Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cafe hopping: Locahouz


Another happy weekend with tomo at my hometown. I smell home whenever I cross the Ayer Keroh toll, but this time I smell HAZE instead =.= Thanks Indonesia for you haze! Arghhhh.. 

Can't believe Malaysia got this worst this time. Whenever I come out from indoor, here come the smell of haze, haizz.

But haze can't stop tomo for cafe hopping again. So, this is the third cafe we had hoped since I don't know when. 

Shin joined us today. Bee and Ting will join us next time. Can't wait for it.

This is Locahouz which located at Jalan Tokong, Malacca. At first, Shin and I were like where is Jalan Tokong? Emm.. We both got really confuse with the Jalan one, we used to remembered the place with signature things such as temple, jusco.. Blah blah blah..

I really love how they decorate their cafe into natural concept.

More leaf and baskets outside.

They used all the papan to decorate the wall, and you know we got the best sit ever, best wall, best angle!

The sit behind us also deserved pretty view. Awww.. Perfect for couple!

So vintage, the oldies TV and it said reserved!

The block shelf I love the most.

And our camera starts snap snap snap...
This angle and that angle...

Shin ordered their green tea and she said it doesn't taste like green tea lol!

My Pomelo orange soda that's so refreshing.

And Shin joined the crowd ha-ha!

Chocolate, hazelnuts, espressos and cream cake. Ok, there is a nice name but brain not function well again. Lol

Jen always ordered something we can capture for more than an hour lol. Latte!

Agnes's passion fruit? I don't know what drink is that anymore. Brain ah brain, please function well. Ha-ha!

And is wefie time!

Why we all got blur one, Jen?

Tofie with Shin

Another shot and still y we are blur?

Third was alright yo!

That's end of shooting, and continue to update each other life. Sound like all of us having the same difficulties, when there is people, there would be lotsa pattern around.

Seriously! On the other hand, there is nice guys and gals out there as well. I really cherish the good moment I had and wouldn't forgot those good people around.

Good is good, bad is bad. It can as simple as that. Too pattern wouldn't be the best way! Woman!! Sign..