Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Pizza Cured Board game

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working really hard to finish up my midterm exam and assignment these few days, and yet there is still assignment need to be settled after this. It’s totally a workaholic weeks for me, and it’s suck for some reason. I need rest!!

But anyway, I still spent sometimes on my blog banner (if you have notice it). I changed my blog banner today, and this was quite satisfied me. Do you think the font is nice?

It’s NEW!

Begin a new month with a brand new banner!

I'd received something sweet from Jennifer on Tuesday. She gave us secretively just to avoid somebody who annoy her a lot. Poor thing. She delivered us this precious gift after our class, thank you!
A homemade PIZZA from her, and this remind us when we learned it on KH class! The left side is mine, and right is shin's pizza. If you have the interest to bake one, she has blog it here.

Shin and I made a comment on video, enjoy!
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We were enjoying our pizza under the trees before our class started. This is our school life.

PS: This is my YouTube Channel, I'll make more video in the future. Stay tuned for more...

Next, something had cured my sore throat on the spot *emmm*
Guess what?
A hippo cooling drink. I'd heard this before when I'm young, but yet to try it until I'm 21. Shin was like What? You never drink before?? Yes! I didn't touch drink it before until yesterday. =__=

By the way, it really works well, and it has CURED my sore throat and cough on the next day.

Today probably the surprise day of the entire week, because a brand new game is arrived at my house! I'm excited to play it .
My brother has bought this Board Game from his friend, and it is big (around 81cm x 81cm) for kids to play around. He planned to place it in his art center, and I planned to play it with tomo. *problem*

I think it will be fun to play with them. *emmmm* I think so! Coz the game was quite boring when I tried to play with my brother who is expect in cheating. =P

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New Pizza Cured Board Game, do you know what is the meaning now??

Stay tuned for Tomo to play Snake & Ladder board game!


  1. u should drink it earlier lol!!Can't wait for the board game!woohooo...

  2. me too..can't wait for the board game... plan a day to do it! ya..i should drink it earlier.. never think of that before.