Sunday, June 16, 2013

Genting Highland: Play, eat and good weather!


Alright, I supposed to update this before my real life started, but due to too many trip on going that few days, I decided not to post anything yet until now. I know this is not an excuse, but I seriously don't have the time to upload all this. So, here are some of the photo I capture in Genting Highland with Shin!

Few photo for this moment. 

I went to Genting Highland with the guys and Shin one month ago (without Jennifer), and we really have lots of fun there except I hate the casino! 

Force to be "Superman" with Edmund and Kai Loon. To be honest, I'm not willing to ride this as it is kind of scary, and I scare of height, remember? But after Edmund and Kai Loon convinced me, I think why not have a try since I'm still young. Shin wasn't willing to follow us, so she will be the camerawoman!

This photo credit to Shin.

Anyway, after we queue for around 30 min, Kai Loon and Edmund started to confess that they actually scare of this as well.. I was totally stun!!! I was so scare until I force to go in to the cabin, and be a "Super-woman" for few minutes. It was really scary, but worth it for a try I must say! Thank both of them for forcing me. I wasn't regret at all. HAHAHA!

 I went London after that. HAHAHA! Visited the "London Big Ben", and we actually went three countries in three minutes. Remember the video I posted up  few weeks ago? Click here for refreshment. Teehee!

 Shin and I were so happy to visit "London Big Ben" as well as ..


The GENTING Eiffel Tower! Teehee!!

 Both of us was so excited, and we actually video some of scene for Jennifer in order to let her jealous, but in the end I failed to make her jealous, because I didn't post any video up yet. Sigh! Time is limit for me now!

Anyway, Shin been to the real London and Paris before (2 months before this), and this is her second time visiting the "London big Ben" and "Paris Eiffel Tower". She was quite excited too! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Mist all around the Genting Resort. 

And this is the best we captured! Quite good actually. 

Shin and I were actually spent lots of time exploring Genting Highland instead of gambling in the casino for long hours. I really don't like the cigarettes smell inside there, and the environment make me dizzy.

So, this is the best part in our trip, video and capture lots of photo for Jennifer. HAHAHAHA!

Alright! It's time for bed right now. Monday Blue!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Update: Monday BLUE


I'm here again, and as I mentioned before I couldn't update frequently due to my work load. Sigh! To be honest, I was quite moody from the first day til now, because some of my colleagues told me lots of bad things about my current senior, and I do felt that she is kind of bossy in some way. 

And today, they even show me how she will act to let her feel that she is a senior. I was stun! Seriously!!!

She is 29 years old, and she is quite old in our company, so I think this is why she act like that. Think positively. 

Alright! Stop talking about my senior, because I'm going for a work trip with her in 2 more weeks, and I'm kind of nervous. Sigh!!! Anyway, today was quite tired (but fun) and I'd just came back from office in less than 2 hours. Can you imagine how busy I am? 

Being a work person doesn't feel great at all, and I miss my university life as we bunch of friend always plan for chit-chatting session, and dinner together in some special day. Plan trip as well! 

Just like this. FREEDOM!!

The only thing we always think of is the EXAM , and now dateline for my work! WTH!?

PS: Talking in the phone with momi just now make me feel so blissful, and I told her everything about that senior. And I told her I will resign if I seriously can't stand the company anymore, because everyone is leaving.


Well, this is life anyway!! Everyone will go through this, so be strong Lydia!

Oh ya! I went to cousin's grandma house to have my dinner, and this is the most happiest moment throughout the day, because popo's cook lots of delicious food for us, from vegetable to fish to pork to soup! She is Cantonese, so we always get soup of the day!! Today's soup of the day was lotus soup!!! Momi doesn't cook soup often because she dislike, the only way to ask her cook soup is to beg her thoroughly. LOL!

Alright! It's 11.30pm now, and I'm going bed right now before I blog too much.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Update : VERY RANDOM!


I'm here again after hanging around at my cousins place. I was quite relax today as my senior gone to client's place, and I stayed alone in the office with bunch of good friends. I quite lazy today, and most of the job was done easily without thinking. So good you know!!

Anyway, tomorrow gonna be a tough one as I might be going to the client's place. Sigh!!

Tomorrow is Friday, which mean TGIF and should be very relax after tomorrow. I'm so happy because I'll be back to hometown (sound weird when I said hometown coz this usually don't happened to me, but now emmm) tomorrow with sis. I felt like so long I left the house, and I'm pretty sure that momi miss me a lot. Ha!

Oh ya! I'm going for medical check up tomorrow because as a new employees, we need to do medical check up..bla bla bla.. One of the HR colleague told me that I MUST DO IT BY TOMORROW!!! Gosh! I've no time to do all this as my senior sure won't let me do so, but with the email, I CAN!


Alright! Just a short random update here. Gonna enjoy my running man before go to bed!

PS: Owner not at home again! I'm so happy


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random update: After 3 days


I can't update frequently due to my work, and I'm freaking out soon. 

Well, the very first day of my working life was suck, and this is the only word I can described. This is because my previous senior asked me why I go back to the company again, and to be honest, I seriously got shocked! I really don't know what to do, and one of my friend text me before I even came to this company. They are freaking me out!!

After I got my job, another colleague of mine told me that my senior-in-charge is the worst senior ever in the company, double worried ok? Can't you imagining how stress I am until now? I'm seriously don't know what to do, and hope that she doesn't that fierce to me. Pray to Guan Xin Ma! Alright! I bet you know that my senior is a girl. Sigh! Female sometimes really emotional just like me. T___T

Anyway, after the first day, I've been asked to do another senior job. She is a Malay lady, and she is quite nice to me. I like her a lot, and so hope that I can work with her. But what to do, my luck don't come that way! She lets me go home early everyday, and she even say thank you to me whenever I'm going home. So sweet of her. Honestly, Malay sometimes is better than Chinese. No offence ok?

Back to the topic, everyone in the office give a freak out look whenever I said who is my senior. And everyone asked me to be careful or console me. WHAT IS GOING ON? I seriously don't know what happened, and one of my friend told me that her friend rather same group with one of the worst senior than her. Is she that scary? But the way she speak make me feel uncomfortable. T___T 

Can I cry??

Ok! Crying now!!

No! Just kidding...

Before end this blog post, I should show something nice!
Sunrise from Genting!

I wished I still in Genting and Singapore with Shin and the guys. I wished I don't work forever! I wished I can live without facing too many people. I wished... Can I get what I wish?


Till then!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random Update: It's time to the real world!


As what you can see in the title, I'm going to face to real world tomorrow. I'm kind of moody yesterday after I stepped out of the LRT nearby my house, and the first thing uncle asked was what wrong with me. Ha!

I seriously no mood for new work because all my colleague was too "excited" to tell me about my first job ever. Should I be happy? Emm...

I went to my cousins' aunty today, and the following conversation is what we talked about.

Andrew: Hey! Long time no see! What have you been those few months? Holiday?
Me: Yeah! Long time no see! How are you? Yeah.. Having long holiday, and tomorrow going for work. T___T
Andrew: Work?
Lydia: Yeah! The real world type!
Andrew: Oh..
Lydia: ......Yeah!

After few minutes, he looked at me...

Lydia: ......... *wondering what he was looking at*
Andrew: Emmm.. I think.... your eyes look darker! What happened?
Lydia: OMG! Is it? Sleep late maybe!?
Andrew: So.. what you have done in that holiday?
Lydia: Emm.. No idea! T___T

Alright! I admit I played too much few months ago. Sigh! I'm going to face the real world.

And you know what, this little boy asked me to describe my first day to him after tomorrow, and he laugh so loud some more. So bad of him! And he asked me to sleep well in case my darker circle appeared again!


Anyway, good luck for me tomorrow.

Will update you guys my little room. FIY, no pink in this room. Teehee!