Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Every Malaysian bloggers seems to blog this today (probably yesterday), so I do not want to be outdated and blog it now.

Happy 53th birthday to Malaysia

It sounds like nothing to me, but it means a lot to Malaysia!

From 1957 until now, Malaysia had through 53 years of “upgrading” and now twin tower, KL tower and many things had brought up, but still racist is along the way, don’t you think so?

Racist is a big problem for our country, but I don’t blame coz Malaysia is a diversity country; most probably have this kind of problem.

ONE MALAYSIA- the new slogan this year!!

I think sometimes slogan should be acting it and not just say it, right?

Still, I want to say Happy 53th Birthday Malaysia and Happy holiday to all of the Malaysian (It seems too late for me to say it -_-)

PS: Well, I’ve nothing much to blog about this topic actually, just wanted to show you guy the cake that baked by mommy, but sadly my fresh doesn’t have any USB wire (rather weird).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend home-cooked dishes

Weekend home-cooked dishes
My sis and her bf will cook for every weekend, so I will continuously post up what they have cook for me on the weekend. I’ve no idea why they are so inspired to cook something on the weekend, but it is good for me, coz I’ve something delicious (probably) to eat every weekend.

They have like Western breakfast V.S Eastern breakfast contest, who will win!? Let's see how!! WAHAHA...(I'm one of the judgers)
Thus, my sis had cooked Pancake this week.
Pancake with strawberry and honey....(it is too normal for me, so...)
I put some chocolate chips on top of it to make it look nicer. Yummy...
Sis put some chocolate chips inside the pancake as well. I love chocolate so much...

My pancake- cooked and decorated by Blurlynn

Then her bf cooked the fried mee and mee soup for us, we're going to be damn full.
The mee soup (double thumb up) and fried mee. I love the mee soup so much, hope mommy knows how to cook it. *thumb up*
Let's enjoy the food together!

I prefer both dishes, but mommy and daddy love the fried mee more than pancake, thus, sis lost!
On sunday mean today, weekend home-cooked dishes continue, but now is my turn to show up my cooking skill. (kinda suck)
Well, this is my sis cooking again. =__=
(I admit my cooking is worse than her lah)
My weekend home-cooked dish is.....


This is damn special, coz mostly ondeh-ondeh is green in colour, but mommy asked me to use the blue flower to colour it! OMG! I love it damn much. (At least it is different from others)
Gula Melaka as the inti!

However, nobody love my dish, so I need to finish up all. (still left some now)


Stay tuned for the next Weekend home-cooked dishes...

PS: Tomorrow, going to meet tomodachi, feel so excited right now! *smile* 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

LG Cookies Fresh from Nuffnang blog contest!

Last Saturday, my uncle finally brought my cookies back, I’m way too happy, all need to thank to aunty and uncle that help me to take from Nuffnang office.

As I’ve mentioned last few weeks that I’ve won a LG Cookies fresh from Nuffnang LG Cookies pre-blog contest, I’m glad that Nuffnang let me win it. It probably because my luck is toooo good, if not I don’t think I’ve this chance.

I get this news from one of the blogger out there who also won a LG Cookies phone. Thank you very much.

Let’s show you my cookies!
The one I received from Nuffnang! Love you Nuffnang!

And it is a LG Cookies fresh! I really feel glad...

My LG Cookies Fresh, so now I should name it as fresh or cookies?? WAHAHA....

There is an advantages of this LG Cookies Fresh (besides the function), that is, have a reflection photo... 
I love Nuffnang!!
Another shoot! Love ...
Well, let's me show off again my LG Cookies Fresh!! I love nuffnang!

I’ve no idea I can won the 2nd prize in this contest actually, there are 2 more bloggers who won the prize. (Grand and First prize) they are way too creative. The grand prize is MsXeRoZ and theeggyolks

Anyway thank to Nuffnang who give me this chance of winning.

PS: I didn't attend the LG Cookies Party that day due to exam, what a waste! Everyone was like damn enjoy at there. T.T

Friday, August 27, 2010


Just now when my friend had gone back to their house, my sis and her bf were helping me to clearing cup on the table. After they all had washed the cup, I heard something really weird.

I heard somebody is wiseling, then I don’t mind at first, (I mean when someone wisel, you will sure not that scare right, wisel only what!?) but then after sis’s bf asked whether we heard someone wisel or not, I answered yes, and I still not that scare actually. I was like I HEARD, DID YOU WISEL? YOU WISEL RIGHT? WAHAHAHA….

Then sis’s bf said NO, I DIDN’T WISEL!! SERIOUSLY!! My face turn to other side, and start looking around, and wondering who will wisel in the middle of the night, 12 am know!? (In this 7th month some more)


“AHHHH….what you all trying to say!? What happened!?” my sis shouted and wanted to run away. I really got shock that time, but I need to put my nicky in my house, how am I going to do!? We all together close up the entire things and went off to up stair as soon as possible.

The wisel sound quite scary, you know!? It is a song, something fishy song….when I heard it, I feel nothing, but after I think back, I feel fishy. What is that song!? *shivering*

It really scares me right now! I still have no idea what is that actually….

Is there “something” in this world, I believe there is!?

So what I’ve heard it?


Any idea?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Building

Ok, finish my lunch and start to type for this post. (I’m rather lazy and sleepy right now)
Well, I’ve post up the video previously for the team building, and as I mentioned it is not-a-fun team building anyway.

We gathered at school at around 7.45am and embarked to Gunung Datuk Rembau, Negeri Sembilan almost at 9am (because somebody was late that day, sweat to the max) this place isn’t far at all, it takes 45min to reach there.

JLS were super angry of the person who in charge for this event, I’ve no idea why should I like her by the way, and we were like complaining about her, “curse” her, (Just for fun, not really curse lah), she like wanted to split us, so that we are not in group! WTH!?

*there will be more complain in this post, so if you feel annoying, I apologize)

The Big tree before we were going to "climb" walk up the hill
I love this game, but sadly we didn't have this kind of game in this team building, what a waste!
While we were walking up the hill, having fun at first, and then...
Tied up my hair, and walked to the top of the hill...
We were the first batch to the top, and have a tiring photo first.
Dividing us into 4 group. As you can see, JLS is in the same group. (We changed anyway =P)
Our very first second game, build up the tower for own group. It takes 2 hours to complete the tower. DAMN IT! This is waste of time (our precious time), and this is so called RM 28 game. Waste our money and time!

We lost in this game anyway, coz it really needs some skill, WE NEED KING SCOUT!!
Our lunch of the day, rice + mixed vegetable + salted fish + curry chicken. To be frank, it is quite yum for me (maybe I'm way too hungry that time), but the cutlery were quite dirty. *yucky*
While me and shin waiting for the food!!
We finished up our lunch and continue the work we left out! It really disappoint us. =__=
Third game - use paper to make a pipe for the water to flow. We were damn serious in this game coz we do not want to have any punishment anymore...

Trying to balance the "pipe"
Straigthen up!
and yes!
*photo from club Facebook*
Everyone was asked to gather, that day was damn hot.

The fourth game began, and guess what it is a normal game which cost RM 28! I was like it is so cheap game and yet asked us to pay for damn much!
See! It is a normal game which cost us RM 28 per person! "GREAT"!!!
The person was damn cruel, he keep folding the paper into smaller piece. However, this kind of like NOT A PROBLEM for our team members especially Shin, the thinner girl among us!

I really proud of our team members!!

Punishment from other groups, coz we lost for one game! T.T
Our guy members was damn gentleman, coz they keep covering us so that we, girl will not get wet or something on our shirt. How good they are, but then I got wet at the back, coz of some stupid guys from other groups, they neither gentleman nor helpful! Hate them so much. ( I'm sporting, but some of them punish us twice, how can!?)

Jennifer had told me that, there is a not-gentleman-at-all guy who really a nerd or I should say chicken better, pour the water on her twice. Besides that, whenever there is a water game, the guy just either disappear or hide, It is just to avoid to get wet! Shitty.. he is really a chicken man!! After finish the water "war", he will like appear and punish the losing team. OMG!! He is damn chicken...chicken guy is in my class right now, I hate him whenever I saw him at school, and he is also damn buay paiseh one! *more story in other post*
Playing around with Jennifer and Mary!

The last game of the day was water game, which mean we need to go in to the pool and pick up balloon. The game was fun, but then no one was willing to go in to the pool included me, coz it is kind of weird and I've not bring any extra cloth and shoes that day. However, the stupid director of this event, insisted us to go in, so I went in for a moment, simply because after sometimes she asked us to go out of the pool. WTH!? This is kind of stupid you know!! I really damn disappointed on this stupid event, waste my money, time and energy! HATE IT!!!

After those game, we have our tea time. Well, the tea time was so-so, and it cost us damn much to have that tea time. Then, we went back......
On the way to our bus, we are the fastest anyway, and Ivy claimed us as CRAZY GIRLS!! WAHAHA...
On the way back to Melaka.....

PS: I was damn disappointed to this team building. This is not a team building activities, it is a fighting activities! Coz all of them was like taking revenge on other groups, not sporting at all.... =__=

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing BETTER to do

I’ve just realize that I did not update my blog so frequently this few months coz my life is way too boring nowadays, and most of the photo was just FOOD, nothing other than that. I know it is kind of boring for you people, but I really out of mind right now, have no idea what to blog this few month, the only thing I’ve done is EAT EAT and EAT!

Well, I need to stop craping there; you may feel bored to read it anyway.

So, what should I blog about? Food? Outing? Sport? *breaking my brain*

I really freak out right now….

Well, I think I just end like this, I really out of mind!

Sorry readers! No camera means no photo is available.
PS: My camera had borrowed to my aunty; I think I will get back to blogging as soon as possible. (probably when I get back my camera)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something had been done today....

well, stay tuned for team building blog post though it is not fun at all, I mean it is not worth to join for this team building, it is waste of money, energy and my previous TIME! T.T

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday celebration at MISB and Sibaraku.

We had a surprise birthday for one of our friend, Mr. Wang at MISB; we didn’t tell him that we’ll be celebrating his birthday at there and his gift as well.

We reached there around 11.50am, and waited them for like 30 min, (they should be punctual the next time for sure =__=) before they reached, Wee Kee like so excited and put the bowling ball somewhere else, and wanted to treat our birthday boy or guy as if like there is a new ball which has abandon by his owner. When Mr. Wang came, everyone was like normal, and suddenly WK told Mr. Wang that there is a ball which had been abandoning by a Malay guy and no one want it. (if it happened, I think Malaysia will has snow for sure *silly joke*)

Thus, Mr. Wang was like damn interested on it, and decides to STEAL it. They like theft, hanging around the place, GET SET, and GO STEAL THE BALL. We were laughing at the back, and he was nervous for sure. When he put in his car and covers it safely, Edmund wish him, and he stunk and blur for awhile. Lastly, we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for him, and told him that the ball was his birthday present. He was like WHAT!? WHAT!? @#$%&*&^$# (bad word), THAT’S MEAN I’M STEALING MY OWN BALL LAH! @#$^&*#$$$......
(The story told us that, nothing is free in this world, WAHAHAHA…..)

Well, done with the long story, now with the celebration, there is neither cake nor celebration; it is just a bowling game since Wang was craving for it so much.

Before that, we were in the bowling shop for the estimation of wang's finger, and do a hole for the ball.

There is many variety of bowling ball for you to buy it, and it cost from the lowest RM 180 to RM 400 or more... That's was really expensive!

I'm preparing for the game!! The shoes was weird!
and END!!
Well, no photo was snapped in the game coz everyone was trying their best to get HIGH HIGH HIGH  mark. (Kia Su-scare of losing, especially those guys!)

The two special ball in the track! WAHAHA....

Birthday boy was so happy to get his own bowling ball! Hope you love it..(I know you do)
And of coz camwhore with Jennifer, the tomodachi of mine!

The group photo of the day...
I should say it is the only group photo of the day. =__=

Andrew is playing around with my camera!! *sigh*

You think that this is the end of Mr. Wang birthday celebration? You're totally wrong....

We went SIBARAKU to celebrate his birthday, or to be exact we went there for lunch or brunch!
The environment is still the same, but it is cheaper compare to last time we went. RM 18.60 per person, great...coz at least I didn't need to spend so much for it. =) Do you remember, I'm kiam gu (stingy person) WAHAHA........
Their tau fu! Nice and smooth..Love it...

While I was snapping the food or even the dessert, my friends asked me to snap his and her food as well. *surprise me!!*
Andrew's plate! Surprise me that he love to snap food photo as well...

Mine of coz... I love thousand eggs!

Jennifer's plate (I'm not surprise because she is my food snapping kaki)

I'd finally drink this soup, it tastes great! I love it ...

Normal food..

with the chili sauce!
I'm so happy that I get to eat the Japanese steam egg, coz the very last time I went was out of stock, I guess.

The very frist time tried this, and I simply just love it. It is a taiwan cusine, "wan gao".

Fried thingy!

Tepanyaki! I love the prawn, and they gave me more prawn because of laziness! WAHAHA...

More sushi...


The next thing we went for is DESSERTS for sure....
Their desserts are so cute..
It is a biscuit with peanut butter... I love it so much...
Chocolate cookies is my always-favourite-dessert.
And this is so cute as well...STAR!!
We went to tried almost all the dessert except for cake! =__=
Last, we tried on the own made ABC!
Kai Loon and Jennifer was so crazy on doing this stuff, Kai Loon was like HEY, WE GONNA DO THE ICE PERFECTLY, then they start to add on more ice on it and create a beautiful shape, and at the end we can't finish the whole thing and waste it! WAHAHA...

However, it is so fun to make it!
We went back home around 5.15pm, and crapped in the car until got home!

Took photo with the birthday boy or guy!!
Happy 20th Birthday Mr. Wang! May your dream come true....

PS: I'm sick right now...=(