Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farewell for sakai day 2

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It is a continue of farewell for sakai, or I should say this is another farewell gathering for Ting. This is because some of them (Kenneth and Jane) do not attend on that day.

Thus, this time we’re going to give Ting a bigger farewell gathering. The day before, we had decided to have Dim Sum with Ting at 7am, but due to some problem, we had changed the time to 10.30am which is too late for Dim Sum, so changed the location to New Jusco.

We reached there around 10.45am, and started to find for place to have gathering. FIY, we really have no idea what to eat that time coz New Jusco has many variety of delicious food. *headache*

After one hour, we had finally chosen Ajisen Ramen for our breakfast.
As a super addicted-blogging-person, my job is to capture the photo all sort of thingy in the shop.

For example, The menu. They have many varieties of Ramen to choose.
From soup to dry to side dishes and drink. As you can see, those photos in the menu look so yummy and beautiful but please don't judge the book by it cover or I should say don't judge the food by their photo. Photoshoot my dear....

Their drink. I've no idea about their taste, so sorry....
I feel like being a paparazzi....(oklah, Jennifer is the exact person who captured this photo)
My Curry Ramen. As I said, don't judge the food by its photo, it did not looks good in the photo but the taste is better than those with beautiful photo outcome. Good choice of mine.

It looks damn delicious in the photo but according to my friends who ordered this Pork with dry Ramen, if not mistaken (i'm not good in memorizing food name especially those with fancy name)the Ramen was damn salty.
This is dry pork with soup Ramen. *again* I don't memorize the name of the food, I just created by myself. I think if you want to have some try on Ramen, you should try the soup one, coz you can try the the Ramen with their Q-ness. *thumb up*
The free ice-cream from the worker who is Jane's friend. Kenneth said it tastes like medicine! I never try it, so no comment on it. *shy*
After we have finish our Ramen, Ting left over some fried pork coz according to her, she is damn full after finished up the ramen soup.

We're going to eat it of coz, but with different way!!!
We're going to eat with these spices!!

The killer spices ever, chili oil!

Everyone of us need to play a kind of game which is so called scissor paper stone game. (I know we're quite childish, but it is damn fun. *no kidding*)
Each person will give a rule of the game, for example, if I said the second person who out from the game need to eat that piece of pork which had added some special spices in, so the second person who out the game need to eat it!! It is damn excited loh, coz you will never know when you will be the second!
And the end outcome will be something like this. FULL OF ALL SORT OF SPICES!! Yucks..

The most cruel thingy was when Kenneth keeps adding the chili oil on the fried pork! OMG! Can you believe chili oil...Yuck...

However, we've fun after all the yucky stuff. *smile*
Around 12pm, Jane need to pack up to Cyber, so we ended our farewell gathering for Ting!
Before that, we have some photo of coz..
The sweetest couple in the world... WAHAHA...
A big bunch of besties in the world.
PS: it is so difficult to ask a worker to capture this photo for us, coz they were way too busy walking around. =__=

End of Farewell party for Ting.
She will be embark to Sabah tomorrow evening, bon voyage Ting! Meet you on Nov or Dec, and take care.....

I Love to Touch My ______

Well, this title is quite mystery when everyone see it, am I right?
Please do not think of something “dirty”, I need to continue my title right now..
I love to touch My LG Cookies 3G!! Get it, people?

I love to touch the elegant, slim, sexy and super nice LG Cookies!!!

So now, question is WHY I LOVE TO TOUCH LG COOKIES damn much??

This is because it is touch screen of coz...
It has 3 inches screen with a 240x400 pixels resolution to view my SMS, EMS, MMS and Email, it will be easier for me to SMS and Email.

Besides that, as a gamer like me, I need touch screen damn much, because some incident happened to me everytime I'm playing game.

When this incident happened, it wasted my time to press the stupid keypad, as a result I lose that game! *grumpy*
With LG Cookies, I can easily point things with my fingers!!
PS: It wouldn't pissed me off while I want to press that stupid # key, I hate to do so.....

Touch Touch Touch....
My statement: life will be better if there is internet wifi around me!=)
SO....I would love to have an mobile phone with wifi access (with touch screen of coz) which LG Cookies can make my dream come true.
OK! I'm dreaming right now, dream that my phone is LG Cookies, even monsters are curious about it. I know I'm wrong, stop me please!! *dreaming about owning a LG Cookies right now*

With LG Cookies, I can access to my blog and reply some comment on it with one finger or pointer!! Make my life easier than now!
LG= Life's Good! It really make life good...good slogan, good product!!
I still dreaming of owning one LG Cookies, (pretend that I'm using my phone as LG Cookies =__=) I hope to own one, *seriously*
I will Touch for the whole day!!!!!!!

Touch Touch Touch....
make my life easier!!!

So now, LG Cookies is having a LG Cookie Monster party. Everyone need to dress in Monster constume, and nuffnang is giving out prize for 2 well-dressed bloggers with LG Cookies 3G!
*Great prizes*

This party will damn cool loh, all the bloggers will dress in Monster Constume that night. Besides that, Kennysia will be the host of the party. *cool*

100 bloggers will be invited!

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

For more information click here

PS: I hope I can win these prizes!! *pray for GOD*

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I ♥ Durian

I had the feeling of eating durian days ago, and I was like begging my mom to buy it for me. This can shown how I craved for durian on durian season, I love durian ever since I born I guess. I just don’t understand why some people simply just hate it so much and they said it is stinking. STINK?? I can’t believe they stated king of fruit as a stinky fruit ever. I simply just ♥ durian =)

Well, back to topic.
While I was lying down on the sofa with my sis watching drama, my mom came back and she called me as loud as she can. Something smells good or someone called it as stink.

I just realize my mom had bought my favourite fruit back in home; I was damn happy coz I got to eat it now.

Captured photo with the king of fruit happily and my mom said we (my sis and I) was so "sampated" coz it is just a normal fruit. =__=

It isn’t not a normal fruit, mommy! It is the king of fruit, my favorite fruit.
With yellow flesh and taste heavenly. Mad delicious and I'm going to fly while I was eating durian. *exaggerated*

A durian with few little yellowish fleshy in it. Well, open a durian is just like a treasury game, coz first you need to find a way to open it, (it just like you need to find a treasure location) then after you have finally open it (when you have finally found the location where the treasure placed) there will a luck for you (simply just like when you have found the treasure, it doesn't mean that you will win, coz maybe you are getting a line which stated " please try again"). Thus, for durian, the flesh might not be as expected, maybe it taste gross or it is rotten sometimes, but as what it would be, be positive in anyhow. That's the rule of having a great durian dinner or lunch.
Like me, I'm having a great durian dinner just now with dad, mom and sis. *blissful*
Lydia: Do you want my sweet yellowish durian??? Do you?? *showing off*

Closed up look of my durian, its really have a good looking fleshy. Love Durian madly.


After reading my post, do you feel like eating DURIAN now?? Those who dislike durian damn much, try it as you can.

As what they always said, BELUM TRY BELUM TAU, SEKALI TRY HARI-HARI MAU!! (If you don't try, you wouldn't what the taste is, but after trying, you will surely love it) Trust me *sincerely*

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

For your information, Nuffnang is giving out 70 pairs of Inception movie ticket to 70nuffnangers with creative blog post on this title.

Thus, I’m going to blog it and stand a chance to win those tickets for sure.


I believe everyone in the earth have their own valuable secret in their mind that they don’t wish to be stolen, same goes to me!

The most valuable secret in my mind which I don’t wish to be stolen is gossip topic or outcome. We girls sometimes have some gossip while having fun with Tomodachi, so as usual those secret will not be reveal by anyone of us except for some reason. Thus, I hate people keep asking our gossip topic and keep interrupt without any reason. However, I wouldn't reveal any top secret...*shhhh*

To be rank, I’m a good gossipy, so the most valuable secret will be the gossip topic of my every time outing. *shhhh* (top secret of Tomodachi, WAHAHA....)

In this upcoming movie Inception which acted by Leonardo DiCaprio, I hope to see how he can steal other valuable secret from deep within the subconscious during the dream state. What item he will use to steal? I’m wondering….

I had shared my most valuable secret............(TOP SECRET OF MINE)
what yours???

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm going to watch this movie for sure

I’m going to watch this movie for sure though I’m not a crazy fans of Jay Chou but it is Hollywood film and Jay Chou is acting in Hollywood film. *Shouting crazily*

Ting had just told me that it will on cinema on January!

I’m going to add into my must-watch-list next year! The Green Hornet.

The action was great and it is in 3-D! I'm waiting....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jolly Friday and Saturday!

On Friday, my family and I went Wok and Pan for Happy Papa’s day. There are several reasons why our family doesn’t celebrate on that day. (Happy Father’s day)

1) Whenever there is a celebration, food will be damn suck in some restaurant coz they have not enough of people to handle.

2) Wok and Pan doesn’t provide food that I craved for so long on SPECIAL day.

3) We hate to be pack on the road, that’s was gross.

4) We simply just anti-social. (Ok, this is just a joke; my family is so sociable, besides me. =__=)

We went Wok and Pan after sis had fetched Wai Mun from Sentra. That day was a perfect day for celebration, all of the food was provided, and as I said the-food-I –had-craved-for is there! I’m way too happy after all.
You may have a try if you want to. The numbers and location is provided here! May you have a try. Food there excellent, cheap, non-halal and service good, but sadly the food was not so hot. =__=

Mango blended drink. I highly recommended for people who want to have a try, nice and cold.

W13- pork with pineapple and sweet and sour sauce. (if I'm not mistaken) I love the way they fried the pork (I don't really know it is pork or fish or chicken, sorry) and mix with the sauce, perfect match I should say! Next time I should try this instead of others~

Sorry, I had forgotten the code but I still remember the name, Pan fried chicken with black pepper. Comment on it was as normal as others, nothing special at all. I still prefer W13.

Cantonese fried! This is what I had called as Food-that-I-had-craved-for. I've finally got the chance to taste it, coz everytime I went there, there will be "out of stock". *grumpy* (coz it is on the special day =_=lll)

W11- Pork rib with honey sauce. First time tried this dish and conclusion it taste heavenly. The pork rib combined with the sauce make a good combination, it taste sweet. I'm loving it. However, it costs RM27 per plate, so it is quite expensive for student like me.
Camwhore photo next! Be ready... (again, if you have no interest on my camwhore photo, simply just skip it. WAHAHA..)
Camwhore photo no. 1- smile without open my mouth! I named my camwhore photo some more. *sweat to the max*

Camwhore no. 2- smile with open mouth! I’ve really lost my mind to name my camwhore photo. All will be camwhore no. 1 or no. 2. Damn it! I should be more creative!

PS: There will lesser family photo coz no one was interested in taking photo (besides my sis, but she have no time to take photo with me, and you know why. *sob*), they just simply love FOOD!!

End of my friday night with fullest happiness.
On Saturday, nothing had been done by me and my sis coz the air-con service company workers was servicing our house air-con for half day. (From 11am to 2.30pm) What should I do if somebody (strangers) just walking around in my house, and I need to take care of my Nicky boy some more. *Bored to the max. *

However, waiting is still okay to me but if somebody just scolded or pointed annoyingly to my Nicky Boy, I should complaint on him!! There is a worker who looks like the bad Chinese kid in karate kid pointed to my Nicky boy annoyingly whenever he bark at him. HELLO!! You are the stranger in my house, why shouldn’t let my dog to bark at you, and what you mean to point to him like that. Idiot! Besides pointing at my dog annoyingly, he even looks at us with his strange-ever face and show us his bloody annoying face to us! Bull shit! You are the worker, ok??(Not that I look down on any worker, is just that I hate people who don’t respect people, think that they are super great! Bull SHIT)

I think Nicky boy hate him a lot coz whenever he walk by, my dog will bark at him as loud as he can, but others nicky boy dare not do that! Thus, in conclusion who is the one to bare this matter?? The bull shit worker does!! He deserved it~
About 3pm, all the air-con had been serviced, so it's time for us to have our lunch (Well, I've eaten one hot dog bread before that). My sis cooked mushroom soup for us, before that we went bread house to buy butter garlie bread to match the soup.
The butter garlie bread and sis's cooked mushroom soup.

We were having lunch together while watching to The Beverly Hill Chihuahua. Nice movie and lunch for the day. Its simply fullfill our time.
Highly recommended- Blueberry cheese tart. *thumb up x100*

PS: I just went Ajimen Ramen house for breakfast + farewell for ting. I'll post it later or probably next week. It is depend on my lovely mood.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A past April Fool video!

This is a video where we took at my house and it is after my Advance English (if I’m not mistaken) exam last semester.

This had a story behind. It happened when Ting texting with Jennifer and said about me, (something about anti- me, I’m getting older right now, sorry) so I got angry (pretend to be) and drew this little pieces of paper and paste it in my door and blog it!

So now going to tell the truth!! WAHAHA….

WAHAHAHA....* laughing non-stop*

PS: It's fun to make an April Fool video!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love Japan invention so much.

Well, I bet most of you had seen this YouTube video in Facebook, however, I’m still going to post it in my blog.

Konapun A toy that lets kids create imitation snacks that resemble the real thing is very popular in Japan today. The toy, called Konapun, first went on sale some 20 years ago, but the new version can make even more realistic copies of food. Konapun can be used to produce miniature replicas of a wide range of foods, including donuts, cakes, and ice cream.

Japanese are really damn creative, they always create something that will make us “WOW” when we see it, just like this konapun, it is a toy yet it looks real. How good is that!! Why Malaysia has no this kind of inventory?? I want to go Japan to have one.

The food of konapun toy is damn real! Although it is just a toy game but it looks so yummy, I'm so hungry right now! I should stop watching it now..

Japan is always my dreamland besides New Zealand, it sell many cute stuff. Besides this konapun, nowadays I’ve addicted to Comomo and Rilakkuma. These two cutie bear had stole my heart, it is freaking cute. Some of my friend had really annoyed by me, I guess, coz I keep saying I love COMOMO so much and they will say ELAH…again!! This is serious. If you see the photo, you will love it~~ COMOMO is the best! The most important is that, comomo is pink in colour, nope, I should it is baby pink!! OMG! Mad love cute baby pink stuff so much. When can I get one??

This is the cutie comomo. Japanese even provide them a family name, and this comomo have like 4 kinds. This freaking cute. I want one please!

Rilakkuma! Cute bear....when this bear produce and sold in the market, many Japanese girls were damn crazy on it! Thus, this proved that it is mad cute...I love it. I want one too........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farewell for sakai

Last Friday was a day where the result for application of university release and ting came to my house and checked that she has successfully applied UMS (University Malaysia Sabah). We (Jennifer and I) were so shocked and Jennifer came out this plan which called FAREWELL Party for SAKAI Ting, (we called her sakai because she is going to Sabah soon. WAHAHA…)

So this plan was held on the following day which is Saturday. We woke up 8 in the morning and went to Tesco to get some ingredient for our food. Each of us needs to prepare one dish for this farewell party, so I’m the one who in charge of Chocolate cake. (Since you all had watched the video I posted last two days, you might know that) Ting in charge chicken chop and Jennifer in charge the side dishes which are mushroom soup, salad, wedges and hot dog. (With the help of Bee yoke)

The ingredient we bought. A lot right? We bought so much because everything in Tesco looks so yummy and attract us to buy it. *sweat*

This proved that we really went Tesco that day. *laughing*
Note: Please look at our sleepy eyes, and again proved that we went tesco that early. (8am)

After paying all the ingredient, time to go back!

Before that, camwhore in the car is a must for me! WAHAHA....

This plan venue will be in my house coz my house is the most suitable place for us to cook, no baby and parents but dog!

Our ingredient beside the "zhang", bread and my camera case =__=

Not to delay anytime, we started our job right after Ting and Jennifer finished their Nasi Lemak. SEE!! We really know how to cook, so please do not look down on us! *proud of myself*

As I mentioned, my job is to bake a chocolate cake. (the easiest task of all I think) My video had shown how we cooked and the outcomes, so I think you guy don't need me to repeat again.

Me and my before-bake chocolate cake! I forgot to put milk in, but the taste still great. Agree??

After 2 hours of our effort, dishes had finally served! Yummy! Our effort grants us a delicious lunch + dinner + supper.

They were so busy decorating their plate. We decided to have a contest where all of us need to decorate our plate for ourself, make it as creative as possible or as nice as possible.

Video for the process of food being decorated! Boring video indeed~

Our design! left up: Me, right up: Bee yoke Left down: Jennifer and right down : Ting.
Rate please!! WAHAH...

Our dessert. Chocolate cake by me, big apple donat bought by Bee Yoke and ice-cream from Tesco! Great combination! I love it so much....

Yam Sheng (cheers)....Ok, fine is blessingggggggggg.....Jennifer told us that some wedding called yam sheng (cheers) as blessing. This is soooo polite.
After sometime, we felt so full and have a break before we continue eating. Thus, Ting and I have a chance to camwhore.
Camwhore 1 -normal rate!
Camwhore 2- half crazy coz Ting haven't prepare yet
camwhore 3- sucess for ugly look! So funny....

Two group photo- using timer (always) and FYI, I've lighten our face coz due to light problem, our face look damn dark. Therefore, I decided to lighten it so that it looks nice than a darker face! Love the group photo so much!
Do you think our camwhore end like this?
Nope! We had tried to be paparazzi for some photo! Kissing....Ting is kissing us! OMG! Can you believe??

We love acting, acting is just like our life~
After a few minutes, Bee Yoke went to her father's day party, so left Ting, Jennifer and me in the house.
However, our "sampatness" wouldn't end just like that!
More camwhore photo in the next photo, be prepare!
10 photo in one time!! This was really fun coz we need to be fast! Especially line4 where ting and jennifer were doing head massage.
While we were playing camwhore, time flies! 8 hours just end with laughter. So since we still left some melted ice-cream in the refrigerator, we took out and eat it again! now you can imagine how full we are that day.
Jennifer and me were eating the ice-cream first!

melted ice-cream. Look disgusting yet tasted yummy...

Now Ting joined us for ice-cream! *love*

Camwhore again =__=

and again =__=
I love the T-shirt we wore that day, it is a T-shirt we bought in Penang! I ♥ PG

Oh yeah, not to forget, we had invited a special guest to our party. This is really special guest!
The guest drown in the water and die just like that!!

Our special guest- flies had drowned in orange juice! *grosssssssssssssssss*

I hate flies soooooo much........

PS: We've a great time together that day, 9 hours passed and we felt it is just a few minutes passed! T.T