Sunday, August 29, 2010

LG Cookies Fresh from Nuffnang blog contest!

Last Saturday, my uncle finally brought my cookies back, I’m way too happy, all need to thank to aunty and uncle that help me to take from Nuffnang office.

As I’ve mentioned last few weeks that I’ve won a LG Cookies fresh from Nuffnang LG Cookies pre-blog contest, I’m glad that Nuffnang let me win it. It probably because my luck is toooo good, if not I don’t think I’ve this chance.

I get this news from one of the blogger out there who also won a LG Cookies phone. Thank you very much.

Let’s show you my cookies!
The one I received from Nuffnang! Love you Nuffnang!

And it is a LG Cookies fresh! I really feel glad...

My LG Cookies Fresh, so now I should name it as fresh or cookies?? WAHAHA....

There is an advantages of this LG Cookies Fresh (besides the function), that is, have a reflection photo... 
I love Nuffnang!!
Another shoot! Love ...
Well, let's me show off again my LG Cookies Fresh!! I love nuffnang!

I’ve no idea I can won the 2nd prize in this contest actually, there are 2 more bloggers who won the prize. (Grand and First prize) they are way too creative. The grand prize is MsXeRoZ and theeggyolks

Anyway thank to Nuffnang who give me this chance of winning.

PS: I didn't attend the LG Cookies Party that day due to exam, what a waste! Everyone was like damn enjoy at there. T.T

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