with sis and we called the couple phone hahaha!!!!

 Trying to be funny while selfie with sis. Turned out pretty dam funny coz sis don't even bother!