Thursday, December 17, 2009

First anniversary to…

My little pinky blog!!!
I had started this blog on my birthday last year. The purpose of having this blog is influenced by my sis –Blurlynn. She had started first and asked me to start it too. Due to my laziness, I refuse to start off. However, when she started to blog happily with her own daily life, I feel I’m going to do so! Thus, I create my own blog secretly for about 2 days. I know it is too fast for others to know it, but what to do? My sis is too smart to realize about my blog, I’m quite curious about the realization of her until now.

Okay, blogging for one year seem a long time for me. I’m not that kind of patient person who always stick to one thing for so long. But I did it for this blog. I’m awesome. (Cannot praise myself is it?)

One year has passed, everything has tremendously changed.

Obviously, this blog skin is not look like this when I very first time blog. It was the blog skin that own by BlogSpot and it is not that pretty at all. So sis helped me to change my blog skin and it is a Grumpy toast blog skin which is much nicer than the previous one. And now, the new blog skin of mine was the 3 little kids with pinky background. Rather a cute one.

Besides the changes of my blog skin, my daily life also has changed.

From a short “helmet” hair to a long straighten hair girl,

From a normal person to a blogger, (although I’m still in progress for my writing skill)

From a foundation student to a first year degree student,

From a fun class to a serious one, (simply because my foundation class is much more fun than degree class)

From a person who do not like to take any photo of food and herself to a person who like to do so.

And the most important, from an 18 to 19 years old girl

My life has stick with my blog, it is just like part of my life and I had influenced my friend to do it with me. Most of my friends have their own blog too, I’m happy to read and learn from their language and writing skill. It is rather a good place for us to learn.


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