Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy life never end

I’ll be freaking busy for the coming week and the week after, and this is the reason why I did not update my blog for a couple of weeks. Sorry peeps!

Well, I’ve done lots of gathering last month and yet to blog about it *no time to blog even I’m free =(* Therefore, I should blog it in the bright new day with 2 persons (my sis and her bf) sleeping on the bed soundly, MUAHAHA.. (I’m in a dark to blog this, so should be appreciated =P)

Now is around 10am, but my sis still sleeping soundly OMG!!! I should wake her up after I finish blog this.

Ok! Back to the main topic!

The very first gathering of the month is the long-time-no-see PM1516 gathering, but ended up…celebrating one of our friend birthday. Anyway, I really miss the days when we smile, laugh and work hard together, it’s fun!!

Miss PM1516 and we’ll meet real soon. (you’ll know it later)

2nd gathering will be ting’s gathering, and yes she came back for midterm break. We went for dinner and tea milk (located at Dahtaran Pahlawan) together, and gossip time will never end as I always said so. She will be back again on Chinese New Year, too bad... We'll never meet until CNY!

3rd gathering will be FAMILY GATHERING which I always looking forward to it, coz I always love the two naughty boys in the house!
 The cheese lover- Jun Jie
 and the "baker's helper"- Jun Sheng *he is cute isn't?*
He been so busy "helping" my aunt baking cake for us, yes I mean "helping"

Aunt baked a fake pizza as our lunch of the day
 and I decorated with some coriander for the purpose of snapping a good photo ==lll (it did not match properly with coriander herb!) I love coriander, but it is not a good combination!

And the creative Jun Jie and Jun Sheng decorated it with snack! It is cruchy outside and soft inside, weird combination too!
The day when Ting returned back to Melaka again (she went to KL after our gathering above)
 I went to a relative wedding dinner with my family, and I love the way they present the flower, but the food was suck! It is the worst wedding dinner food I had eaten in my entire life. Oh yea! Not to forget, I drank half cup of red wine the other day, and my face turn red after that (it's so embarrassing)

They use the real rose petals to decorate the entire place, madly nice!
It would the best if they use pink roses!! MUAHAHAHA....

I rushed to meet them after the wedding dinner, and I've lots of fun with them. *no photo coz we were too busy talking with each other, and I forget to snap the photo of our souvenir from Viki, Too Bad*

PS:Yes! I finally done with one post, and my sis still sleeping soundly in the bed ==llll

PS: I'm looking forward to my birthday =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Food adventure - Alai Ikan Bakar

Hey people!

Many weeks ago, my bro suddenly has the intention to treat Ikan bakar as our dinner, and we’d drove all the way to Alai for that meal. And I always remembered when I was young, my uncle used to drive us all the way from Melaka town to Alai for the delicious ikan bakar, and it is usually our supper when he came back from Puchong. In the older days, the place was quite dark and dirty, and the mud was really freaking me out.

But now, the environment has changed. We got shocked (I felt nothing because I went there with my friend before, and not knowing this is the place where I came often in my younger days) when we arrived, because it’s usually muddy all over the place, and now they had built up the building, and redecorate it with concrete. Good job done for several years.
The stall was packed with hundred of people the other day, and some of the waitress was quite confuse on the orders.
Well, nasi lemak is a must when come to Ikan Bakar stall. I think it is a tradition, because everyone will order a basket of nasi lemak first, then only for the rest!

Then, Otak-otak is the second must come to Alai Ikan Bakar, because their otak-otak is the best among others stall.

Don't believe?

See this! it is yellow in colour! According to my aunty, the yellow otak-otak is the real otak without colouring, beware of those with red meat, because they contain FOOD COLOURING which will harm our body!

The ikan bakar, the fish is so fresh and tender, and there is a techniques to eat this ikan bakar which taught by my aunty. In order not to eat the charcoal part (which means the baked part with the black skin), do not turn the fish, you may just get the flesh by pulling out the bone and get the flesh.  REMEMBER: DO NOT TURN THE FISH, so you wouldn’t get to eat the charcoal part.

And you may dip your fish with this sauce! The sauce kinda like sour and spicy at the same time, it is really a BOOM!

Sotong goring (Fried squid) RM 7.00
This fried squid is the cheapest among those ikan bakar stall I tasted before. It is so crispy and tender inside, and the amount of squid is huge! Best deal ever. And this is a MUST for our family because sis's bf love it the most! =___=lll

 Ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh, in other words when you'd eaten this fried fish, you'll be as stupid as the fish (Nah! Ya right!? there is a story behind)

When I went to this stall with my aunty, she ordered the ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh, and I was like Huh? Ikan goreng bodoh-bodoh? What's that? then the boss who was taking the order looked and warned me not to take it, because if I eat it, I'll be as stupid as the fish. *laughing non-stop with the boss*

The boss is super friendly, I must say!

 Sweet sauce Bamboo clam

We'd ordered the kunyit bamboo clam, and this is what they sent to us *sweat*, but then it is okay for our family since the boss is so friendly to us.

Basically the taste was quite ordinary, no big WOW from me. Sorry!

Kunyit Scallop RM 32.00

Alright! This is the wrong order again, they have confused on the orders. We ordered scallop with sweet sauce and end up they gave us kunyit flavor, and the taste was terrible. I like kunyit, but this is way too much! Sorry to say that this is a failure!

Overall, the foods were very fresh, but the scallop was the failure. However, I still thumb up to their foods and services compared to others ikan bakar stall.


Environment : ♥♥♥
Service : ♥♥♥♥
Food : ♥♥♥
Price : ♥♥♥♥
Seri Muara Alai Hj Nasir Ikan Bakar
KM8, 75460,
Alai, Melaka.

Last but not least!

 Camwhore is a must!

I didn't post much of my camwhore photo, so this should be okay! MUAHAHA...

PS: I'm hungry after looking back all the FOOD we'd ordered!
With my sis while waiting for the FOOD!

YES! My food researcher!
Note: My sis is coming back tonight, yes! Most food to go....*evil laugh*

PS: Midterm exam is coming soon, and I'm still in a holiday mood! What happened to me? =(

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A good day with a good NEWS and good food!!



I was going to give up on the application for the internship which I’d interviewed last few weeks, but then something miracle happened! You can never give up anything in your life!

I’d an offer from that company, and it is quite a big company! Congratulation to myself…


Miracle happened when I’m rushing for my Advance Taxation class, and it is in a sunny day. While I was listening to the lecture, someone rang me!

Me: Hello *almost whispering*
The person on the other side: Hello, can I speak to Kang XX (which is my name)?? *super soft spoken voice*
Me: Can you hold on for a moment *whispering*
HR Manager: Hello, sorry for disturbing you, we are here offering you the internship, would you like to accept??
Me: *shocking* you mean I GET THE OFFER FOR INTERNSHIP?
HR manager: Yes! We are offering you, so would you like to accept?
Me: *still shocking and do not what to response* Can I response you by 2pm? Coz I’m….mmm…. lecture class….. So….can I?
HR manager: alright! We need to settle by today.
Me: Ok!


Well, I’m still in a shocking mood right now, and wondering why they choose me as their internship. I felt so grateful after they had offered me a job!

A good day with great news!!!

And GOOD FOOD as well!

This is my lunch on the other day when I went for interview, and yes I felt so lucky after accept the phone call from the company, thank GOD! I get an OFFER!

Anyway, this is XO Fried Fish head noodle with milk (XO 炸鱼头米粉)! The famous dish in Cheras, Selangor. it located at at Jalan Manis 7, Cheras, and the location was quite weird as the place was in a small tunnel (lorong) of a flat building, and many people stayed at the flat. I saw many children playing around in that place, and surprisingly I saw a mini market just located at there with a little boy as helper.

It is quite an odd place!

a big bowl of XO Fried Fish Head noodle with milk RM7.00

The taste is awesome, and this is the yummiest I tasted in Selangor. The sourness of the soup with fried fish is an awesome combination, and the noodle taste just like the soup. The noodle has fully absorb the sourness of the soup, and it makes me feel appetite after tasting it!

Jalan Manis 7, Taman Segar
Batu 6, Cheras 56100 KL.
017-309 8339

Business hour : 7.30am - 3.30pm (Monday to Sunday)

Closed on every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

Environment :
Service          :
Food              :
Price              :

Friday, November 11, 2011


You know what?


My life is packed with tons of works to do, and this is one of the reasons I’m not able to blog properly like I always do in previous years. I realized that my blog is getting bored, and I always find something to blog, ended up closing off the site and back to my bed.

Let me be grumpy for a moment.
Five things that make my mood go down down down this week

1 I’ve been busy for a week with tons of classes to attend (all thank to the public holiday we’d enjoyed for the past few weeks), club meeting (causes my pity red “deer” fall sick after 4 hours of light burning) and gathering (oklah, this is exception). Those have cause me not to go home early every day *grumpy*, and I felt that I don’t even have time to breath! I need some fresh air!!!!!!

2 As you know my red “deer” has fall a sick on last Wednesday, my nightmare ever! Due to tiredness, I end up hurting my red “deer” , and again thank for the help from Wang and Jennifer.

3 I DON’T GET ANY INTERNSHIP OFFER! Oh damn!! I’m super stress here, because for the time being, almost everyone getting their internship offer, and I’m the only one who left out! The main reason I felt sad is that WHY YOU GUYS GIVE ME SO MUCH STRESS!?????????????? WHY KEEP REPEATING THE INTERNSHIP THINGS??? WHY ASKING ME?? WHY???? I know you guys are caring and sweet, but to be frank whenever I heard about INTERNSHIP, I felt sad, and I wanted to cry out yet I’m not able to cry out!!! You know how suffer is that?? I tried not to listen everything about it, but I just can’t, get what I mean? DO NOT ASK ME AGAIN!!!

4 Oh right! I’m super stubborn not to listen any advice, and end up waiting alone. YES! That is KARMA! Laugh everyone!! LAUGH AT ME!

5 Assignment is going to be due! *shouting in the room with four walls* WHY time flies so fast??? WHY?

Alright, done with 5 things that I felt down, now do you ever feel that you wanna cry, but you can’t cry? I felt so in my previous days….

Stop to be emotional, and back to my normal life…. Five things that make me look forward!

1 Gathering with tomodachi on Sunday night. I’m always looking forward for tomo gathering, and yes, Ting is here again.

2 Wedding dinner on Saturday! HURRAY!! I’ve not attending any wedding dinner since my uncle wedding.

3 Internship offer (pray for me) T___________T

4 Done all my assignment and off to Chinese New Year

5 Penang Trip with THEM on February!!!! The happiest thing ever!!!!!

I felt better after writing out my feeling, is great to have a blog and express out loud!!
I’m DONE!! Pray for me to get an internship offer, and I really appreciate.

PS: Kenneth has consoled me that I’ll get the offer, and I told him that it is impossible for me to get any offer since I’m so late right now, but anyway thank for the console. Congratz to him, because he get the offer, and I’m a failure!! 

PSS: Not to forget the always helper of mine, Yong and Siang Ming! Orz

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food adventure- Famous Klang Mee Hon Kueh

Mee Hon Kueh is basically a Hokkien delicacy which means Rice flour (Mee Hon) handmade noodle and the kueh mean cake (because it looks like a thin layer of cake). Mee hon Kuih is one of my favourite hokkien delicacy, and my mom love to cook it as our lunch.
Fatty Mee Hon Kuih house is very famous in Berkerly garden, Klang, and it has been featured in “ho chiak” TV show as well. However, before it has been featured in Ho Chiak, my mom has told me before, and planned for years to bring us there yet plan always failed.
Years of waiting, i finally got to taste it myself, and sis is the one who brought me there. Hurray!
Their famous Mee Hon Kueh RM4.70 (I added more pork liver and egg)
RM 3.20 (small)
RM 3.50 (large)
RM 3.80 (extra large)
There is some extra charge on their menu (if you are interested, scroll back and see it )

I personally think that there is no different between the large and extra large, and the small is more than enough for lady. =)

I love crispy fried Ikan Bilis, and this has been fried perfectly! I personally think that their Mee Hon Kueh is those I like the most, it is thin and chewy at the same time. It is in a perfect thickness for me!

I heart Fatty Mee Hon Kueh House!!!!!

19, Lebuh Bangau,
Taman Berkeley,
41150, Klang

Environment :
Service          :
Food              :

Price              :

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food adventure - snowflake 雪花栈

Well. I know I'm quite outdated to try this, and my sis has been telling me about the Snowflake shop at SS15, Subang Jaya months ago, and we have finally decided to pay a visit on that when I went to Selangor for my interview. In order to “survive” in such a HOT day, a cold dessert will do.

The owner Jimmy was originated from Tai Chung, Taiwan, and he has tasted many kinds of traditional Taiwan dessert made by his grandma, and his mom used to cook some for him by using their very own homegrown recipe, so he learned the entire secret recipe and so this is how snowflake appeared! (There are many more stories behind…. You may read it in their shop if you like it, TEEHEE!)
Snowflake serves all Taiwan traditional dessert, their signature dessert will be the ………


Before that, this is their infamous beeping UFO which my friend had created a story on it. The story: Before the day I went to try Snowflake, my friends (true friend will lie sometime, *evil laugh*) said that the UFO would fly, if we didn’t able to pick up our dessert on time. SUPER LIAR, but I was not that stupid to believe such nonsense, it doesn’t fly, but BEEPING all the time.
PS: Snowflake should invent something that my friends had created, that's would be cool, if in reality!
Their famous signiture dessert which is the best seller in the shop, Taro ball with grass jelly dessert *drooling*

 For some reason, my sis ordered this Red Bean + Black glutinous rice + Taro Ball.
RM 6.00

Note: their dessert was quite big portion, so we shared our dessert among ourself.

We were being confuse on the fresh milk given, because 4 of us was like hey! where should we put this milk at? The red bean or the tara ball? We were wondering until I saw somebody at the other table pour into their Taro Ball dessert, and we followed of coz!

Yes! pour as much as you like!

I'm sure some of you might think that what the hell is TARO BALL, Taro Ball is their secret recipe of Yam and Sweet potato ball, it is called as Yu yuan 芋圆 in chinese. Basically the taste was quite nice and it tastes just like yam and sweet potato, and it is so chewy which I heart the most. However, my sis doen't like the chewiness of the Taro Ball that much. She heart their Red Bean more than Best Seller! Too bad...

I must say Different people have different taste!

 Both of them bring us here in SS15, and sis had craved for long time ago...

Group photo of the day.

We planned to wear spec together in that shop ( I brought my spec there because I've an interview as I mentioned just now), and snap a photo together! I heart them much.

Food             :
Service          :
Environment :
Price              :

Address :
No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: 017-623 8966

Opening Hours:
1pm-11pm Daily

I'm safe in HOME


My car broke down in school just now!!!!!

I went to school for some event recruitment interview around 7pm, and I was rushing to the class and yet to off my car light. After all the recruitment process, discussion…. And I went back to my car with Jennifer.

We were happily chit-chatting and move ourselves to the car, and I was bye-ing with her while she was in her car. She drove off after that, and I was relaxing toward my car.

I open my car door; close it immediately, and then I started my car!



I tried and tried for a few times, but still


I immediately contacted my mom for help, and she was panic and try to call for help from my bro which is in the middle of fetching his friend home.
Then, without any hesitate, I tried my luck to call back Jennifer, so that she will come and rescue me immediately, and my luck wasn't that bad, she was in her way back to school again!!! Thank God! But the problem is she doesn’t have that equipment to charge back my car battery!! What now!??
I was panic and keep on calling my mom for nothing….

All in a sudden, someone just popped in my mind to rescue me, guess who is it?

YES!! My rescuer WANG!!

The moment I called him I was like WANG! HELP ME!! HELP ME!! I didn’t even able to describe what is happening in that situation. I was panic, sweating and almost cry!!

Jennifer grabbed my phone, and explained the whole situation to him. As Jennifer off the phone, I started to annoy her again and again. I felt so sorry after annoyed her for so long, and she is so kind to console me again and again without making any grumpy move. Thank a lot. You are my rescuer always!

Few minutes later, another rescuer arrived! I was like THANK GOD! WANG IS ARRIVED! He took out the equipment for battery charging, and plug the positive and negative thingy (I don’t really understand how it works actually, and I don’t even know how to open the front bonnet of the car, seriously!!! I’m totally a loser for car equipment; I know I should learn from now on. Well, never mind to know it!), and he went to my car and started the engine, and it works!

How awesome is that, but the moment he said the car will off again when I MATI ENGINE while I was driving. I got frighten again! T__________T

However, I still managed to drive back home without any problem.

Finally, I’m safe in HOME right now!!

Super big thanks to both of my rescuer Jennifer and Wang who help me whenever I’m in trouble today. True friend will never leave you whenever you are in a trouble, and I’ll never forget what they had helped me today. I really appreciate!!

Lesson learned for today: Off car light before come out from car, and learn to open the car’s front bonnet without any others help, and last but not least explain anything in detail CLEARLY without any misleading fact.

PS: sorry to my bro’s friend for some misleading situation.
Don’t happen again the next time!!!